Creation … Adult vs. Child .. whats the MAGIC ?

Creation … Adult vs. Child  .. whats the MAGIC ?

BE as a child .. or the innocence of a child in every religion a key to knowing higher self .. to knowing SOURCE … It is a state of complete UNCONDITIONAL LOVE … COMPLETE TRUST … a TOTAL PEACE in the KNOWING SAFETY WITHIN … sadly we live in a world where this inner safety has to be found within for many while in unsafe surroundings … WE are ALL STRONG enough to do this … just watch the children and you will know …. feed them LOVE not hatred & YOU WILL KNOW … Even in the Harshest conditions children never forget to PLAY .. to see the little things as MAGICAL … to CREATE FUN .. to CREATE ways to not be in the adult world when necessary …



If you need to RELEARN IT from your CHILDREN .. then do so RELEARN HOW TO BE THE LOVE

RELEARN inner PEACE & JOY of being PRESENT ..of CREATING JOY AND MAGIC in every situation



BE the CHANGE…  the children know how,  they see no colour .. no religion .. no differences … they just see another child to share their PLAY .. their JOY .. to enhance the FUN .. so the children already know how to unconditionally LOVE & RESPECT ALL  …. & this they know until adults teach them hate … anger .. resentment .. jealousies, through their religions, doctrines,  believes, ways .. everything .




Happy place

Happy place

A Happy Place my thoughts were at first of the Beautiful pictures in time ..  memories created .. The wondrous and amazing JOY that comes from within in certain places .. near certain people or within certain situations … I LOVE the sea . its one of my most treasured rejuvenation points  … I’ve had FUN n Happy JOY Joy aspect spring forth like fireworks n stars on a starry night  in all from Theme parks .. via cities..  to the meetings of Nature in all her forms …


All in fact stem from the HAPPY place within .. the Appreciation  place …. the GRATITUDE place .. and how that spills out into the world …  through all from Baking a cake or yummy fresh bread and seeing the pleasure on someone face when eating it … through the maddest roller coaster experience ..


Its everything really …

Life is a  Happy Place … if we allow it to be

October in the magic of a Rose garden, with scents to stretch the boundariesof magic and imagination

October in the magic of a Rose garden, with scents to stretch the boundariesof magic and imagination

Creative  boundaries …. October in the magic of a Rose garden.

182xwith tantalizing scents of Rose love in every which way .. from dark musk through deeply  English floral and traditional .. fresh   rose with citrus .. or peaches n cream  .. to spicy and oriental ..

185xct7OOooo I wish I could share the scents with you all … but all I can say is .. its like being bathed in Rainbows Blessings while exploring borders stretched past their boundaries with opulent blooms, all outdoing each other with grace … yet  in perfect harmony their Symphony of unity ..a magic blessing of Creations wonder …

237xWishing you ALL Magical days ❤


Dragon & Phoenix clouds

Dragon & Phoenix clouds

The English weather has this summer seemed to beautifully fit into the theme of monochromatic photo reality those days with more shades of grey than you thought the pallet could hold ..

008x greybut somehow even though grey .. not gloomy … but Beautiful … Clouds of Dragon and Eagle so low they seem to walk on the earth … topped and surrounded by fluffy white Hearts galore … with Papa Sun attempting to break in

Choosing to see Beauty in the Greyest of  days is what makes Magic Blossom in every which way ❤


Swan Feather in the blue toned light of a winters morn

Swan Feather in the blue toned light of a winters morn

Frozen Swan Feather  … in the blue toned light of a cold winter morning


Pictures were taken morning of the Winter Solstice  … December 2014 frozen in place a Flight Feather Blessing to usher in the Suns Abundance … and the Blessings of the warmer days …

070xmonochromatic Beauty


The seasons of a SOUL’s garden

The seasons of a SOUL’s garden

Life … what’s off .. n on  …  in season or out

as the photo challenge goes .. my take is not sure Bay can be out of season 😉 .. and snow in summer .. well depends which hemisphere your on 😉 so season .. if its in ..out … up down .. Seasons like LIFE its just Choosing when 😉 what .. where .. how … 😉

So Yip .. ME I’d say that depends on whether the inner Goddess /God is in the driving seat of our lives .. if we are truly present so to speak Soul wise .. or if the meagre little ego … or mind self is way out of its depth trying to drive something it has no license for 😉

