both love and fear are powerful creator energies ~ everything grows from our core choice

both love and fear are powerful creator energies ~ everything grows from our core choice

Hello All its been awhile,  I’ve been a bit preoccupied by the paper mountains of  ……. “blip” 🙂   so I have not shared much or at all really for a few month.

The whole experience has made me rather unusually quiet,for several reasons.

For quite some time I though I was spinning myself around thinking how did I get on some mad “reverse law of attraction” ride ..

Something that had me questioning pretty much absolutely everything, my beliefs, ways, thoughts ~ All the inner stuff as well as the outer

Realised that sometimes, even those of us who know better, let the collective subconscious have far to much influence on how we feel.

Our conscious choice of thoughts, our feelings and emotions and particularly the balance of these to a peaceful and centred inner core are essential for our own well-being as well as the well-being of the greater collective.

Well it tuned out not to be my crazy “reverse law of attraction” mess,but a collective of between 4 and 6 million people in a state of feeling in limbo, shock and unwanted, from bureaucratic paper wave pre-empting by several years the UK leaving the EU (#Brexit).

Something which got my peaceful inner core a wee bit off centre, on and off, from the vibrational discord, of so many peoples combined emotional and metal choices of fear and “fear based” anger.


It took me quite a while to realise the turmoil, was because I thought I was dealing with something just personal to me, looking at just Truth, and doing my best to stay focused on and in Unconditional Love and Peace, only it was not just me… There was millions in turmoil, so a very strong storm in the collective subconscious.

Once realised it was several million people which were effected, I finally got back to to one thing that i had forgotten while my head was in a spin … asking the most basic and simple of questions to my heart …”is this mine?” and if not .. where or with whom,and even how big a group does it belong too?

Once we determine that, we can keep our own inner centre balanced ~ when we do we can stand firm in our own power and help quieten any storm. When the storms quieten, and/or others see our calm and solid foundation, it becomes easier for the others that can see to find their own centre.

The more of us that do this, and stay centred in peace,while aware of what is .. giving only focus to what we want our world to be ~ the more our world will become what we choose it to be!

We are conscious co-creators, each and everyone of us. What we focus on determines not just our own personal tomorrow, but the collective tomorrow of our whole world.

What we focus on ~ is energetically what we AGREE to ~ and what we agree to is what we put our Power behind.

It is all choice ~ and we have the power to choose what to enhance/ agree with and what not to enhance /not agree with, by putting our power and focus behind it!

Its what our free will is for ~ Once we have determined our own inner core choice of LOVE or fear ~ LOVE being inner stillness, calm and peace even in the midst of the strongest of storms, can we with this keep our balance. ~ or fear letting ourselves be smacked around by lives storms with no footing and no balance.

From personal experience LOVE is ease even in tough situations ~ and fear, even in smaller doses, well it simply (pardon the language) sucks.

So LOVE or fear ~ what will it be ?

We choose!

Love or fear ~ Feeling it ~ as just one’s own choice ~ or as in the whole collective subconscious ~ both love and fear are powerful creator energies ~ everything grows from our core choice

We are the creators who shape our world!

Love and deepest Grace to all Maia

Oh PS:

My book is a bit behind the schedule I set myself because of the turbulence ~ and the new expanded views gained~ has given deeper solutions to fear processing and balancing for all, so I will be sharing a lot more pretty soon.

