both love and fear are powerful creator energies ~ everything grows from our core choice

both love and fear are powerful creator energies ~ everything grows from our core choice

Hello All its been awhile,  I’ve been a bit preoccupied by the paper mountains of  ……. “blip” 🙂   so I have not shared much or at all really for a few month.

The whole experience has made me rather unusually quiet,for several reasons.

For quite some time I though I was spinning myself around thinking how did I get on some mad “reverse law of attraction” ride ..

Something that had me questioning pretty much absolutely everything, my beliefs, ways, thoughts ~ All the inner stuff as well as the outer

Realised that sometimes, even those of us who know better, let the collective subconscious have far to much influence on how we feel.

Our conscious choice of thoughts, our feelings and emotions and particularly the balance of these to a peaceful and centred inner core are essential for our own well-being as well as the well-being of the greater collective.

Well it tuned out not to be my crazy “reverse law of attraction” mess,but a collective of between 4 and 6 million people in a state of feeling in limbo, shock and unwanted, from bureaucratic paper wave pre-empting by several years the UK leaving the EU (#Brexit).

Something which got my peaceful inner core a wee bit off centre, on and off, from the vibrational discord, of so many peoples combined emotional and metal choices of fear and “fear based” anger.


It took me quite a while to realise the turmoil, was because I thought I was dealing with something just personal to me, looking at just Truth, and doing my best to stay focused on and in Unconditional Love and Peace, only it was not just me… There was millions in turmoil, so a very strong storm in the collective subconscious.

Once realised it was several million people which were effected, I finally got back to to one thing that i had forgotten while my head was in a spin … asking the most basic and simple of questions to my heart …”is this mine?” and if not .. where or with whom,and even how big a group does it belong too?

Once we determine that, we can keep our own inner centre balanced ~ when we do we can stand firm in our own power and help quieten any storm. When the storms quieten, and/or others see our calm and solid foundation, it becomes easier for the others that can see to find their own centre.

The more of us that do this, and stay centred in peace,while aware of what is .. giving only focus to what we want our world to be ~ the more our world will become what we choose it to be!

We are conscious co-creators, each and everyone of us. What we focus on determines not just our own personal tomorrow, but the collective tomorrow of our whole world.

What we focus on ~ is energetically what we AGREE to ~ and what we agree to is what we put our Power behind.

It is all choice ~ and we have the power to choose what to enhance/ agree with and what not to enhance /not agree with, by putting our power and focus behind it!

Its what our free will is for ~ Once we have determined our own inner core choice of LOVE or fear ~ LOVE being inner stillness, calm and peace even in the midst of the strongest of storms, can we with this keep our balance. ~ or fear letting ourselves be smacked around by lives storms with no footing and no balance.

From personal experience LOVE is ease even in tough situations ~ and fear, even in smaller doses, well it simply (pardon the language) sucks.

So LOVE or fear ~ what will it be ?

We choose!

Love or fear ~ Feeling it ~ as just one’s own choice ~ or as in the whole collective subconscious ~ both love and fear are powerful creator energies ~ everything grows from our core choice

We are the creators who shape our world!

Love and deepest Grace to all Maia

Oh PS:

My book is a bit behind the schedule I set myself because of the turbulence ~ and the new expanded views gained~ has given deeper solutions to fear processing and balancing for all, so I will be sharing a lot more pretty soon.

& THANK YOU ALL for being patient with me



The best TREAT in Life …

The best TREAT in Life …

That moment when your getting closer to the car .. you tired .. wet .. sweaty ..seriously dishevel .. but still Laughing ..& you … well I .. wondered about the stranger than normal looks form the immaculately dressed n made up “hobby” walkers just starting out on their walk .. even the dogs were spotless 😉  ..Hmmm then a Selfie shows you what you look like after a 2 hour walk turned to 3 n a half + cause you took the unplanned scenic route through the thick of the woods


… battling through brambles n pondering what the heck possessed you to do a Laurel n Hardy impression while slip sliding away .. threading the tightrope so to speak doing your best not to land nose first in thick mud 🙂  ..

All this while either being super silent n breathing in the Blessings of the Beauty n the Blessings of being where most don’t thread at all … or roaring with laughter cause well why wouldn’t you ..its an awesome day 🙂 

OOOOOO Well  😉  LOL n YIKES I’m sure they speeded up considerably from the HOWLS of LAUGHTER that that emerged from me on inspection of said selfie 😉  What they though ..well that was their shit:D .. The look on their faces and my thought of hiding out as a Halloween Shocker 😉   Priceless … Bawhahaha 😉 🙂  & HA

So Yip All in ALL .. every day is a Magical day … this one was filled with the best medicines in the world LAUGHTER & Blesses Part of Mama NATURE.

