Recalibrating our DNA and awakening to Miracles

Recalibrating our DNA and awakening to Miracles

Love Light and Healing

056xCame upon a clearing in the woods one day ..

First I was in AWE from the amount of Healing Light & so many Spirits Present and having just walked through a gateway of LIGHT ..  This was the weekend before the 11.11 this year .. mighty strong energy ..

Gateway of Rainbow LIGHTThen realising that it was absolutely teeming with bright Purple Shrooms  … Just Magical .. The more they were viewed with LOVE .. WOW n Gratitude the more they shone … The LOVE Vibrations were through the roof ..

The energy has been fluctuation within a lot lately … as the POWER of LOVE has been tuned up so many times in the last few years … our bodies having to balance to each and every one .

Our DNA recalibrating … Awakening form a very LONG sleep

Science says junk DNA … there is NO junk ..never has been .. There is a lot of Preciousness stored within ❤

Really ..Think about it … would Source .. God waste 90 + %  of the magnificent creations that we are ?

NO …NEVER …  the Universe does in no way waste such precious code !

Our DNA is DORMANT no longer.. and it is … ALL THAT WE ARE … and ALL that WE ARE IS AWAKENING ❤

Science / doctors  has found it shocking .. for their petrochemical narrowed minds .. the last few years (20+) finding more active strands of DNA in children teens and changing openings in adults too  .. its written about . .. but most of them choose to ignore … like they choose to ignore the damage their petrochemical destructive medicines do to the human bodies  … the way they choose to ignore the gaping holes of our raped and plundered earth …

WE are ONE with our Precious Earth  …

This Magnificent Blue Marble spinning around in the vastness of the space that is CREATION .. As ONE with SOURCE and ALL that IS

DNA activating comes with some discomfort …….  Remember the growing pains … but this is Healing crisis too .. it can be a little hardcore at times … Like the most crazy roller coaster you could ever imagine  … with everything from extreme pain .. to the most Magical beautiful candy floss moments  of feeling amazing …

If you are experiencing pain .. and all the other ascension symptoms  … most of which have been created labels for by the very NEW petrochemical medicine of the last century .. by the FRIGHTENED ANGRY men who with the church destroyed men and women of wisdom .. all those who’s wisdom came from centuries .. millennia of wisdom of Natures HEALING HERBS .. of the HEALING of LIGHT .. and the HEALING of MUSIC .. and so much more ..

Hippocrates used all of the above …and said : As to diseases, make a habit of two things — to help, or at least, to do no harm…

456x c film  wisdom of heart show way

Something that NEW petrochemical medicine ..goes against at every turn …. doctors knowing their meds do damage .. but by their depths being owned by the big Pharma companies … they have in truth sold their souls to greed !

As our DNA is re-awakening …  All is not as it seems ……EVERYTHING and ANYTHING CAN HEAL COMPLETELY


To HEAL fully we must that complete and full personal responsibility… All that we do … all that we ingest .. eat /take either we give  our power away with it .. or we step into our power & perfect health wealth and happiness with it ..

Let FOOD be thy Medicine … and medicine be thy FOOD  ‘Hippocrates’


The person who takes medicine .. must recover twice .. once from the disease ..and once from the medicine   ‘William Osler’

Your HEART knows the right way …. your SOUL is speaking to you all the time through your heart … step out of your own way .. the little brain / ego is holding all the fear ….. blocking you from your own true self ….

Follow INTUITION above all else …… Let no fear hold you back.
With these changes come many Amazing gifts .. which have been dormant for a long long time in human history …. These Beautiful GIFTS will AWAKEN ~ are AWAKENING

Purify yourselves … you you can connect with all that you are …  and  .. USE THEM WISELY!
LOVE quickens greatly the evolution of the Mind-Body-Spirit and activates all dormant DNA ……

ALLOW this quickening.. this FEELING … ENERGY that in its truest form holds only TRUTH & is Compassion .. it is the WE .. not the me myself & I .. and in all those moments .. there are sparks of enlightenment …

WE know we are balanced fully once the pain of awakening is over and anew sight .. senses and awareness is accepted .. 🙂

From there … Miracles will unfold ~

As bountiful as   this Magical clearing filed with purple Shrooms .. this … trio … I could not get the brightens or the strength of colour on a photo .. but many of them were in three       .. whispering of balance in body mind and spirit


Inviting to sit and share the LOVE awhile … letting them whisper the true secrets to life …

Whisper of the importance ..that humanity .. each beautiful soul … holds their own POWER in UNITY and BALANCE with Mama Nature  … and with all that IS  ..

