xmas horror to Blessings of LOVE beyond measure

xmas horror to Blessings of LOVE beyond measure

What’s with Christmas anyway  … became the best I could say  to the “normal” celebration days …  my sensitive self  … with a religion of LOVE & TRUTH  … in a fairly constant state of shock and horror at the choices of greed in those around me  … It never felt good .. it was always as if I was some separate entity  … a weirdo among the ones who still played the drama of “most popular kids at school” kinda thing .. & being kinda wowed with themselves and their antics.

Only if those were wow’s … I’m so glad I was and am a weirdo.


The numb … senseless nonsense  of paper ripping and present stacking  …without noticing even what was in them in the first place .. to the point of once they were  unwrapped ..stack em and dump them in another room then forget about them for weeks and months ooo the  woes of … the ME ME ME ME myself and I’s  ..

It all always just made me feel totally sad … even wish for one of these .. a car decked in lights … Love these old trucks 🙂 …perhaps … a get away option … a far away get away option ..

There is great truth I have found in the saying there is nothing worse than being with people in who’s presence you feel completely alone  … the lonely feeling that people talk of I can honestly say I have only felt that when I was among others….. and it has nothing what so ever to do with being along to me ….BEing alone well that is just blessed stillness … communing with nature … listening to the wind … and with the right people I have found that expands into blessed communication too … where the seamless interactions flow in graciousness whether in silence or in jolly interaction.


I ‘ve always had this weird sense of right and wrong and total TRUTH …. well to other anyway … to my saying that truth as so easy .. it just was what it was … I was pretty much always slammed with ..”there is no such thing as just total truth  … everyone lies” ..so apparently all intents and purposes ..for all around me that was it  .. just versions of lies … and changing ones at that.

Over the years with my weirdness I also grew weary and more and more sad … cause this way of being .. no matter how long I was in it …. was so incredibly alien to me.

All the things that really matter … were nowhere to be found … or if they seemed to be it was mere pretence … but I kept hoping .. year in and year out that there could be some glimmer of what to my heart and soul was real xmas spirit .. wit Genuine Heart and meaning … with honour and Integrity … not just the facade of ooo look at me .. aren’t I wonderful …the last time I spent xmas near them … seeing & hearing them making a huge song and dance about doing so much for charity .. and having Jo public s to speak thinking the grotto experience would also enrich lives of those that needed it most  … my horror at finding out that Santa n missus pocketed the bulk .. for all the shouting of wow look at me … what the charity really got was truly mere pennies from tea’s n cake .. Having been volunteered …to help ..(and in true circumstances I’m always happy to) ..but … finding tout his a couple of days before the event … that last year  ..made me so sick .. I spent several days staring down the loo .. and its only so long you can stare at  a waste pipe .. without getting ..that you do not want to be feeling like this … not to mention the water waste 😉 LOL with the flushing more than I’d ever flushed before … it was a good job I was in rainy England thats for sure 😉 LOL


hmmm now … maybe I shouldn’t say this … but …my xmas present from them that  year …  was 6 ramekins from Aldi @ £1.99  😉 HA  … and they themselves opened new professional camera equipment ..with all the trimmings … among a horde that would have made Dudley Dursley’s Bday presents seem a tiny little bit indeed …  (I gotta say here Thank you JK Rowlings for all the blessed similarities … that made me laugh out loud at my own life) …. while I gave what was precious to my heart … Dr Emoto books of precious water .. and lots more but it really doesn’t matter .. sitting among people who owed me £20000 , and year in  year out refused to pay .. knowing how much I needed to restart my life … cause their long holidays .. designer clothes and sunglasses were always more important .

I vomited a lot that last december with the F****** 😉 HA … darn I wanted to say that at the time … but my dam politeness never let me … I just walked away …. That walking away was so long overdue …


I have never understood the whole STRESS  and GREED  thing around xmas …. again an alien concept to me … maybe its simply that the actions and deeds of those that were supposed to “be there for you” “family” as such …  for me ..had me living so far below the poverty line for so many years … and without even really noticing …. because I was so used to being so careful with everything … wanting nothing really .. and making do with little  … cause I always felt wealthy in me ..in life … with LOVE .. in my heart … In hindsight this must have pissed them off more than anything …. cause really when I’ve finally looked at it all in the cool light of day ..


Im far more shocked and amazed at my own tolerance levels … and even the extreme feel good forgiveness that I’ve always been able to do with such ease  … hmmm I mean blessed to have found my eclectic ways in my teens and lived light and such since … but I maybe opened to a toooooo big a dose of Buddhism .. release and forgive … for they are only as far on their path as they are at any given time ..:) … and the inner Zen stillness .. total silence in the mind … only heart communicating …. well .. I had the total silence in the mind … but I also kept my heart muzzled a good chunk of the time …. either cause it was in so much pain … I just needed the silence to heal for one or another of their mad schemes … or just simply because there was no point repeating myself … about truth love and honour again … it was always frowned upon .. and truth was feared above all else  … Or I should say my TRUTH was feared …. cause it involved the sharing of feeling and knowing what the only last regrets in life were due to having been with my pappa when he passed .. and my gifts ..   https://heartcloudblessings.wordpress.com/2014/09/20/the-deep-inner-peace-of-knowing-that-there-is-no-death-my-first-experience-of-a-soul-passing-into-light/    ….     well they were I guess stretched that day …. my gifts ..

In all that never forgetting the Christian roots either I guess … arguing and getting into trouble for pointing out that there was no point pointing fingers at others when they were not following the guidelines themselves …. & ooo did I ever get into trouble in church for pointing out that some were lying and …. though shall not n all that 🙂 hmmm

I learnt early that although they ram the catechism and rules n regs down the kids necks few adults even knew what they were …  or at least thats how it seemed … all the anger and hatred and me myself & I .. with mine is better than yours added for good measure … YIKES … same in all religions sadly …. or so I found … so I chose my own path …

It seemed to my quite logical at the time … reading all the main religions sacred texts … the bible … many versions .. through the koran  and others through to the Gita & the Veda’s being the oldest texts …. & simply finding that ALL … say the same thing really & SPIRITUAL LAW is SPIRITUAL LAW .. in ALL thats the same .. just slightly different words  … but the meaning is all the same … although each in their own is so waffled up with man made fear based nonsense .. that you really DO HAVE TO READ ALL to get a proper and full view ..