Wishing you ALL Magical days & Just BE YOU ❤ Your Awesome .. Precious and Perfect just the way you are ..

& I can Heartedly recommend letting go all the masks .. air brushed or not 😉  .. label n drugged whether doctrined or self inflicted ..Mama Nature in all her forms has abundance of Healing to share ..

and setting yourselves FREE to BE your Beautiful Amazing selves ❤

Cause really what better TREAT in life is there than really being Freely YOU


Seeing the JOY n Beauty in the little things

Seeing the JOY n Beauty in the little things

Okie so first talkie as promised .. a pure improvisation on the topic of JOY & a little more .. well everything seems to connect to everything else so staying on topic and not weaving all words in and out of similar topics  is always a bit of a challenge for me … & I know why too … its a bit like having one flower in a vase .. stunning wondrous & most beautiful .. a highlight in the spotlight of natures glory … I mean who wouldn’t love that right … but then but a bunch together .. and although their individuality and magic still stands out each n every one … they support .. balance  .. and even help each other shine but standing out more against each other  … accentuating each others beauty

wouldn’t it be awesome if all us humans could do that for each other  …  I call that really living … really being present .. and it works just that way once we sign out of  and delete the old drama files that just take everyone round and around in circles of learning the hard way .. that the fake and the masked are just that … faked n masked

Ooo see there I am off again … LOL … this is on JOY & how to see it in the little things  … like I said 🙂



BE your whole field of consciousness … BE Presence …
by choosing as much as possible.. to BE Present in every moment ..the higher vibrational moments of Joy & Beauty multiply .. and creating the Joy moments just from a breath when necessary becomes easier 🙂

064 x w definition of crazy

So just whenever you realise your in the past or to far in the future … in worry or in lack … just STOP .. BREATHE .. & BE just still in the moment .. Observe .. see … feel what is all around and within .. just right NOW .. & you will see JOY .. feel JOY … See & feel the BLESSINGS the LOVE IS … in the sun .. in the clouds a flower … in the AIR all around … just BREATHE that LOVE in .. SOURCES Creation LIGHT is always ALL AROUND … in ALL WAYS … ALWAYS
Breathe it in to help you REMEMBER YOU are Whole  …  you are Complete …

You are BEAUTIFUL in every way …

BREATHE & BE .. your HEART already knows the JOY …

only the mind darkens …. SWEEP the BREATH of CREATION through every cell of your body …including send a whirlwind through your thoughts if necessary and reset the programme to one who serves you

let the LOVE LIGHT you up heart  ….. to BE Presence .. in your whole & complete Self & let it be filled with energy .. Love & Light …   your LIGHT body activated will lift your physical being to Health in Wealth & well-being in every way
Wishing you All Magical days ❤

Healing rays while making soap enveloped in scent

Healing rays while making soap enveloped in scent

Been making soap… something I have not done in way to many years  … all organic with Rose  jasmine & Lemon  … the scent enveloping life ..oo everything  beautifully .. and then some

047xcause I put the scented rose  petals & the essential oils in a little early, it turned into intoxication central around here.

so of cause some … hmmm or well most you could say of the scent that was supposed to stay in the soap was instead giving the olfactory system a thorough workout 😉

052xBeing a girlie it wasn’t to bad .. just a little OH oh Hello .. & I couldn’t stop laughing at my own silliness .. cause its not that I didn’t know not to put the oils in to soon, but there you go.

Andreas on the other hand who came through two closed doors from outside freshness  … to one of the magical topsy turvy roller coaster moments of life .. one of those that take no prisoners … but instead tests  your nuts n bolts to the extreme .. this time the nose 😉 LOL

You know that old saying … smells a bit like a tarts boudoir … well I’m thinking the boudoir had nothing on this

& then then when I was trying to get close to my soap mix with more oils to replenish the steamed off supplies …

past Mr Tickles with his pleading shouts of NOOOOOO Please NO no more oils, Noooooooooooooooooo … Need to Breathe .. just BREATHING again .. So NO Please noooo  …

past mr Zen stillness guru …

n past his Martial arts self too … which I’m sure most unfairly I have to say was fully behind and aiding mr Tickles


Wooooohoooo 😉 what a ride life is & doing it with JOY certainly has its advantages.

