Nosy Baby Bull :) and Orb on sunset walk

Nosy Baby Bull :) and Orb on sunset walk

Sunset Walk with curious young bullocks loose in the grounds .. Wanting to check out the humans .. Mama natures gentle beasts 🙂 ♥ a few with a little bouncing bucking JOY .. & then a cheeky look as to say .. you still there ..hmmm .. mostly we get the humans to move a little faster 😉 run even 😀 LOL 

Maia ♥ 

hello A

baby Bull & orb in the sunset


Boundaries and LIFE affirming choices

Boundaries and LIFE affirming choices

Gentle Giant … not sure he knew what to do with two people stopping of for a chat about how beautiful n calm his energy was … gives a mutual respect meeting another soul eye to eye …

032xAnimals unlike most humans know you .. they see your energy.. they know it to be the truth of who you are and what you are…

All humans too have this ability, its hidden and forgotten under the drama in most, but its there …

As the energy in rising this is one aspect all should be aware of .. more and more others will see you …

really SEE you ..and feel you … and you will more and more really see and feel others … Its a beautiful thing when you really know someone is being honest … a major blessing .. it is also a major blessing to be able to see when you are being lied to .. wouldn’t you say ? …

Think of all the mess that would clear up and out of the way …

Think of how easy it can be to make the right decisions .. and take the most beneficial choices when this is part of your every day

Sources Creation Magic .. The Beauty of all that is .. all springs from the basics of HONOUR & INTEGRITY .. Real TRUTH .. that’s a choice .. a magnificent … wondrous … LIFE affirming choice

Always much LOVE

Sharing the Blessings

Sharing the Blessings

Shared a little healing with a new friend we met. Mr Murphy here cuteness himself, and I seem to have captured some of the healing light in this picture, coming up form my hand that he is nursling into ..

111x  picture signature 2

It must have been nice cause half an hour later we passed by again and he came running shouting, honking or calling real loud from the other side of the field. He felt so excited to see us again .

111x close up healing lightThe Blessings of sharing the LOVE

Wishing you all Magical days ❤


Toadies as Symbols .. n nighttime visitors

Toadies as Symbols .. n nighttime visitors

Meet Mrs Toad .. she is a nightly visitor to the garden, we have two that come out to visit most nights .. always feels like such a Blessings…they rummage about and we hear them more than see them most nights …but  occasionally they sit still long enough in the spot light be photo models … & they always seem to enjoy some moments of shared Meditation ..

004xToads figure as the guardians of treasures … so Luck be with you tonight  ..

010xSymbolically they represent … Inner Strength .. Luck … Fertility .. Transformation ..  Self Examination  .. Purity & with their transformation from tadpole to toad they are a frequent symbol of Resurrection and Rebirth.

& they eat slugs n snails . .. how awesome is that . .. those little rally drivers on slime … that can locate and emerge from nowhere in seconds flat …  chow through your lettuces faster than a formula one driver can take a lap in any Grand Prix ..    so these little Darlings are Major Blessing for gardeners .. & what’s not to Love in that ❤

Wishing you All Magic in your days & the Awe of seeing the Moments like the Child still within  …

It makes LIFE very Precious Indeed


Swans afloat too :)

Swans afloat too :)

Afloat too ..Swans

007 swan 2 X sharpened and bl

Their graceful beauty

Mrs Swannypenny in rainbow light

Love & Abundance in all ways ❤

Wishing you All Beautiful Magical days ❤


Papa Sun tickling Mama Earth with magical rays … and Swans sharing healing … Express yourself

Papa Sun tickling Mama Earth with magical rays

That kinda tickling is mostly always Mesmerizing 🙂 Creations in incoming ….  God Particles in dancing delight … makes man made fireworks and nights of neon light look rather bleak 


winter sun n orb blessings X

Life is filled with varying degrees of energy  … put simply .. some make us feel good ..the higher vibrations .. and some lower vibrations just make us feel rather shitty ..

EVERYONE feels and knows this .. I have never come across one person who does not recognise mediately a like or a dislike .. some are more subtle .. but most have had the full on feeling of coming into a room   and seeing someone who they instantly react to one way or the other  .. its all in the giving / sharing or energy .. honourably as I term it … or just taking … those that zap you .. drain you … just make you feel low ..