So SPIRITUAL LAW …I TAKE DEADLY SERIOUSLY  … LIVELY SERIOUSLY … & JOYOUSLY  LOVINGLY   SERIOUSLY without exception  … All is energy …. and all actions thoughts feelings ..have mirrors … measures … and life in the most amazing ways

why so serious … well I see and have always seen … the light and shadows people surround themselves with …. the light like the Halo’s of the masters … we all have them ..


the shadows … mostly peoples own fears .. and negativity … emotions of anger hatred and greed … create a slimy dark film …. around an energy  …. normally causing that person to run around trying to find the inner peace they so desire on the outside … in some other place … always running to get something … more more more … never is anything enough  ….  in the worst scenario this is also what causes illness .. cancer and the like …

It’s kinda sad really that what they mostly want is found in those with the inner silence .. peace in heart and a blessed contentedness … and those are the people they harass .. threaten … and go all out to prove wrong .. and do their utmost to unbalance … so they can feel good about themselves … or think they can … but really they never truly can … with the refusal to look within…


The thing is ..everyone seems to thing Spiritual Law is a heavy thing …. but really from the LOVE space … its only gifts and blessings … asure until the inner balance is found .. a fair amount of lessons .. but they are always blessings to in hindsight … cause so much was learnt ❤

For this year I feel blessed with LOVE beyond Measure … New ways .. creating new traditions … Celebrating everyday as blessings in blessings … & deeply GRATEFUL ❤

as for specials I guess it has to be St Nicholas’s day the 5the of December .. it has the real spirit still … of LOVE JOY GIVING RECEIVING & SHARING .. no commercial  corruption … no memories of all that I used to see around me 🙂 … and Midwinter Solstice of cause … BLESSED BE ❤

but this has gotten longer than I intended again … 🙂 and I was only just gonna start on the magical gratitude thing too LOL  ..guess that will keep for tomorrow though ❤ Its a daily thing after all ❤

Wish you all PEACE in your HEARTS & LIVES Wonderful’s ❤





Sylphs Angels and Guardians playing …. Gratitude

Sylphs Angels and Guardians playing …. Gratitude

This morning I had totally white skies & white out mist  .. a cool beautiful magical morning  .. and as often they do .. with the Angels & Guardians saying .. YES yes yes yes  .. so it is at all times .. new to be Created .. Play .. Do .. BE fill it all in make everyday count as light filled gracious wonder

in joy create magic AIR spirit c


I was reminded of one of the clear blue days when the patches patches of clouds were Sylphs Playing & the Angels & Guardians Painted signs in the air all around … like couples dancing in sacred unions .. dragons again they often say hello .. white crocodiles .. the ultimate protection and blessings to come have been in my Dreams as well as the skies of late  & other totem animals played & danced too filling the sky with magical wonder … possibilities ..

Signs of delight & JOY

As the Guardians always say JOY in LOVE child .. just BE & LIVE create expand become ♥

Stay in the flow of higher vibrations & all become even more  … I always feel such GRATITUDE & blessed wonder at the magnificence of all

Choosing LOVE Always  ❥∞


LOOK Around …. SEE TRUTH Everywhere .. The ENERGY IS Rising :)

LOOK Around …. SEE TRUTH Everywhere .. The ENERGY IS Rising :)

Walking through the woods … there is always beautiful lights and energy around everything .. The last few months there has been some amazing changes in the regularity and power of these energies .. Deep healing & Transformation into Mama Earth & from her through to all of us … The Purple hues …& Rainbow lights have been particularly Powerful … so much is changing …. so much depends on us holding our vibrations ,…. staying in and enhancing LOVE & TRUTH

Violet Flame
Violet Flame

The more in tune with our Hearts we are … the better and easier it all will Flow as thee powerful energies ..Flow in and through us ..we either vibrate higher and flow with the Cosmic Pulses of Creations Life Force .. where ALL HEALING is possible in all ways … IT does take an Authenticity and level of total TRUTH …in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE …. Sharing … Fair Trade … Honour and Respect for ALL … that will put a lot in this world of drama to shame ….

The young ones … are seeing straight through the lies they are fed at school … the drama is crumbling … its new times … lies .. spin and nonsense can not be sustained …

WE as we VIBRATE HIGHER SEE STRAIGHT Through it all … the Beautiful young ones are born with open awareness …. we must stop the systematic poisoning of these beautiful souls by all the medicines that are pushes … They don’t need labels or medicines … They need TRUTH to be taught and they need not to be boarded to death .. by nonsensical shit that will never serve them or anyone … from a school system that is merely there to get them numbed enough to become sleepers too … to comply to play the drama game ….


Rainbow light & Purple haze all through the forest ... in HEALING Ways !
Rainbow light & Purple haze all through the forest … in HEALING Ways !



from the SORRY MESS the greed of the last few generations have have caused …. There is NO LONGER a choice …. THERE has to BE a HEALING  … & MAMA EARTH …. well she is pretty much THERE now 🙂 … so all we have to do is hang on and CHOOSE WELL

Our  Choices will BE our tomorrows …  How Magical and Wondrous ..and just Perfect is that

Always much LOVE ❤ Maia

SOUL Awakening …. anxiety and well all dis- EASE really .. what is it on this earth journey …. Ignoring our Souls shouts … our HEARTS … our TRUE PATHS …

SOUL Awakening …. anxiety and well all dis- EASE really .. what is it on this earth journey  …. Ignoring our Souls shouts … our HEARTS … our TRUE PATHS …

Anxiety … what is it on this earth  journey ….. or being in or with any dis -EASE in our lives …
a call of the SOUL … to let yourself in … to let go fears they are manufactured … and part of the whole messy drama of manipulation …. taught to us so early by societies, families, school’s and so on … the fears to keep us less than ….

There is enough stuff out there for the self help and coping with anxiety these days … but coping with just feels all wrong to me …. that would be the dis …… setting in and hindering the EASE ... We are NOT supposed to allow this … WE are eternal SOUL’s and we know better  … this Beautiful Body that we inhabit  .. on this amazing planet ..”starship” EARTH … our DNA hold all the answers … all the HEALING when connected to SOURCE … we accept and pour enough LIGHT in and we SHINE.