& THANK YOU ALL for being patient with me



Choices and how they effect us in an energetially changing world

Choices and how they effect us in an energetially changing world
The beauty and Magical scent of drying rose petals through the house today, all on the therapy couch again. Love going in to the healing room and tossing them to help the drying, the scent is heavenly ॐ ♡∞ I needed an extra few tosses just, as I just witnesses a hateful conversation, no fear filled, fueled by mainstream media, anger and resentment of people with another reflection so to speak, and other ideas, yes colour and religion. The ignorance that I head was was beyond horrific, no real solid and true study or information to enlighten themselves at all .. just fearful anger and misplaced hatred of the normal propaganda.
I attempted to input a little truth, real historical facts, but it got me just ignored and looked at like I was the one who had no idea … Hmm ..
I heard the Angels say Shhhh child Ignorance to these are bliss.
Then there is the knowing, that’s mostly made for deep sadness in my life, but no longer does that, thankfully. Today this knowing of what is to come, and my conversations with Spirit, had only a feeling of me being totally neutral with them. For the very first time I just say Thank you for showing me what and why cancer really is persistent in some people and why and how they fuel it. Also I saw around the other person emerging cancer, and also that is in no way my responsibility to clear.
Seeing this dark energy, darker clouds within someone aura is that which has most of my life had me turning myself inside out in attempts and considerations of how I can help these people heal, and mostly got myself blasted by hatred and anger and their fear in the process.
Today I was show this as a clear and beyond obvious answer to why it is that I can not help everyone, even when they ask for help, and why those that ask for help choose not to come and get that help to heal themselves. They simply have far more invested in their fear, anger and resentments, the fuels of hatred than they have in love and compassion.
That too is choice.
This might sound harsh to some of you, but for the first time I have no pain or sadness in seeing that two people, one dying form cancer treatments, painfully and torturous, and the other one building cancer within, I saw she’d know in about 2 years, and then be on the same shitty track as the first.
All the darkened energy is internalised, no longer free flowing around them before it goes inside and causes illness, before I could clear it without them knowing, That is a major change ! A MAJOR CHANGE !
As mother Earth is Ascending, her energies raising, enhancing Love and Compassion, all the spiritual laws of nature is enhancing too.
The law of freedom, of free will, is the law of complete personal responsibility too, it is one and the same.
From what I just witnessed, all I can say is that Love and Compassion is the ONLY way.
Our thoughts are extremely powerful, and we should use them only for creating good. Because it is creating our own health, our own wealth and our own happiness.
Standing by these two women earlier, listening and attempting some reason and words of the necessity of compassion, real truth, honour and integrity as well as taking responsibility or our own messes.
The clarity in what I was shown, their energies churning together in unison, feeding each others resentments and horror, in a kinda righteousness, that had them both join forces and reject all avenues of unconditional love and compassion
As with the raising of the energies in our planet, and in ourselves, those of us that choose to live love and compassion. Trying to help someone who does not want to help themselves and who chooses fear is no longer and option. From what I just witnessed, those choices, will only churn within, and keep darkening until they they leave this planet, which with all their own chosen dark energies just recycling around themselves, and between same energy beings. When they are saturated, they will leave for home, and only then will they have to face the healing and detaching from their egos, as there really is no way to go home that to come eye to eye with our own soul.
The Angels and Guardians have wanted me to write much more about his kind of thing for some time now, I’ve always felt it was a little harsh, but today I realised the imminence importance of such information given with total integrity and honour in truth and love only.
I also realise finally completely and fully that my job is no loner to clear energy debris that is not mine, or is not form some who is specifically asking for my help to do so around them or their home and that are also doing their 50% of the healing from within ॐ ♡∞
That is a real biggie for me to let go ❤ & I am most Grateful to Source and the Angels for orchestrating such a blessing today.
We are here to hold LOVE and COMPASSION. We, are the CHANGE. We are not here are garbage collectors and cleaners any more, and that bit is what is making healers ill .. SO let GO ..give UP and let SOURCE and Mother EARTH do what must be done for LOVE and COMPASSION again to flourish in the Physical world.
A pure Heart, knows truth and lives love.
Always much LOVE ॐ ♡∞

With every though and every word we cast CREATIONS spell .. So Handle Yourself with deepest Care and Make your Choices well

With every though and every word we cast CREATIONS spell .. So Handle Yourself with deepest Care and Make your Choices well

With every though and every word we cast CREATIONS spell ..
So Handle Yourself with deepest Care and Make your Choices well …

making wishes under heart blessings Abracadabra xx

Always much LOVE ∞ ♥


What is creepy to me … might just surprise a few.

What is creepy to me … might just surprise a few.

Well as unlike most I’ve never found dark old houses (Lived in too many) creepy, or cemeteries (a fair few of the dark old houses where next door or cross the road). Nor do I find walking in the woods in the dark anything but peaceful.

In castles or big old manor houses with ghosties I more often than not found the living more creepy than the creaks n moans of old wood, and the many spirits of a place.

I’ve know the Shadows and Light BEings from as long as I can remember, there is NO danger there.They feed on fear only so knowing ones power as oneself means knowing the certainly in the saying .. “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” … for those that choose fear .. and project that all around them..well n that’s a bit like nectar to bees.

Is it enough, to be held together with rope !
Is it enough, the held together with rope? or will there be dancing in the moonlight at the midnight hour ?

To clarify, angry ghosts can sometimes be real intimidating but so long as we are standing in our own power, the power of who we really are, in LOVE & TRUSTING Real LOVE & Ourselves fully and completely  it can be no more than brushing lint from a sleeve. & this I promise you .. Is how it is!

Lost ghosties, the sadly stuck, those being held back by the human drama of those they loved, they are just simply unable to go home out of fear or guilt, held here by the grief that is wallowed in to long and to deep, as well as anger resentments, well all the heavy and lowering energy vibrations really, and they are just drawn in to the same vibration as they have. Simply because fear is familiar.

Makes your fear the magnet … so nurture fear and more fear will find you, that just how it is.


What is somehow wacky to me is that the LIGHT & LOVE which will FREE them ,  they fear. Well that doesn’t go just for ghosties, that’s pretty much the same as live n kicking human too.

