wall of green .. or a window wall of coffee … to a solid wall in the sky

wall of green .. or a window wall of coffee … to a solid wall in the sky

A wall … well this is the middle o nowhere .. 😉 so walls of green it will have to be .. & maybe I can find a few more too… a window of coffee perhaps  … & last but not least this is England so Clouds .. make for a pretty darn solid wall at times.

Wall's of hedges
Wall’s of hedges

Hedgerows .. might look harmless and not so sold at all … but the old ones have as big n sold trunks as the trees would have had had they not been cut .. around hear that means .. watch out for the speeding mums delivering or collecting from the local school … on their phones ..speeding down the little lanes .. with loose kids in the back of the monster 4*4’s … because they don’t seem to know they are playing chicken … or they simply do not see oncoming traffic  .. both of which is terrifying .. if for no other reason than the free range kids in the back  … but also for survival … I can not tell you just how many times I have had the hedges practically in the car to not be a flat thing of the past  … although the car can testify with some lasting memorial hedge graffiti 😉

Window wall of how you can enjoy your coffee ... under a Heart cloud .. so it has to be good right ;)
Window wall of how you can enjoy your coffee … under a Heart cloud .. so it has to be good right 😉

now … Coffee .. that’s a better subject …Although why the what feels like hundreds of flavoured options ….  what say they just gave you an option of Fair Trade … now that would do it for me  … the hundreds of added flavours they can keep … give me a cupper that tastes as good as my nose says it should .. that sends all the pleasure and AH Yum signals through my senses from the first whiff to the last taste … & you’ll have me at the fist whiff 😉

Now that was Summer England .. Green N Heart clouds all 🙂

Now for  … Winter England

By far the best know wall around here then is .. the solid white … n grey … n shades there of wall of clouds .. although even these solid walls o white have Hearts within them …  for those that deem to look .. to breathe and appreciate the moment that even the grey days have beautiful blessings ..

Hearts even come in a wall of clouds
Hearts even come in a wall of clouds

This last one I coloured enhanced .. to show the heart shaped window in the wall of clouds better … so simply .. the LOVE is everywhere .. all the time .. even when we have to use our imagination for the extra colour and shine 🙂

Hearts .. signs of LOVE LIGHT is everywhere
Hearts .. signs of LOVE LIGHT is everywhere

Wishing you all Magical days ❤



Orange n more Orange

Orange n more Orange

Orange … & more Orange  .. Lights a fire of warmth .. and always makes me smile

Last of Autumns leaves on fire  (November 2014)
Last of Autumns leaves on fire (November 2014)
Giant redwood showing LOVE in Hearts  all up its trunk
Giant redwood showing LOVE in Hearts all up its trunk
Doughnut Peach .. the sweetest  fruit experience
Doughnut Peach .. the sweetest fruit experience
Heart shaped baby pepper inside a pepper ..mama Nature never leaves you guessing what is the Energy of the SOURCE of LIFE
Heart shaped baby pepper inside a pepper 🙂 … So yip the signs of LOVE are everywhere 🙂
Sunset Blessings
Sunset Blessings
1920's vase  .. its Orange ;)
1920’s vase .. its Orange 😉
& one last one Autumn Gold
& one last one Autumn Gold

So that was the Happiness of Orange 🙂

Wishing you All Happy Days 🙂


Heart show up in every which way :)

Heart show up in every which way :)

LOVE always fills a day

Even spilt hand cream comes shaped as HEART’s  … signs and blessings are ever present .. how we chose to view them  … 

It’s all in the seeing & hearing .. the inner awareness ..


Allowing it into ever moment   it’s what makes each moment MAGICAL

The Light BEings .. Angels & Guardians use all sorts of everyday basic things to make LOVE show up & be obvious to us .. in & around our lives ..& they can be very playful indeed 🙂

The answers to our questions .. our prayers .. are everywhere ..from little hearts in the kitchen sink … to the huge ones & other signs  … that take your breath away ..

Well they take your  breath away if you see them .. mostly though they are so big that most don’t even notice them .. never mind actually see them ..

Something to ponder  … wouldn’t you say  … the choosing to see or not to see the MIRACLES unfold ❤

So what will it be ?