We are one little microcosm each and every one of us …. of CREATIONS magic of ALL that IS … are we really so whacked on the noggin by sad sorry learnt behaviour .. that we are so far up our own arses that we believe that SOURCE … CREATOR of ALL that is …. has sorted us out lower end or mediocre DNA .. SOURCE CODES 🙂 .. on and  within this magical journey of LIFE …. OH YEAH ..sure … my sarcasm can see that … yip … let hide behind behind doctrines … and well anything that has and is thrown at us … so we don’t have to SEE .. KNOW .. and FLOW WITH EASE …. cause yip thats just what all the masters .. Buddha.. Krishna… Christ… Mohammed.. Allah..GOD ..  taught .. ..SO NOT … that is however what most doctrines teach … well they teach the love .. but fill it with so much fear .. that a bod can turn itself inside out and do no right … this is mere man made DRAMA .. and POWER STRUGGLES of those that cant connect properly to source … or just will not do the work on self to clear space for and in the HEART .. for the TRUE SOUL ..all that we …all really are … in and off CREATORS image … & with SOURCE /CREATORS knowing of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE  in out HEARTS just waiting to BLOOM


Blocks to this blooming … YIKES … there are many and all around …. Now I shouldn’t  mention pharma industry n drugs … but I can’t help it 😉 .. its on the list of has become “pet’s 😉 to my sarcasm” .. and the HUGE HELLOOOOOOOOOO  … and “KNOCK knock on wood of the old noggins I sooooo want to do on this one …. HMMMM …. WELL … when you done some research .. well over and over … and see the trail … the cover ups … see all that they try to keep hidden .. one drug that doesn’t work to fix another … more drug addicts on pharma prescriptions from docs than on illegal drugs in the world … thats somewhat scary don’t you think? …. well …. and know that all the money … just goes to a handful at the top of the pyramid of force and power … well how many BILLIONS have gone into cancer research and they are still treating with the same thing in the same doses as when they first tried it … only now unlike it being the last option than and most were actually sorted and cured with natural things like colloidal silver and the like … they pump folks full of poison .. YIKES … and well most of the more cancer now then than … just ask ONE question …. CHEMICALS in food … vs what NATURE intended of the old ways …. same umbrella companies supply it the pesticides etc … as the drugs the docs prescribe … now I don’t know about you … for me that has so many RED flags … its INSANE ..and leaves so many ???????????????????????????????

Hmmm …right SO the top of the money pyramid is the little tinsy wincy handful… that own and produce all weapons ..drugs and oil .. its a bit like OH MY G G .. … REALLY SERIOUSLY …. & AAAAAAA … to the horror of the thought that money … well GREED determines .. our health and wellbeing if we allow it to … stay blinkered and uninformed … & seriously ..YIKES …  S*** … F*** .. & Bloody well Pooooooooooooooo … & really we don’t have to look far either … but you have to see for yourself and do your own research .. it has much more of a WOW & TRANSFORMATIONAL effect when you get it then ….. so no point me going on about it … go Look … you’ll see !

My hats off to in a big way  … & DEEP GRATITUDE to … and really BLESS all those amazing scientists and doctors out there who stand up and tell the TRUTH … and stand by beautiful honourable principles of LOVE & TRUTH even though the pharma industry can spend millions on smear campaigns … their TRUTH is far more POWERFUL …than all the hidden GREED agendas … when seen and heard … SO … REALLY … HOPE is all around us for Beautiful AWAKENINGS of ALL who choses …

I have to add … it is sad though that greed gets such a huge say still in our world … and even sader … mass media .. will report the smear … YUCK … but REAL TRUTH … that seems to not fit with whom ever’s money they hold in their grubby little paws 😦 … so news … isnt news these days we have to go look for ourselves … find the real stories … and in that respect … bless the net .. n google etc too 🙂 ❤

Oh right .. back to topic 🙂

The thing is  … my HEART …keeps saying its much simpler than that … so I’m just going to say what the intuition and heat is bouncing to say 🙂 .. what comes to me the loudest from my heart … is … our ancestry .. our genes .. DNA …. the inner knowing.

Its like our bodies … are rebelling  ….           and our SOUL is shouting fro us to hear … to find ourselves … and BE all that we are here to be …

Here is a question for you ……. and your SOUL knows all TRUTH .. so 🙂 ….. what if its not truly anxiety as its labeled by docs and society … supposed “normal life” … or any other dis- EASE …. but a call for your vision quest so to speak … your shadow side … the all that you are  … that you PLEASE go about your finding and connecting to your true soul ….all that you are .. and what you have truly come here to do …. be ❤

The less we listen … the more the dis ….. part gets … but when we listen .. and choose to see hear feel … BE the EASE part gains higher and higher ground!

In the dark … there really is nothing to fear .. LIGHT ILLUMINATES IT …. so CHOOSE LIGHT & really see your “shadow “self … the half of you that you deny … YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT … a Creation of Source in Source Light …. this is what we find in the Void …. the place that when we first look seems dark and filled with shadows … our own and other peoples … but when we venture in its LIGHT and all our fear when seen in LOVE LIGHT just helps us see all .. and be all and flow with LOVE as there is no fear .. it was an ILLUSION all along ❤

it first happened to me over 20 years ago … well truly consciously that is .. used to go to void all the time as a child 🙂 ❤ .. so it wasn’t new as such … but darn …as an adult !!!! …..The first times it activates the FIGHT or FLIGHT thing within us so strongly … its like all horror movies and well darkness and all our fears is having a party all at once .. so yip like what docs describe as an anxiety attach … till we just walk through the open door  … just go through it  … out the other side …and find that the dark isn’t dark at all but its the entrance within us all to the GREAT MYSTERY  …. to SOURCE itself … and it connects us more to all that is ❤ …. to SOURCE .. to LIGHT … to LOVE !