Its about the extent of the manipulation of the unhealthy human drama, and that the core of what keeps people stuck… Now that bit I do find creepy, the choosing fear ..instead of LOVE.

Cause in the same way as angry or lost ghosties feed on fear and all the lower wallow in emotions, as energy goes its yummy to them, and this being taken energy from makes the people more sad … more angry … more frightened and so it is also to the real live bullies of this world

So most simple n CREEPY way I can put it is that …choosing fear is choosing to be food for energy vampires. That in a nutshell is what is being FEED on/ taken/ drained.. which in turn lowers the energy and one feels worse.

And it has to be said, these energy vamps  mainly come in human form, only in their greed and fear of never having enough for themselves they create big and supposedly plausible scenarios that cause FEAR to grow in most normal folks … and here we come to what I do find creepy   ! Manipulation … Lies .. Deceit … Hatred .. Back stabbing .. malicious gossip .. and on n on it goes the messy human drama that keep so many asleep .. in hiding within themselves … and lets fear thrive even among those that seem filled with confidence and demands .. Cause really the bullies are more frightened that their victims .. and far far weaker!

Danger is a very real thing (at times) … but FEAR is always a choice… There is only LOVE

I have to say I am always praying & wishing that all of humanity would let go of fear, it is the only energy that feeds the manipulations of the negative human drama … WE are all Magnificent eternal souls on a human journey .. not the small selves that fears its own demise . . REMEMBER that and all the manipulations fall… this small self just hides in or from bureaucracy. Giving ones POWER to that, not holding the responsibility all all one is is what causes all the pain .. all the suffering on this planet at this time.

A true leader like a true teacher will tell you to question everything .. and join in the solutions for a better life .. better world for all…

I find the most creepy is that so many people choose to not inform themselves about so much that can help them have excellent health, feel good / great.

Our HEALTH .. our LIVES depends on our INFORMING ourselves .. on our GAINING the KNOWLEDGE that is so freely out there shared by knowledgeable scientists and doctors too .. more and more of them can not keep their HEART & CONSCIENCE from telling the TRUTH … its getting easier for these beautiful souls as more and more of us CHOOSE to INFORM ourselves … & it is REAL EASY to see how so many illnesses has sky rocketed … when ALL the INFORMATION out there is viewed … and big EGG big Pharma & our governments are through their bureauCRAZY and mutual greed POISONING US

As adults OKIE you have made your own choices … no matter what they are .. I accept and honour you for where you are on your human journey and for all your choices so far … but I ask you

Would you INTENTIONALLY let someone POISON your child … even KILL them ?

Cause some of the Pharma out there now .. from day one of life have gotten though that it is allowed to give PROZAC  amongst many others … by 11 it is now okie by some of our governmental standards to put your little one on HEROIN / Opiate  based meds …. and if you do not question this .. then ??? is all I can say … & I do hope for you that if your child somehow manages to survive without getting autism (PROVEN in many countries & they are banned there ) or just simply dying from all the chemical cocktail including mercury and aluminium vaccines … and if they survive intact .. that they do not grow up and turn around and ask WHY did YOU allow this to be done to me ?

up to the 70’s we just got 5 shots its one every few weeks of life ( over 70 shots ) (there is more given to a baby by the time it s 6 months old these days that in the 70’s we had by the time we were 16 years old ?????)  …. NON of which are proven safe .. when taken together  … all have components that do NOT degrade in our bodies but stay heavy metals for example.,. I wonder how , but the are approved … yet all pharmacy have a BLANKET LIABILITY PROTECTION ?????????????? so are freed by our governments for all deaths and all injuries .. form the use of their product.. which leaves me with ????????????????????? & ??????????????

in the 70’s 1 child in 5000 got Authism ADHD etc etc .. today that IS 1 in 70 ??? and some even more & CANCER rates are the same ..SHOT UP .. all official rapports focus merely on the monetary value to the producer .. not our and our children’s Lives  health and wellbeing.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the time to view this free movie … or bye it and watch it in your own time .. it gives so many facts and figures all f which are to be found out there … we can do this one by one too research and find the truth I did .. but this documentary movie in a beautiful and informative way says so much .. Doctors Scientists Researchers … MUMS who have had to find out what was wrong with their children themselves as no one wanted to know … just all followed blindly the set recommendation …

when the set recommendation are bought and paid for by those who gain BILLIONS from the poisoning of the people .. it is BEYOND time to STOP .. take stock … and TAKE ALL YOUR POWER BACK … cause by not YOU are allowing our governments big AGG big PHARMA to destroy YOUR CHILD’S HEALTH


Its beyond worth a look even when you know it all  …. FOOD is and always has been our best medicine .. & YOU & YOURS DESERVE the HIGHEST STANDARDS you can get !