Magic & Miracles  .. or grey & mundane 😉

Always in Gratitude to all that is ❤



Its all in how you view it … Life … the inner Wild Woman .. vs. drama

Its all in how you view it  … Life  … the inner Wild Woman .. vs. drama

I was  writing this post yesterday .. and of all the subjects … sitting there pondering and staring at the screen … mad drama … xmas .. and pictures of the horror of the clip of the black friday sales … people stamping each other with some ending up in hospital … YIKES  ..this whole Greedfest .. I never have got it …. but this year … Its been in my head a lot .. especially when I see or sense the unhappiness … sadness ..and major stress thats actually what most feel …… I have caught myself a lot this year .. just calling a spade a spade .. over the mad humbug of christmas ….

so many dimensions most just don’t see .. that are blessings like no other



I guess its the  being so ruddy different from everyone else  .. it meant xmas was always approached with a deep heavy sigh …. but always politely … way to politely … YIKES … in hindsight … ooo my my gentle politeness … was a bit like being a smorgaars bord  for the true vampires ..the Drama queens n kings   … a bit like here is my Life Force .. all nicely dished up …  Energy ..and all my unconditional LOVE  … please feel free to leave me exhausted .. drained …. even ILL ….Hmmmm & all for what I believed was keeping the PEACE  …. ooo darn it took me a long time to learn .. if you try and stop the mud slinging .. you end up being the target from both sides of the energy war .. Yuck …


OOO yip that bits even juicier … when as a sensitive you get in the middle ..of warring Drama queen  parties so to speak .. trying with kindness … understanding … and gentle loving blessings to get some LOVE into the equation …  or even funnier … explaining my way … agreeing to disagree ..as when all was given a chance to be heard there was always more of interest and for blessed learning and expansion … enhancing the knowing and expanding the beauty of life … by seeing if from so many perspectives … OO my … something I LOVE & honour in me and those that can /do …. but double YIKES amidst sleepers it was mainly just a power zap … leaving me having to clean and clear my energy in the deepest ways after and spending some time getting back to strength  .. oo way to many years I did that ..

Well first words I saw today … was “The Wild Woman an endangered species” … it was just perfect .. for what I needed to see really .. there was a picture of a Wolf & woman sharing space  …. free to honour and love the part n each others soul that is tuned to the knowing of Nature … of Earth … of Source , the ALL that IS.145

It was a very appropriate picture and words for how and why I’ve been catching myself of late … the just calling a spade a spade … or as its been a xmas thing for me … all those xmas questions … comments and the like …  all a wondering if your ready for the event … and always they look tired … drained … sad … or just plain STRESSED ..and wishing the day had been and gone …

well gone are the days I’d just say the expected thing …. 😉 HA … the funniest looks I’ve had form the words …. ooo …… aa oh NO ..  I opted out …. we do our own thing now …. I never really get around to the next bit  .. of … we’re giving thanks and focusing the energy of the season as every day on compassion and love  and very pleased we’ve left the GREEDFEST behind 😉 …. cause the blank expressions … shocked from not knowing what to say … when the words are not in the normal script .. 😉 comes with to my feeling centres  … of does not compute / do not understand ….. whether they hear that last bit or not …. most of the time ..deep sleepers just keep on chatting as if … I really have just followed the “normal” script  … as the energy is changing so rapidly these days … the connection to source energy … depening . … the divide between the old and the new way is becoming more and more obvious in daily life ..

Then there is the feeling .. and I get this from oo so many    .. this year particularly  …  I can practically hear the thoughts of  .. OH god I wish … I could do that ..opt out …  and they get a kinda longing look on their faces … that pushes away the blank and numb thats used to camouflage the Stressed panic .. thats there because of all the demands that is placed on them or they place on themselves  …

that stuff you know when folks are running around preparing for the big day … and this is not just an xmas happening … there are many reasons  in the madness of the human drama that has folks running around the hamster wheel at full tilt as if they might actually get somewhere … anywhere .. and not just to exhausted so they cant enjoy what they are running for in  the first place … but thats from those partly awake beings that realise ..oo so much … but keep hoping they are wrong … cause dealing with the innerself … is the most mind blowing awe inspiring wow ride you can get … but getting on is a we bit like looking at the worst coaster there is and thinking …. AAAAAA no freaking way 😉 LOL

The place I guess they are all terrified to be within … the inner silence … stillness .. peace … the sacred space within from which reborn in our true VALUE & standing in our POWER  the wild woman and the Wolf … Goddess & Nature .. Earth Sun Moon Stars and all that is communicated as ONE … where our earth song is sung .. our true essence known

Once we connect so deeply to our HEARTS & Soul …the giving power away …. is NO LONGER … from this beautiful place of knowing our VALUE  … when truly centered within we become ONE with all .. with TRUTH … LOVE .. honour and integrity … OOOO SOOOO scary really … the knowing of self … 🙂

all in how you view it

but on the road of way to many ways to be giving our POWER away … .. KNOWING SELF is essential in finding out how not to … Its an Interesting … and can be as long and hard a journey .. or as short and magical a journey  .. as it takes us to find … see and honour our OWN VALUE .. our HEARTS ..connect to our SOUL  while living this earth life … Connecting to & BEing .. the POWER of all that we are … all that we have been .. and all that we will BE.


