Love is the Power that HEALS ALL … self respect … self honour .. honours and respects ALL

Love is the Power that HEALS ALL … self respect … self honour  .. honours and respects ALL

There comes a time when we finally honour our own boundaries .. it changes everything… In learning to honour our own lines so to speak we extend UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to ourselves as well .. which is really the only way we can also truly give it to others ..

By Respecting & Honouring  Myself I Honour & Respect another ..

Now say it nice n loud  now & later repeatedly while looking in the mirror  …

By Respecting & Honouring  Myself , I Honour & Respect another

It’s the only way to change the old programming & patterns …look deep into your own eyes .. & really see YOU  … as LOVE … as GOD sees you ..

Every Religion pretty much tailors this basic spiritual law in its own words …

Its the KEY to Self Love & to allowing Unconditional LOVE to flow

When we all remember who we are in in this way … one by one from the inside out .. everything changes … the world changes .. because we are the change .. & there will be PEACE  … because how can it not be with RESPECT & HONOUR ALL AROUND!

456x c film  coexist peace warning high risk of peaceNow there is to keep it clear a very BIG difference .. No a HUGE difference REALLY between … Good & Healthy Self Love & the Selfish love of me myself n I  ..

to me its the difference between .. that worst of garden pests the weevil .. root eating little killer of beauty 😦  ( which would of cause be the selfishness & greed part )


the most breath taking of flowers … or even the most Strong .. n Magnificent Ancient Oak Tree  .. that radiates strength and breathes LOVE as one with Mama Earth many Blessings  .. breathing out LOVE in OXYGEN so we can breathe .. and live in the atmosphere of this little ball of LIFE that’s spinning through space in an unending and unimaginably vast sea of mesmerising beauty..


We are made of the same Magical Beauty … the same Elements are within our Bodies .. every Cell is created with this LOVE .. this LIGHT … this LIFE FORCE of Source..

Now how can we possible dishonour that ..once we  know ?

Dishonouring ourselves …is dishonouring another … it is dishonouring our planet … it is dishonouring God / Source  … (in which ever words are used to describe it in what ever religion )

image from NASA
image from NASA

Being less than in any way gives nothing to anyone .. it merely feeds the drama .. or to put it bluntly lets Sweet LOVE be trampled & hurt  .. Leaving those who hold the sweet LOVE feeling tired .. no exhausted would be a better description .. in pain & even ill ..

Let “less than” GO … let it & anyone & anything vibrating at a lesser vibration than LOVE go with love & I can highly recommend it .. Really its not deserting those we know as such .. its giving them the chance to see.. from a distance … some see better from a distance … and can than take better choices for themselves. because simply we can not help anyone change  or Heal .. unless they want to change and heal themselves first! (A major lesson for a caring person this .. but really its just getting out of Sources way & letting free will choose)

it’s not just respecting yourself .. It’s respecting & honouring those you let go too .. Letting them find their way in their own way & time  ….

By BEING the CHANGE … just LIVING .. just BEing

but just cause we choose to live love .. to BE the CHANGE from within .. does not mean we have to accept disrespect .. In any way ..

in fact it means that if we accept disrespect we are not the love .. nor can we truly give it .. just sayin ..

In my experience standing fully in the POWER OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE makes the bullies among others who choose lesser vibrations cower from just a whisper & even a look of REAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.



IT MUST BE RESPECTED by all & for ALL ..

& it comes and flourishes from the INSIDE OUT

it sees no colour .. it sees no doctrine .. IT SIMPLY JUST IS .. the SOURCE of ALL  .. it’s LIFE .. the LIFE FORCE that fuels & IS us all

You are beautiful .. You are Wonderful




Natures Golden Pink Light the afterglow of Sunset 2

Natures Golden Pink Light the afterglow of Sunset 2

The Golden Pink Hour touching Twilight  (part 1)… perched on a garden chair watching the beauty of a glowing sky .. & I am always surprised how the photos come out . cause the sky is pretty dark .. dusk has crept on in .. & for someone who pretty much never uses a flash ..that means grey tones and musg shadows..


but this pinky golden glow time … makes everything glow … even the sandstone of the school across the road has a brightness about it.

& a 90 degree turn so has the pub next door ..


Like Nature wrapping us in a blanket of her gentle LOVE  force before darkness tucks us in  🙂


Heart Shine .. the Magic that is Intuition …

Heart Shine .. the Magic that is Intuition …

Walking with LOVE

walking with LOVE n peace  16 sept 2914 letting the heart shine flow way

Doing no harm


Stepping gently in & on Mama’s Green Blessings

Mama Earth her Goddess self      re-birthing


Expanding  Vibrations

as she does & our grounding is Strong

Lifting another as we raise ourselves through the clearing Vibrations

Opening for new Gifts and Blessings  as the changes  roar ..