Well if that’s driving it needs to be given a termination date along with anything shitty that just weighing us down and keeping us feeling low .. .might sounds nuts .. but putting our inner goddess/god in the driving seat  ..makes everything flow … and from a higher perspective … a better overview so to speak ..its easier to negotiate the minefields people choose to surround themselves with and share around them in the world of human ego drama .. and when cloaked in spirituality it can be a messy thing indeed .. from so many different angles …

every season has beauty Now I like to see me as a garden .. well our SOUL … our inner space .. what we really and truly are .. ALL of IT …

& well as any gardener knows however perfect or imperfect a garden looks its always a work in progress  .. there is always room for something New … and some plants just decide that they are done … wilt n go .. or in the case of the bamboo look like its dead n gone but its actually flowering  … and its recovery time .. unknown .. cause none seem to give it time to re-emerge after its necessary recuperating sleep below ground  …

Now to realy get the most out of this precious human experience .. we have to set ourselves free .. to flow with what feels right and good to us …
FREE Divinity to flow through us . let Goddess/God steer our ship

Now that alone ….sets  you free to create your most perfect space  … Your YOU … Allowing yourself to just BE
if you feel like a shrinking violet … okie let the violets bloom … but set her up among the roses .. n find companioning plants to accentuate the striking violet .. the beauty  … letting the violets n chamomile maybe carpet the beds filled with roses on  trellises of glorious art that spills out of your heart
first violas of spring 2014  pic taken 30 march
first violas of spring 2014 pic taken 30 march
..most of us say at some point .. that we are only just … me …..
Well just  … it sort of closes the curtains to our strong powerful beautiful self as not to scare folks …& I can say that cause I recognised those patterns in me  … I tried to be as little and as quite as possible for a very long long time  … so as not to cause waves … not to upset .. .and not to … take your pick the list goes on …
its been a bit of a weeding process I can tell you  .. to allow the inner bountiful garden to really bloom .. but it is so very worth it … & I have through the years found it most useful  to see me  as a Garden 🙂 ….
.. Cause .. as JUST a garden …  Just now that wakes up the hey … hang on a minute just a garden ?? cause well gardens are never ..just  .. now are they  … I mean .. even when rough .. overgrown .. and neglected .. they are beautiful … there  is always immense beauty  .. whether it be hidden or out there in bold … a garden will always show its beauty

& if there is already much beauty .. then sculpting it … creating a new …is like WOW  .. Yes .. a little of this here and ..a little of that there

weeding out the old … saving the precious .. enhancing with new  …
enhancing can be with reclaimed n recycled turned into the most glorious shabby chic fun additions …or brand new … the biggest beauty is that we choose what goes where and how
& before you know it you have  WOWSESES its beyond GLORIOUS ….
so it is ….  YIp .. YES … AHA .. so YOU ARE  .. so I am … so we are !

Treasures n Adventure .. on the way

Treasures n Adventure .. on the way

Well that like everyday in every way really  … cause we are always on the way   … so to speak ..

Moment to moment on this journey through life … appreciating them is the JOY  … I have already written a couple of those this week .. when your glad the moments are fleeting 😉 & when the moments are most precious indeed ❤ (its just I’ve been figuring out how to use the mobile to post ..which is awesome 🙂 .. but I have to admit I have no clue how to add links to anything from there … I’m just hoping that once do figure it out .. it all doesn’t change again .. with some update or other 😉 HA  … cause really that just leaves me with umpteen of those .. feels like Laurel n Hardy moments  .. where ups down n downs up and everything just got slippery 😉 LOL  … in those respects … I’ll take Nature any day … and in any way   … there is always .. wow … aaa … ooo  … mmmmm  … sights … scents …. n feeling s that just makes the LOVE in your heart grow bigger n bigger … and then just overflow into everything else in life  … I made my first talkie so to speak this morning ..about that .. Yip more involvement of devises  ..oooo great JOY 😉 LOL … I’ll share that in my next post though .. for now  let me get back to  all those treasures one passes by on a walk through Badger Woods 🙂

Walking into ...... ?
Walking into …… ?

In some of the moment in life .. its worth remembering that when things are a little dark …it makes it easer to see when we look up  … look ahead …  to see the light of the path ahead ..