Highly recommendable I’d say

Laughter meditation, I’m sure it prolongs life, health .. and deeply centres the well BEing in body mind and Soul ..

063I’ve been told I should be doing more of this kinda thing & flower essences too .. & more of the very select HIGH ENERGY jewellery again .. seems all who have / wear pieces I do / have done this kinda healing with very well .. the feel great effect n all ❤

010xwell I say I,  it’s all around for us all its just connecting to it & is shared liberally with me by source & light BEings .. so there are many involved  .. but I’ve been dreaming that I should do more of it .. Apparently … for those that need a little extra to change things around for themselves

I’m not sure why I’m on the fence slightly .. so any thought from you all would be very welcome .. or even just if anyone would be interested in anything like this ??


Peek a boo 

Peek a boo 

Peak a boo 😉 ❤ Wishing you all Beautiful Magical days ❤

Let every part of the Beauty of Nature fuel your JOY … it lets the LOVE in … straight to the core … so we can freely burst into the bloom of light ❤



Rainbow Light Blessings

Rainbow Light Blessings

Rainbow Light Blessings .. from May 1st Healing Meditation

My first ever attempt at video editing .. words n all 🙂 & Andreas on Didgeridoo

Wishing you ALL Beautiful Wondrous Magical days ❤


Table manners of squirrels :) … now as for manners

Table manners of squirrels :) … now as for manners

The table manners of squirrels .. something that always makes me smile on woodland wonders   🙂 ❤


OKIE now as for manners ..  I can always say the same for people .. or some folks at least … those that constantly have the need to put you down .. set you right .. well according to them anyways  … Since the post I wrote on being a Brand and wrapping my head around that with some humour … which  got descended upon by some last strangely connection to all I’ve walked away from… and its been always the same scenario… advice form those only pretending to live their talk. I find it rather perplexing that they always seem to need to make it sound like I do not understand something fairly elementary ..  or their incessant need to be right  .. not to mention that they insist there is no such thing as real truth … even trying to turn my meanings and words over … to something not just far form what I said but opposite, really all I have to say is :

The warrior who trusts his path doesn’t need to prove the other is wrong ..

Paulo Coelho


As for anyone else who might have misunderstood me … Let me apologise if my earlier ramblings offended anyone .. & clarify  … what I meant when I said there is TRUTH in all the religions .. was exactly that .. not what was implied that there was none.. when she turned my words around in the comments on FB to ..the re is no truth in any religion … 

I studied all the major religions in depth took me 7 years .. I’ve read more versions of the bible written & translated by men with varying ideas of what the original translation is or should be …

I also studied the Koran . the Gita & more .. indepth  .. & found more similarities than differences

If not for the human element needing to be right & have their way so to speak .. for those who wish to know … REAL TRUTH is from & in them all .. it can easily be seen ..
But that’s a long story … so in short my religious views might be eclectic .. my religion Love & Truth .. but I would never put anyone’s religion down ..  There is ONE SOURCE behind everything … there are many paths that lead us all back to the LIGHT .. to pray & how each hold their beliefs ..

These are individual things .. it’s all what FEELS RIGHT for each of us .. & there are as many roads to enlightenment as there are people on this planet so the Beautiful Choices are many and varied

All ways when we follow our hearts are right ways .. there are NO wrongs.

Love to me is more what we all DO not what we say .. So I’m sorry if I offended anyone by asking someone to leave my page too .. it’s a long messy story .. the past .. All forgiven .. & let go but I’m not stupid enough to let them back into my life .. lie & steal from me once .. Twice .. Well more …. clean me out 100% & more .. complete wipeout .. Bully me to the point of threatening to send me to beat out my knees if I told the truth .. & that’s just the tip of the iceberg … seriously F off is to mild ..

I walk away the arses followed .. I kept walking & blessing & forgiving .. but I guess I was to quiet about it all  … well no more I will not be lectured in right & wrong by someone who lives of other people’s work .. a little rewrite .. change a few things & fake owning it !!!!!

The NO … No more & the boundaries came in final & strong some time ago .. & my aversion to lies is permanent ..

This is also why there hasn’t been much writing from me lately … I don’t like to be rude .. & I don’t compete … I’d rather lift someone up … than put anyone down  .. I am glad I do not understand the mentality to be less than honourable.