Well this is WHY WE Andreas & I do what we do … cause we know .. having done it the hard way so to speak … and studies so many ways .. to start with just to figure out that we weren’t nuts so to speak ….  cause the pressure of fear always felt so fake … all the drama and manipulations …. when LOVE & just TRUTH is so simple … uncomplicated … TRUTH can always be recognised … the separate stories .. always connect somehow and all is seen … truth just fills in and expands on the differences … well thats how I see and recognise it anyways  …. having and still do our own journey in void … guiding others through to find their true selves … collect up all the soul pieces at times and       again be whole … is such a beautiful amazing blessing to share … finding purpose … letting HEART soar … ALL Beautiful Blessings to see …

AH YES …..  its a Beautiful JOURNEY we are ALL ON 🙂

finding our LOVE LIGHT  ….  SHINING Uniquely .. & feeling as ONE

Always much LOVE





A "Comma" Flutterby in Dudmaston woods a few days ago  .... Magical Blessings they are :)
A “Comma” Flutterby in Dudmaston woods a few days ago …. Magical Blessings they are 🙂

I am Grateful for ….
1. TRUTH … just the knowing of how simple & uncomplicated life IS when there is only TRUTH
2. FREE WILL …what an amazing gift this is ..means all choices in all ways are our own … LOVE or fear .. EMPOWERING or disempowering … Our THOUGHTS & FEELINGS as well as our actions .. are of such major importance … As we think .. so we are ESSENTIAL to CHOOSE good ones
3. Feeding Butterflies ..

its a little blurry .. but had to share it feel so amazing to feed Butterflies :) ... and they come when we're calm enough .. they feel the LOVE LIGHT ...
its a little blurry .. but had to share it feel so amazing to feed Butterflies 🙂 … and they come when we’re calm enough .. they feel the LOVE LIGHT …

… When Nama Natures Beings bless you with Magical moments not sure if this Beauty loved the blackberry juice of the sweat (lol )the most .. she stayed for several minutes with us ..so GRATITUDEs overflowing

Always much LOVE

The Deep inner PEACE of knowing that there is no death … my first experience of a soul passing into light.

The Deep inner PEACE of knowing that there is no death … my first experience of a soul passing into light.

There is NO death .. Leaving this world is just a change of vibrations ..soul stepping out of the physical shell ..just being its TRUE LIGHT form

Death as an end a loss is part of the illusion that feeds fear .. the wheel of Drama .. karma .. There is no end .. We are ETERNAL SOULS …here to WAKE UP & BRING LIGHT THROUGH the density of matter …

All is LOVE LIGHT / Energy / God particles / Sourcelight .. How we CHOOSE to CREATE & expand with that ..is this human journey ..


My First experience of a someone .. passing into light … separating from his body and .. light body /soul stepping out was my Pappa … It’s given me a life long deep inner Peace  … an inner PEACE of knowing that there is no death.. We are ETERNAL SOULS … physical death is merely a transition to another dimension …. and there are many on our soul’s path.

I was 6 & 1/2 years old  the night my Beloved Pappa left his physical body.. we had pretty much spent every waking moment from I was born till that moment together…he was pretty ill with cancer … the doctors never understood how he lasted as long as he did … he was walking enigma to them ..  mamma was heavily into herbs so she made weird and wonderful concoctions for him .. these kept him pain free and balanced ..…also he said it was my unconditional LOVE and the magic in mine and mamma’s hands  & his deep LOVE for me that keep him here  … the night he died he made me make some promises … well those of his human self before his soul light stepped out of his body .. because I took them so seriously…  kept me at the place where I allowed far to much to be put upon me, but the talks with the SOUL were precious beyond measure … this experience has helped shape my entire life … ME ..all I am … although I’ve done most of it the hard way ..

Well the first of these promises … was never to fight cancer or illness or anything really, but merely LOVE it away  … LOVE it BETTER … Only the loving from a deep deep place within your heart and soul can make anything better……………….

The second… and this has been a huge responsibility in my life… as when we are kids we take everything completely 100% literally … I was to look after my mamma .. be nice always show compassion ..and make sure my brother & sister did not cause her to much pain … sadness & loss ….

When I was born my brother was 21 and sister 18… This was the start of my brother being pushed out of the family sort of … well by himself, he took mamma for every penny .. her home.. everything.. well been and gone ..and between her soul and his, and me I guess being pushed and held under by 2 frightened … bitter and angry women.. neither wanting to see or accept responsibility for their shadow sides … or their though… and feeling choices …and both were exceptionally good at the poor me … watching them was like … really … seriously … again ??????? The dramas were always playing out around me in one way or another … I got exceptionally good at being the little grey mouse … not seen or heard .. just there to clean up all the messes really .. YIKES … but thats a different story … although I stuck it out so long because the experience with Pappa’s passing to light .. it was so important … I just kept hoping that they would hear me and choose better … higer choices fro themselves and all … but .. well ..

So .. hmmm  … thing is …  whenever I try to put words to those aspects of my life ..it always sounds like some bad version of the classic Cinderella story, but without the prince or the fairy godmother … which really is kinda funny really … even when I look back at the times when I practically begged the Angels & Guardians to Please please take me home .. let me BE only LIGHT again too … when daily comments of….. “you look OK from the back” … or when I just couldn’t do right for doing right …or enough ..no matter how much I did …. just got way to much and I felt like crumpling into nothing and just letting mama earth swallow me ….

Those are the times when Pappa came.. like on the night he died … I lay next to him holding his hand and we talked of him leaving with the angels … we talked of life .. love .. understanding .. honour and integrity …. up until then these had been our subjects .. he read to me everything from Plato & Pythagoras to through modern thinkers and music … He showed me how to rewire and work on or with electric appliances .. and some plumbing etc he said mamma would need someone with the skills …

The only game we really played was chess .. which I loved and he played the violin to me .. beautifully mesmerizing :)……  As we were lying there talking it felt like his body turned into two bodies .. a warm hand in mine and a cooling one at the same time… then the warm hand body sat up ..took my hand completely and we moved to a big comfy chair we always sat in … there we continued our chat with me tucked up on his lap for hours …

He explained that all the lights and light beings all around us were Angels and Guardians and they were always with me and always would be  .. that the twinkles in the air that I always saw .. like glitter dancing in the air around people ..trees plants well all of nature really and all souls ….was life-force energy form the source of all there is .. and so long as I kept breathing it in and all around …all would be well … He apologized for putting so much on my young shoulders being the peacemaker and preventing the negativity from other lifetimes taking over this time  too …would not be easy, but he said he knew I could .. He said he and the Guardians and Angels would always be close so I would never be alone… & I never have been …

It opened my mind to great possibilities and a huge amount of reading most of which was on esoteric subjects ..which all freaked out my mother.. so having a key and doing my own ting was definitely advantageous  … I learnt how to keep my light shining but with only very little showing… cause there was so much fear in those around me

The inner knowing and profound teachings that were placed within me I’ve done my best to live by and find out more about… Its been a tough but very interesting journey … & I am immensely grateful for all the lessons .. All of which where lessons on balancing inner and outer energies & forgiveness… & with every one my soul could get further into this body … releasing and cleansing in the process ….

