Nosy Baby Bull :) and Orb on sunset walk

Nosy Baby Bull :) and Orb on sunset walk

Sunset Walk with curious young bullocks loose in the grounds .. Wanting to check out the humans .. Mama natures gentle beasts 🙂 ♥ a few with a little bouncing bucking JOY .. & then a cheeky look as to say .. you still there ..hmmm .. mostly we get the humans to move a little faster 😉 run even 😀 LOL 

Maia ♥ 

hello A

baby Bull & orb in the sunset


101 … LOVE n PEACE

101 … LOVE n PEACE

101 … Simple ways of LOVE n PEACE … a Challenge to ME … to simplify .. & condense my words in a sentence or two 😉 ..

Yes I know .. YIKES  … & finally start really getting started and on with some regular features as promised so many months ago .. to my shock at discovering I am a brand 😉 .. almost finished giggling at it …  so somehow ready to take it more seriously now  …. & calm has again settled all around … so the inner calm doesn’t have to hand on to the sides on the boat like mad .. just to stay in the boat due to the storms of other n their ripples  ..

so here we go 🙂


PEACE starts and ends on the inside .. In our Hearts … from there is the only way it can be shared and understood .. ONE by ONE … WE CHOOSE ..  & so is the BLESSING of FREE WILL

Seeing the JOY n Beauty in the little things

Seeing the JOY n Beauty in the little things

Okie so first talkie as promised .. a pure improvisation on the topic of JOY & a little more .. well everything seems to connect to everything else so staying on topic and not weaving all words in and out of similar topics  is always a bit of a challenge for me … & I know why too … its a bit like having one flower in a vase .. stunning wondrous & most beautiful .. a highlight in the spotlight of natures glory … I mean who wouldn’t love that right … but then but a bunch together .. and although their individuality and magic still stands out each n every one … they support .. balance  .. and even help each other shine but standing out more against each other  … accentuating each others beauty

wouldn’t it be awesome if all us humans could do that for each other  …  I call that really living … really being present .. and it works just that way once we sign out of  and delete the old drama files that just take everyone round and around in circles of learning the hard way .. that the fake and the masked are just that … faked n masked

Ooo see there I am off again … LOL … this is on JOY & how to see it in the little things  … like I said 🙂



BE your whole field of consciousness … BE Presence …
by choosing as much as possible.. to BE Present in every moment ..the higher vibrational moments of Joy & Beauty multiply .. and creating the Joy moments just from a breath when necessary becomes easier 🙂

064 x w definition of crazy

So just whenever you realise your in the past or to far in the future … in worry or in lack … just STOP .. BREATHE .. & BE just still in the moment .. Observe .. see … feel what is all around and within .. just right NOW .. & you will see JOY .. feel JOY … See & feel the BLESSINGS the LOVE IS … in the sun .. in the clouds a flower … in the AIR all around … just BREATHE that LOVE in .. SOURCES Creation LIGHT is always ALL AROUND … in ALL WAYS … ALWAYS
Breathe it in to help you REMEMBER YOU are Whole  …  you are Complete …

You are BEAUTIFUL in every way …

BREATHE & BE .. your HEART already knows the JOY …

only the mind darkens …. SWEEP the BREATH of CREATION through every cell of your body …including send a whirlwind through your thoughts if necessary and reset the programme to one who serves you

let the LOVE LIGHT you up heart  ….. to BE Presence .. in your whole & complete Self & let it be filled with energy .. Love & Light …   your LIGHT body activated will lift your physical being to Health in Wealth & well-being in every way
Wishing you All Magical days ❤

Healing rays while making soap enveloped in scent

Healing rays while making soap enveloped in scent

Been making soap… something I have not done in way to many years  … all organic with Rose  jasmine & Lemon  … the scent enveloping life ..oo everything  beautifully .. and then some

047xcause I put the scented rose  petals & the essential oils in a little early, it turned into intoxication central around here.

so of cause some … hmmm or well most you could say of the scent that was supposed to stay in the soap was instead giving the olfactory system a thorough workout 😉

052xBeing a girlie it wasn’t to bad .. just a little OH oh Hello .. & I couldn’t stop laughing at my own silliness .. cause its not that I didn’t know not to put the oils in to soon, but there you go.

Andreas on the other hand who came through two closed doors from outside freshness  … to one of the magical topsy turvy roller coaster moments of life .. one of those that take no prisoners … but instead tests  your nuts n bolts to the extreme .. this time the nose 😉 LOL

You know that old saying … smells a bit like a tarts boudoir … well I’m thinking the boudoir had nothing on this

& then then when I was trying to get close to my soap mix with more oils to replenish the steamed off supplies …

past Mr Tickles with his pleading shouts of NOOOOOO Please NO no more oils, Noooooooooooooooooo … Need to Breathe .. just BREATHING again .. So NO Please noooo  …

past mr Zen stillness guru …

n past his Martial arts self too … which I’m sure most unfairly I have to say was fully behind and aiding mr Tickles


Wooooohoooo 😉 what a ride life is & doing it with JOY certainly has its advantages.

Highly recommendable I’d say

Laughter meditation, I’m sure it prolongs life, health .. and deeply centres the well BEing in body mind and Soul ..

063I’ve been told I should be doing more of this kinda thing & flower essences too .. & more of the very select HIGH ENERGY jewellery again .. seems all who have / wear pieces I do / have done this kinda healing with very well .. the feel great effect n all ❤

010xwell I say I,  it’s all around for us all its just connecting to it & is shared liberally with me by source & light BEings .. so there are many involved  .. but I’ve been dreaming that I should do more of it .. Apparently … for those that need a little extra to change things around for themselves

I’m not sure why I’m on the fence slightly .. so any thought from you all would be very welcome .. or even just if anyone would be interested in anything like this ??


