Instead of just talking about LIFE ….. START LIVING  … letting the JOY in with the BEAUTY  … we have the most amazing GIFTS ..if we will but use them … so …

Don’t let other peoples shadows & drama keep you from being all you can be. There are psychic vampires .. those that manipulate for energy ..we find that most of what is termed ghosts, dark energies, even those termed demonic are at times just strong negative emotions and feelings from human drama, ones own or that of others directed towards one. Hatred, anger, resentment, jealousy & so on are all energy, this kind of energy if we have damage to our auric field, or are sensitive’s, can be debilitating & even make one ill.

Spooktacular Kitty under the Full Moon ... GOLDEN Vision ..or practising for Halloween  .. now that is the question ;)
Spooktacular Kitty under the Full Moon … GOLDEN Vision ..or practising for Halloween ..   now that is the question 😉

The important thing to know is we are all strong enough not to allow it & not to mention .. We are STRONG enough to use our own energy as a shield. but we do have to learn how & also most importantly how precious we are … how worthy … Accept that we are worth honourable and loving interactions … To be treated with respect we first have to allow ourselves to have enough self value to know our worth. Self value that comes from HEART not Ego mind & there is a great big difference. We HAVE GOLDEN Vision … our INTUITION … the Gut Feeling …. our HEARTS always KNOW … if we but listen to our own TRUE SELVES … all flows well and bodes well.

All this DRAMA /Karma … that we need to negotiate in a knowing of what’s what way … yet NOT let  it effect us … in so far as letting our energy drain … or simply be sucked up by others choices for themselves … The most IMPORTANT of all is … simply to take hold of our own FREE WILL … Add the Magical Ingredient … Total Personal Responsibility … It truly gives FREEDOM like nothing ever has before or after .. meeting SOURCES LOVE / CREATIONS LIGHT PARTICLES like this in our own POWER is Wondrous Beyond Measure  &  from there to make all our CHOICES Conscious ones  … WOW is an understatement  … LIFE becomes simply SIMPLE TRUTH  … JUST IS … & FLOWS with LOVE & Beauty even in the tough times ❤

Always much LOVE Maia 


Intuitive consultations, Psychic self defence


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