043xThere is always a light at the end of every tunnel  . .. silver linings on every clouded day  ..  and sometimes there are some wondrous surprises too  … some of which take a little focus .. to see

025xLike faces in trees …  Nature spirits perhaps  … spirits of joy that must be giggling away .. cause they know where the path is and watching the humans  on a bit of a jungle adventure  .. is surely a delight indeed 😉

004x poviaIf you look real close .. you can even see Andreas there looking back to see if I’m still in sight .. or if I’ve again found something that has to be smelt .. scrutinised .. viewed … breathed in to the core and expanded in JOY through every cell of the old bod for a thorough feel good effect on the fly  … or photographed of cause ..  and is keeping me enchanted ..submerged in a moment .. n lost to time  😉

032xwell there are the “Occasional” hidden gem … so who wouldn’t be right 😉 LOL … I have to say I am most grateful for his beautiful patience ❤

Wishing you ALL Beautiful Magical days ❤


Swans afloat too :)

Swans afloat too :)

Afloat too ..Swans

007 swan 2 X sharpened and bl

Their graceful beauty

Mrs Swannypenny in rainbow light

Love & Abundance in all ways ❤

Wishing you All Beautiful Magical days ❤


Papa Sun tickling Mama Earth with magical rays … and Swans sharing healing … Express yourself

Papa Sun tickling Mama Earth with magical rays

That kinda tickling is mostly always Mesmerizing 🙂 Creations in incoming ….  God Particles in dancing delight … makes man made fireworks and nights of neon light look rather bleak 


winter sun n orb blessings X

Life is filled with varying degrees of energy  … put simply .. some make us feel good ..the higher vibrations .. and some lower vibrations just make us feel rather shitty ..

EVERYONE feels and knows this .. I have never come across one person who does not recognise mediately a like or a dislike .. some are more subtle .. but most have had the full on feeling of coming into a room   and seeing someone who they instantly react to one way or the other  .. its all in the giving / sharing or energy .. honourably as I term it … or just taking … those that zap you .. drain you … just make you feel low ..

Most don’t expand on it that’s all … everything has a vibrational signature … science is even catching up on that now  … although science wouldn’t call them energy vampires … but frankly .. calling a spade a spade simplifies matters tremendously in my book

As this is expressing myself  … and Light  & Energy is a big part of my life  … its the simplest … yet the hardest to explain … this digital photography is quite awesome when it comes to picking some of it up though .. never experienced anything like that taking photography at school and college way back in the days of … darkrooms and dippin’ trays for the chemicals ..counting for right exposure and so on  … Loved it though … the feeling of being part of the process of bringing life to a photograph. Well that’s a long time ago .. these days its click to download and straight to tweaking …

swan n swannypenny in setting sun and purple light blessing
with a little colour play …  fun … not so natural but rather striking anyhow 🙂 

Now I should say here I have a little pet peeve for photoshop  … don’t have it … never tried it … I was simply put off by all the fake nonsense .. and pretending to be real photo’s ..roaming around out there … not to mention the ludicrous price even for just a fricking app …hmm … NOPE categorically not going there.

I guess coming from a pure background of the art .. mixed with a little skill in and behind each shot … still appeals to me  … even though I am rusty as ….

Now I obviously do have a programme … which I know the basics of .. ignore the rest  … and occasionally play with the old film effects,  extreme light, contrast etc & it’s kinda fun seeing how many different way  one single shot can look   …

I guess that sort of brings me to .. I am aware that a lot of light and colours is merely a reflection of the lens ..

this one is totally untouched .. not been  through or near any programme
this one is totally untouched .. not been through or near any programme  … 

but its those shots ..that light comes form several angles that I’m always most grateful for … cause they in a small way show what I’ve always seen the beautiful variations and vibrations of energy around plants and humans alike  … the energetic output and input so to speak of life .. its quite magnificent to behold  … but that’s another post I guess 🙂

here is just some that inspire me


Purple healing rays over Mrs Swannypenny
Purple healing rays over Mrs Swannypenny

Their grace wondrous … and there is always exuberant amounts of lights of all shades and colours when animals are around and especially when the wild ones chose to bless the space your in with their presence  …they all have their unique energy patterns … sometimes when the buzzards are particularly playful it looks like they fly in huge pinky golden bubbles of light … its quite breathtaking ..