There is only LOVE …. oh yes and danger is real enough .. but FEAR is always a choice … YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE !

You have a birthright of GOOD HEALTH & Happiness

USE YOUR BIRTHRIGHT .. your FREE WILL .. Choose well for you and yours and for all of us

Always much LOVE ❤ Maia

Listening to the winds whispers

Listening to the winds whispers

The wind ..  a bit like the sound of the sea … in a wheat field … whispering promises of tomorrows yet to come … Inspirations .. of Creations Bountiful Blessings .. Manifesting in LIFE !


In Solitude or togetherness … we are never alone .. but ONE with ALL.

As Light .. As LOVE … As Magic


Seeing the JOY n Beauty in the little things

Seeing the JOY n Beauty in the little things

Okie so first talkie as promised .. a pure improvisation on the topic of JOY & a little more .. well everything seems to connect to everything else so staying on topic and not weaving all words in and out of similar topics  is always a bit of a challenge for me … & I know why too … its a bit like having one flower in a vase .. stunning wondrous & most beautiful .. a highlight in the spotlight of natures glory … I mean who wouldn’t love that right … but then but a bunch together .. and although their individuality and magic still stands out each n every one … they support .. balance  .. and even help each other shine but standing out more against each other  … accentuating each others beauty

wouldn’t it be awesome if all us humans could do that for each other  …  I call that really living … really being present .. and it works just that way once we sign out of  and delete the old drama files that just take everyone round and around in circles of learning the hard way .. that the fake and the masked are just that … faked n masked

Ooo see there I am off again … LOL … this is on JOY & how to see it in the little things  … like I said 🙂



BE your whole field of consciousness … BE Presence …
by choosing as much as possible.. to BE Present in every moment ..the higher vibrational moments of Joy & Beauty multiply .. and creating the Joy moments just from a breath when necessary becomes easier 🙂

064 x w definition of crazy

So just whenever you realise your in the past or to far in the future … in worry or in lack … just STOP .. BREATHE .. & BE just still in the moment .. Observe .. see … feel what is all around and within .. just right NOW .. & you will see JOY .. feel JOY … See & feel the BLESSINGS the LOVE IS … in the sun .. in the clouds a flower … in the AIR all around … just BREATHE that LOVE in .. SOURCES Creation LIGHT is always ALL AROUND … in ALL WAYS … ALWAYS
Breathe it in to help you REMEMBER YOU are Whole  …  you are Complete …

You are BEAUTIFUL in every way …

BREATHE & BE .. your HEART already knows the JOY …

only the mind darkens …. SWEEP the BREATH of CREATION through every cell of your body …including send a whirlwind through your thoughts if necessary and reset the programme to one who serves you

let the LOVE LIGHT you up heart  ….. to BE Presence .. in your whole & complete Self & let it be filled with energy .. Love & Light …   your LIGHT body activated will lift your physical being to Health in Wealth & well-being in every way
Wishing you All Magical days ❤

Broken .. or is there more ?

Broken .. or is there more ?

Broken in simplicity … its just a hiccup .. n can be fixed or replaced in a jiffy.

Even when things break around here .. they break in the shape of Hearts
Even when things break around here .. they break in the shape of Hearts … ain’t LOVE grand 🙂

but what is that  in a human life … what is that exactly in a human heart …. our planet

what is broken most ask  .. in society … politics .. the Drama of bureaucracy

how about just simply

silence ?

saying nothing

accepting the spin and living in the perpetually created and fuelled state of fear ?


missing that essential

The Beauty of stillness … when others are expecting rage  … is quite something

Our bodies can Heal



they show us everyday

nature show us every day


yet still.. evidence bright n clear

still most refuse to believe

that most fundamental of facts

That LIFE comes with the power to heal … to regrow … to be new

not once

not twice


over and over

and over a new


So why is it that even when seeing this magic

and everyone has

seen … felt … know

Just how simply

how wondrously easy our body miraculously close a wound

cells grows

till soon there is no sign of a wound

or if there is ..its just a scar


our bodies are even more intelligent on the inside than outside

so why is it that most block themselves at every turn


choose to hold the programming of limitations

the illusion of fear

cause fear says its so

so there for its so


this expands and causes

weakened bodies

and a planet too

from chemicals injected


n more


the particles…  as well as the science

the dos ..don’t  ..s  ….  goes whoosh up noses




or just don’t want to know ..s


sleeping politicians

wasting lives by filibustering time


Wake up world there is so much beauty to know .. so much healing to do ❤


I finally watched Garbage Warrior yesterday  … although don’t let the title fool you … this man .. Architect Michael Reynolds’ has for the past 35 years been developing sustainable housing free of any outside energy dependence, solar panels & more, he came up with ways to use  plastic bottles  and tin cans as a thermal insulation in an architectural structure … each building providing your own water from rain water collection, and with inbuilt treatment of you own sewage… garden .. reed beds etc ..&  growing your own food, all with a very small budget or a large one depending  … Earth ships he calls them .. as most know by now … new innovations ..