Pondering Value n depths of confidence … then really seeing clearly by being told a story of a Dragonfly n a Sparrow

Pondering Value n depths of confidence …  then really seeing clearly by being told a story of a Dragonfly n a Sparrow

Pondering Value & depths of confidence …  then really seeing clearly by being told a story of a Dragonfly & a Sparrow  ..

Ephemeral dragonfly before its first flight
Ephemeral dragonfly before its first flight

hmmm well all I can say is I’ve had a couple of them weeks where I’ve looked around and wondered why I do what I do. .. at least here where I am right now … its kinda given me that burning need to be back in a city .. and not in a small place ..where weird is synonymous with … ooo are you sure we cant tie er to the stake … cause she suggests we have personal responsibility for our healing …

I’ve had clients come back to me form all over the world .. even the complete other side New Zealand … Australia .. South Africa & New York .. which is beyond Awesome  & Amazing  also totally humbling to the thoughts I’ve been having on n off because of being completely surrounded by suffering people … everything from cancer through  the entire A to Z through to the mundane arthritis .. gout & n the like …. pain of all sorts …

to me unnecessary pain … & over the years I’ve keep trying . offering help .. which more often than not isn’t even declined .. but just simply ignored .. Its been heart breaking to see people suffer and even died when you know they don’t need to ..

I know its all about FREE WILL & personal CHOICES ..  & I know their choices have nothing to do with me … but is solely their own fear based choice … their power having been handed over to the establishment and all their conversation .. is illness .. pills n potions .. a kinda joy in talking about aches n pains … having more than the next person  and a weird senseless love in the chemical sweeties that bit by bit are draining them of their own life force … ooo & NO I haven’t said that out loud   .. its just what I see happening  …

There has been some times lately where I’ve felt totally exhausted form it all … with a spinning completely non-comprehensive mind   …. as to why would someone choose pain over feeling great  ..

Then yesterday I was told this story … or I was asked if I had ever seen a dragon fly larvae …. to a discussed grimace … well they look a little like the alien in alien I can get the look ..LOL ..

Then I was asked if I had ever seen one come out of its larva stage and unfurl into the magnificent beauty of a full dragon fly  …  … and I must say .. I’ve seen them just before and just after but ever in person been lucky enough to witness the whole transformation   …

So it was explained to me … from crawling up a long straw …. slowly .. oh so slowly wiggling loose from the larvae housing ..stretching out … and unfurling wings .. stretching and drying them …. and eventually lifting off in all its glory …  flying ….

As I said OH wow … what a beautiful experience … she said ..well No ..after all that  a sparrow came .. swooped in and snap him up for lunch …

Apart form an OH … I had no words … but it told me everything heart needed to know …. her shadow side ..the sparrow .. destroying the healing transformation that could have been hers in flight … if she could but control her shadow (fear) ..she could heal and be whole.

For me there was also a deep seeing that was pointed out to me later … there had been many sparrows in my life  … & now it was beyond time to let go all sadness for other peoples choices … & just VALUE … Appreciate  & Flow with Confidence in ME ..

Focus on the beyond marvellous & Wondrous .. the wonder of all those who will travel the world for healing with me …& all the Amazing Beauty that is always all around …. Focus on those that choose LOVE … & let all the rest be swept on by on the winds of change … until maybe one they they might be ready too.

Letting the LOVE shine freely ❤


A good day .. raw beeswax and pure Rose essential oil .. for balms n things :)

A good day .. raw beeswax and pure Rose essential oil .. for balms n things :)

Ooo the raw straight from The farm beeswax just turned up  it’s going to make such a huge difference to the lip balms organic soaps n such + a certain gent is going to be thrilled to make his didgeridoo mouthpiece out of it .. A very good morning so far

raw beeswax

Will be sidetracked again … not that the whole getting to grips with the being a brand thing hasn’t taken up oo so much time … I’m a perfectionist doing & redoing … writing & rewriting .. YIKES .. sorry ..will write more very soon I promise .. cause a certain someone just made me promise to stop being a perfectionist and just get on with being ME ..LOL  .. It was the ROSE essence … it could make me promise anything 😉 Hahahahahaha

Today though Sound healing  day  ❤

Wishing you all Beautiful Magical days ❤


Coming to terms with branding ..n a few Goals :)

Coming to terms with branding  ..n a few Goals :)