Allowing PEACE within and thus without ..

Letting LIFE flow through the MIRACLES that being ONE with our POWER really IS .. with LOVE and COMPASSION the sparks that HEAL the CORE

064 x w definition of crazy

Let there BE PEACE on EARTH and let it BEGIN WITH ME ❤



Healing rays while making soap enveloped in scent

Healing rays while making soap enveloped in scent

Been making soap… something I have not done in way to many years  … all organic with Rose  jasmine & Lemon  … the scent enveloping life ..oo everything  beautifully .. and then some

047xcause I put the scented rose  petals & the essential oils in a little early, it turned into intoxication central around here.

so of cause some … hmmm or well most you could say of the scent that was supposed to stay in the soap was instead giving the olfactory system a thorough workout 😉

052xBeing a girlie it wasn’t to bad .. just a little OH oh Hello .. & I couldn’t stop laughing at my own silliness .. cause its not that I didn’t know not to put the oils in to soon, but there you go.

Andreas on the other hand who came through two closed doors from outside freshness  … to one of the magical topsy turvy roller coaster moments of life .. one of those that take no prisoners … but instead tests  your nuts n bolts to the extreme .. this time the nose 😉 LOL

You know that old saying … smells a bit like a tarts boudoir … well I’m thinking the boudoir had nothing on this

& then then when I was trying to get close to my soap mix with more oils to replenish the steamed off supplies …

past Mr Tickles with his pleading shouts of NOOOOOO Please NO no more oils, Noooooooooooooooooo … Need to Breathe .. just BREATHING again .. So NO Please noooo  …

past mr Zen stillness guru …

n past his Martial arts self too … which I’m sure most unfairly I have to say was fully behind and aiding mr Tickles


Wooooohoooo 😉 what a ride life is & doing it with JOY certainly has its advantages.

Highly recommendable I’d say

Laughter meditation, I’m sure it prolongs life, health .. and deeply centres the well BEing in body mind and Soul ..

063I’ve been told I should be doing more of this kinda thing & flower essences too .. & more of the very select HIGH ENERGY jewellery again .. seems all who have / wear pieces I do / have done this kinda healing with very well .. the feel great effect n all ❤

010xwell I say I,  it’s all around for us all its just connecting to it & is shared liberally with me by source & light BEings .. so there are many involved  .. but I’ve been dreaming that I should do more of it .. Apparently … for those that need a little extra to change things around for themselves

I’m not sure why I’m on the fence slightly .. so any thought from you all would be very welcome .. or even just if anyone would be interested in anything like this ??


Lightning OAK … Mama Natures LIGHT bells toll in ORBS and Rainbow rays

Lightning OAK … Mama Natures LIGHT bells toll in ORBS and Rainbow rays

Lightning OAK … Mama Natures LIGHT bells toll in ORBS & Rainbow rays … the Energetic Forces of Nature  ..


Like the LIGHT Bell tolls of the beautiful blessings Source Light Brings  … it also reminds of our RESPONSIBILITY to care for SOURCES CREATION .. Our Bodies ..our Earth with the regenerative LIFE ..LOVE & SOURCE really IS


LIFE is about CREATING … Its about ALLOWING CREATION to flow in and through you  … CHOOSING

Thought by thought … Word by word & Action by action .. what you ALLOW IN & Around you…. becomes your LIFE.  … Choice by choice…  Our LIFE is CREATED all around us


Makes the importance of ALL our choices … little and large ..PARAMOUNT to all we see around US .