Seeing is Believing how to be Seeing the God Particles / LIFE Force/ LOVE Light/ Source Energy / SEEING REAL LOVE .. cause everybody can ! .. instead of serving love

Seeing is Believing how to be Seeing the God Particles / LIFE Force/ LOVE Light/ Source Energy / SEEING REAL LOVE .. cause everybody can ! .. instead of serving love

to me … the question was with every picture … how was love served by that … every time the answer from the Guardians & Angels was the same … it was not .. LOVE is not to be served to or by anyone .. in half measures and pretend dramas  .. only conditions expect servitude …. LOVE is to BE LIVED fully … LOVE is sharing caring and beauty in all that is. it has NO restrictions … it is Unconditional FREE for ALL to see .. BE .. & to choose to LIVE

OH the good bit .. how too See the Sparkles LIFE Force / LOVE LIGHT Afloat .. is in the last half 😉 .. but first ..

photographer unknown


LOVE shouldn’t be served …

LOVE should BE treated as what it really IS .. REJOICING  CELEBRATION … JOY … BEAUTY in every way … celebrating the LIFE FORCE of all that is .. LIFE … Growth .. expanded awareness … Enlightenment  … TRUTH & True Knowing..

In its TRUE form it is UNCONDITIONAL .. its caring … sharing … understanding … accepting & so much more.

This comment ..Love is always served .. rattled my heart yesterday (on my FB page) … & I found myself giving a few rather Yucky really hardcore examples of not so good things people do to each other … well that was done to me & my mother .. but as all healed .. forgiven .. & 100% & completely given over to a higher source .. so there is no pain in the memories any more … & I keep being told by the Angels how important the stories are to share .. so release and seeing is easier for others too .. I figured what the heck .. lets see if someone who professes to feel so highly ..deeply & be so LIGHT .. really feels it .. gets it n the like .. that it has nothing to do with what it looks like we do .. or what we say … but everything to do with what we DO … I don’t trust masks of any kind .. hmmm well

What can I say … I never test 😉 anyone for them … if they see /get it that’s cool but if not that’s cool too … its just for my clarity that’s all .. and because its not always that easy to see /to hear what’s real  …

Having lived most of my life around people who profess to be OH so spiritual & have come OH so far now in love n light  … do great and unspeakable harm … while hiding behind their supposed beliefs ..saying it was whom ever’s free will and choice that made the decision to believe and trust in a mutual venture .. that they broke these agreements to suit their next whim .. and if confronted by this .. they look you straight in the eye and use total denial of any such thing ever happening in the first place  ???  even though they have just admitted it all happen by blaming the other (victim so to speak) for being stupid enough to trust them in the first place … hmmm & ??? HELLOOOOOO …  sadly these are examples I have witnessed first hand way to many times on way to many levels .. Its why Integrity & TRUTH is so immeasurably important to me ..

Well these words … love is always served … and the thought.. well pictures given to me .. of all the horror in this world that is with such ease hidden in such conditional thinking … had tears flowing down my cheeks in torrents …

a fricking unstoppable deluge is what it felt like .. & I’m so done with tears in this life I cant tell you  .. hmm … well not just bits of my own & my mothers stories came up to me … but it all came .. was shown in bigger and brighter pictures that I would want to put on any of you …. the gentler things were like :

The 90 year old man going to prison in Florida for feeding the homeless !!!  ??? Doing right in a state that has made homelessness illegal & even to help those who have nothing .. is illegal there .. and other places in the western world too .. what is that crap ???

& worse in my book a Christian giving $50 000 ANONYMOUSLY for a bronze statute of a homeless man asleep on a bench to set up in the same state ????

How about just simply standing up in his church .. & getting a few more Sunday sitters on pews to LIVE their belief a little during the week  … spending the money & MORE in really helping all those that need a little help … most of which have been ill and have medical bills that have had the banks take their homes because their insurances refuse to pay  …. by my count there are enough “Christians in Florida” to get anything done if they stick together .. Not just the Amazing 90 year old who really LIVES LOVE .. but OOOO silly me … they are also the people who made it illegal and messed with the law in the first place … NOW that explains the cowardliness of anonymous I guess … oo whoopsee  sarcasm .. on these topics .. its a must for me .. survival mode n all  … but

I issue a challenge .. please ..pretty please feel free to shock me by right action at any time … MY HEART CAN TAKE IT 😉

Well there is a lot of shit going on in the world as you all know …. & the pictures in my head .. went through way to many .. wars .. there are always more then, or at least 48 on this planet of ours at any one time 😦 … GREED .. SILENCE … and all to the repeat  of is always served …

I’ve had some creepy visions in my time …  but this morning was excessive …the wars and the greed to sell weapons behind starting them all … The copilot who crashed his plane having been messed up by medicines in the first place … a lot of which should never have been give to anyone at all .. never mind a pilot who’s pressure on the cranium and eyes is extreme … a popped blood vessel behind the eyes … some medicines cause the pressure that is labelled glaucoma … way to much information  … but I doubt the pharma industry or the doctors who so easily prescribe drugs will be held accountable …

Did you know that more than 70% of people prescribed antidepressants are NOT depressed ?