OH my fricking Gggggggg ooooo   ……… I’m a BRAND 😉 YIKES n there I was thinking I was just ME … well I’ve been chewing on that one for the weekend .. and it went something like this ..

me .. Bawhahahahahahhahahahahahaha …

then .. rereading the words that sparked up the Ha’s in the first place still with a lot of smiles and a few Ha’s .. but the thoughts went deeper ..and deeper ..


a few coffees … a huge amount of head shaking .. as well as a fair few chuckles later  .. it hit me ..that OH MY Fricking Nora that was … really .. actually what a brand was .. what it Is …. ALL it IS  ….. sticking out a bit .. well a lot …

not staying modestly in the shade while others use the beautiful healing that happens around me to promote themselves  … nor hiding behind humour to hide the hurt of it … which have been my way through life ..always gentle and always forgiving .. there ha been a lot of forgiving .. but I have already written some about that …

Although I have not written / or blogged about the depth of healing that takes place when you meet and embark on that HEART mate relationship .. or soul mate /Twin flame is mentioned a lot … although the misconceptions of the latter have been grating at me for years .. and it is something  I am writing a lot about .. only haven’t shared much as yet … but its coming


So one of my goals will be to make a regular feature out of this .. not sure about weekly or monthly as yet … as I have a fair few topics to feature .. most not remotely as fluffy 😉 .. although fluffy .. in so far as that would be most peoples preconception … I prefer cutting through the crap and silliness the core . simplify .. and start with in any relationship you only get what you are willing to give .. you want honesty .. you have to give it … 100% .. and NO hiding … anything … choose to let go of all drama .. and be free its a big topic but a hell of a lot simpler than you’d think with all the waffle going on out there about it

Its very much part of much coaching that we do Andreas & I for those that need that at least  & for couples of cause @ Heart Cloud  as well as much else …but Mostly ..  we call it all Freestyle “Punk” Yoga Coaching these days helping others pave their unique paths to and in JOY


& Goal 2 ..

Sharing more about Freestyle Punk Yoga   … sharing more core structures of Freestyle “Punk” yoga  … self help being the first help to our standing in our own power . …  & Choosing .. the LIVING … &  BEing .. the JOY of ALL that is .. in everything that we do …and in all that we are …  helping others really see that core in themselves rather awesome  ..

but also & I guess that’s 3

… for us .. just being us Andreas & I … and friends n all You know just LIFE … it can be real interesting .. cause through life we have both found that anyone who isn’t honest with themselves especially … have issues with someone who they believe  know more about them then they want to know about themselves 😉

& yes its weird to know to much … see ..feel … “to much” but it can also be really funny & I have a lot of that to share  .. more importantly I laugh more at and with myself than anything  … LIFE when you really look at it … ITS FUNNY  the good the GREAT n the not so wonderful .. with the right light and angle of view however … It can be hilarious the learning curves of life’s magical roller coaster

Now I should say here arseholes … my general term for all Negative entities & those who spew hatred ..anger and resentment … these Arses might laugh but as Andreas so beautifully puts it … if they knew what we see around and about them … they would so not be laughing  …

which lets me touch upon a topic .. that has been messed up in fear for most .. dark and heavy energy ….most of what is know as vampiric   and demonic .. is really just the force created by human anger and hatred .. fear creating more fear in others to get energy … everyone has felt it to a greater or lesser intent .. being totally drained ..or just very tired from some others  … Lower vibrating entities … ghosties n the like are drawn to such people  … and this can create some major havoc …  mostly for those they dump on .. but eventually also for themselves  ..

so that’s 4 …. Energy 101 – Self defence  .. it was one of the main reasons I started to blog  … cause of all the fear and nonsense around it all  … everything … just everything is so much simpler than most people think

& I feel its time that gets out there

So 2 … 3  & 4 …  I also want to make regular features … weekly .. monthly … I’m chewing it over 🙂

Wrapping my head n Heart around that there are a few aspects to ME the brand … even though I am just ME  … but I am my knowledge … My skills … basically I guess ..  I am what I do ..


the mad selfies ..always come after a walk in the woods .. go figure & the Rainbow light always gets me at the windswept moments with bits of greenery stuck in my hair n such …but I guess that sums it up .. I AM just ME …. this one from Imbolc .. the Celtic day of SPRING .. 2 February 2015

