Choosing to let go, to Live & Feel the Magic and the JOY

Choosing to let go, to Live & Feel the Magic and the JOY

Some 16+ years ago the Oak in the distance here the little one standing in the line and on its own in the field, got struck by lightning.

Magical trees New Life in Lightning struck 65X


Since then this pile of burnt wood has been added to every year and burnt, over and over again, yet still there is the main part of the old Oak, charred and black, but they can not get it to burn away it just smoulders a little ..

Burning tree 18X

For many of those years I would wonder past and the old Oak and its also lightning struck friend, the one closer to the attempted fire pit admiring their beauty and stature size and wonder, because I could feel life.. but saw non for years ..(wrote about this before too, in Lightning Oak .. Mama Natures LIGHT bells toll in ORBS and Rainbow rays  back in the summer of 2014)

Charred giant tree 17X
Just a size reference of the part of Lightning Oak they keep trying to burn by a tall adult man.

Then about 6 years ago they started to get new shoots, leaves and branches, both at the same height. So the Oak has a new canopy over its hollow blackened insides.

Its stunning and always filled with light beings and orbs. The Chestnut has a new canopy skirt 🙂 . They are still just budding at the moment, but I can see that this year they will have expanded their new growth and greenery quite a bit. Life sure is magical.

I find Nature.. LIFE .. Creation beyond amazing … precious beyond measure .. and the best part.. WE ARE MADE OF THAT ♡∞

WE are the same magical wondrous LIFE and CREATION in motion.

I find that I am misunderstood a bit when I say that HEALING ANYTHING IS EASY .. (could be the capital letters n the dots LOL, I’m working on weeding out that bad habit. Having the red lined pages of my book back, most of which are for all my writing idiosyncrasies of dots n capitals ..and ooo my favourite words … OH ay mama who new my respect for editors and more would sore in the process of writing, not to mention teaching my own self new tricks in place of old bad habits, that might have been useful to stop my dyslexia at least in English, now its only present in Norwegian LOL).

The misunderstandings though isn’t about that, its mainly about the simple concept being far from what most are taught, and what the programming of society demands that children forget to become adults, so as to fit in the allotted boxes, the rules and regulations demand. When I say that I do not mean just the normal conformity boxes, but the new ones neatly carved out as “new age” and “spiritual” as well as many versions of “love and light” camouflage too, including this planet, other planets and aliens too.

Pretty much all my life I have been surrounded by all from the ultra “fluffy” “love n  lighters” to the total non believers in anything but solid physicality and fighting for first place in the human race kinds. Hardcore energy vampires either end of the extreme divide so to speak, and there always will be. Unless the core root of pain, of trust has been healed, let go, or at least is in the process of being healed from within. , so the new and beautiful can take hold and bloom in our lives.

Both sides the “ultra fluffy love n lighters” and the “nothing is real but my physical self and what I am taught to see and know” brigades, as far as I have always seen and felt have the unhealed core wound, as well as the unhealed inner child present and counted for causing issues in their lives. Both sides take serious umbrage when I say, as others have said before me, all the Ascended masters for one, that healing anything is as easy as you make it for yourself. Thing is there is only the hiding behind umbrage for the fear of delving deep within oneself to heal the core wounds, and that is only because those wounds fuel the fear. Healed the bring us to inner peace and a power, life force, creations wonder and magic, and beauty, health wealth and joy beyond measure.

As our Mother Earth is ascending, her frequencies and vibrations quickening, all those core wounds are being prodded, squeezed and tickled in all on this planet. We are past the point of awakening, seeing and feeling truth, and into the healing now, which either brings inner peace health and balance or chaos. To me that’s always been an easy choice, but to many the fear of facing themselves, their own core wounds, is more scary than anything which keeps the chaos as the only option.

It is still a choice though, and free will must be honoured.

Well these 2 trees chose to live, but they had to let go of their pain first, their wounds, just like us humans, like all life.


They had healing and meditation time over the years, even when they showed no greenery at all, but the life was there I could feel it. Then when they were ready, they chose to rebirth themselves.

Now being struck by lightning and like the Oldest Oak hollowed out by flames and then be only a 100 meters or less from its old former self being burnt over and over again ..has to be though right Trees feel everything .. they communicate in feelings so F****** awful really .. but in CHOOSING the letting go of its past its found new life ❤

CHOOSING to give all its JOY and focus to the new growth and LIVE

So Yes I meant word for word what I said the other day : People who believe that they can not heal /or change something in their lives, that would change everything for them, are just firmly in their own way.