I have to ask is love being served when people are harmed on purpose  by those they believe can and will help them ???

but then I also have to ask .. why does not every one question everything … all this is so easy to verify these days … all the information on any side effects of meds … on toxins of all kinds .. and on the companies /humans behind them & oh so much more is out there .. for all who wish to see … learn and inform themselves … cause this vital information will not be handed to you through mainstream media .. in fact most of it is banned cause the TV & Radio stations depend on the advertising form said companies .. among other things .. like they are OWNED by those causing the main problems in the first place ….

love serving GREED

…. hmmm … example rather I think …. when I was younger mum loved Dallas .. the whole sorry drama mess .. it was one of those ..that even if you didn’t want to watch it .. or know anything about it .. you ..well I got acquainted with some of the characters ..  so JR … rogue as he was  … but at least he was HONEST in his meanness … said it .. did it .. lived it .. did not pretend to be anything or anyone but himself .. hmmm & LOL .. manipulated to get what he wanted .. married those silly enough to marry him for their money & so on .. & on .. he had no qualms faking innocence … cause for him …  love was served … this is the human drama …

but really .. most importantly ..  WE ALL have the POWER of CHOICE to not be in it …

flower art MAP designer & photographer unknown
flower art MAP designer & photographer unknown

to me … the question was with every picture … how was love served by that … every time the answer from the Guardians & Angels was the same … it was not .. LOVE is not to be served to or by anyone .. in half measures and pretend dramas  .. only conditions expect servitude …. LOVE is to BE LIVED fully … LOVE is sharing caring and beauty in all that is. it has NO restrictions … it is Unconditional FREE for ALL so see .. BE .. & to choose to LIVE

SO NOW for the REALLY GOOD bit ….

Seeing is believing they say … 🙂

well everyone can see the light … everyone can see the energy …

LIFE FORCE .. LOVE LIGHT … Source light … God particles …  call them /it / LOVE .. what you will  ….

no matter what your religion .. way of belief … if Source head in your belief system is God Buddha Allah Krishna & so on & on for you  … the SOURCE of all that … & more  is what all life is made of and from … the truth is in ALL .. & we can all see it .. it just takes a little practice … all the Great Masters taught this Christ … Buddha & Mohamed etc.

sadly though most choose not to even try …


see how NATURE GLOWS with LIFE FORCE .. See the GOD Particles ..sparkle all around you ? …

& NO seeing them does not make you crazy 😉

it will however make you think a LOT … and it changes everything  .. because you can not see so much Beauty … so much LOVE .. see LIFE growing the force of the LIGHT .. and NOT choose LOVE unconditionally & totally in all ways … its the only MAGIC that is REAL

So have you ever seen .. LIGHTS out of the corner of your eyes … have you ever seen that …. or think you did … little flashes … then nothing 🙂

Well that’s it … that’s how it starts … or can start …this is an abilities that have been suppressed in humanity for thousands of years  .. by fear … and those sensitive who have seen and told have been destroyed or feared by most ..sad when you think its is for each and everyone of us .. our direct line to ..  SOURCE  ..

For those  of you that also see the grey or darker ones too   … that’s all centuries worth of human drama choices … my words for it is perpetuated shit in circulation with some peoples choices … but maybe just saying wars … anger hatred … GREED .. is a simpler way of putting it ..

It IS what makes people ill … the only thing that really causes illness on this planet  … Because of greed it has crept into food & medicine .. through chemicals and … the wanting to make bigger profits for less .. but this is NOT a rant on that topic yet again 😉  … this bit is on LIGHT particles & how to see them ❤

When you get the right focus on the lights .. or not as the case may be  .. it is a kinda meditation focus ..

relaxed ..

a looking by not looking ..

Don’t try and look straight at the light sparks .. they will disappear 🙂

Its more like looking through them ..

do not focus on them .. but beyond them .. is probably the best way to say it .. .hmmm I know HA  sounds weird … & yip its the staring into space things .. kids can do it real easily ❤

012 xct1
LIGHT Afloat in the Woods 🙂  … Daily signs of LOVE

I guess best description is bypassing the mind and seeing with the heart .. just allowing LOVE to show you LOVE I guess .. & your HEART knows all about that ❤

Its a bit like taking your heart out for a walk … stopping & showing it the beauty all around for the first time … like its being seen for the very first time .. the wow feeling to natures beauty .. the gratitude to all that is .. & not forgetting LOVE .. helps the seeing 🙂

Everyone can see it  .. really I am not kidding you …. its a bit like glitter sparkling & golden halos around trees n plants …

people .. well some golden .. but grey n dark is quite usual sadly ..

An easy way to get started … :

If you can use your hands as monoculars so to speak … like when you were little .. when playing pirates or something 😉 & Okie so watch out for onlookers .. cause that bit can spoil the street cred a wee bit 😉 LOL

but … it narrows the eyes view .. the space of focus …

So stand with your back to the sun … outside of cause … its easier there .. and look through your hands at the sky …

the best time is when the sky is greyish blue .. like sunrise and sun up ..twilight is easiest … but any time really so long as its not to bright .. the energy/ life force moves so fast .. and even faster in the brightness … well in the right time .. with the right conditions … you should see easily lots n lots of sparkles and more very soon through your hands .. like the old tv fuss in a way … after that its just to practice so your eyes / brain gets used to .. you having allowed yourself to see the light ❤

although I should say here … the beautiful stuff is wonderful .. but the grey & darker .. seem to get more interested in you the more light you see and hold …

so shield in the light .. wrap up in love and only give focus to the light …

also there are so many that speak love n light but when your see them … see their energy they are grey .. and quite a lot darker in some too ….but that’s the rather advanced version … but YES with practice everyone can see that too  … it helps see truth in everything ..

See our energy /Life Force never lies … it can not … it just IS .. so nothing is really hidden … this most have felt with instant likes or dislikes of another ..person ..situation or place .. I’m guessing most of you have felt that at least once in your lives so 🙂 … Your Heart always knows TRUTH … once we all learn to listen again to our inner knowing .. this will be a most beautiful World ❤

just have FUN with it for now .. Play .. try ❤

I do teach this stuff and more both online & in person .. so if you want to know more .. or want a little more guidance in getting to grips with it all ..let me know  🙂

Wishing you all Abundance of Creations Magic LOVE & LIGHT in your Lives ❤


wall of green .. or a window wall of coffee … to a solid wall in the sky

wall of green .. or a window wall of coffee … to a solid wall in the sky

A wall … well this is the middle o nowhere .. 😉 so walls of green it will have to be .. & maybe I can find a few more too… a window of coffee perhaps  … & last but not least this is England so Clouds .. make for a pretty darn solid wall at times.