its quite something   …  and he’s done all this while those in power positions .. elected by the people .. who are supposed to be working for the best of the people .. have tried to stop .. block and hinder him at every turn

simply because he is showing people not just how to live a sustainable life for planet and all .. but have no huge mortgage .. & utility bills … yet living in modern comfort in every way shape and form .. kinda WOW in my opinion

& more WOW wow to all he has does for others along the way .. including going across the world to help build in this new way after the major tsunami did so much damage .. and so much more …

I found the pretending to sleep in assembly politicians .. most informative .. it sure says it all

well I’ll let you make up your own minds .. watch it and see 🙂  its an hour and 20 minutes or so very well spent ❤


Wishing for all Hearts on this Planet to let JOY & Beauty in  .. allowing the Magic of all that is .. to spread in kindness and caring to Planet & to one and ALL ❤


Humour and Personal Power … Frost Vapour and SUNlight … I can just imagine .. the looks on the faces .. if I added that I was really seeing Rainbow lights … Orbs … Fairies and Angels ;)

Humour and Personal Power  … Frost Vapour and SUNlight … I can just imagine .. the looks on the faces .. if I added that I was really seeing Rainbow lights … Orbs …  Fairies and Angels ;)

I got a wee bit wow’ed by Frost Vapour this morning … it went form me making a joke about .. it looking like the pole was hot for the car ; ) .. as the pole was steaming away in the Sunlight … quite beautiful … & the LIGHT was rather magnificent  ….. now the neighbours are somewhat used to my nose being pointed skyward and clouds photographed … or butterfly’s being chased for similar purposes … However Frost ridden poles and sides of cars … now that throws people perceptions out completely .. I can just imagine .. the looks on the faces .. if I added what I was really seeing Rainbow lights … Orbs Fairies & HA

034xxb provia

The healing seems to be constantly tuned up high  …. to really hold the higher vibrations .. and even higher vibrations with ease .. as they are incoming and expanding all the time .. we have to do the work … well work … more like keep in training … and there has been lots of balancing of new and heightened energies …


Its important that we all give ourselves time to do this .. in our own ways of cause … because as the vibrations are raising on the and in the earth and all through the cosmic divide so to speak … either we raise or vibrations to match Mama Earth .. and feel good … calm .. balanced … grounded … connected .. and all the rest .. …. or when out of alignment … in any ways shape or form … it can be quite an ouchy time .. but that’s also CHOICE .. its all in where our focus is …

where our energy goes .. there we are ..

My choice is LOVE … and the more focus it gets the more Rainbow light .. Fairies … Angels … Orbs .. show up around me … the LIGHT BEings .. and all that comes near us … matches our frequencies … this either ENHANCES or detracts…all the So our CHOICES our Vibration is Immeasurably Important for all the BLESSINGS and/ or all the lessons .. match us perfectly

LOVE yourself you would love a newborn baby … a kitten … a pup …. HONOUR and RESPECT ..ALL of who and what you are … and give that to others too … but also remember never accept anything less for you …  WHY … : simply because :




Some more of this mornings SOURCE sharing .. The Violet Light /Flame light is always present …. all around we just have to let our hearts /our soul lead and in so doing … the connection of Source of all that is and Mama Earth .. is joined through us … we are the link between mother and father as such … and we are here to ground that … to express and expand that .. to BE the LOVE .. to BE the TRUTH

The HEART knows this …. our SOUL knows this ….this is why the higher we vibrate with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and in TOTAL TRUTH … the less we can tolerate drama … it just makes us ill

The best and most Magical and Amazing thing is .. with the LOVE choice … comes the MAGIC … It starts on the INSIDE … and with it we choose our HEALTH ..our HAPPINESS … our JOY …. we choose EVERYTHING … and all the ENERGY ..all the HEALING is just there within reach …. if we but choose ..and HOLD that thought … that focus … that LOVE and JOY .. it flows through all cells in our bodies … all particles in the air ❤


Always much LOVE Wonderful’s ❤

Safety is a place within ♡❥

Safety is a place within ♡❥

Safety is a place within… You are always safe & secure… & free to be yourself ..


Magic .. coincidence … synchronicity .. all beautiful events … on the path to wholeness … Magic appears & all things become possible … TRUST it to bring …JOY … understanding & fulfilment to your life no matter what the present circumstances appear to be… Expect the unexpected & prepare to be amazed… Ask and you will receive…. There is no need to fear… LOVE is everything and everywhere … Use Eyes of Beauty … have positive expectations … clarity … & know all is well now and always will be ❥∞

Always much LOVE Maia


trust …

trust  …

Teach me how to trust my heart… my mind… my intuition… my inner knowing… the senses of my body… the blessings of my spirit… teach me to trust these things so that I may enter my sacred space & love beyond my fear… & thus walk in balance with the passing of each glorious sun… ❥∞


Lakota Prayer

for some time  .. this has again taken regular perusal .. the whole TRUST thing  … and wandered through my thoughts in varying degrees and depths to the pondering  ..