The beautiful thing about being there is the blessed ability to completely disconnection  from the lower vibrations .. of  sleepers … & xmas drama.


May you ALL be Blessed with the connection to your true selves .. the freedom to love and respect yourselves and ALL ..  as ALL of who and what you are .. Uniquely wonderfully you… Blessings of Goodwill Compassion LOvE LIGHT to you ALL ..

Namaste ❤ Maia

Don’t let other peoples shadows /drama keep you from being all you can be …

Don’t let other peoples shadows /drama keep you from being all you can be …

Instead of just talking about LIFE ….. START LIVING  … letting the JOY in with the BEAUTY  … we have the most amazing GIFTS ..if we will but use them … so …

Don’t let other peoples shadows & drama keep you from being all you can be. There are psychic vampires .. those that manipulate for energy ..we find that most of what is termed ghosts, dark energies, even those termed demonic are at times just strong negative emotions and feelings from human drama, ones own or that of others directed towards one. Hatred, anger, resentment, jealousy & so on are all energy, this kind of energy if we have damage to our auric field, or are sensitive’s, can be debilitating & even make one ill.

Spooktacular Kitty under the Full Moon ... GOLDEN Vision ..or practising for Halloween  .. now that is the question ;)
Spooktacular Kitty under the Full Moon … GOLDEN Vision ..or practising for Halloween ..   now that is the question 😉

The important thing to know is we are all strong enough not to allow it & not to mention .. We are STRONG enough to use our own energy as a shield. but we do have to learn how & also most importantly how precious we are … how worthy … Accept that we are worth honourable and loving interactions … To be treated with respect we first have to allow ourselves to have enough self value to know our worth. Self value that comes from HEART not Ego mind & there is a great big difference. We HAVE GOLDEN Vision … our INTUITION … the Gut Feeling …. our HEARTS always KNOW … if we but listen to our own TRUE SELVES … all flows well and bodes well.

All this DRAMA /Karma … that we need to negotiate in a knowing of what’s what way … yet NOT let  it effect us … in so far as letting our energy drain … or simply be sucked up by others choices for themselves … The most IMPORTANT of all is … simply to take hold of our own FREE WILL … Add the Magical Ingredient … Total Personal Responsibility … It truly gives FREEDOM like nothing ever has before or after .. meeting SOURCES LOVE / CREATIONS LIGHT PARTICLES like this in our own POWER is Wondrous Beyond Measure  &  from there to make all our CHOICES Conscious ones  … WOW is an understatement  … LIFE becomes simply SIMPLE TRUTH  … JUST IS … & FLOWS with LOVE & Beauty even in the tough times ❤

Always much LOVE Maia 


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Light showing the Law of Abundance

Light showing the Law of Abundance

Hearts .. Signs of LOVE ..just everywhere  even as shadow’s  .. Above there were huge white cotton candy heart clouds in a brilliantly blue sky .. way to big to get them in the frame today .. the Wondrous Sun has shares itself so liberally .. I LOVE the way the Angels & guardians show beautiful signs  with Creations Magic … Mama Nature’s ART in so many blessed ways  … helping us connect to the Flow of CHI …
16 mai 13 hearts
The LIGHT particles … CHI … in abundant play all around ….  dancing  & expanding through the air. In & around everything life force.. CHI ..flows .. So BREATHE IN CREATIONS MAGIC  as much as your lungs can take … then BREATHE DEEP some more .. Fill up on LOVE LIGHTS MAGIC & may it fill your days with Abundant Blessings of PEACE .. LOVE .. JOY & Happiness 



BE present … expect miracles

BE present … expect miracles

Expect nothing less than what is your most precious dreams & watch miracles manifest…. Make blessed wishes .. turn dreams into life with the present of every NOW ❤

These Beautiful Clouds Blessings   … Perfect Hearts find me/ us every day .. we just have to keep our senses open …. choose to really see .. feel … smell .. BE present ❤

This magnificent specimen stayed for close to 15 minutes almost right above us ..  all other clouds moved but this one stayed just above us … its one of those things that I call Magic … LIGHT BEings …& the Healing blessings from and off  Source of all that is … the Healing is always deep and profound

Make a wish
Make a wish