The most important though … the WOW for me that has so totally kept me .. being just ME .. choosing LOVE always .. always FORGIVING everything  and everyone  … choosing to see the higher option .. the light in all always … was seeing .. feeling and being with him  …his human self on the passing … his LIFE REVIEW … the things he regretted  … to sadness and pain he had to feel what all he had done in life had done to another … had made another feel like … a humbling and shocking and beyond WOW to how important our THOUGHT … WORDS & ACTIONS ..ALWAYS are … because before we go we have to feel everything … and that no little thing .. its HUGE … & it was the main reason I tolerated so much … spent so long as Cinderella in servitude …

Why …. cause I hoped that in being GRATEFUL for the AIR .. EARTH ..LIFE ..PEACE … and all the little things  … and having the ability to turn shabby well junk into chic and classy with ease  .. maybe hopefully one day they would see  .. hear me all I tried to share with them  .. that all they were doing was creating more and more karma for themselves … that being honest and living in TRUTH .. honourably was the only REAL LOVE … was the only real way to flow ..and to truly be rich in all ways … well they .. the family / boggarts … I do love that word .. its so much more fitting and makes looking back at lessons leant really funny .. so there is never anything lost ..or sad really … cause eventually .. we all just have to accept all  other peoples choices and if they do not vibrate at our rate … but cause us pain then we must remove ourselves … its the only way … its the most honourable really .. just allow all to be themselves … but we must go and do what is fro our own and for  all’s highest good …

Well must … hmmm I feel I must … and we must … it all in the BEING the CHANGE we wish to see in this world of ours … but … each person on this planet must chose fro him or her self … the animals and nature all chose LOVE and PEACE ..and are changing accordingly … balancing to the ascension of mama earths with ease … magical Wondrous Nature … so easy really .. humans I find are so much slower … but so many now are catching up … I am so GRATEFUL for this … all the awakening soul sister and brothers out there 🙂 … all the awakening into the acceptance of complete personal responsibility … I honour and bless you all ❤ THANK YOU for your precious selves ❤

Well  … more about the LIGHT .. and there being NO DEATH 🙂 …. & I guess also more of the BLESSING of FORGIVENESS …… 4 years ago my mother passed away  … 14 years before that she came to live with me as  my sister threw her out of the house they had bought together..Unfortunately mamma had refused to use my x’s solicitor … she wanted to trust … yet again … made it 2 for 2 really … so one broken and angry mother came to me …  to be fixed and set free.

…IT took a little while , but the releasing and forgiveness was life changing .. My mother and I never had an easy relationship.. she was to angry to be left on her own with me … and never a day went by without some comment or other … her favourite being … well its unfortunate really, but you look all right from the back… not bad in itself .. but when you’ve been told how fat and ugly you are most of your life ..its enough … and I was not fat nor ugly as a kid .. teen or well young … till it all got to much and my body took over the protection .. to hide me away … but wrote about part of that a few days ago .. so … right

So yes my mamma at some point in the time here with me … she opened to the angels and was fascinated by orbs and fairies &UFO’s  …I learn’t to know my mother as someone who cared deeply for the environment herbs animals etc .. all she really wanted was to Love & be loved .. but she had so much anger resentment and bitterness, that it just didn’t come out of her that way … to much pain .. in bitterness to get through first … but we got there eventually ❤

Although not completely until the last couple of weeks of her earth life  … when the angels started to let her see them.. and the loved ones already on the other side of the veil  stared arriving… even the animals she had had … all came … she keep saying to me ..

Marianne you didn’t tell me everything… there is so much more … its so much more beautiful than you ever told me… in those last two weeks the Love that came in and around her .. well in the whole house… It was so strong that it just transmuted everything into LOVE…

The vibrations and the sound/music were so intense it was impossible to hide my light ..and besides even at full blast it was dim compared to so many light beings .. the feeling of LOVE & GRATITUDE from them all is something so amazing.. more Beautiful than the most breathtaking views of nature .. Stronger than gale force winds on high seas.. Maybe a tsunami would be the best word, but even that isn’t strong enough … the LOVE was /is so much more …..

& we’re lucky enough to live in a time when its available to us all the time  not just when we are on our way home, but all the time … Creations light and beauty expanding into more and more LOVE LIGHT all the time .. Vibrations going up and up and up …. and if that isn’t beyond WOW & Magical … I dont know what is 🙂

Always much LOVE Maia ♥❤


LOVE is everywhere … yet so many only feel the darkness … a couple of things but also Robin Williams passing to light-body a few days a go ….

LOVE is everywhere … yet so many only feel the darkness … a couple of things but also Robin Williams passing to light-body a few days a go ….

LOVE is everywhere … if we allow it … breathe it in and breath it out … inside each and every one of us PEACE will live .. that will change our world !

May the winds blow all your worries away .. & may LOVE BLOW in instead

The sky has been filled with hearts today as pretty much every day .. playfully floating by in the strong clearing winds … LOVE everywhere  … Today’s picture is a beautiful heart cloud from a couple of days ago .. I seem to get pictures of heart clouds almost daily .. even in stormy weather with dark skies ..storms rain thunder and lightning I see these signs of LOVE ..

LOVE is all around

.. reminding me to breathe & BE .. there has been so much happening lately .. I do inform myself ..but I do not watch the news /tv .. or read mainstream media ..news ..mags or papers  any more .. have not for years … for load of reasons …

The first which though is :  I LOVE TRUTH  & 2. I DESERVE TRUTH  … I BELIEVE WE ALL DO ….  mainstream waffle is all spin & lies .. for as long as I can remember there has been this sensationalism .. blow it out ..way out like a balloon and most people will lap it up .. like gossip … well I never have had time for gossip either … no matter how it comes its the same …. mostly its like looking at a haystack and wondering about the needle … somewhere in all the yapping … the sensational reporting .. is a root of a truth so hidden in twisted nonsense .. spun so thoroughly that discerning the ounce of truth in the 10 ton stack  of fear based drivel  …. is just YUCK … being a bit of a lie detector .. energy wise … in todays society .. HA well it is a bit like the whole needle in a haystack thing … .. only the needle vibrates …  … or the lack of a decent sized needle has you looking around and wonder just why and how people are swallowing all the drivel they are being fed …. I’ve often wished I had one f those eyebrows that could go way up .. sais soooo much 🙂

Blessings and respect to all those who call a space a space .. who blog and write the truth ..  post pictures/ videos from their neighbourhoods / countries … and give the on the ground truth so to speak … its everywhere .. it amazing …Its so easy to inform yourself these days … also historically .. its time to see the larger pictures … and learn from the mess of the past … not just make a worse mess than the one before over and over again …. YIKES .. to me ..its a bit like I want to shout HELLO … anybody home in the little grey cells  … & oooooo look the eye’s really do not have roller blinds .. you just have to choose to open them.