I have always  given so very freely my hearts knowing … never held back if I knew something that could help another .. or had something  … I would always share .. Its what my HEART knows LOVE is .

Like the perfect Heart Clouds that turn up in my day everyday .. & well hearts in all shapes n sizes really  … little daily glimpses that I’m on the right path … This last year has seen more leave my life .. no be removed by me from my life is a far more appropriate term … a removal of myself from some I thought were long time friends .. now removing myself from what was “family” was one thing … easy in a way cause it had been so obvious for so very long that for me ..their drama was most toxic.

but now the friends thing … now finally seeing the energy theft there … the piggybacking on my energy body … that was somewhat shocking  … horrifying and had me thinking I had finally lost the plot … cause surely it couldn’t be … the heavy horrid feeling that came over my back .. so heavy that I it took great effort to put one foot in front of the other … and the squeezing of my heart centre .. that made me so short of breath  … I had to force myself to take  long walks in the woods .. to come out and away from it because I knew it was not mine …

I had had this a lot in my life …. mostly I knew I was holding something that someone had dumped or refused to acknowledge …. so cleared it and cut cords and balanced … on and on and so on … Knowing through all this that my true nature … my true self … felt light as a feather  grounded and whole … not to forget high on LOVE LIGHT … and always pleased to share the blessings … in all ways from a thought of healing blessings to strangers I pass on the street or at the checkouts at supermarkets  .. through stroking an animal that comes on up to say hello because it knows and feels its pain or something will ease …. or just cause they feel the energy and come to acknowledge it  in a mutual blessing  .. either way the four legged and feathered friends are always mirroring and sharing back the LOVE Blessings .. which just makes them stronger and stronger ..and more and more amazing … humans I find are mostly fairly detached from this natural sharing ..and enhancing of energies so it can be a rather more draining experience ..

Of cause it does not have to be so …. but that takes being wake ..aware .. and present  … and as drama free as possible  … now all this is nothing new … its what I’ve know to be so most of my life … so this last year ..thats been filled with all those things I so easily forgave others … that I’d never dealt with the pin of in my own heart .. not to mention I never dealt with the pain of in my own body ….  with the major cord cuttings and burning all old bridges and all that no longer served my highest good  …. including 20 something years worth of journals and writings … several times in the last few years  … new AHA’s and oo my ooo my that too’s … Its been a bit like removing the veils .. one by one …. always thinking its the last one …


 … it was more a feeling of boundaries being stampeded … well I tend to say yes and help when I can .. but Im getting very alert to the one way systems … 


after Andreas looked at me and said ..he never gave energy vampireism a chance any more .. when I just looked at him he said ..jealousy … real loud ..and don’t accept it


 I have two dosies …. 1 know for over 28 years  .. when mum got sick I petty much passed on all my client to her and one other … I was busy … within a year she had none … but what shocked my heart so very deeply ..and hurt more than I care to mention .. she sat here and said she had turned away client cause she was not doing that right now … 

I was struck silent you could say ….apart form why did you not give them my name /number ? she proceeded to tell me that she might take up things again and it was good to have people that phones … at which point all I could think feel was ?????   and more ????? .. then she said are you still doing your little healing thing ?????? … SO basically knowing that the family ripped me off for everything and knowing she had all my business … and even though she did not want to or were doing healing any more .. she would not return the favour so to speak  …. OOO some friend …. NOT

and just to top it off a few weeks after this … she rang and wanted me to do her a favour … finding out that that favour I could not do … the only reason she herd was that .. part of what she wanted was among the things that had been taken from me … she said she would drive me out there to get some of my things back … ????????????????????? when I said I want  my money if anything .. not damaged goods … she just repeated herself …. which made the conversation seem surreal in so many ways … 

& left me sitting … wondering how I had for so many years considered her closer than a sister … once I shifted myself from under the weight of that …. the heaviness lifted … interestingly every time I cut cords …. she attempts to contact still ..

I’m still reeling at the realisation of it all … and the shock really at how it could take me so long to acknowledge this … that every time I raised my vibration … it became a heavier and heavier physical discomfort of my body ..  

I forgave instantly of cause .. its what I do ..its who I am …. but this time my BOD did the whole letting me really feel totally steam rolled .. tired … ouchy … and just plain flat …. I took myself through all and every possibility .. more than once … before I finally let my thought go there …. and really see it … feel it … and then I could but wonder just why and how I had not noticed. 