its quite easy to see really .. I know you don’t believe you can … but really you can see this too … we all can … it just takes some practice and learning how 🙂 .. but that’s also for another post 🙂

Mrs Swannypenny in rainbow light

their strength … quite beyond amazing

007 swan n swannypenny X

something you never  forget when you have daily for a whole winter been greeted by a 007 Swan at full span of wings .. stretching tall .. wrapping you up in huge wings .. and your kinda nose to beak how big they are .. no huge is a better description … when they float around on a pond looking majestic we see they are big birds … but … when one comes up to you ..wings outstretched .. at full pelt …

you know that are huge … and can run darn fast too

I have a video of Andreas’s first “swan hug” 😉 … its quite something … he said after that all he could think was if I could stand still or walk like that while letting Mr 007 Swan wrap & flap his wings around and against me … he could 😉 …

It was gentle as ….cause he really was … quite incredible… he just came up and did a thorough aura sweep all around .. as well as the … get on with feeding him thing … cause mostly us humans just were not quick enough for him … and he took it upon himself to train us ..I’m sure

However, I’m wrapping my head around this uploading video’s thing  … took me 3 and  a half fricking hours to get 1 minute and 9 seconds from my phone to you tube a couple of days ago  HA & HA & Bahhahahaha … now that certainly show I’m in my mid 40’s if nought else .. once I can find a better way .. I’ll share the amusing first eye to eye with Mr Swan which is somewhat longer than that …  between creating web sites and stuff I never thought I’d ..I’ll get there … hopefully soon 🙂  … Always Learning

Wishing you all magical days ❤


Mama Natures Beauty comes in so many forms .. Mushroom Beauty reminds me of the resilience and the POWER of Women .. when in our pure Goddess nature… the male female balance of all that IS

Mama Natures Beauty comes in so many forms .. Mushroom Beauty reminds me of the resilience and the POWER of Women .. when in our pure Goddess nature… the male female balance of all that IS

Mama natures Mushroom Beauty ..  from the tiniest & some apparently psychedelic 😉 too



The Healing & Psychic effects of Natures Bounty ..

The beauty that she shares so freely .. within it there is a cure for every ailment … a pep me up for every woe … within her life force  … her growing green blessings she can be as Sheltering Calming & Loving as she can be fiery & even deadly …

She is EVERYTHING & she is complete.

From the psychedelic, which indigenous medicine men & women have know for millennia … used in the right way … ALWAYS RESPECTFUL  .. and always honouring the knowing of the ancients .. using it rarely or some even only once in a life time .. and always with the right guidance and readiness of the opening senses … So that it may open and expand the senses into all that we as humans can perceive and understand .. the speaking to and understanding plants NATURE ..animals  … The knowing .. seeing & understanding that we are indeed ALL ONE … ALL connected … and the BEAUTY that is ALL Around us is beyond anything our veiled eyes have beheld before …


It is strange to me that it is only in our supposedly “civilised” western world with the GREED & Corruption .. The Patriarchal warmongering  ..of over grown children who’s toys are now real and they are destroying us in their .. the whole  mine is better than yours,  sad and outworn games .. that addictions are in every nook and cranny  … where the GREED & there is never enough sickness .. is obvious all around .. no matter where in society we are.

I see no real difference between what most consider a drug addict rough .. stealing and causing damage for the next fix ..of more more more … to our political “leaders” .. really .. not to mention big business … the destructive greed that is ..raping & plundering mama earth..

It is always been baffling to me why someone .. anyone who lives on a round little ball in space …. a ball that spins at hertling speeds around a sun … SO A SPACESHIP REALLY  … only this Magical Spaceship is ALIVE & self sustaining …. She gives us freely all that she is …. we care for her and she always will … I don’t get why the greedy don’t get that they are on this ball too and the atmosphere all around us … well its a bit like those old Atlantis city at the bottom of the sea movies … ..would you destroy that shield and you die … just poof all gone …. same with all the nuclear testing and messing added to all pollutants … Well MAMA Spaceship Earth ..she can take a complete annihilation …. she she has already come through several so to speak … So really human man kind is really only playing russian roulette with itself …


It really is so beyond time to let the GODDESS reawaken ….  The Nurturing .. the Caring … the LOVE .. Sharing … Understanding … Acceptance …


Its time to throw out the fear men have of women’s powers …. ts only fueling anger … hatred  … We need a coming together .. of men and women … a sharing … honouring and respecting ….