For the sensitive souls energetically its a mess … as sensitives/ empaths we often feel the problems of the whole world .. it can be overwhelming at times .. discerning what is ourselves and what is others can be a most painful experience … & even for those of us who have figured out what is truly just ourselves & what is from outside / others .. world drama etc it can feel so heavy you can hardly move …. and it can on occasion take a fair bit to get back in alignment with soul self, when you’ve let yourself feel to much.

Well I haven’t written for a while ..cause I had plans of making this blog for only the fluffy beautiful uplifting kinda moments …  and the last one wasn’t .. I let my sarky and my heart truths loose … at times that can be both like ooo WHOOPSEE & YIKES all together …. well this blog was supposed to be for all the healing & blessings that mama nature can give us in so many ways … and after my last post ..I really have had some serious thinking on this subject .. not really helped by the angel cards always showing .. “come out of the closet” (HA) & TRUST 😉 oh yep … so … a wee  tennis game in my own head and heart … about Truth and Love in a fluffy way only  … or just being me fully and completely … and going with Truth & Love in all ways … well as I see it anyways …

it was this last week that made it clear …. from everywhere all I seemed to notice ..was messy drama .. on repeat ….   fake … nonsense and spin …. over this last full moon I found myself a few times wondering if the plot had been lost completely …. and I even wondered if there was only gremlins posting on FB … messy breakups . loud and filled with accusations .. sad if the same person had not done the same less than 2 years before .. putting loads of photos up of his new girlfriend … they get younger  …. hmmmm …  and accusing the fiance  of being psycho … hmmm .. on repeat … same shit … but even more .. HELLOOOOOO like really was the amount of people who added their energy to this nonsense  ….I can so do without this shit over a good morning coffee … so Fb is now almost of my radar to …. well this kinda stuff is in my book simply psychic attacks and energy stealing at its worst .. in and of drama  … the fight for energy between people  …

We are at a time in which  everything is changing …. this kind of manipulation … well it backfires …. Karma doesnt wait any more … but … what goes out comes back in heavier doses …. this kinda shit … the darkness it brings and creates … I see / feel this mesing … it more often than not become illness in and around those who create it and participate in it  … cancer feeds on this kind of shit … depression becomes worse .. like being under heavy weights … yip the heaviness of it … is damaging to many … if all these people who yapp with and join in this kinda shitty gossip .. realised .. saw what happened to their auras …. they would freak out …

So really its time to wake up .. and take responsibility for all our thought … words and actions … because each and every one has energy … goes out … if it does damage …  the value of all of that comes right on back  too … Yip it sucks … so as I see it .. best stop doing it  …. its all choice … just choose well .. chose the good and beautiful that you actually want more of … and give that to others too … it changes life from grey and sad to magic  …. ITS JUST CHOICE …

On those that feel to much .. and maybe have no awareness of sensitivities .. depression  sits as a block until the key is found and integrated to release it …. often the human dramas and doctrines … the fear in all that blocks the access to truly healing the inner self … and being all that we can be … stepping out of the fear illusion and into LOVE .. is why we are here on this planet .. to wake up …. shine our lights.

now I have to say ROBIN WILLIAMS … I was a rather horrified too see the morning he passed to light on FB … that already some of the “psychic” were claiming to have spoken to him … frankly he his soul .. his family… deserves more than all the shitty nonsense … the the beautiful memories he’s left us .. all the magic and beauty he shared opening us for JOY ..but also opening us to QUESTIONING EVERYTHING … really seeing … what was /is going on …. HE WAS/IS AWESOME …. He gave us all so much laughter .. also truths .. hard hitting ones .. principled … HEY ..LOOK at this .. wake up kinds of movies as well as ..seriously hard hitting standup …. solid truths in seriously funny ways … & he has my RESPECT .. I’m guessing it is what cause the hollywood club/ film industry … including disney to make many difficulties and set backs in his carrier …. the drama ridden society that is so frightened of truth … the underlying politics … the dark drama … that always do everything to block light …. All I can hope is that more like him stand up for TRUTH …

Really stand up .. in TRUTH …. say what’s what .. call a spade a spade …. but also that more of us stand up behind and around these brave souls … stand firm … in LOVE & LIGHT … in & with TRUTH … so that all those that work relentlessly to stop truths and make everything spin … nonsense and sensationalism …with the in our faces paparazzi puke ..YUCK …Well unless they get that we don’t want that s*** the half truths and lies, it continues …. we want REAL & TRUTH … we want honour…. at least I bloody well hope so … that its we and not just a few like me that is saturated and beyond one with all the lies and corruption ……  Unless we all stand up behind and around these brave souls … that stand at the forefront and tell the truths ..in humour as Robin did … we will loose more. … cause standing up … being forthright … and finding that no one has your back … looking around at the backs of all those that said they stood with you … even urged you on in TRUTH … well that sucks …. I’ve been there …. I think many of us has … standing alone .. in so many ways … 

As for the disrespect of the money grabbing in the “psychic” community … all I can say is KARMA … BITES .. any of us with sensitivity and seeing /feeling /healing more than others .. do as yet … have the RESPONSIBILITY … to work in LOVE …. the half truths and lies .. the “me myself and I” & “what can I gain” …. that’s JUST WRONG …I found myself unfriending … blesing and leasing … but was again I was horrified at just how many were wowed and taken with this  ….. again this is energy manipulation … and will leave a fair few people drained … this stuff happens all the time in greater or lesser degrees .. its drama … just plain and simple … waking up and not participating .. can change everything .. for beauty and magic …  … energy is just energy … positive or negative a flow ..it just is … it is our human freedom of choice that determines our lives and how they flow… 


Spirulina .. my little EXPERIMENT … if I knew it looked like never mind smelt like back then, I would oh so NOT have accepted that it was supposedly … oh so good for me YIKES !