Wall's of hedges
Wall’s of hedges

Hedgerows .. might look harmless and not so sold at all … but the old ones have as big n sold trunks as the trees would have had had they not been cut .. around hear that means .. watch out for the speeding mums delivering or collecting from the local school … on their phones ..speeding down the little lanes .. with loose kids in the back of the monster 4*4’s … because they don’t seem to know they are playing chicken … or they simply do not see oncoming traffic  .. both of which is terrifying .. if for no other reason than the free range kids in the back  … but also for survival … I can not tell you just how many times I have had the hedges practically in the car to not be a flat thing of the past  … although the car can testify with some lasting memorial hedge graffiti 😉

Window wall of how you can enjoy your coffee ... under a Heart cloud .. so it has to be good right ;)
Window wall of how you can enjoy your coffee … under a Heart cloud .. so it has to be good right 😉

now … Coffee .. that’s a better subject …Although why the what feels like hundreds of flavoured options ….  what say they just gave you an option of Fair Trade … now that would do it for me  … the hundreds of added flavours they can keep … give me a cupper that tastes as good as my nose says it should .. that sends all the pleasure and AH Yum signals through my senses from the first whiff to the last taste … & you’ll have me at the fist whiff 😉

Now that was Summer England .. Green N Heart clouds all 🙂

Now for  … Winter England

By far the best know wall around here then is .. the solid white … n grey … n shades there of wall of clouds .. although even these solid walls o white have Hearts within them …  for those that deem to look .. to breathe and appreciate the moment that even the grey days have beautiful blessings ..

Hearts even come in a wall of clouds
Hearts even come in a wall of clouds

This last one I coloured enhanced .. to show the heart shaped window in the wall of clouds better … so simply .. the LOVE is everywhere .. all the time .. even when we have to use our imagination for the extra colour and shine 🙂

Hearts .. signs of LOVE LIGHT is everywhere
Hearts .. signs of LOVE LIGHT is everywhere

Wishing you all Magical days ❤


Wacky world … the news is a question of colours n dresses gone viral .. + I heard of some side effects of 50 shades

Wacky world … the news is a question of colours n dresses gone viral  .. + I heard of some side effects of 50 shades

Wacky world …. the news is a question of colours n viral dresses .. + the side effects of 50 shades …. makes for some hilarious stories .. even while avoiding the news I couldn’t escape it … so its been a day to make me ponder  … life … 

This dress that’s going around social media .. white n gold .. or blue n black  .. it was the first thing I saw this morning  seemed just funny at the time … & I found it more light blue n chocolate … go figure I’m weird there too ..LOL .. but then I had not had my coffee yet so  … maybe it was cause I was just thinking of having a piece of nice dark Belgian chocolate with it 😉 …  but now .. seeing that over 21 million responded just to the first post alone has made me wonder & .. question ????? & my brain has more & more ??? & Really’s ????????

What if it was that wondrously easy to spread really good beautiful news too …  not just nonsense ..Miracles n Magic now if that could spread that fast wouldn’t it be awesome 🙂 .. something that really made someone feel better ❤

but as it stands it speaks a bit of society as a whole I guess … or mainstream at least …. Kinda sad really .. so many things could make major differences in this world .. yet this goes viral .. ??? 

On a slightly different but to me similar topic .. the 50 shades thing ..there has been a few news articles across Europe … that have made me roar with laughter ..  at .. lets call it just simply what it is 🙂 just plain & simple stupidity 😉 

They have been along the line of  Fire & Rescue having an extreme amount of call outs to folks in the most silly …  ridiculous .. Extremely stuck 😉  & highly embarrassing ways n  situations .. in the week flowing the release of the movie ..

HA .. lets just say .. the stories amused me as at least those brave souls that normally risk their lives for others safety gets paid overtime 🙂  & get the most hilarious stories to share 😉  which to me is 1000 times better than the glorification of domestic abuse n more the film & books portray ..

Well it put the whole thing into a funny perspective … for me … but it sure also makes for some pondering about intelligence levels I have to say …

So much so many are missing … so much of peoples power being given / thrown away .. in the following a flow that demeans women … that glorifies domestic abuse & other manipulation & abuse of power …

It sure makes the importance of being present in each moment extremely clear ..



Not to mention our choices .. how we choose to use our FREE WILL & spend our precious time ❤ & what we chose to put our power .. our energy behind ..

024smaller x

Love … Life .. & ..What the words … everything is Energy .. means to me

Love … Life .. &  ..What the words … everything is Energy .. means to me

Love … Life .. &  ..What the words … everything is Energy .. means to me  .. is basically that COEXIST .. chose PEACE .. Just LOVE its so easy .. Its just a hearts choice of who & what you chose to BE… now I’ve had more hassle for that one little comment .. than I would even have thought possible.

456x c film  coexist peace warning high risk of peace

… from an early age I was fascinated with any knowledge that i could obtain  … but mostly anything that brought a few facts and understanding  to my differences .. to everything that I usually just needed to keep to myself because it was always put down … misunderstood .. The hardest one  .. that LOVE & TRUTH had to be as One .. was the one thing that has broken my heart more than anything else.. or the full on war against it almost broke my spirit on many occasions .. & that what I knew to be TRUTH was mostly always labelled a lie  …

Now of cause ..and for quite some years …its all made sense … but as a kid .. I had no way of understanding or comprehending those I grew up around …for the simple fact that they lived by the rule .. that no one ever told the truth, there was no such thing as “Just the TRUTH” … and that whatever was said was simply coloured by whatever someone wanted … all drama and manipulation for energy of cause.