So make your mind the ra ra club of your HEART  … so to choose .. Thoughts, Words & Actions that create BEAUTY .. HEALTH .. WEALTH  … becomes easy ..

LOVING ourselves & ALL enough  … IS Allowing the Flow of & with Sources Blessings & ABUNDANCE… in all ways ..


Mama Earth … the Angles ..The Guardians .. & SOURCE ITSELF is ALWAYS showing us how … and always surrounding us with all the LOVE LIGHT & Energy needed for our Perfect Health .. our perfect Wealth in all ways

The question is only if we ALLOW the healing  … do we allow ourselves to open so wide .. to such depths .. forcing if we have to ..our way past old hurts .. old pain … suffering … old believes .. old doctrines .. to just BE with .. in & off the LIGHT ..

It is so beyond worth it … I have no real words to describe the Beauty .. Magi & Wonder of having SOURCE LOVE FLOW to you  .. through you & from you .. It is such a privileged …

A privileged that comes with the guardianship of the life on this planet … our beautiful EARTH  .. our Source of Physical Life .. of the Oxygen we breathe … the food we need to sustain us.. We have the responsibility of handing this magnificent life form our Planet over to the children … and their children’s children

Mama’s LIGHT BELLS are chiming to stop harm & allow LOVE to flow ❤


Rainbow Light Blessings

Rainbow Light Blessings

Rainbow Light Blessings .. from May 1st Healing Meditation

My first ever attempt at video editing .. words n all 🙂 & Andreas on Didgeridoo

Wishing you ALL Beautiful Wondrous Magical days ❤


Cherry Blossoms and a light breeze with energy in motion

Cherry Blossoms and a light breeze with energy in motion

Cherry Blossom Beauty .. & the motion of a light breeze … one of the most nourishing things for the Soul  .. in Springs Wondrous Marvellous Beautifully Exciting repertoire of colour and scent


I always feel so blessed by the healing rays .. the Energy in motion in and around everything & everyone …This beautiful Life Force Energy always feel even more life enhancing & expending by the presence of the Guardians .. the Angels  ..  the Faeries n All the Nature Spirits too  … so much LOVE all around … Life Force popping .. & shooting like stars .. spreading the energy far and wide . In beautiful motions like glitter / faerie dust dancing & swirling all around  ..


So many have disconnected themselves from this most simplistic opening to healing light  .. the knowing that humans can heal like nature .. Man might harm nature .. but Mama Nature always grows back  …

One Source created all .. when in Balance and fully connected ..everything Heals with ease ❤


its most Magical to sit under a big Blossoming Cherry Tree with the wind whispering secrets of warmer days

Wishing you Beauty & Creations Healing Magic in every way in all your days ❤




At Sunrise … the Blessed rays of Sunshine through the window of our healing Space.



as an early bird … the Sun & I greet every morning .. outside & in .. in Healing embrace & Breaths of consciousness LOVE is flowing …

Angels & Rainbow Rays steeping my Heart in LOVE’s LIGHT.

Gratitude to overflowing ❤

Wishing you ALL  LOVE to overflowing ❤


Solar Eclipse … Fresh LIGHT ..Orbs n Violas .. Vernal Equinox /Ostara

Solar Eclipse  … Fresh LIGHT ..Orbs n Violas .. Vernal Equinox /Ostara

Rainbow light filled the morning of this Vernal Equinox / Ostara … the Cosmic celebrations were led by an 85% Solar Eclipse here in England  … an hour or so before the eclipse started @8.30am the air was thick with rainbow light … & the white light had this pure brilliance to it  … it was most beautiful …. As the sky darkened little by little this brilliance stayed with us … Outside & in till we went of for a walk just after it had peaked ..