Spirulina .. my little EXPERIMENT …  if I knew it looked like never mind smelt like back then, I would oh so NOT have accepted that it was supposedly … oh so good for me YIKES !

Spirulina ever wondered what almost a kilo in a big bin with water would look like ..makes me wonder why the h*** I took it in raw juices for years .. YIKES ..I’d almost forgotten about putting it out in the shed a few years ago with the thought of plant food ..well now I’m almost hearing some whys & even grinding teeth from the super healthy readers  .. Hmm yip that was me too .. None of anything that wasn’t certified and certificated.. heck I was eb=ven going along the research in triplicate thing before trying or eating anything 🙂 ..hmmm .. & well cardboard as food so didn’t cut it for me 😉 .. .although I stuck it for 5 years as a vegan before the need for JOY and pleasure in all energy intake found me 🙂 % years wedged in the middle of vegetarian me 🙂 ..AH yes  … but seriously .. Spirulina ..



All I’m saying is .. fish have for the last 16-17 years tasted only of metal to me, both before becoming completely vegetarian … and after the just vegetarian face after the vegan sad patch.. OH yikes .. yes.. yes  fish I have now and then kept trying, and have had some just incase it would taste the way I remember from childhood … but nope still metal … strongly of metal and more and more so too.

Well the fishies they eat this stuff .. this magical Spirulina stuff helps to clean our oceans … so ?????  .. So just how healthy is it actually .. for humans …. 5 years as a vegan .. eating mostly raw & only organic +++ you know all the trimmings .. and with all the comments and remarks that most obsessed with the health thing have and use .. so far from unique .. but for me it made me feel tired & ill mostly .. but that’s another story … 🙂  another story for another time is also eating only super healthy .. no fat no this .. no that .. never made me loose an ounce of weight neither but that as it turned out was all because my swelling out in my 20’s was armour .. armor in a big way against all gremlins and boggarts 😉 in my life back then, a kinda version of hiding my light so deeply within myself … that darkness wouldn’t find it .. and… well you know for another time …  I’m on the spirulina and sea trail here 🙂 .. yip so I am 😉

The sea is as we know a dumping ground for big business & our governments agree to this yuck ..  + all the atomic testing they have all done  … etc and sooo much more over the years .. well ???????????? & a lot of them question marks with attitude …are on my mind and in my heart..  also my intuition (heart) as well as my take (mind) on spirulina is .. yip this is amazing stuff it’s cleaning our oceans .. but all that cleaning they do … makes them more and more toxic … they beautiful little organisms ..they are stores the toxins in themselves.

My guess is eventually between sun …and water with natures aid all will be wondrous again … if humans will but allow that … and stop polluting in all ways…. but until pollution is managed to me these little blessings of nature … just feel like poison to my bodys systems.

In the same way I wouldn’t dream of consuming a mc’donalds or burger king or any other ready made consumable for that matter …. anything with a sell by date longer than nature intended … is as I see it only for bodily sticking around longer … ather the time when I pop my clogs .. the spirit does a little dance and leaves the physical behind … well  I don’t want it to stick around on the slap for weeks and then pollute nature … whoopsee & yep I know a little morbid humor .. but  I find the major change in the decaying process from pre world war 2 of around 3 days … to weeks and weeks in some case and that’s scientifically proven, that these days that most humans bodies have the same sell by date after soul departure so to speak as long life junk food .. YIKES  .. NOW  that rattles my brain ..and my heart and soul in ways I not sure I can describe in words  … I might attempt to one day … but it might be one of those shouts from the rooftops .. of ARE YOU SERIOUS …. REALLY …. YOU HAVE NO ???????????????????? about this shit !!!!!!!!!! ….. but for now I will get back to spirulina 😉 🙂 yip so I will ..and STAY on target.. “cause I can I know I can LOL”

So well I stopped taking spirulina years ago now because … that I kept telling myself that it was supposed to be so very healthy & oh so good for me ..was the direct opposite to what it felt like to me …. to what my intuition ..senses and my heart most clearly said NO not so good …hmmm so ooo well I’d best not go on .. cause well as you’ve noticed by now its linked to some big topics for me … also greed and corruption … using gullibility and neediness as well as also those genuinely in need of rebuilding their health and wellbeing ….. To me a lot of things seem to be using the innocent as a launching pad for yet more to grab money for .. without an actual care about any one or anything … but business and profits …………..JUST WORTH A THOUGHT DON’T YOU THINK ? of cause these days most of the health food stuff are owned by the pharmaceuticals and /or the few large conglomerates … which well makes it seriously suspect to me … along with not just a little bit scary … & raises even more questions … cause those that sell us the medicines produce the toxins and poisons that spray our food and gardens and has all around uses  … its a bit like they f*** you up with one had basically to sell you cures / medicines with the other ….

& if nothing else has made you wonder this thick green smelly foam that was created putting almost a KG of ORGANIC Spirulina (from a natural and reputable sellers/ supplier here in the UK I might add) .. put in a big bin and water from the hose pipe flow in filling it up .. the foam .. at first a scary monster .. half the bin full and expanding … had to add water little by little as it settled down   … well its very shiny .. made me seriously wonder … about so many things … but seeing this made me feel pretty sick to my stomach with the thought I’d consumed it for so many years … YIKES

Now my plants though that’s a different story .. especially the roses they will love it & be most happy with it indeed  .. Flourish even … I left it to sit for a few days .. and get REALLY really SMELLY .. it had attitude thats for sure .. it got to the point that I was abandoned with it …having refuse to aid in my attempt to close in on the bin without gagging … I distinctly heard the words .. you made it … and from over his shoulder he called  I’ll go cook dinner now … let you get on with it …hmmm .. & HA 😉  ….. well …. it was one of those times I sooo blessed the ability of deeeeeeeeep pranic  breathing …. slow and not to mention the ability of just  holding it .. counting slooooooooowly 13 😉  and so forth 😉 HA ….. the stuff I got on my hands looked shiny in the sunlight metallic but seriously I had no time for cameras …wanted it done fast and get washed up quick as  LOL

The stench was …so far beyond disgusting  … now I live in the country ..and in the village we are pretty used to slurry on the fields very close by  ..its not nice in any way the spreading of the moo moo phooooo…  but its tolerable with a little extra incense the windows can even stay open …but with this stuff ..well it was so bad the neighbours all shut their windows … the cook in the kitchen was running around the house shutting windows barricading himself in side while trying to hold his breath and somehow make stronger smelling and tasting food than the imposing outside super odor 😉   … and at some point returning to the breathing on the inside somehow 😉