Which makes ME .. my Brand …. YIKES & holy mother of ………. just doesn’t come close …

to my thought about Me & Brand in the same sentence  … although maybe Russell Brand could interview me … I LOVE the way his comedian self gets to the core of some un-talked about issues in the Trews & else where …puts spiritual twists & just plain TRUTH on all issues … some of which very close to my heart .. & I can rant like that too … (well you might have noticed by now if you have been reading some of my stuff ) LOL .. but really …  how cool would that be .. ooo I know that wee fantasy is taking me off topic 😉

Which brings me to 5 ….. Case studies & repeat clients  …  their stories  .. The HEALING .. I’ve seen some and been part of some amazing & most Beautiful things .. from the extremes of .. healing from a diagnosis of terminal cancer to a LIFE with no dis in the EASE  at all … & so much more

way to much to share here but all to come also in a regular feature  … again I have the week /month thing in my head  & again I ??? ..cause I’m putting myself up for a huge amount of writing here .. so I have to fit it all in somehow 🙂

& in writing about this  … I have also to own completely … that I’m extremely good at what I do .. I don’t know of anyone else who have had clients emigrate to New Zealand  … and when all else failed after putting their back out again .. out there  ..coming all the way back .. half way across the world for treatments with me in the UK .. basically because they knew it would work .. and  as this beautiful soul put it would be more than worth it .. & totally was

I’ve had a lot of very HAPPY & totally enthusiastic clients over the last 20 years  …

I tend to forget that stuff about me … cause I’m just me ..  but I guess you could say that this blog is about me learning to wear the BRAND of ALL that I AM .. and wearing it high & being proud of it too .. the time of hiding behind bushels is done  .. & stepping out of the closet time it is

well this healing that’s always been in me … running through me & developing MAA Touch & connecting it to all that is Heart Cloud Consultants & Coaching too ..  with Andreas  … & still BEing just me .. working with the Angels Love and Light  … its been quite a journey so far … while also being a journey that’s just beginning ..

This Blog I guess is about sharing all of that .. past & PRESENT .. good job I’m a writer too hey 😉 .. and also what its like starting again with absolutely nothing …but my skills  and a deep an solid connection to source … and the darker side of being bullied to the point of loosing your business for a second time .. by supposed “family” … the lengths people will go to gain energy when you are no longer leaking it from the wounds they inflict .. and the strength of power to stay calm n that storm.

FREE falling in Total TRUST so to speak

which reminds me I really do need to shed the visual in my noggin ..  of the branding irons in the fire … for this thing to truly flow .. this me being a brand thing …

you know like from those old movies &/ or  history  .. the cattle drives .. and branding fires  .. (which thankfully around here these days they get the punk version in multi coloured spray paint on their behinds  🙂  )  … and from the horror of all horrors the slave trade .. and the marking of another human as lowly as property

I guess that is the me having read to much … and seen so many possibilities of humanity learning form the past … not repeating the drama .. the pain and suffering .. but choosing LOVE … sharing & caring

Remnants of which will stay ..cause I know i won’t be able to stop my self when a BEE gets in my bonnet about something I either find horrendous … or just awesome  … now that seems to flow easier than putting butter on toast …

Yip I can just imagine it Russell Brand interviewing me ….  a chat on life .. Talk about putting the world to rights 😉


6 Photography … will definitely at least be a weekly feature ..

simply because it makes my heart and soul sing … and half the time in pictures I can tell all of the above too so there will probably be a whole lot of that n all … & my aim with those will somehow be to say a lot in a very FEW words 😉 .. well I know … worthy as I am LOL …. I can do it 🙂 ..REALLY 😉 … Oh OK .. but I’m sure going to do my best to shorten the word count as much as possible … at least some times 😉

Well I guess that sort of covers why I blog … & goals ..


I am also going to do my very best to make it a daily thing .. this blog writing …  or as close to as I can

Cause as well as this I’m working on my book .. which covers all of the above and then some …. I’m at the editing and a bit of rewriting stage   ….in my kinda funny quirky way .. with no grammar as such .. cause I simply threw that box out the window .. along with the dyslexia ..which now only rears its head when I write in Norwegian .. which is supposedly my first language   .. go figure on life’s quirks

Add to that writing more stories for what has crept up on me as a second book …

The stories nature tells … interviews if you will with trees n fairies ..angels n the like .. to go along with the pictures … of “Natures Watchers”  … with a kinda hint of adult fairy tales if you will  … its proving to be a whole lot of fun … as nature and animals is always speaking to me

you can practically hear him right ;) ... he told me some Magical things  to share with ALL
you can practically hear him right 😉 … he told me some Magical things ❤