The mess of which simply never matched that which I TRUSTED more than any human  .. including parents … The TRUTH of the Angels & Guardians … of LIGHT BEings  The Guardians they were & are from backgrounds in one or more lives within all the different main religions … all coming together in Universal law ..of all that is .. once back in LIGHT bodies and back to full consciousness … The consciousness that teaches LOVE above all else … teaches Creations Beautiful magical Growth … through Cause & Effect

If you want to find the secrets to the universe .. think in the terms of .. Energy … Frequency & Vibration

Nicola Tesla

I always found Tesla eye opening & inspiring … & what a different world we would be living in if his way of FREE Energy .. free electricity for all .. would have been allowed to flourish like it was supposed to …

Science is is thankfully catching up on many fronts these days … One of these  Dr Masaru Emoto & his life long study of Water & frozen water crystals I view with deep gratitude  … to me it was like someone put pictures … Natures Own pictures to part of the core of what I was trying to explain .. about the simplicity of LIFE … of LOVE… of connection to everything in Creation.

water crystal dr emoto 1

Water the most beautiful magical CREATIVE substance …

It reflects our words .. our intention … our thoughts perfectly

WE are 70 to 90 % WATER … every single one of those molecules …Vibrate to the FEELING of our thoughts ..the words. Our believes … outward .. and all our inward beliefs .. about ourselves .. We store in our water .. well our bodies store emotions .. feelings … hurts … pain …  which does not make us feel so good  … As well as Love .. encouragements …

water crystals dr emoto 2

JOY & all the Good stuff 🙂 . The beauty & the feeling GREAT

Now this certainly puts perspective on our use of our use of our FREE WILL wouldn’t you say ?

& how we choose to use our CHOICES  ..

This is what complete Personal Responsibility IS  … or the easiest way to explain it for me anyway .. what we chose as a frequency (LOVE or fear @ out cores) .. & to which tune we chose to vibrate  (who & what we are)

Let me strike out the word karma while I’m at it .. its not a word I like .. but I keep trying to use .. cause of the mainstream connection to it these days I guess … but it neither feels right .. nor fits in the way I really see things  …. so let me just throw it out once and for all … & just use Cause N Effect … cause that all it is really .. in a an ebb & flow like the tides of the oceans … a natural rhythm … a flow of Life & emotions like water .. either in LOVING … Compassionate ways .. for self & all .. or with fear based lack in some way attached .. slowing down the vibrations to the not so good feelings …

There is only LOVE or fear .. all our emotions from Love & compassion .. to anger and hatred fall into those …

Dr. Emoto water crystals
Dr. Emoto water crystals

So ALL our choices are immensely important for our well being … cause all the water in us .. goes straight to work … following the orders YOU GIVE thorough your Thoughts & feelings


Dr. Emoto water crystals
Dr. Emoto water crystals

In the simplest terms we are either polluting your own and others peoples waters …  or we are keeping them nice & clear  … If its the latter no matter what comes at you … you can easily clear and cleanse it … keeping your own vibrations to HEALTH .. WEALTH & JOY  ….

Clearing ourselves from thought … word and emotional pollution .. when we have pictures like these … becomes  somewhat easier …. or I feel anyway … it takes the choice from a airy fairy .. just have to believe it so … and the whole normal cant possibly be that easy … as well as the sadly very normal  …”I can’t possibly do that” … to hard kinda thing  …  to changing your thoughts .. feelings and actions in words about yourself by just simply using Dr Emotos pictures of water … the ones that appeal the most to you always work best …


Its all in how we chose to hold & use our Free Will

This to me takes the dreaded words for most “Complete personal responsibility” & turns them into nothing less than Complete FREEDOM … this kind of responsibility is only total Freedom nothing else … how awesome in that.

If anything it is a bit like …  symmetry & balance … the Cause & Effect of life’s flow.

we either flow like nature intended with this beautiful planet which sustains us & get more in touch with our SOUL selves  … Its an amazing feeling & awareness this being completely present in oneself  .. with the knowing of how much more everyone is that most will not even allow themselves to comprehend … All the masters knew this Christ, Buddha, Mohammed etc.  ..

This symmetry & balance …when we find it …  has a good feel to it … comfortable nurturing & loving symmetry & rounded balance ..flowing kinda .. gives a sort of stillness and peace in the heart .. involves allowing & compassion for oneself & for all  .. or we do not flow … to me that’s the drama and manipulation for energy repeating the lessons .. not learning from our own mistakes … but just repeating the suffering .. Not so good … but using our past to see clearly … and choosing differently  … WOW that changes everything.

Lets take relationships .. put simply … if your preference has been lemon jelly .. but it always falls flat .. or makes for pain in one way or another in your life .. it clearly does not work for you .. but you keep choosing it .. WHY cause … its not going to miraculously transform into the most delicious ice cream  … really honestly will not.

So if it is that you keep choosing lemon jelly in what ever disguise it adorns … the lessons of Cause & Effect will be yours to repeat  … ouchy ..bumpy … & with all the trimmings of sad n sorry  they might have ..

You want ICE Cream … you have to choose something you have not done before .. take different choices … those that feel good to your heart & soul … those choices that NURTURE .. that brings a most beautiful balance of all our wondrous quirks & just me’s into an inner place of VALUE

as Gandhi said BE the CHANGE

This is the same for all aspects of our lives … it all either gives to us … lightens us … helps us to feel good … or it takes from us … feels heavy  …

& the choices are ours.


How we treat ourselves … as well as how we treat others … effect us … if badly .. it will be until we decide to make NEW & different choices .. ones that feel good to us.

water crystals emoto 3

We can take the same water like here … or words  & even thoughts  & how we deliver them to our selves or others makes all the difference

So the importance of how we let our Water Vibrate .. how we let ourselves vibrate … what Frequency we choose .. to BE

is the pivotal point in every choice we make ..