Andreas has been most patient with my perplexed wondering’s  at how I cold not have noticed this .. knowing all that I know …. doing what I do … his holding space for healing as only a true heart mate could or would  has allowed deeper and more profound healing than I could have ever imagined ….. He just simply said … you have an extremely kind heart …

I have learnt yet again that I must never doubt my intuition … not even .. or especially not when there is something I’d rather not see …. when my assumption has been ..they are like me … speak truth and live it  … and would never dream of taking energy from anywhere but source … were it is freely given to all at all times … we just have to connect  ❤ but each and everyone of us have to do that separately … and then share to enhance it … grow the energy … heighten the vibrations more and more  … 

the one way system … of  drama … vampirism and energy theft has to end …. its a cruel ..mean ..and horrid game .. of dread and pain …. in a constant circling of ..  never enough and there being no such thing as truth  … its just to sad … all this living in fear … 

when from source … and mother earth there is only truth …  and there is more then enough energy for all of us here on earth at this time … to get a thousand times more than we need  … so there is no need for the drama … if all would all connect to source within ❤ the knowing that LOVE is all there is .. flows and bubbles in and through to surface in all and everything ❤  thats a blessing beyond most peoples conception  … IT has to be felt to be know ❤ 

I wish that blessings for all ❤

Always mcu LOVE ♡❥  Maia






xmas horror to Blessings of LOVE beyond measure

xmas horror to Blessings of LOVE beyond measure

What’s with Christmas anyway  … became the best I could say  to the “normal” celebration days …  my sensitive self  … with a religion of LOVE & TRUTH  … in a fairly constant state of shock and horror at the choices of greed in those around me  … It never felt good .. it was always as if I was some separate entity  … a weirdo among the ones who still played the drama of “most popular kids at school” kinda thing .. & being kinda wowed with themselves and their antics.

Only if those were wow’s … I’m so glad I was and am a weirdo.


The numb … senseless nonsense  of paper ripping and present stacking  …without noticing even what was in them in the first place .. to the point of once they were  unwrapped ..stack em and dump them in another room then forget about them for weeks and months ooo the  woes of … the ME ME ME ME myself and I’s  ..

It all always just made me feel totally sad … even wish for one of these .. a car decked in lights … Love these old trucks 🙂 …perhaps … a get away option … a far away get away option ..

There is great truth I have found in the saying there is nothing worse than being with people in who’s presence you feel completely alone  … the lonely feeling that people talk of I can honestly say I have only felt that when I was among others….. and it has nothing what so ever to do with being along to me ….BEing alone well that is just blessed stillness … communing with nature … listening to the wind … and with the right people I have found that expands into blessed communication too … where the seamless interactions flow in graciousness whether in silence or in jolly interaction.


I ‘ve always had this weird sense of right and wrong and total TRUTH …. well to other anyway … to my saying that truth as so easy .. it just was what it was … I was pretty much always slammed with ..”there is no such thing as just total truth  … everyone lies” apparently all intents and purposes ..for all around me that was it  .. just versions of lies … and changing ones at that.

Over the years with my weirdness I also grew weary and more and more sad … cause this way of being .. no matter how long I was in it …. was so incredibly alien to me.

All the things that really matter … were nowhere to be found … or if they seemed to be it was mere pretence … but I kept hoping .. year in and year out that there could be some glimmer of what to my heart and soul was real xmas spirit .. wit Genuine Heart and meaning … with honour and Integrity … not just the facade of ooo look at me .. aren’t I wonderful …the last time I spent xmas near them … seeing & hearing them making a huge song and dance about doing so much for charity .. and having Jo public s to speak thinking the grotto experience would also enrich lives of those that needed it most  … my horror at finding out that Santa n missus pocketed the bulk .. for all the shouting of wow look at me … what the charity really got was truly mere pennies from tea’s n cake .. Having been volunteered …to help ..(and in true circumstances I’m always happy to) ..but … finding tout his a couple of days before the event … that last year  ..made me so sick .. I spent several days staring down the loo .. and its only so long you can stare at  a waste pipe .. without getting ..that you do not want to be feeling like this … not to mention the water waste 😉 LOL with the flushing more than I’d ever flushed before … it was a good job I was in rainy England thats for sure 😉 LOL


hmmm now … maybe I shouldn’t say this … but …my xmas present from them that  year …  was 6 ramekins from Aldi @ £1.99  😉 HA  … and they themselves opened new professional camera equipment ..with all the trimmings … among a horde that would have made Dudley Dursley’s Bday presents seem a tiny little bit indeed …  (I gotta say here Thank you JK Rowlings for all the blessed similarities … that made me laugh out loud at my own life) …. while I gave what was precious to my heart … Dr Emoto books of precious water .. and lots more but it really doesn’t matter .. sitting among people who owed me £20000 , and year in  year out refused to pay .. knowing how much I needed to restart my life … cause their long holidays .. designer clothes and sunglasses were always more important .