I guess I should call the books 7 a … n ….  b hey LOL ..                  on the goals list

Need to give myself a fairly tight schedule for that …


& all of that does not get to the question

If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like?

cause running smoothly ..isn’t remotely enough .. that’s not even tickling the starter plate …  Although I did mention the Brand interview … YEAH for cool … & maybe I should add the Dalai Lama .. I could interview him 🙂 ..  cause really I would so like to HUG that wonderful soul again … & so .. so very much more ❤


Yeah ..  well I was mad enough to sign up for blogging 201 branding n growth  … wasn’t I ….. having survived 101 widgets n thingys n wot nots n techno stuff .. of which twitter and getting to grips with …  what the fricking heck I’m doing  .. with that whole wacky scenario of tweeting  … it apparently still gives me the startled rabbit look … but I’m working on it 🙂

8  …. I so have to wrap my head around social media properly … especially Twitter .. & link everything up

but I have also set up Tsu which I have been ignoring since I started blogging 101 … whoops ..  FB ..I’m handling my private page any hows … but have to admit the Heart Cloud page is somewhat neglected of late

I should also mention ..You Tube .. darn I need to be a camera man for this .. I/we have big ideas .. but no clue how to do it .. LOL … then there is   Pinterest Instagram & LinkedIn .. all of which seem to be sitting there like lost children ..willing me to do something with them .. I have accounts …  HA .. I have got that far …. & now I’m staring at this bloglovin thing … and really  I’m no longer wondering why the kids teenies & young adults never look up from their phones …

YIKES …  but I have to say here … That’s not going to be me  …I will never loose the thought that … Answer phones are blessed  and most useful things 😉

Nothing beats NATURE .. & being totally Present in each Moment …

but I will get it all organised and sorted somehow 🙂  … time frame : within the next day or two ..I will have them all linked to my avatar .. and using them properly & hopefully loosing the startled rabbit look by the end of blogging 201

OH & I think I signed up for poetry 201 too  .. YIKES .. so goal 9  I guess .. but I’ll have to be my version of prose ( & with Photos)

but hey … YEAH … they can be short 😉 .. I might just pull off the shorter posts 😉

Wishing you ALL Beautiful Presents ..  of Magical Moments … in every day ❤


Free Association … expanding into .. rose garden magic

Free Association … expanding into .. rose garden magic

Free Association

. . home. .. former punk rocker n activist … met former steam punk mixd up with Angels n Faeries n the like  ..oo to much to describe em both 😉  .. on a high of life  … yip just LIFE… YIKES .. and on a save our planet with LOVE n PEACE from within ..route .. 

073 x never underestimate love

Oh my … guess that’s means always a punk at heat … always questioning everything .. with the views on politics n religious doctrines (the fear based …. LOVE we applaud in a very big big way) oo & drugs .. that is .. if it dona smell right …or feel right …. it ain’t right SO just don’t go there

besides the spin is so ripe in all political arena these days …  that clothes pegs should be handed out as an obligatory essential ..for all noses … so as not to get to deep a lung full of the over ripe BLAAAAAA

take for instance this “war” on …. drugs …. well they set of to warring on and with everything .. not that ever in history that has been beneficial to any one in any way shape or form … except of cause the FINANCIAL winnings of those who sell weapons and armaments .. to BOTH SIDES of any war .. internal or cross borders .. those who arm and even training the supposed “terrorists” before they even call them that … its so obvious through history  …

The other  .. majorly obvious detail to me .. with this whole silly spin thing .. is like HELLO …. there really is no one that actually believes the shiiiiit any more … I mean honestly … do you know anyone who believes a politician ?   .. cause I sure don’t  .. only most just shrug their shoulders and say …oo you know what they are like  …. also all seem to agree upon the fact that politics & wanna be politicians are everywhere these days .. from schools …. trough all bureaucracy the doctors offices  ….

Although the latter one there scares me more than any other ..cause it involves … drugs and the pharmaceutical companies that produce them … just simply OWNING the doc’s … write so many prescriptions of our drugs or loose everything … poisoning people …with their weekly sweetie bag o pills …. Now who wants to write about that  … you look around pretty much 1 in 2 doctors practices here in the UK  are owned by the pharma industry .. from the buildings to the past student loans  … its a bit like a …  lets see how tight we can squeeze your balls ..while taking you for a walk kinda thing … that funny walk has crossed the pond that US doc’s must have experienced for way to many years ..