In being all that we are and in supporting eachother to be … to flourish ..

Mama Natures Beauty comes in so many forms .. & YES … Mushroom Beauty reminds me of the resilience and the POWER of Women .. when in our pure Goddess nature… we just keep going ..keep growing … keep LOVING ..

its been silently and its been hidden for way to long  …

For all those who wish to see ..




 All is opening … and all is changing …. WE are EVOLVING …. 

WE are either ASCENDING or Descending … I guess would be the most popular terms  … No matter what we call it … its in a simple choice of LOVE or fear  …  & I do not mean the gut feeling that keeps us safe … but the debilitating … stuckness … of not daring to fly ….

Or daring to see the TRUTH ..of the NATURE ..the PLANET that sustains us … but instead accepting .. numbing drugs and manipulations as how things just has to be …

Mama’s mushrooms …though some are poison 1380196_10151981860044801_1021353876_nfor us …  they are medicine ..and food for mama natures critters .. this is something NATURE BALANCES when RESPECT is shown & GIVEN ..

To us she gives huge & apparently most tasty morsel .. to let us be BLESSED in every way … if we would but let her …

let SOURCE ..let LIFE FORCE ..BE as it IS … and ..Allow ourselves to FLOW with it … as our TRUE NATURE IS …

OUR SOUL … Our Intuition … Our Precious HEARTS .. KNOW …. WE ALL KNOW … What we have to do ..its in our Blueprints .. our DNA … our task is to stay awake .. dive deep within to retrieve the gems of WISDOM that will .. BALANCE our own true selves ..our inner Wisdom … both MEN & WOMEN .. allow ourselves to expand into all that we are … & fully re-connect with mama …



Put our foot down … stand firm in our beautiful female POWER … a POWER of such gentleness & such fierce STRENGTH … only MAMA EARTH can really fully describe it …

A POWER that I have found when we are anchored within it TRUTH & LOVE we can but whisper and silence falls..

So a whispered TRUTH is heard like a QUEEN setting a president.

The fear of female power is not a fear of women… it is put bluntly merely a fear of TRUTH … because from a place of purity …. HONOUR & Integrity this LOVE … the LIFE FORCE ENERGY of ALL that IS … SOURCE LIGHT …comes through us all  .. both men and women have to balance their male and female within …

A but like Mama Earths littlest critters …  already having tasted this big Shroom here … but also some chose to inhabited it  🙂 …

That is a deep Choice that it … Truly Inhabiting OURSELVES .. BEing FULLY PRESENT in these magical Beautiful Bodies of all shapes sizes and colours that mama Earth provides fro us on this human journey ..

Like Shrooms … Even purple ones .. & rather phallic looking 😉 too .. Mama balancing her male & female .. Her wholeness .. Her Completeness 🙂 ♥ allowing all .. Nurturing all .. Her blessed sharing of all she is ♥ ..

We have a lot to learn from natures Magical ways ♥ 

Maia ♥





Rose garden magic .. HEART Healing … awake in bliss vs. sleeping ;)

Rose garden magic ..  HEART Healing  … awake in bliss vs. sleeping ;)

Submerged in the bliss of Roses for a couple of hours a few days ago, in the most Beautifully Perfect Rose gardens. Transported to a visually Magical world .. like the Secret Garden  .. & within it is the room of the Heart … that blessed place where everything has and is PEACE  …. Where the HEART Heals & knows all  &  SOUL expands into a True complete version of ourselves  ..all that we are. The beyond drama me .. you … us .. where ME & WE are ONE … where ALL … HEALS ..GROWS & just Magically BLOSSOMS … Where we realise that the Magic thats just who we are.

This Magical Rose garden a physical picture/ place / presence … showing what an Amazing Magnet for TRUE Beauty we REALLY are. Creators of our own inner and outer expanding or contracting gardens (our worlds as we know them) all determined by our choices, which thoughts we choose to grow ..nurture ..expand … our focus ..of which we grow more.. well it multiplies .. whether it be rain or shine 🙂 .. which we choose to give our thought energy is what we get more of. … SO I would heartily recommend painting magical dream pictures and building castles in the air … then building the foundations under them.