Love is my Religion 🙂

Choose LOVE & even the littlest things give you JOY …

Wishing you all Magical LOVE filled & JOYous  days ❤


Chocolate with dire warnings of dancing in the street

Chocolate with dire warnings of dancing in the street

The new baggies from our local health food store came with a dire warning today

 All I can say is ..YES PLEASE .. I’ll take that with a guarantee 😉


Not sure what the girl n the shop thought .. but she has a look that said .. Oh my g ..  a dancer 😉 LOL

I almost danced out the door just to set a few grey cells a spinning  😉

with my Chocolate bagged .. the silver screen is netted


Wishing you ALL Magical Silvery Screen days ❤



Coming to terms with branding ..n a few Goals :)

Coming to terms with branding  ..n a few Goals :)

OH my fricking Gggggggg ooooo   ……… I’m a BRAND 😉 YIKES n there I was thinking I was just ME … well I’ve been chewing on that one for the weekend .. and it went something like this ..

me .. Bawhahahahahahhahahahahahaha …

then .. rereading the words that sparked up the Ha’s in the first place still with a lot of smiles and a few Ha’s .. but the thoughts went deeper ..and deeper ..


a few coffees … a huge amount of head shaking .. as well as a fair few chuckles later  .. it hit me ..that OH MY Fricking Nora that was … really .. actually what a brand was .. what it Is …. ALL it IS  ….. sticking out a bit .. well a lot …

not staying modestly in the shade while others use the beautiful healing that happens around me to promote themselves  … nor hiding behind humour to hide the hurt of it … which have been my way through life ..always gentle and always forgiving .. there ha been a lot of forgiving .. but I have already written some about that …

Although I have not written / or blogged about the depth of healing that takes place when you meet and embark on that HEART mate relationship .. or soul mate /Twin flame is mentioned a lot … although the misconceptions of the latter have been grating at me for years .. and it is something  I am writing a lot about .. only haven’t shared much as yet … but its coming


So one of my goals will be to make a regular feature out of this .. not sure about weekly or monthly as yet … as I have a fair few topics to feature .. most not remotely as fluffy 😉 .. although fluffy .. in so far as that would be most peoples preconception … I prefer cutting through the crap and silliness the core . simplify .. and start with in any relationship you only get what you are willing to give .. you want honesty .. you have to give it … 100% .. and NO hiding … anything … choose to let go of all drama .. and be free its a big topic but a hell of a lot simpler than you’d think with all the waffle going on out there about it

Its very much part of much coaching that we do Andreas & I for those that need that at least  & for couples of cause @ Heart Cloud  as well as much else …but Mostly ..  we call it all Freestyle “Punk” Yoga Coaching these days helping others pave their unique paths to and in JOY


& Goal 2 ..

Sharing more about Freestyle Punk Yoga   … sharing more core structures of Freestyle “Punk” yoga  … self help being the first help to our standing in our own power . …  & Choosing .. the LIVING … &  BEing .. the JOY of ALL that is .. in everything that we do …and in all that we are …  helping others really see that core in themselves rather awesome  ..

but also & I guess that’s 3

… for us .. just being us Andreas & I … and friends n all You know just LIFE … it can be real interesting .. cause through life we have both found that anyone who isn’t honest with themselves especially … have issues with someone who they believe  know more about them then they want to know about themselves 😉

& yes its weird to know to much … see ..feel … “to much” but it can also be really funny & I have a lot of that to share  .. more importantly I laugh more at and with myself than anything  … LIFE when you really look at it … ITS FUNNY  the good the GREAT n the not so wonderful .. with the right light and angle of view however … It can be hilarious the learning curves of life’s magical roller coaster

Now I should say here arseholes … my general term for all Negative entities & those who spew hatred ..anger and resentment … these Arses might laugh but as Andreas so beautifully puts it … if they knew what we see around and about them … they would so not be laughing  …

which lets me touch upon a topic .. that has been messed up in fear for most .. dark and heavy energy ….most of what is know as vampiric   and demonic .. is really just the force created by human anger and hatred .. fear creating more fear in others to get energy … everyone has felt it to a greater or lesser intent .. being totally drained ..or just very tired from some others  … Lower vibrating entities … ghosties n the like are drawn to such people  … and this can create some major havoc …  mostly for those they dump on .. but eventually also for themselves  ..

so that’s 4 …. Energy 101 – Self defence  .. it was one of the main reasons I started to blog  … cause of all the fear and nonsense around it all  … everything … just everything is so much simpler than most people think

& I feel its time that gets out there

So 2 … 3  & 4 …  I also want to make regular features … weekly .. monthly … I’m chewing it over 🙂

Wrapping my head n Heart around that there are a few aspects to ME the brand … even though I am just ME  … but I am my knowledge … My skills … basically I guess ..  I am what I do ..


the mad selfies ..always come after a walk in the woods .. go figure & the Rainbow light always gets me at the windswept moments with bits of greenery stuck in my hair n such …but I guess that sums it up .. I AM just ME …. this one from Imbolc .. the Celtic day of SPRING .. 2 February 2015

Which makes ME .. my Brand …. YIKES & holy mother of ………. just doesn’t come close …

to my thought about Me & Brand in the same sentence  … although maybe Russell Brand could interview me … I LOVE the way his comedian self gets to the core of some un-talked about issues in the Trews & else where …puts spiritual twists & just plain TRUTH on all issues … some of which very close to my heart .. & I can rant like that too … (well you might have noticed by now if you have been reading some of my stuff ) LOL .. but really …  how cool would that be .. ooo I know that wee fantasy is taking me off topic 😉