Over the last few years I have found a beautiful way of respecting that CHOICE form a distance, as I spent the first 40 years of my life, being held down and dragged under by other peoples choices for themselves, just simply because I felt so sad for them. It took some extreme pain and illness in myself before finally learning, the very hard way that you can not help anyone who is not willing to help themselves, or even those that are not willing to be 100% honest with themselves in every way.

That I mean that, does NOT mean that I judge anyone’s choices in any way, its the opposite in fact, I honour and respect all choices, even those that choose pain and suffering, I just also honour my own choice of not sinking with them trying to keep their heads above water anymore.

In a completely loving, wholly unconditional love kinda way. Best way to describe it is, it feels a bit now like when you teach a child to ride a bike . You can show them, hold them for a while, but you have to let go … let them fall .. get past their fear, choose to ride again, find their balance ..  then they ride with JOY and a WOW of adventure and all the Magic to come   … and never forget.

I find many get very angry when I say things like that … not as many as got angry when they had to much invested in their pain and suffering .. or anger and hatred .. to let it go mind .. now that was painful as a healer to feel towards me, took some wipe the floor with me and drag me through the hedge backwards lessons

So stepping away from all that … MAGIC beyond measure .. Only unconditional love and acceptance of all choices for me form now on ♡∞

From a healers perspective …. its physically mentally and emotionally +spiritually draining .. ouchy painful and horrid .. so I have been there .. & NO never jumping in the quagmire again to rescue someone who’s SOUL is screaming for help, but who’s EGO does not want it .. and fights ..gets furious … or runs and hides refusing to take the responsibility for themselves that will set them completely free.

As a healer from birth I hear /feel the SOULS of ALL .. through that I have been used abused ..hung drawn and quartered ..shredded and ripped apart by all those who believe they have a right to my gifts for FREE .. I have given .. they take and then they fall back into their own quagmire …

This is why I NO longer work for free ! ever! NOT even for friends, as really true friends would not ask, but would share and give a fair exchange !

Saying that I gave a lot of healing to a beautiful little child once .. no income as yet 😉 but she gave me the most beautiful and precious stones she had found along the beach .. She KNEW the POWER of FAIR Beautiful & Precious ENERGY EXCHANGE ❤ Her parents had NO CLUE! ( One of very many through the years 🙂 way to many to count )

As does the TREES up there.. in their ancient and great wisdom they know life, healing, they know real and they know truth, they know the meaning of all that is, and all possibilities that exist. They know peace and how all can have it, as does our souls, and our hearts can hear this, feel it see it, all we have to do is is listen ..and then get our ego’s/ our small selves out of our own SOULS way  .. & the ALL HEALING can occur easily and fully.

& YES that INCLUDES CANCER n the rest too!

We just have to choose EASE with total TRUTH and unconditional LOVE ..which is our natural state .. who we really are ….. instead of fear that’s held so tightly by the ego in its little box.

Wishing you ALL Magical days ♡✩ Always much LOVE



Where LOVE flows MIRACLES are abundant

Where LOVE flows MIRACLES are abundant

eye spy MIRACLES were LOVE flows.

When we allow LOVE to flow MIRACLES are abundant  ❤


Each and every one of us … is personally responsible only for our own HEARTS …. and in that way responsible for allowing the flow of LOVE  to overflow form us and into this world we live in ❤

This is the POWER of MIRACLES … this is the ULTIMATE POWER

To flow in and with this POWER each one individual needs to take the POWER BACK WITHIN and LET THEIR HEARTS LEAD THE WAY

Taking it back from all the outside fear based chaos that is rocking the core of all Balance…

Your SOUL is calling you, but you can only hear .. see .. and FEEL its wisdom .. through the HEART !

Nothing but Unconditional LOVE and Total TRUTH resonates there ❤

LISTEN to the CORE of ALL YOU ARE … because WE are ALL here .. to BRING PEACE to this PLANET

That IS the POWER that WE ARE .. in the LOVE of ONENESS with ALL and with SOURCE of ALL that IS ❤

Choose WELL … what CREATION BRINGS … it will BE our tomorrows .. and your CHILDREN’S tomorrows !


Recalibrating our DNA and awakening to Miracles

Recalibrating our DNA and awakening to Miracles

Love Light and Healing

056xCame upon a clearing in the woods one day ..

First I was in AWE from the amount of Healing Light & so many Spirits Present and having just walked through a gateway of LIGHT ..  This was the weekend before the 11.11 this year .. mighty strong energy ..

Gateway of Rainbow LIGHTThen realising that it was absolutely teeming with bright Purple Shrooms  … Just Magical .. The more they were viewed with LOVE .. WOW n Gratitude the more they shone … The LOVE Vibrations were through the roof ..