Im guessing you by now have figured out that I don’t do thing by halves 😉 HA … it was so bad I will sooooo never do it again :)and thats almost a promise 😉  .. hmmm but of course then there is the precious garden roses and magical growing nature who all wondrous bless my space … this stuff sure helps these bautiful babies of mama nature.. as they magically honour our presence and mama nature at the same time … It made the ..flowers and plants in the garden expand their magic … the last two weeks or so since I did the deed…. its been like watching super grow in action … the magic of mama earth / cosmos and Sources love light sure is Awesome. …. The way nature clears all the toxins … breathes in the CO2 & breaths out sharing with us… giving us our precios O oxygen OOOOO 🙂 so we can thrive to 🙂 Mama Nature shes beyond Magical and Wondrous .. JUST ALL HEALING in ALL WAYS ❤ All we have to do is connect and allow and she will aid us too ❤



Dragon medicine .. balanced its Strength and uplifting to ALL /reversed its destructive jealousies and put downs of the human drama

Dragon medicine .. balanced its Strength and uplifting to ALL  /reversed its destructive jealousies and put downs of the human drama
Dragons in & out of Drama .. well the human equivalent ..

♡ ❥ Still needing the lesson  or having gained the wisdom .. its most obvious to all … who’s who and what’s what 🙂 … In wisdom gained … it displays Strength .. fairness Honourable truthful … Uplifting and honouring ALL  … where more lessons are coming .. or Karma being gathered with the snappy dragon .. this would be humans of the B WORD description in both women & men  .. you know the kind .. scorching .. snapping & biting with second & third degree burns not uncommon in the victims.. hmm .. That would be dragon in Drama  Yip  .. it makes for some lessons ..however .. once we learn that particular ouchy .. no need to go back for a repeat performance so to speak  .. well just saying  … it really is best just to let them scorch their own arses 🙂

When I have pondered this balance /imbalance the Guardians often reply in & with cloud art.. … ask for a sign and they are normally HUGE …  just above me supplied in wondrous cloudy brush strokes…. like the BIG Guy here ..relaxed and poised breathing out hearts … victorious in the inner balance.
Balanced Dragon Power :)
Balanced Dragon Power 🙂

& from that inner knowing .. WISDOM is gained  & OH now that is precious indeed  … the growth is phenomenal … Our Soul expanding … The Balanced DRAGON the HONOURABLE that holds the Energy of RESPECT .. TRUTH & the Power of LOVE ..It can easily be defined by saying Bruce Lee .. John F Kennedy … Martin Luther King .. not to mention Gandhi & the Dalai Lama ♡ ❥

Men & Women living & being .. TRUTH HONOUR & INTEGRITY … Sharing their LIGHT & igniting others … with LOVE TRUTH & HONOR ….cause  anything less just lowers the vibrations considerably … Knowing TRUTH .. is also accepting all other as is .. Honouring the differences & becoming more for the deeper understanding of anything with has views from all angles & a higher perspective to view them from .. to see how the threads weave intricate & beautiful patterns .. & how all are as valuable as the other .. no one less than no one more than …all ONE … Yet all uniquely different .. & all in the flow of flowering into creations  expansion of Light & all that IS if we so choose ❤




Purple LOVE Light Blessing From Mrs Swannypenny Swan … one of my Power Animals

Purple LOVE Light Blessing From Mrs Swannypenny Swan … one of my Power Animals

Soul to soul connection with your Power Animal is beyond amazing … all I can say is I am feeling  Greatly Blessed & Honoured  …to have had the privilege over the last 7 months or so to meet & greet these two magnificent Swans in sharing … healing & meditation. I’m feeling extra blessed and amazed that more and more of the beautiful lights colours & energy that I always see is showing up even more in my photographs … it makes it easy to share the Magic.

Here Mrs Swannypenny’s LOVE & deep GRATITUDE after a deep healing for her wing as well as the brought food  for her enjoyment and to strengthen her feather growth … (the flight feathers are slowly coming out on her left wing now)… the camera caught some of the beautiful purple of her love energy … It was  just so Magical… this was  earlier in the year .. last week during a time of going in & out of deeper meditation I got a fair bit on video ( but my video and wordpress don’t seem to be compatible somehow .. I have been trying … so I will try, to add a link to my FB video’s below.. but ???? .. hmmm needless to say I guess “I’m pretty new to this” 🙂 hoping it works 🙂 )

LOVE Blessings over swan
LOVE Blessings over swan

I guess would have to be as Mr Swan well he gave us the best aura cleanse I’ve ever felt .. not to mention it was Powerfully IMPRESSIVE .. with wings outstretched he waved away all that did not belong in & around the energy field around us both .. hit n tapped in places too … It felt only beautifully healing really..  and well a bit like an initiation into the Clan I guess would be the best description .. but standing beak to nose with a Swan with his wings almost wrapping all around you over and over .. well lets just say …  007 would have to be added to Mr Swan  .. cause he has the presence !


So much to share on these magical experiences … Swans as Soul family  .. which is what they feel like by now … that is something ❤




hmm so those work … but … below is supposedly the Video of Mr Swan & Mrs swannypenny with the magic of LIGHT during meditation … Okie .. fingers crossed 🙂

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Moss heart as figleaf ;)

Moss heart as figleaf ;)

One of Mama Natures Green Moss Hearts  although the placing of which .. combined with the thoughts of fig leaves  can sure make for smiles … that tickle the mind into a few giggles 😉 


Nature ‘s humour … always reminds me to laugh  at everything in life .. to see all with humour .. more often than not the .. medicine of giggle bubbles 🙂 … can bring ease even fun to the toughest of situations …. Light in which ever form it comes .. raises the vibrations .. so the more of it we welcome into our lives the more magic everything becomes.

NOW this one has me thinking that when trees think we’re not looking …well they might just dance a merry dance among the woodlands… the spring flowing greenery  talks of rising passions … summer well the most magnificent of ballroom gowns could not out do them … autumn striptease in colours of gold and fire … while the wind plays & the leaves soar into flight of dancing whirls … through winter in bare contemplation … nothing to hide … just letting Soul BE present & seen   … Through all seasons blesses nature … each tree shows us the JOY of expanding our Souls into Joyousness