Like mama’s changing seasonal ballgowns …

letting GO …  the old patterns of less than   …. devalued & never  enough …

the learnt behaviours that weighs a Heart  … way down low


Expanding the secrets of LOVE’s Magic ways

Letting the HEART Sing

& following its tune….


This makes the HEART Shine  …. Brighter by far

making the WAY … a Strong Solid Path  .. Lit up Bright for us to Enjoy the Blessings of

where INTUITIONS Magic in HEART SONG Grows Strong ….


Maia Blessings

Spirulina .. my little EXPERIMENT … if I knew it looked like never mind smelt like back then, I would oh so NOT have accepted that it was supposedly … oh so good for me YIKES !

Spirulina .. my little EXPERIMENT …  if I knew it looked like never mind smelt like back then, I would oh so NOT have accepted that it was supposedly … oh so good for me YIKES !

Spirulina ever wondered what almost a kilo in a big bin with water would look like ..makes me wonder why the h*** I took it in raw juices for years .. YIKES ..I’d almost forgotten about putting it out in the shed a few years ago with the thought of plant food ..well now I’m almost hearing some whys & even grinding teeth from the super healthy readers  .. Hmm yip that was me too .. None of anything that wasn’t certified and certificated.. heck I was eb=ven going along the research in triplicate thing before trying or eating anything 🙂 ..hmmm .. & well cardboard as food so didn’t cut it for me 😉 .. .although I stuck it for 5 years as a vegan before the need for JOY and pleasure in all energy intake found me 🙂 % years wedged in the middle of vegetarian me 🙂 ..AH yes  … but seriously .. Spirulina ..



All I’m saying is .. fish have for the last 16-17 years tasted only of metal to me, both before becoming completely vegetarian … and after the just vegetarian face after the vegan sad patch.. OH yikes .. yes.. yes  fish I have now and then kept trying, and have had some just incase it would taste the way I remember from childhood … but nope still metal … strongly of metal and more and more so too.

Well the fishies they eat this stuff .. this magical Spirulina stuff helps to clean our oceans … so ?????  .. So just how healthy is it actually .. for humans …. 5 years as a vegan .. eating mostly raw & only organic +++ you know all the trimmings .. and with all the comments and remarks that most obsessed with the health thing have and use .. so far from unique .. but for me it made me feel tired & ill mostly .. but that’s another story … 🙂  another story for another time is also eating only super healthy .. no fat no this .. no that .. never made me loose an ounce of weight neither but that as it turned out was all because my swelling out in my 20’s was armour .. armor in a big way against all gremlins and boggarts 😉 in my life back then, a kinda version of hiding my light so deeply within myself … that darkness wouldn’t find it .. and… well you know for another time …  I’m on the spirulina and sea trail here 🙂 .. yip so I am 😉

The sea is as we know a dumping ground for big business & our governments agree to this yuck ..  + all the atomic testing they have all done  … etc and sooo much more over the years .. well ???????????? & a lot of them question marks with attitude …are on my mind and in my heart..  also my intuition (heart) as well as my take (mind) on spirulina is .. yip this is amazing stuff it’s cleaning our oceans .. but all that cleaning they do … makes them more and more toxic … they beautiful little organisms ..they are stores the toxins in themselves.

My guess is eventually between sun …and water with natures aid all will be wondrous again … if humans will but allow that … and stop polluting in all ways…. but until pollution is managed to me these little blessings of nature … just feel like poison to my bodys systems.

In the same way I wouldn’t dream of consuming a mc’donalds or burger king or any other ready made consumable for that matter …. anything with a sell by date longer than nature intended … is as I see it only for bodily sticking around longer … ather the time when I pop my clogs .. the spirit does a little dance and leaves the physical behind … well  I don’t want it to stick around on the slap for weeks and then pollute nature … whoopsee & yep I know a little morbid humor .. but  I find the major change in the decaying process from pre world war 2 of around 3 days … to weeks and weeks in some case and that’s scientifically proven, that these days that most humans bodies have the same sell by date after soul departure so to speak as long life junk food .. YIKES  .. NOW  that rattles my brain ..and my heart and soul in ways I not sure I can describe in words  … I might attempt to one day … but it might be one of those shouts from the rooftops .. of ARE YOU SERIOUS …. REALLY …. YOU HAVE NO ???????????????????? about this shit !!!!!!!!!! ….. but for now I will get back to spirulina 😉 🙂 yip so I will ..and STAY on target.. “cause I can I know I can LOL”