The energy has been fluctuation within a lot lately … as the POWER of LOVE has been tuned up so many times in the last few years … our bodies having to balance to each and every one .

Our DNA recalibrating … Awakening form a very LONG sleep

Science says junk DNA … there is NO junk ..never has been .. There is a lot of Preciousness stored within ❤

Really ..Think about it … would Source .. God waste 90 + %  of the magnificent creations that we are ?

NO …NEVER …  the Universe does in no way waste such precious code !

Our DNA is DORMANT no longer.. and it is … ALL THAT WE ARE … and ALL that WE ARE IS AWAKENING ❤

Science / doctors  has found it shocking .. for their petrochemical narrowed minds .. the last few years (20+) finding more active strands of DNA in children teens and changing openings in adults too  .. its written about . .. but most of them choose to ignore … like they choose to ignore the damage their petrochemical destructive medicines do to the human bodies  … the way they choose to ignore the gaping holes of our raped and plundered earth …

WE are ONE with our Precious Earth  …

This Magnificent Blue Marble spinning around in the vastness of the space that is CREATION .. As ONE with SOURCE and ALL that IS

DNA activating comes with some discomfort …….  Remember the growing pains … but this is Healing crisis too .. it can be a little hardcore at times … Like the most crazy roller coaster you could ever imagine  … with everything from extreme pain .. to the most Magical beautiful candy floss moments  of feeling amazing …

If you are experiencing pain .. and all the other ascension symptoms  … most of which have been created labels for by the very NEW petrochemical medicine of the last century .. by the FRIGHTENED ANGRY men who with the church destroyed men and women of wisdom .. all those who’s wisdom came from centuries .. millennia of wisdom of Natures HEALING HERBS .. of the HEALING of LIGHT .. and the HEALING of MUSIC .. and so much more ..

Hippocrates used all of the above …and said : As to diseases, make a habit of two things — to help, or at least, to do no harm…

456x c film  wisdom of heart show way

Something that NEW petrochemical medicine ..goes against at every turn …. doctors knowing their meds do damage .. but by their depths being owned by the big Pharma companies … they have in truth sold their souls to greed !

As our DNA is re-awakening …  All is not as it seems ……EVERYTHING and ANYTHING CAN HEAL COMPLETELY


To HEAL fully we must that complete and full personal responsibility… All that we do … all that we ingest .. eat /take either we give  our power away with it .. or we step into our power & perfect health wealth and happiness with it ..

Let FOOD be thy Medicine … and medicine be thy FOOD  ‘Hippocrates’


The person who takes medicine .. must recover twice .. once from the disease ..and once from the medicine   ‘William Osler’

Your HEART knows the right way …. your SOUL is speaking to you all the time through your heart … step out of your own way .. the little brain / ego is holding all the fear ….. blocking you from your own true self ….

Follow INTUITION above all else …… Let no fear hold you back.
With these changes come many Amazing gifts .. which have been dormant for a long long time in human history …. These Beautiful GIFTS will AWAKEN ~ are AWAKENING

Purify yourselves … you you can connect with all that you are …  and  .. USE THEM WISELY!
LOVE quickens greatly the evolution of the Mind-Body-Spirit and activates all dormant DNA ……

ALLOW this quickening.. this FEELING … ENERGY that in its truest form holds only TRUTH & is Compassion .. it is the WE .. not the me myself & I .. and in all those moments .. there are sparks of enlightenment …

WE know we are balanced fully once the pain of awakening is over and anew sight .. senses and awareness is accepted .. 🙂

From there … Miracles will unfold ~

As bountiful as   this Magical clearing filed with purple Shrooms .. this … trio … I could not get the brightens or the strength of colour on a photo .. but many of them were in three       .. whispering of balance in body mind and spirit


Inviting to sit and share the LOVE awhile … letting them whisper the true secrets to life …

Whisper of the importance ..that humanity .. each beautiful soul … holds their own POWER in UNITY and BALANCE with Mama Nature  … and with all that IS  ..

Allowing PEACE within and thus without ..

Letting LIFE flow through the MIRACLES that being ONE with our POWER really IS .. with LOVE and COMPASSION the sparks that HEAL the CORE

064 x w definition of crazy

Let there BE PEACE on EARTH and let it BEGIN WITH ME ❤


Broken .. or is there more ?

Broken .. or is there more ?

Broken in simplicity … its just a hiccup .. n can be fixed or replaced in a jiffy.