Interestingly the Orb lights seem to reflect the Solar Eclipse … Here inside closing in on peak time


& outside @ peak time 🙂 the orbs also reflect the event … here with 2 duckies that most unusually seem to prefer to sit on the roof to floating down the river



This next one was taken around 10am as we were just setting off for a walk


& just before 11 am coming back out of the woods .. The LIGHT & Orbs still Wondrous ❤


& back home last years violas were showing themselves to be Fresh & having a Beautiful New Life 🙂


May your days all be filled with LOVE LIGHT & Creations Magic in every way ❤

IN every moment of every day there is Enough to make us all very Happy indeed  … The JOY comes from the inside … so Breathe deep & set it FREE


Reflecting Light in Sunlit Water .. Rainbow shimmers on the misted glass …

Reflecting Light in Sunlit Water  .. Rainbow shimmers on the misted glass …

Reflecting Light in Sunlit Water  .. Rainbow shimmers on the misted glass …

Rainbows in Sunlit Water
Rainbows in Sunlit Water

LIFE … Less or more than a third ? … More than 2 thirds FULL I’d hope  … or those rules will simply just have to be broken 🙂



LOOK Around …. SEE TRUTH Everywhere .. The ENERGY IS Rising :)

LOOK Around …. SEE TRUTH Everywhere .. The ENERGY IS Rising :)

Walking through the woods … there is always beautiful lights and energy around everything .. The last few months there has been some amazing changes in the regularity and power of these energies .. Deep healing & Transformation into Mama Earth & from her through to all of us … The Purple hues …& Rainbow lights have been particularly Powerful … so much is changing …. so much depends on us holding our vibrations ,…. staying in and enhancing LOVE & TRUTH

Violet Flame
Violet Flame

The more in tune with our Hearts we are … the better and easier it all will Flow as thee powerful energies ..Flow in and through us ..we either vibrate higher and flow with the Cosmic Pulses of Creations Life Force .. where ALL HEALING is possible in all ways … IT does take an Authenticity and level of total TRUTH …in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE …. Sharing … Fair Trade … Honour and Respect for ALL … that will put a lot in this world of drama to shame ….

The young ones … are seeing straight through the lies they are fed at school … the drama is crumbling … its new times … lies .. spin and nonsense can not be sustained …

WE as we VIBRATE HIGHER SEE STRAIGHT Through it all … the Beautiful young ones are born with open awareness …. we must stop the systematic poisoning of these beautiful souls by all the medicines that are pushes … They don’t need labels or medicines … They need TRUTH to be taught and they need not to be boarded to death .. by nonsensical shit that will never serve them or anyone … from a school system that is merely there to get them numbed enough to become sleepers too … to comply to play the drama game ….


Rainbow light & Purple haze all through the forest ... in HEALING Ways !
Rainbow light & Purple haze all through the forest … in HEALING Ways !



from the SORRY MESS the greed of the last few generations have have caused …. There is NO LONGER a choice …. THERE has to BE a HEALING  … & MAMA EARTH …. well she is pretty much THERE now 🙂 … so all we have to do is hang on and CHOOSE WELL

Our  Choices will BE our tomorrows …  How Magical and Wondrous ..and just Perfect is that

Always much LOVE ❤ Maia

Our Healing Room ..morning sun … Rainbow light and Orbs …

Our Healing Room ..morning sun … Rainbow light and Orbs …

Healing room ❤

Orbs & Light in Healing Space
Orbs & Light in Healing Space

Morning sunlight coming in with Rainbows ..Orbs & LOVE LIGHT all through the Healing / therapy room’s always amazing but with the last few full moons it’s been breathtaking … Creation particles / Love Light there is more than ever in the air all around me.

Connecting to source light  .. opening for all that is… allowing the flow and abundance … Knowing that Miracles are part of LIFE … Like Universal fireworks they can permeate the air with magic all around .. or they can go off in the distance.

Keeping our vibration high is the key to seeing the magic & also how to see CREATION Particles  /God particles / Love Light Sparkles fairly easily ..cause anyone can see them really … this beautiful energy .. we just have to know how.

Healing Light @our place :)
Healing Light @our place 🙂

I’m feeling blessed that so much of it shows up in my photos these days. It makes sharing the  LOVE LIGHT the PEACE  second nature .. and all we have to do is allow it … open for it and BE Present.