Which brings me to 5 ….. Case studies & repeat clients  …  their stories  .. The HEALING .. I’ve seen some and been part of some amazing & most Beautiful things .. from the extremes of .. healing from a diagnosis of terminal cancer to a LIFE with no dis in the EASE  at all … & so much more

way to much to share here but all to come also in a regular feature  … again I have the week /month thing in my head  & again I ??? ..cause I’m putting myself up for a huge amount of writing here .. so I have to fit it all in somehow 🙂

& in writing about this  … I have also to own completely … that I’m extremely good at what I do .. I don’t know of anyone else who have had clients emigrate to New Zealand  … and when all else failed after putting their back out again .. out there  ..coming all the way back .. half way across the world for treatments with me in the UK .. basically because they knew it would work .. and  as this beautiful soul put it would be more than worth it .. & totally was

I’ve had a lot of very HAPPY & totally enthusiastic clients over the last 20 years  …

I tend to forget that stuff about me … cause I’m just me ..  but I guess you could say that this blog is about me learning to wear the BRAND of ALL that I AM .. and wearing it high & being proud of it too .. the time of hiding behind bushels is done  .. & stepping out of the closet time it is

well this healing that’s always been in me … running through me & developing MAA Touch & connecting it to all that is Heart Cloud Consultants & Coaching too ..  with Andreas  … & still BEing just me .. working with the Angels Love and Light  … its been quite a journey so far … while also being a journey that’s just beginning ..

This Blog I guess is about sharing all of that .. past & PRESENT .. good job I’m a writer too hey 😉 .. and also what its like starting again with absolutely nothing …but my skills  and a deep an solid connection to source … and the darker side of being bullied to the point of loosing your business for a second time .. by supposed “family” … the lengths people will go to gain energy when you are no longer leaking it from the wounds they inflict .. and the strength of power to stay calm n that storm.

FREE falling in Total TRUST so to speak

which reminds me I really do need to shed the visual in my noggin ..  of the branding irons in the fire … for this thing to truly flow .. this me being a brand thing …

you know like from those old movies &/ or  history  .. the cattle drives .. and branding fires  .. (which thankfully around here these days they get the punk version in multi coloured spray paint on their behinds  🙂  )  … and from the horror of all horrors the slave trade .. and the marking of another human as lowly as property

I guess that is the me having read to much … and seen so many possibilities of humanity learning form the past … not repeating the drama .. the pain and suffering .. but choosing LOVE … sharing & caring

Remnants of which will stay ..cause I know i won’t be able to stop my self when a BEE gets in my bonnet about something I either find horrendous … or just awesome  … now that seems to flow easier than putting butter on toast …

Yip I can just imagine it Russell Brand interviewing me ….  a chat on life .. Talk about putting the world to rights 😉


6 Photography … will definitely at least be a weekly feature ..

simply because it makes my heart and soul sing … and half the time in pictures I can tell all of the above too so there will probably be a whole lot of that n all … & my aim with those will somehow be to say a lot in a very FEW words 😉 .. well I know … worthy as I am LOL …. I can do it 🙂 ..REALLY 😉 … Oh OK .. but I’m sure going to do my best to shorten the word count as much as possible … at least some times 😉

Well I guess that sort of covers why I blog … & goals ..


I am also going to do my very best to make it a daily thing .. this blog writing …  or as close to as I can

Cause as well as this I’m working on my book .. which covers all of the above and then some …. I’m at the editing and a bit of rewriting stage   ….in my kinda funny quirky way .. with no grammar as such .. cause I simply threw that box out the window .. along with the dyslexia ..which now only rears its head when I write in Norwegian .. which is supposedly my first language   .. go figure on life’s quirks

Add to that writing more stories for what has crept up on me as a second book …

The stories nature tells … interviews if you will with trees n fairies ..angels n the like .. to go along with the pictures … of “Natures Watchers”  … with a kinda hint of adult fairy tales if you will  … its proving to be a whole lot of fun … as nature and animals is always speaking to me

you can practically hear him right ;) ... he told me some Magical things  to share with ALL
you can practically hear him right 😉 … he told me some Magical things ❤

I guess I should call the books 7 a … n ….  b hey LOL ..                  on the goals list

Need to give myself a fairly tight schedule for that …


& all of that does not get to the question

If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like?

cause running smoothly ..isn’t remotely enough .. that’s not even tickling the starter plate …  Although I did mention the Brand interview … YEAH for cool … & maybe I should add the Dalai Lama .. I could interview him 🙂 ..  cause really I would so like to HUG that wonderful soul again … & so .. so very much more ❤


Yeah ..  well I was mad enough to sign up for blogging 201 branding n growth  … wasn’t I ….. having survived 101 widgets n thingys n wot nots n techno stuff .. of which twitter and getting to grips with …  what the fricking heck I’m doing  .. with that whole wacky scenario of tweeting  … it apparently still gives me the startled rabbit look … but I’m working on it 🙂

8  …. I so have to wrap my head around social media properly … especially Twitter .. & link everything up

but I have also set up Tsu which I have been ignoring since I started blogging 101 … whoops ..  FB ..I’m handling my private page any hows … but have to admit the Heart Cloud page is somewhat neglected of late

I should also mention ..You Tube .. darn I need to be a camera man for this .. I/we have big ideas .. but no clue how to do it .. LOL … then there is   Pinterest Instagram & LinkedIn .. all of which seem to be sitting there like lost children ..willing me to do something with them .. I have accounts …  HA .. I have got that far …. & now I’m staring at this bloglovin thing … and really  I’m no longer wondering why the kids teenies & young adults never look up from their phones …

YIKES …  but I have to say here … That’s not going to be me  …I will never loose the thought that … Answer phones are blessed  and most useful things 😉

Nothing beats NATURE .. & being totally Present in each Moment …

but I will get it all organised and sorted somehow 🙂  … time frame : within the next day or two ..I will have them all linked to my avatar .. and using them properly & hopefully loosing the startled rabbit look by the end of blogging 201