Even when things break around here .. they break in the shape of Hearts
Even when things break around here .. they break in the shape of Hearts … ain’t LOVE grand 🙂

but what is that  in a human life … what is that exactly in a human heart …. our planet

what is broken most ask  .. in society … politics .. the Drama of bureaucracy

how about just simply

silence ?

saying nothing

accepting the spin and living in the perpetually created and fuelled state of fear ?


missing that essential

The Beauty of stillness … when others are expecting rage  … is quite something

Our bodies can Heal



they show us everyday

nature show us every day


yet still.. evidence bright n clear

still most refuse to believe

that most fundamental of facts

That LIFE comes with the power to heal … to regrow … to be new

not once

not twice


over and over

and over a new


So why is it that even when seeing this magic

and everyone has

seen … felt … know

Just how simply

how wondrously easy our body miraculously close a wound

cells grows

till soon there is no sign of a wound

or if there is ..its just a scar


our bodies are even more intelligent on the inside than outside

so why is it that most block themselves at every turn


choose to hold the programming of limitations

the illusion of fear

cause fear says its so

so there for its so


this expands and causes

weakened bodies

and a planet too

from chemicals injected


n more


the particles…  as well as the science

the dos ..don’t  ..s  ….  goes whoosh up noses




or just don’t want to know ..s


sleeping politicians

wasting lives by filibustering time


Wake up world there is so much beauty to know .. so much healing to do ❤


I finally watched Garbage Warrior yesterday  … although don’t let the title fool you … this man .. Architect Michael Reynolds’ has for the past 35 years been developing sustainable housing free of any outside energy dependence, solar panels & more, he came up with ways to use  plastic bottles  and tin cans as a thermal insulation in an architectural structure … each building providing your own water from rain water collection, and with inbuilt treatment of you own sewage… garden .. reed beds etc ..&  growing your own food, all with a very small budget or a large one depending  … Earth ships he calls them .. as most know by now … new innovations ..

its quite something   …  and he’s done all this while those in power positions .. elected by the people .. who are supposed to be working for the best of the people .. have tried to stop .. block and hinder him at every turn

simply because he is showing people not just how to live a sustainable life for planet and all .. but have no huge mortgage .. & utility bills … yet living in modern comfort in every way shape and form .. kinda WOW in my opinion

& more WOW wow to all he has does for others along the way .. including going across the world to help build in this new way after the major tsunami did so much damage .. and so much more …

I found the pretending to sleep in assembly politicians .. most informative .. it sure says it all

well I’ll let you make up your own minds .. watch it and see 🙂  its an hour and 20 minutes or so very well spent ❤


Wishing for all Hearts on this Planet to let JOY & Beauty in  .. allowing the Magic of all that is .. to spread in kindness and caring to Planet & to one and ALL ❤


Lightning Oak …

Lightning Oak …

Mama Natures Miraculous ways .. Lightning Oak as a force of Nature


Great great grandpa Oak here, was Hit by lightning about 13 years ago … sending all his branches flying when  .. 4/5ths of him just snapped away by the Lightning striking .. that burnt his insides  …. the fire thoroughly hollowing him out

So there he stood .. left for dead .. showed no signs of life for a couple of years …

014xHe looked like an empty shell .. but still felt alive to me.


I had a feeling like his powerful spirit  was still present, I used to go in his hollow trunk .. there is with ease room for 2 or more adults ..and wonder around him  intrigued by the complete opposing senses…. my eyes seeing a burnt out trunk .. but my heart & senses felt a great and solid presence.. a beautiful Spirit of Nature healing .. holding the wisdom of Source.

Whenever I visited I was always feeling a deep gratitude for all the oxygen this ancient tree has created in its long long green life … and how much carbon monoxide he had cleared out of the air in the process ….

& sat sharing a little healing for the pain he must have suffered from the lightning fire

The spring of the 3 year I visited there were some green shoots at his crown on one single branch, and since then he’s been steadily added new branches getting a nice full crowning new glory of new green leaves every year…

021x& one last picture of the inside, for now …

081x seems I’ll be writing lightning tree 2 too..  Bells of LIGHT

as there was so much energy & orbs when I took these …  & there is a bell shaped orb in a series .. put 4  pictures together .. and  Natures light bells chime … so that coming up next ❤



A Plot of Earth .. a mad thought … but with a DREAM that outstrips em all .. mad weird n wacky ;)

A Plot of Earth .. a mad thought … but with a DREAM that outstrips em all .. mad weird n wacky ;)

OOOOOOOOO well a prompt it may be ..  A Plot of Earth …. You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