Helping others balance on this wondrous journey of life is a Beautiful thing indeed.

There really is no more beautiful feeling than someone coming in here in pain & feeling dreadful .. then after a session leaving .. pain FREE & full of energy. yip that is a beautiful Blessing indeed.

Always much LOVE Maia

A shower of Rainbow light with an Ancient giant ♡ ❥

A shower of Rainbow light with an Ancient giant ♡ ❥

Hugging trees … I have been know to partake in this enchanting …  energy enhancing experience … mmmm with no problems really … but its also a long time since I’ve given two hoots about how this might look to others 😉  ..well being blissfully wrapped in the beautiful green light aura of trees, that just makes everything look different shades of green all around … not difficult in nature I know .. but green humans walking past can look a little like overgrown leprechauns  … which can produce giggling by huger as all these green being’s can look at you quite funnily … Strange as you are there wrapped around a tree n all giggling away 😉 ..  That no one but yourself can feel the JOY of the energy exchange ..  well thats by the by 😉

Although I will say here that when you wave a camera about your person  ..  the OH oooo careful don’t look .. (while of course staring 😉 ) .. we have a right one here .. she’s gone and lost the plot ..or might be MAD .. 😉 … is the attitude one normally gets  from humans not participating in this magical healing experience of blending n merging energies with trees ^ well all of mama Nature really ;)….. If you wanna worry them a little though having a chat and thanking the blessed ancient being out loud has real entertainment value  ..  but this is somewhat lessened .. if not completely …  but .. hold a camera ..  and your no longer a mad freak … just a photographer .. who’s apparently crazy actions are totally normal n perfectly OK  … So Yeah .. my conclusion CRAZY ..Nutty … a wee bit hippy freak + any other description you care to apply becomes totally acceptable .. with a camera ..

You can I’ve found even laugh and giggle all to yourself these days  … it is totally acceptable behaviour 😉 Yip .. the world is a crazy place.. the techy wacky phones n such has made it even easier … nobody .. but nobody blinks an eye .. or even notices you really when you hold one of those things … brandish an iphone … wave it madly if you like .. cause both I and this Blessed Great Grandmother Tree here can testify that as we were tightly embracing ..  well I was even practically purring loudly from the magnificent energy 😉  … with the space machine / phone / beam me up Scotty device .. pointing gently upwards … nobody batted an eye …  perfectly normal behaviour to all apparently … Yup .. times they are a changin 🙂

& thats a good job too as yesterdays magical experience … hugging great grandmother tree here while we were both showered in Rainbow light … had all the ingredients of a possible call out of the men in white coats ♡ ❥ So here is Mama Natures  & Source light’s Healing Light Energy at Play. The creation particles sparkles and rainbow light all around  … just

rainbowlight in grandmama treeMagical and I’m feeling blessed to capture this on camera. Maybe I should say here that I am in NO way a fan of fake .. & I have never had nor will I ever entertain giving space to photoshop … I like things to be what they are .. how they are … I just feel grateful & honoured when energy beings  devas …  Orbs … Angels n Guardians show up for a .. peek a booing in the clouds or greenery allow themselves to be see in photos.

As for fake … OOO now that is a key word to get me started  ….  I am so done in all ways shapes n forms in /of life with fake .. & that goes for people too.  I only have space for TRUTH & LOVE these days  … the GENUINE .. the REAL … the Just BEing honestly and completely themselves  …  Hey like Mama Nature … what can I say she’s gone and spoilt me .. so she has ♡ ❥ & its just so beautifully simple ♡ ❥ & Frankly I deserve that kind of Magic … we all do … but it takes the choice to BE it .. before we can receive it … it was some journey purging my life from ALL that did not resonate … but once I had … the most Beautiful and Magical turned up in my life .. TRUE LOVE … Unconditional Magic  .. Sharing & Caring … He keeps getting flooded by my gratitude tears ..Yikes .. well what can I say .. I was used to giving .. but receiving .. and not even having to ask … well ..there has to be a leakage in the system I guess 😉 cause of feeling Blessed  🙂 ♡