I read this article in the Huffington post earlier by Johann Hari Author of ‘Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs’ ..  The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think  take note particularly to the Vietnam & Heroin bit … (very old news to those of us that never take mainstream news at face value, and do a whole lot of digging around for facts and there is always scientific research happening somewhere that’s ignored ( ooo another post Yikes 🙂 ) right so …  it will shock most … cause as  with so much these days .. journalists seem more interested in writing about what colour knickers some celebrity is wearing …. than actually dig deep and investigate .. to blow a few home truths wide open

Well … it sure does explain a few things … nuff said


Cancer is the BIGGEST BUSINESS there is  … the more you research into what’s what the more sick in the gut you feel ..the greed .. that kills people .. (oo too much on this topic so yet another post ..  )

& ADHD & all the new “LABELS” … that takes the only healthy kid and labels them sick .. because they are not numb enough to sit still for 6 to 8 hours a day.. what the heck happened to go out and PLAY …. climb trees .. run cycle hop .. get exhausted then come in for dinner ???? I’m just saying  ….

Andreas worked with kids labelled unteachable … no concentration ADHD etc … helped the kids but the bureau-crazy  couldn’t deal with it working …


Could not accept .. the simplicity of simply looking and listening …. Really seeing what they needed … and teaching them .. in a way that flowed … and showing them how to learn so teaching themselves became a doddle  … some things … as easy as walk/ MOVE and read … or any variation there off … and what would “normally” take a whole school day even more  .. some of these kids could get through and much much more in a fraction of that ….

Put simply they are to SMART & FAST for the school system  … The Crazy dinosaurs bureaus ..are simply NOT working and haven’t for way to long a time.

The brick in the wall is over …. set them kids FREE and watch in amazement a new beautiful sharing world unfold ..cause that’s what they are here to do … CHANGE THINGS

As the energy of our planet is changing … speeding up … WE ALL HAVE TO BALANCE TO THE UPSWING … and that can be real hard I know …. it can take some major bodily aches n pain to get through to the vibrational alignments to the FEEL GREAT stage we all hold the Blueprint off … but WE ALL have what it takes …

BUT  … HELLO … RED ALERT to speak ….then there is Poisoning the healthy ..youngsters … so they are as dull and numb as the rest  … (really dinosaur crazy has to stop .. the GREED involved in systematic poisoning of humans .. planet ..all life … is  F*** hmmm & fill in all the rude words you like ..

All any kid need is to RUN … to DANCE .. to MOVE ..and when they do with the right aid ..they can fly through school and college too … become the innovators that build our NEW  …There are so many out there … a new generation not all labelled thankfully … 🙂 with ideas … and ways to make them real ..far beyond what we have seen so far

PLEASE let them FLY …

I mean have a look at this amazing kid  … not just allowed to fly but encouraged  … sorry Young Man  HOW IS THIS for making a MAGICAL NEW WORLD in LOVE & Sharing   …

Easton LaChappelle is one  AWESOME Young Man

he saw that an average prosthetic arm costs $60,000. This young chappie has created a 3D prosthetic for $350 … is controlled & work on brainwaves / thought patterns … He’s AWESOME … & not just that .. he’s made it OPENSOURCE so released all his patterns for free …bring out the tissues cause the LOVE in it brings tears of joy to my eyes …  to share with ALL to share and create … enhance … here is a FB link to a video he shared …( its as close to its source as I can get it 🙂

Now that’s a sprout that’s fallen in mighty nourishing  SOIL ….. wouldn’t you say 😉


Some of us …we FEEL the Rain  ….

Its time to let they youngsters FEEL & FLOW .. CREATE & BE ALL that they can BE


the bureau- crazy just get wet .. it really is a most sick and extremely obsolete system  … so much needs to change

. . rain. 🙂 

. . . soil… well I got em’ in 😉 LOL  HOME… SOIL & RAIN  … but OK I know so here is some real soil … a magical beautiful  rose garden of magical delight   .. from David Austin Roses at full bloom in peak season … we live quite close so pop on in quite often …. its a scent sensation all through the summer is a most pleasurable addiction 🙂  … HIGH on ROSE .. now that’s a good’n

We drove by and popped in Mid November last year & this is what we found then

rose garden 5 nov x

still a delight for the olfactory system with scents galore

5 th Nov 14 david austen roses X


LOVE evolving

Wishing you ALL Magical days ❤