Wowsers .. now that is even better than this Mad thought but I’d LOVE it  & wondering who would  😉  … So I’m going to Play a little though & write this as if I’m already there with & on the plot of land .. with the house 😉 & the Wacky Weird Wondrous Amazing FREEDOM of all the financial resources & then some …

If this was a real contest ... OH YIP ... most definitely ... sure ... AHA ... & could I get to keep the house too :) .. OH YES PLEASE ;)
If this was a real contest … OH YIP … most definitely … sure … AHA … & could I get to keep the house too 🙂 .. OH YES PLEASE 😉  … Pretty PLEASE

So here goes ….. Artistic FREEDOM n all …  I should warn you I have BIG Dreams ❤ 😉  & I’m expecting miracles .. so maybe I’ll see you here someday 🙂

So now that my life is filled to the brim ..and far beyond with Magic .. JOY & Freedom All is so beautifully Abundant .. the rolling over into magic lottery win has given access to sharing the magic .. in the most amazing way .. (hey well I’m practical 😉 LOL .. I’s all about expecting the MIRACLES after all 🙂 .. just sayin 😉 )

We’ve been feeling blessed with writing and travelling ….  having seeing the beauty all round this magical planet we live on…. on our travels we have had our eyes open for a place to settle down and call home …

We found this amazing place .. its just Magical .. a place of rejuvenation and healing support for the soul of all that come to visit and stay for a while…. & We’d really LOVE Visitors … this kinda inner peace & JOY just has to be shared … its so immeasurably good for the soul.

A Tuscan villa … & somehow also by the sea … so Magical all around really … a Healing Guest House in Southern Tuscany .. a most beautiful magical place filled with LOVE LIGHT ..HEALING & BEAUTY .. where our inner peace and love can be shared with all those new friends and guests .. that can do with some time being supported to flourish .. to bloom .. to fly.

pic from web unknown origin  pic from web unknown origin  

Its Large … white inside and out ..  Its LIGHT ….  situated close to majestic trees .. & forest … close to the sea .. surrounded by vines for our vineyard & olive groves ..

Orange and lemon trees … fruits of all magically juicy sweet and tasty varieties

Organic vegetables grown for our kitchen and restaurant … where both indoor and outdoor love filled cooking treats the sense to delight and magic …  in all ways … we set the menu with the Growers & Wine makes of the precious gifts of the land .. our guests enjoy the daily blessings  ….


Here we also create our Healing Flower Essences & add some wondrous amazing feel good healing in Maia’s Chocolate Truffles  ..

Well there are so many ways that Vibrational medicine can work 😉 .. you have no idea .. but be ready for surprises .. there will be many.

There will be many ways to stay with us … the top of the range just stay and have healing / treatments … enjoy .. just BE Pampered  …Expensive “maybe” .. but Oh so beyond worth it! The healing community that stay & work with us are all exceptional in their own ways .. our Soul family id Magical indeed.

The same but with part payment ..part work /share … either in garden kitchen house .. on farm.. or vineyards … with the beautiful  souls who run the farm .. the vineyard  .. the woodlands and gardens … a shared Fair trade beautiful community … where ART also expands the senses

Feeling blessed …  those who work with us are so happy they really do not want to leave  … just want to stay as part of an extended soul family of beautiful .. gentle beings .. Sensitive …GENUINE Loving souls .. With Truth & LOVE in a completely Drama free zone. … Its a place to feel so good ..that anything can heal from the inside out … and everything changes ❤

One of my own :)
One of my own pictures  🙂

A magical garden  with flowers and scents of bliss … Crystals large powerful amazing all around … Enchanting through many magical areas for meditation and contemplation … all set with large rose quarts..  white quarts and others seats tables ..water features .. sundials ..focal points of healing  .. rejuvenation and balancing of mind body and soul .. & Large powerful crystals are present in every room to bring the experience of Mama Nature inside too.


There is a large salt water swimming pool … with crystal rocks and waterfalls over  mama natures mineral .. a lot of large powerful turquoise all around and local white stone covers the area around the pool


The central courtyard … paved in white stone .. centred around a simple white stone square pool .. with a central fountain .. possibly water lilies or lotus blossoms … and at each corner of the raised pool ..a large blessed Amethyst crystals


& a few crystal tables to create daily journals blogs 😉 🙂 and magical words .. of wisdom .. humour & JOY

like in areas of the house as much of Nature & natural ..  of LIGHT as we can let out pasts in design flow with .. in to & around 🙂

There are very large rooms high ceilings … all with natural stone and wood  ..

whitewashed interiors  .. large windows and much .. much light … OH did I mention LIGHT ..

on the ground floor all windows open as doors onto and over built arched porch  … for life to be lived indoors and out at all times … Music Fun JOY … Food  … Wine .. dancing  for LIFE to be lived out loud in JOYs as well of cause .. as PEACEFUL spaces for moments to just BE .. all around.  The house has either 3 or 4 long sides abound a large central courtyard .. where  candles and lanterns are lit at night while the music is live & enchanting.