I vomited a lot that last december with the F****** 😉 HA … darn I wanted to say that at the time … but my dam politeness never let me … I just walked away …. That walking away was so long overdue …


I have never understood the whole STRESS  and GREED  thing around xmas …. again an alien concept to me … maybe its simply that the actions and deeds of those that were supposed to “be there for you” “family” as such …  for me ..had me living so far below the poverty line for so many years … and without even really noticing …. because I was so used to being so careful with everything … wanting nothing really .. and making do with little  … cause I always felt wealthy in me life … with LOVE .. in my heart … In hindsight this must have pissed them off more than anything …. cause really when I’ve finally looked at it all in the cool light of day ..


Im far more shocked and amazed at my own tolerance levels … and even the extreme feel good forgiveness that I’ve always been able to do with such ease  … hmmm I mean blessed to have found my eclectic ways in my teens and lived light and such since … but I maybe opened to a toooooo big a dose of Buddhism .. release and forgive … for they are only as far on their path as they are at any given time ..:) … and the inner Zen stillness .. total silence in the mind … only heart communicating …. well .. I had the total silence in the mind … but I also kept my heart muzzled a good chunk of the time …. either cause it was in so much pain … I just needed the silence to heal for one or another of their mad schemes … or just simply because there was no point repeating myself … about truth love and honour again … it was always frowned upon .. and truth was feared above all else  … Or I should say my TRUTH was feared …. cause it involved the sharing of feeling and knowing what the only last regrets in life were due to having been with my pappa when he passed .. and my gifts ..    ….     well they were I guess stretched that day …. my gifts ..

In all that never forgetting the Christian roots either I guess … arguing and getting into trouble for pointing out that there was no point pointing fingers at others when they were not following the guidelines themselves …. & ooo did I ever get into trouble in church for pointing out that some were lying and …. though shall not n all that 🙂 hmmm

I learnt early that although they ram the catechism and rules n regs down the kids necks few adults even knew what they were …  or at least thats how it seemed … all the anger and hatred and me myself & I .. with mine is better than yours added for good measure … YIKES … same in all religions sadly …. or so I found … so I chose my own path …

It seemed to my quite logical at the time … reading all the main religions sacred texts … the bible … many versions .. through the koran  and others through to the Gita & the Veda’s being the oldest texts …. & simply finding that ALL … say the same thing really & SPIRITUAL LAW is SPIRITUAL LAW .. in ALL thats the same .. just slightly different words  … but the meaning is all the same … although each in their own is so waffled up with man made fear based nonsense .. that you really DO HAVE TO READ ALL to get a proper and full view ..

So SPIRITUAL LAW …I TAKE DEADLY SERIOUSLY  … LIVELY SERIOUSLY … & JOYOUSLY  LOVINGLY   SERIOUSLY without exception  … All is energy …. and all actions thoughts feelings ..have mirrors … measures … and life in the most amazing ways

why so serious … well I see and have always seen … the light and shadows people surround themselves with …. the light like the Halo’s of the masters … we all have them ..


the shadows … mostly peoples own fears .. and negativity … emotions of anger hatred and greed … create a slimy dark film …. around an energy  …. normally causing that person to run around trying to find the inner peace they so desire on the outside … in some other place … always running to get something … more more more … never is anything enough  ….  in the worst scenario this is also what causes illness .. cancer and the like …

It’s kinda sad really that what they mostly want is found in those with the inner silence .. peace in heart and a blessed contentedness … and those are the people they harass .. threaten … and go all out to prove wrong .. and do their utmost to unbalance … so they can feel good about themselves … or think they can … but really they never truly can … with the refusal to look within…


The thing is ..everyone seems to thing Spiritual Law is a heavy thing …. but really from the LOVE space … its only gifts and blessings … asure until the inner balance is found .. a fair amount of lessons .. but they are always blessings to in hindsight … cause so much was learnt ❤

For this year I feel blessed with LOVE beyond Measure … New ways .. creating new traditions … Celebrating everyday as blessings in blessings … & deeply GRATEFUL ❤

as for specials I guess it has to be St Nicholas’s day the 5the of December .. it has the real spirit still … of LOVE JOY GIVING RECEIVING & SHARING .. no commercial  corruption … no memories of all that I used to see around me 🙂 … and Midwinter Solstice of cause … BLESSED BE ❤

but this has gotten longer than I intended again … 🙂 and I was only just gonna start on the magical gratitude thing too LOL  ..guess that will keep for tomorrow though ❤ Its a daily thing after all ❤

Wish you all PEACE in your HEARTS & LIVES Wonderful’s ❤