The Roses in this Enchanted garden .. their Magical scent & Beauty .. OOO just Instant HEART HEALING .. sent me into a Deep HEART Meditation for the duration of the visit and far beyond .. one major FEEL GOOD & WOW EXPAND the SENSES experience .. All I can say is we were getting Sublimely Drunk n High on the Love Light’s BLISS of Creations Extraordinary Extravaganza .. Its a Good Life.. A Rich Life .. An Abundant Life that holds so much Magic. Our senses so magical that we can if we choose to ….  feel … see … touch .. smell  .. and in so many more ways sense all this .. and so much more … and all thats needed a totally OPEN MIND & HEART 😉 Yip and its as easy as a choice .. the flick of a light switch .. if that is the choice… open to all the possibilities of all that is, just like the roses open release their magical sent and beauty into the air/ the world, we must blossom.

044Really seeing & feeling … truly sensing all this ..and well everything in life .. all that IS … even one single cup of coffee can give all this  … One drop of water … a ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air .. its OUR OWN choice that makes it SO.

Its the Secret of the Senses … and a balance of Heart & Love that is what makes us truly  wealthy … cause these moments .. the blessings are the memories ..words .. hugs  Reality Realness LIFE .. just being completely real around each other .. honesty .. Love … sharing … giving ..receiving …  This is the kinda wealth our eternal Soul .. grows ooo so beyond super rich from .. it goes with us always expands and aids our journeys through lifetimes and beyond.

In this garden .. like in our inner garden I see so clearly the results of the choices of planting … of nurturing beauty love and magic .. these aren’t always thought to be the easiest of choices in our greed filled world .. for the inner garden/ gardener to cultivate .. but they are the only ones that create true wealth and the sharing in and sharing of truth in and with honour and integrity … the main thing to remember is choosing what we grow in our OWN garden.. not the neighbours or the guy down the road … or whomever from what ever side of the earth… JUST our own … inner garden … tend to that .. and well all else will just flow with your Magic.

It can be so easily seen … the thorns brambles and nettles of drama .. greed corruption .. fake ..  lies   and other vigorously growing garden pests n parasites .. and I’m including religious drama in this … cause seriously all religions preach peace love tolerance / acceptance / allowing … yet ALL have been and continue to be the source of hatred, intolerance, wars  and the like … the whole .. me myself & I thing …  in mad doctrines .. of the only way is my way .. YIKES … its a bit like I wanna shout so loud through the world that it like a bell reverberates and echoes as vibrational ripples all around … HELLO  … just STOP … BREATHE … look at history … and seriously .. my question is it not beyond time  to get it …. all the shit of me myself I …the whole mine is better than yours .. and so on … It has never worked … through all of history ….. NEVER EVER worked … If you really honestly look at it … the mess of religious doctrines ..and pretens love .. so fake its slippery cause its like preaching the doctrine … but the supposed righteous living involves breaking every rule .. from pointing fingers .. to hatred if the other poor sod does not fall into line of what the individual doctrine preaches … YIKES … Hey I was brought up christian … the bible was bashed in a very big way … got to confirmation time & well I had questions … way to many for comfort for those around me … so I read the sacred texts of all the 7 major religions .. yes including the koran … & NO its not a sin  … its INFORMING oneself … but most importantly it clears the dogma … frees the heart and soul to flow with the basic message in ALL the religions LOVE & PEACE …& what I found way back then with all these religious texts there was FAR MORE SIMILARITIES than differences .. There were for example the same names for angels etc Christian & Muslim and others .. just the stories were told from a slightly different angle … So really from my teens my attitude to it all has been  … OH Please .. its so fricking OBVIOUS its  ALL THE SAME … just WAKE up .. do your own research .. instead of following blindly … and  giving all your power away … to be used and abused … by the power hungry..

oo whoppsee a bit stronger than I intended … being a fan of the love n light n cuties n all 🙂

Well its just everything is always more than beyond obvious to the Heart … Those in drama and living through the mind only though  … well  for some the major shock only comes once they pop their clogs and leave this earthly life… the realisation of still being perfectly conscious SOUL … just without the physical body .. but very much with the complete responsibility for what they are/ have been .. all choices an actions ..all thoughts … the life review can be quite a shocking experience from what I’ve witnessed … First time I saw a passing of a soul to light was my Pappa I was nearly 7 … the whole experience is as vividly with me today as the night it happened decades ago … watching him being present with his higerself /his soul … gives an impact of what is truly important in life… but this is a big topic for another time 🙂