A large central reception area / hall way  … from the centre of which stairs leading up to the many guest bedrooms … to the one side a beautiful big desk for signing in ..just outside an archway into the office the other main room on this side a large reception / sitting room .. all along big arched windows / doors … a big almost walk in fireplace … comfortable sofas and chairs … colours aquamarine jade and turquoise in the whitewashed and natural stone interior with silver/ steel details … large amethyst geodes and other crystals as focal points and for the healing energies


To the other side of the reception /hallway .. a large dining hall again with arched window/doors all the way along both sides of the room … with tables inside and out to both sides  .. + one large long table for sharing … and getting to know new friends.

& yet another almost walk in fireplace along the far wall down from the doors to the kitchen …

Lemon yellow and blue colours brighten up and invite in the natural stone and whitewashed surroundings  very large white and clear quartz crystals are grouped with green beautiful plants

the indoor outdoor kitchen  outside a large clay pizza oven .. to the outside of the building overlooking part of the gardens ..vineyard and olive groves .. round metal tables and other sitting areas  among the culinary herb garden …to take in the setting sun .. inside a kitchen with all mod cons stainless steel with the natural stone and whitewashed interior arched doors and windows along both sides … although only 3 to the corner of the inner courtyard & Chef that love love love’s food  & creating masterpieces of delight .. pure taste sensations … morsels that dance across the tongue .. writing poetry as it travels through the senses ❤

On the other side of the kitchen a separate area .. a very large space with arched window/ doors down both sides … again natural stone and white washed interior … large crystal all around to aid in the balance and healing chi light during Heart Cloud seminars ..  meditation .. free style punk yoga .. and workshops of all kinds by many beautiful souls & also with the possibility of spiritual ceremonies, blessings and so on


@ the other side of the courtyard .. is is  similar but 2 separate  yet connected large rooms  for smaller more intimate venues .. and / or to have Chi Kung.. yoga  & meditation in another and so on at the same time JOY coaching with freestyle yoga … so many possibilities for the LOVE & JOY to FLOW 🙂

… these rooms also natural stone .. white washed …with one gold / silver and purple  the other gold/ silver and pink  touches with big crystal Buddha’s and blessed beautiful goddesses …. all that reminds me of the TRUE Christ energy .. from many religions & cultures…. a space for ALL to BE ONE.

another one of those daily signs ... felt like a neon sign a HELLO  .. while making a fire in the grate :) <3
another one of those daily signs … felt like a neon sign a HELLO .. while making a fire in the grate 🙂 ❤


the 4th section .. has several generous healing rooms in towards the courtyard .. for private sessions  treatments and consultations  ..

Possibly 7 with each coloured highlights for each of the main chakras with large crystal to enhance the energies …. all energy accounted and catered for 🙂

To the side of these … and the whole length of the one section is our home … large light and mostly open plan …letting the LIGHT in .. & freeing the space …

A little part of .. just our own space in this heaven we share .. with friend and guests  and making more friends … honourable GENUINE beautiful people .. ready for many miracles of those too in my life … always room for beautiful people 🙂

LOVESo …. Oh yip … I have more ..  😉

Upstairs … out from the top of the stairs over the reception hallway .. an open large landing with sitting areas and shelves and shelves of books …. with windows on both sides the windows  in to the central courtyard large as doors with access to an open balcony running all the way around with a few chair here and there and spiral staircases lading down to the courtyard in all 4 corners ..

inside  towards the courtyard a long hallway all the way around with window /doors among the windows to access the balcony … and off this light whitewashed and natural stone hallway … many large bedrooms .. possibly 22

in all something magically beautiful .. healing and Love filled and a little WOW … left to the imagination ..  cause we b=have to nurture that too 🙂

A little clue ….  an Amethyst bathtub ….

Or a white quarts one .. to soak in the love in


or maybe Rose quarts   🙂


OR … another magical crystal blessing  .. to inspire … feel … and enhance the healing

What we offer in this Beautiful Heaven … a space for the SOUL to Breathe ❤


This is my dream ❤

Will you come stay when I get it wonderful’s ? share the MIRACLE ❤  .. I hope so

Wishing you Abundant Blessings one & ALL


Heart show up in every which way :)

Heart show up in every which way :)

LOVE always fills a day

Even spilt hand cream comes shaped as HEART’s  … signs and blessings are ever present .. how we chose to view them  … 

It’s all in the seeing & hearing .. the inner awareness ..