OH & I think I signed up for poetry 201 too  .. YIKES .. so goal 9  I guess .. but I’ll have to be my version of prose ( & with Photos)

but hey … YEAH … they can be short 😉 .. I might just pull off the shorter posts 😉

Wishing you ALL Beautiful Presents ..  of Magical Moments … in every day ❤


The GOOSE RAN DOWN MY BACK from the words I read …

The GOOSE RAN DOWN MY BACK from the words I read …

First thing I saw this morning was a lot of babble from folks that seemed rather ill informed … I should say it was FB … so .. yes yes I know .. that happens a lot  .. but I never get that thing some do ..the force of an opinion that has NO solid ground in any kind of fact .. but they can be darn destructive with it

Saw some comments  on this  You tube video ..  that brought this wee bit o chat on . I couldn’t help it … it just poured out of me 🙂 .. go figure … I so don’t have enough words for that right 😉 LOL

then I pop on here to write a post and the first thing I see is a Beautiful Poem by The World  of …  you can see JMD’s words  here 🙂 & yes I whole heartedly agree .. see through the fake … the crap .. the lies …. & .. Become the world of  … you decide … yip .. yip yip … its all in our CHOICES ❤

which is kinda what I said to those fuelling hatred .. of  Jew’s of blacks & so much more .. the racist hatred ..YUCK .. wars to rid they said …..

made the goose run down my back ..

Swanny I know ..but I can visualise 007 Swan running after the fear n scaremongers  ... you know all the  arses   .. clearing the energy and pecking their sorry but's  ;) :D HA
Swanny I know ..but I can visualise 007 Swan running after the fear n scaremongers … you know all the arses .. clearing the energy and pecking their sorry butt’s 😉 😀 HA … well dreaming is allowed 🙂


then the teeth gritted and before I knew it ..

I’d responded with this :

Through out the centuries or repeating bloodshed … back and forth … only ONE winner is ever in any war … the weapons manufactures .. which somehow through our governments ALWAYS sell weapons and armaments to BOTH sides of ALL conflicts … follow the threads of the big money the evidence is quite blatantly obvious ….

HOW do they do this … by feeding racism and giving BLAME … so the individuals anger and hatred ..which is only the vibration of FEAR fueled ….

holocaust … yes atrocious … however its a small amount of lives compared to the crusades naming just ONE other created mess .. for POWER for the few …. but also way way less that the “ethnic cleansing” of the NATIVE Americans that were slaughtered in mass … women and children killed ..on purpose with glee … so so cruelly by simply giving them smallpox laden blankets … watching the sickness ..KILL … sweep through .. destroy a whole nation .. to TAKE the ownership of land ..and become the masters  .. is to name but one MAJOR OFFENCE … our history shows so clear ..if .. that is we read REAL Unadulterated HISTORY … from all sides of all conflicts not just the propaganda fed us by the power hungry..

From across the pond looking at the US now .. I’m horrified that most American people seem to be unaware that their governors .. in most states by now … hold the SUPREME POWER of Martial LAW .. basically meaning that any citizen .. however many generations in the US can be detained INDEFINITELY merely by ONE accusation brought against them of terrorism .. could be an innocent remark overheard and reported in fear ..and an entire family man women and children can be taken and held and all property ceased … in way to many states in the US this in LAW … a law that leaves the beautiful wondrous declaration of independence null and void … I would have thought that illegal … .I see .. hear … read ..inform myself … but I’m not the one loosing my liberty here .. although the sorry mess is here too.

some terror facts .. let me say EBOLA .. instead of war … although its the same pattern … The EBOLA VIRUS as well as the common FLU virus has a PATENT .. HELD .. OWNED …  BY THE US GOVERNMENT … every time a scare of us little folks is necessary … normally because to much is coming to light about actual TRUTH … about the corruption and greed of those that actually pull the stings of of the puppets in our governments … a new scare starts up .. Always in a very poor area … hmmm but that very poor area ..has DIAMONDS or OIL owned by ….. hey take a guess

& we ..all people pay for that

OH & that last BEHEADING video … that was spreading FEAR through out the mainstream news both here and in the US .. was so fricking FAKE was more scary that so many believed it to me … because simply if someone is chopping a head off .. and let me be graphic .. I don’t know many of us that have never seen a horror move even Hollywood does it better  ..the shadow from the sun in a certain position at a certain time of day … obviously will be on the same side of all the people in the video … including the one who looses his head ..WOULD IT NOT ????

This there is way to much of this fake and lies .. in all of this … and people actually bye the crap … s*** …of the mainstream news … who are owned by the same very few that own the main OIL ..PHARMA … & WEAPONS & PRECIOUS STONES ..DIAMONDS n more & YES GOLD too of cause

now I have to say here I’ve got into my mid 40’s by now ..maybe I just don’t give a shit any more what people might think of me … but seriously .. this has all be obvious to me since my teens …

I spent a lot of my 20’s with sadness and tears for peoples chosen IGNORANCE … the hatred and anger that was fueled by SHIT & LIES ..SPIN … basic BLA …

As for the US and their warmongering …OH & GB too yes I know .. ITS ALWAYS ABOUT the MONEY of the few … which is basically stealing from us ALL … stealing LIVES !!!!! Hopes!!! & the beauty of SHARING HONOURABLY !!!!!!!

Just sayin

in joy create magic AIR spirit c

so as I was saying  … that came out between the Goose & the clenched teeth ..hmm I’d best be real careful when I open my mouth properly 😉 HA


so what is there to fight about ..only the man made waffle ..that preaches hatred anger and keeps the fear fueled ..and everyone separated

we all wish to be accepted for who and what we are … how can that happen if we do not also accept others for exactly who and what they are