So well I stopped taking spirulina years ago now because … that I kept telling myself that it was supposed to be so very healthy & oh so good for me ..was the direct opposite to what it felt like to me …. to what my intuition ..senses and my heart most clearly said NO not so good …hmmm so ooo well I’d best not go on .. cause well as you’ve noticed by now its linked to some big topics for me … also greed and corruption … using gullibility and neediness as well as also those genuinely in need of rebuilding their health and wellbeing ….. To me a lot of things seem to be using the innocent as a launching pad for yet more to grab money for .. without an actual care about any one or anything … but business and profits …………..JUST WORTH A THOUGHT DON’T YOU THINK ? of cause these days most of the health food stuff are owned by the pharmaceuticals and /or the few large conglomerates … which well makes it seriously suspect to me … along with not just a little bit scary … & raises even more questions … cause those that sell us the medicines produce the toxins and poisons that spray our food and gardens and has all around uses  … its a bit like they f*** you up with one had basically to sell you cures / medicines with the other ….

& if nothing else has made you wonder this thick green smelly foam that was created putting almost a KG of ORGANIC Spirulina (from a natural and reputable sellers/ supplier here in the UK I might add) .. put in a big bin and water from the hose pipe flow in filling it up .. the foam .. at first a scary monster .. half the bin full and expanding … had to add water little by little as it settled down   … well its very shiny .. made me seriously wonder … about so many things … but seeing this made me feel pretty sick to my stomach with the thought I’d consumed it for so many years … YIKES

Now my plants though that’s a different story .. especially the roses they will love it & be most happy with it indeed  .. Flourish even … I left it to sit for a few days .. and get REALLY really SMELLY .. it had attitude thats for sure .. it got to the point that I was abandoned with it …having refuse to aid in my attempt to close in on the bin without gagging … I distinctly heard the words .. you made it … and from over his shoulder he called  I’ll go cook dinner now … let you get on with it …hmmm .. & HA 😉  ….. well …. it was one of those times I sooo blessed the ability of deeeeeeeeep pranic  breathing …. slow and not to mention the ability of just  holding it .. counting slooooooooowly 13 😉  and so forth 😉 HA ….. the stuff I got on my hands looked shiny in the sunlight metallic but seriously I had no time for cameras …wanted it done fast and get washed up quick as  LOL

The stench was …so far beyond disgusting  … now I live in the country ..and in the village we are pretty used to slurry on the fields very close by  ..its not nice in any way the spreading of the moo moo phooooo…  but its tolerable with a little extra incense the windows can even stay open …but with this stuff ..well it was so bad the neighbours all shut their windows … the cook in the kitchen was running around the house shutting windows barricading himself in side while trying to hold his breath and somehow make stronger smelling and tasting food than the imposing outside super odor 😉   … and at some point returning to the breathing on the inside somehow 😉

Im guessing you by now have figured out that I don’t do thing by halves 😉 HA … it was so bad I will sooooo never do it again :)and thats almost a promise 😉  .. hmmm but of course then there is the precious garden roses and magical growing nature who all wondrous bless my space … this stuff sure helps these bautiful babies of mama nature.. as they magically honour our presence and mama nature at the same time … It made the and plants in the garden expand their magic … the last two weeks or so since I did the deed…. its been like watching super grow in action … the magic of mama earth / cosmos and Sources love light sure is Awesome. …. The way nature clears all the toxins … breathes in the CO2 & breaths out sharing with us… giving us our precios O oxygen OOOOO 🙂 so we can thrive to 🙂 Mama Nature shes beyond Magical and Wondrous .. JUST ALL HEALING in ALL WAYS ❤ All we have to do is connect and allow and she will aid us too ❤



Moss heart as figleaf ;)

Moss heart as figleaf ;)

One of Mama Natures Green Moss Hearts  although the placing of which .. combined with the thoughts of fig leaves  can sure make for smiles … that tickle the mind into a few giggles 😉 


Nature ‘s humour … always reminds me to laugh  at everything in life .. to see all with humour .. more often than not the .. medicine of giggle bubbles 🙂 … can bring ease even fun to the toughest of situations …. Light in which ever form it comes .. raises the vibrations .. so the more of it we welcome into our lives the more magic everything becomes.

NOW this one has me thinking that when trees think we’re not looking …well they might just dance a merry dance among the woodlands… the spring flowing greenery  talks of rising passions … summer well the most magnificent of ballroom gowns could not out do them … autumn striptease in colours of gold and fire … while the wind plays & the leaves soar into flight of dancing whirls … through winter in bare contemplation … nothing to hide … just letting Soul BE present & seen   … Through all seasons blesses nature … each tree shows us the JOY of expanding our Souls into Joyousness



Magnet for MIRACLES

Magnet for MIRACLES

AS GRATITUDE overflows from a HEART filled with LOVE .. it is the biggest Magnet for MIRACLES ❤

Magic in the air
Magic in the air