I’m talking ROSES here ❤

& my kid in a candy store moments   ..  OOO YES Rose moments candyfloss for the soul … only better … yip way better  😉 its the very peek of the season for the old variety Roses ..OH so much WOW .. & Yummy blessings for the senses .. pleasure highly activated ..& not to mention the olfactory system on overload  … OH the nose was in Heaven … well it get there with one single rose … so .. in this … scented Roses with hints n accents of lemons, oranges subtly mixed in Rose tones in some .. Ripe juicy Peaches in Rose … & so many different rose notes and vibrations the scents were like a perfectly orchestrated symphony  .. sweet & flowery through citrus galore … musk to deep heavy spices, and so much more ..

Like an excellent wine each had its own Magical symphony which it played at its LOUDEST 🙂 .. & together they were a symphony of cosmic magic so mesmerising .. yet so awakening & expanding of all the senses .. I was walking around there wandering if these were clouds I was dancing on .. & well with Heart clouds above … the Guardians n Angels are showing their JOY …

018     062

On occasion when my head noticed other people  … but if I could do that one eyebrow lift thing .. you know then one that some can manage sending the eyebrow way up under the hairline 😉  just out of disbelief of how many people walked around in all this GLORY but really saw nothing .. not even here & these Rose gardens at David Austin Roses with beauty all around .. some of the lip positions I observed ..frowns .. with just deadish / sleeping eyes /faces .. some with lips that’s looked like they hit as low as their knees .. Now this could easily be a tripping hazard for them  & I was tempted to verbalize gentle warning of the tripping hazard … but managed to contain myself 😉 .. but I must just say now that that’s just sadly scary … Cause even with your eyes closed the scent sound & magical heat of the summer Sun there are so many blessings … that the Gratitude record should with ease have a deep grove in it by now.

The nose alone ..BLISS …the feel of the warm gentle breeze mixed with the heat of the sun ..was way beyond cloud walking levels all on its own … so OH yes its Magic 😉

HMM now I have to admit … Yikes … that was it not deemed seriously inappropriate as an adult or even as a kid for that matter .. so I couldn’t let the inner child out to play on this one either 😉 … Hmm the whole just grabbing someone then forcefully prising their eyes open … shaking a little … checking if sawdust came from between the ears …… sadly NOT appropriate .. nor acceptable behaviour …


Nor is the version that also played out in my mind a few times .. grabbing them & shoving their noses DEEP INTO A ROSE while teaching them deep breathing techniques .. Yes I know .. NO NO NO 😉 .. but darn sometimes these visualisation techniques of quick mass awakening can be most amusing … the inner giggles can be really quite difficult to contain 😉


  The repeat sounds .. through the garden of what sound like huge heavy rusty iron doors being squeakily & repeatedly opened & closed .. The Peacocks song in other words .. is I wouldn’t wonder particularly designed to wake up the sleeping .. at least to the what .. where .. how … ???? level 🙂


As for me the one thing with these magnificent beings .. when they do fan out their tail feathers .. & turn their backs .. it’s golden whitey brown tones only … the pattern there  looks like a perfect mandala of a LOTUS opening .. it’s most precious .. when they give a full display n dance ..   not today mind … this visit I got a rolling from the one that stayed near the car ….over in the grass showing me its tummy .. It was enjoying the space the sun ..light .. just BEing present …and it felt safe I guess  .. no threat I guess … anial know these things .. they never doubt their instincts 🙂

I’m not sure how many people that wonder around there actually see the peacocks in these gardens .. cause I’ve watched them & for big birds with huge tails in shiny WOW see me colours .. they can run past .. a bit like superman .. what was that .. Was it .. ??? Anything ?? Ghost ?? most I believe opt for the No nothing & stay in their comfort zone .. asleep .. but for more & more as people wake up they come out I guess 🙂 … My wish and prayer is for blessed little or larger … huge will do too 😉 wakeup shocks for all 🙂 cause darn all the beauty and magic .. the JOY it ll brings … the blessings … yip I wish that for everyone 🙂

Be happy … Choose LOVE & JOY