Allowing it into ever moment   it’s what makes each moment MAGICAL

The Light BEings .. Angels & Guardians use all sorts of everyday basic things to make LOVE show up & be obvious to us .. in & around our lives ..& they can be very playful indeed 🙂

The answers to our questions .. our prayers .. are everywhere ..from little hearts in the kitchen sink … to the huge ones & other signs  … that take your breath away ..

Well they take your  breath away if you see them .. mostly though they are so big that most don’t even notice them .. never mind actually see them ..

Something to ponder  … wouldn’t you say  … the choosing to see or not to see the MIRACLES unfold ❤

So what will it be ?

Magic & Miracles  .. or grey & mundane 😉

Always in Gratitude to all that is ❤





TRUE POWER … Healers … gurus … teachers .. AAAAAHHHH to all that shit I see roll on by as all these that say ,…. join and you shall have it through me … Baaaa HUMBUG … and Darn I’m GRATEFUL  I’m ME .. and have always had the ability to see straight through the nonsense of “spiritual” drama …

Source light … Energy .. Violet Flame and all the rest is all around us all the time … our job is just to connect to and with it … simple really … or as complicate as each one of us makes it … all in the choices … the Blessings .. the Giving & Receiving  … so for the NEW YEAR may I wish you

016x bsx purple flame

Blessings of LOVE & LIGHT ❤ Wishes of  Magic in all your days Wonderful’s ..

BREATHE & BE … look FORWARD .. DREAM NEW Beauty Love & Magic in all ways into every next moment …

that way the PRESENTS we open with each NOW is always more Magnificent than the one before ❤

& let the LOVE sweep cleansingly through .. to let go & give UP in PEACE & JOY all that does not acknowledge the the TRUE VALUE of you …

just simply BE the LOVE unconditionally from within .. and ALL Blessings flows to you ❤

The Beautiful Energies all around … they ALL want to know us … We just have to let them in while we also raise our Vibrations to match them .. Your HEART knows Wonderful’s … its know the way … its know how … it know all … and when you need a little help and encouragement on the way … your hearts will even telly you who might be able to help you too ❤

TRUE Healing / TRUE HONOURABLE healers With the heightening Vibrations of Earth and Cosmic Energies … The LIGHT BEings of TRUE LIGHT .. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE can no longer do the work for those still in drama .. the me myself & I .. of some healers and gurus .. those that gather the worshippers .. that I see oh far to much …. is just used to drain people of their life force .. allowing the supposed healer/guru … all the energy possible cause its being pour into them by all the followers .. while only partly or at times connected in source themselves … this the “spiritual” DRAMA .. is the biggest trap for most … …

the CONNECTION to SOURCE and Neutrality has to be there because this new higher vibrations … only TRUE SHARING .. in Total TRUTH .. completely HONOURABLY … we can be guided to ignite the light within … and we can be guided and helped along on the path to feeling safe and free to BE … by an honourable soul with no agenda … because simply their own connection to Source is SOLID … and although we will share our light ..never trust a healer ..teacher ..master or any other that say they can DO IT FOR YOU … NO NO NO ..does not happen .. can not happen … if anything those kind of people ..will make you feel worse … and are normally the biggest energy vamps there are ….

016x bsx source energy power of one

A TRUE Healer … knows .. that we can do 50% of the work for you .. around you and in energetically … but the remaining 50% of the MIRACLE .. of the MAGIC ..of LOVE .. has to come from inner WORK … and total honesty with self .. acceptance of TRUE VALUE .. and letting go fear .. giving up all that holds one back ..down .. as less then .. it means .. put simply ..COMPLETE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY …

Its not always easy to work like this .. cause so many have a fear of the word responsibility … so they run from themselves …or just simply do not want to do the work … but really complete personal responsibility is TOTAL FREEDOM ..

We work like this Andreas & I .. because its the only way to truly honour another BEing on their JOURNEY … only way to show the HEART .. how to TRULY  SEE … HEAR .. SENSE .. FEEL and to wondrously TRUST that that Beautiful inner Magic  … it is also the only way for the TRUE and MAJOR TRANSFORMATIONS to BE … for the MIRACLES ❤

May you BE Blessed with many Wonderful’s ❤
Always much LOVE Maia

Our Healing Room ..morning sun … Rainbow light and Orbs …

Our Healing Room ..morning sun … Rainbow light and Orbs …

Healing room ❤

Orbs & Light in Healing Space
Orbs & Light in Healing Space

Morning sunlight coming in with Rainbows ..Orbs & LOVE LIGHT all through the Healing / therapy room’s always amazing but with the last few full moons it’s been breathtaking … Creation particles / Love Light there is more than ever in the air all around me.

Connecting to source light  .. opening for all that is… allowing the flow and abundance … Knowing that Miracles are part of LIFE … Like Universal fireworks they can permeate the air with magic all around .. or they can go off in the distance.

Keeping our vibration high is the key to seeing the magic & also how to see CREATION Particles  /God particles / Love Light Sparkles fairly easily ..cause anyone can see them really … this beautiful energy .. we just have to know how.

Healing Light @our place :)
Healing Light @our place 🙂

I’m feeling blessed that so much of it shows up in my photos these days. It makes sharing the  LOVE LIGHT the PEACE  second nature .. and all we have to do is allow it … open for it and BE Present.

Helping others balance on this wondrous journey of life is a Beautiful thing indeed.

There really is no more beautiful feeling than someone coming in here in pain & feeling dreadful .. then after a session leaving .. pain FREE & full of energy. yip that is a beautiful Blessing indeed.

Always much LOVE Maia

Don’t let other peoples shadows /drama keep you from being all you can be …

Don’t let other peoples shadows /drama keep you from being all you can be …

Instead of just talking about LIFE ….. START LIVING  … letting the JOY in with the BEAUTY  … we have the most amazing GIFTS ..if we will but use them … so …

Don’t let other peoples shadows & drama keep you from being all you can be. There are psychic vampires .. those that manipulate for energy ..we find that most of what is termed ghosts, dark energies, even those termed demonic are at times just strong negative emotions and feelings from human drama, ones own or that of others directed towards one. Hatred, anger, resentment, jealousy & so on are all energy, this kind of energy if we have damage to our auric field, or are sensitive’s, can be debilitating & even make one ill.

Spooktacular Kitty under the Full Moon ... GOLDEN Vision ..or practising for Halloween  .. now that is the question ;)
Spooktacular Kitty under the Full Moon … GOLDEN Vision ..or practising for Halloween ..   now that is the question 😉

The important thing to know is we are all strong enough not to allow it & not to mention .. We are STRONG enough to use our own energy as a shield. but we do have to learn how & also most importantly how precious we are … how worthy … Accept that we are worth honourable and loving interactions … To be treated with respect we first have to allow ourselves to have enough self value to know our worth. Self value that comes from HEART not Ego mind & there is a great big difference. We HAVE GOLDEN Vision … our INTUITION … the Gut Feeling …. our HEARTS always KNOW … if we but listen to our own TRUE SELVES … all flows well and bodes well.

All this DRAMA /Karma … that we need to negotiate in a knowing of what’s what way … yet NOT let  it effect us … in so far as letting our energy drain … or simply be sucked up by others choices for themselves … The most IMPORTANT of all is … simply to take hold of our own FREE WILL … Add the Magical Ingredient … Total Personal Responsibility … It truly gives FREEDOM like nothing ever has before or after .. meeting SOURCES LOVE / CREATIONS LIGHT PARTICLES like this in our own POWER is Wondrous Beyond Measure  &  from there to make all our CHOICES Conscious ones  … WOW is an understatement  … LIFE becomes simply SIMPLE TRUTH  … JUST IS … & FLOWS with LOVE & Beauty even in the tough times ❤

Always much LOVE Maia 


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A "Comma" Flutterby in Dudmaston woods a few days ago  .... Magical Blessings they are :)
A “Comma” Flutterby in Dudmaston woods a few days ago …. Magical Blessings they are 🙂

I am Grateful for ….
1. TRUTH … just the knowing of how simple & uncomplicated life IS when there is only TRUTH
2. FREE WILL …what an amazing gift this is ..means all choices in all ways are our own … LOVE or fear .. EMPOWERING or disempowering … Our THOUGHTS & FEELINGS as well as our actions .. are of such major importance … As we think .. so we are ESSENTIAL to CHOOSE good ones
3. Feeding Butterflies ..

its a little blurry .. but had to share it feel so amazing to feed Butterflies :) ... and they come when we're calm enough .. they feel the LOVE LIGHT ...
its a little blurry .. but had to share it feel so amazing to feed Butterflies 🙂 … and they come when we’re calm enough .. they feel the LOVE LIGHT …

… When Nama Natures Beings bless you with Magical moments not sure if this Beauty loved the blackberry juice of the sweat (lol )the most .. she stayed for several minutes with us GRATITUDEs overflowing

Always much LOVE