Most don’t expand on it that’s all … everything has a vibrational signature … science is even catching up on that now  … although science wouldn’t call them energy vampires … but frankly .. calling a spade a spade simplifies matters tremendously in my book

As this is expressing myself  … and Light  & Energy is a big part of my life  … its the simplest … yet the hardest to explain … this digital photography is quite awesome when it comes to picking some of it up though .. never experienced anything like that taking photography at school and college way back in the days of … darkrooms and dippin’ trays for the chemicals ..counting for right exposure and so on  … Loved it though … the feeling of being part of the process of bringing life to a photograph. Well that’s a long time ago .. these days its click to download and straight to tweaking …

swan n swannypenny in setting sun and purple light blessing
with a little colour play …  fun … not so natural but rather striking anyhow 🙂 

Now I should say here I have a little pet peeve for photoshop  … don’t have it … never tried it … I was simply put off by all the fake nonsense .. and pretending to be real photo’s ..roaming around out there … not to mention the ludicrous price even for just a fricking app …hmm … NOPE categorically not going there.

I guess coming from a pure background of the art .. mixed with a little skill in and behind each shot … still appeals to me  … even though I am rusty as ….

Now I obviously do have a programme … which I know the basics of .. ignore the rest  … and occasionally play with the old film effects,  extreme light, contrast etc & it’s kinda fun seeing how many different way  one single shot can look   …

I guess that sort of brings me to .. I am aware that a lot of light and colours is merely a reflection of the lens ..

this one is totally untouched .. not been  through or near any programme
this one is totally untouched .. not been through or near any programme  … 

but its those shots ..that light comes form several angles that I’m always most grateful for … cause they in a small way show what I’ve always seen the beautiful variations and vibrations of energy around plants and humans alike  … the energetic output and input so to speak of life .. its quite magnificent to behold  … but that’s another post I guess 🙂

here is just some that inspire me


Purple healing rays over Mrs Swannypenny
Purple healing rays over Mrs Swannypenny

Their grace wondrous … and there is always exuberant amounts of lights of all shades and colours when animals are around and especially when the wild ones chose to bless the space your in with their presence  …they all have their unique energy patterns … sometimes when the buzzards are particularly playful it looks like they fly in huge pinky golden bubbles of light … its quite breathtaking ..

its quite easy to see really .. I know you don’t believe you can … but really you can see this too … we all can … it just takes some practice and learning how 🙂 .. but that’s also for another post 🙂

Mrs Swannypenny in rainbow light

their strength … quite beyond amazing

007 swan n swannypenny X

something you never  forget when you have daily for a whole winter been greeted by a 007 Swan at full span of wings .. stretching tall .. wrapping you up in huge wings .. and your kinda nose to beak how big they are .. no huge is a better description … when they float around on a pond looking majestic we see they are big birds … but … when one comes up to you ..wings outstretched .. at full pelt …

you know that are huge … and can run darn fast too

I have a video of Andreas’s first “swan hug” 😉 … its quite something … he said after that all he could think was if I could stand still or walk like that while letting Mr 007 Swan wrap & flap his wings around and against me … he could 😉 …

It was gentle as ….cause he really was … quite incredible… he just came up and did a thorough aura sweep all around .. as well as the … get on with feeding him thing … cause mostly us humans just were not quick enough for him … and he took it upon himself to train us ..I’m sure

However, I’m wrapping my head around this uploading video’s thing  … took me 3 and  a half fricking hours to get 1 minute and 9 seconds from my phone to you tube a couple of days ago  HA & HA & Bahhahahaha … now that certainly show I’m in my mid 40’s if nought else .. once I can find a better way .. I’ll share the amusing first eye to eye with Mr Swan which is somewhat longer than that …  between creating web sites and stuff I never thought I’d ..I’ll get there … hopefully soon 🙂  … Always Learning

Wishing you all magical days ❤


Expanding GRATITUDE :) .. and final Gratitude day 5

Expanding GRATITUDE :) .. and final Gratitude day 5

but first cause how does one only choose 3 things anyways 🙂 LOL  … the jewel like orb on the feather here was playing around me along most of the walk a few days ago .. in & out of others & rainbow light … Angel & Mama Nature’s Blessings … this little beauty was with us all the way around a 2+ hour walk in the woods ❤ …. I always feel so blessed 🙂 & so Grateful for everything …all the time really so this 5 days of sharing only 3 things a day .. I don’t think its ever possible to run out of NEW things to be GRATEFUL for ..add all the other stuff too the daily HEARTS in clouds & nature & even when I drop things .. like hand cream in the kitchen sink …. well I get hearts … spill my coffee and I get hearts LOL ..just hearts everywhere all the time in all ways …

Signs of Nature & LOVE LIGHT ..CREATIONS Magic just everywhere all the time 🙂 … you just gotta allow the eyes to see what the heart knows is there ..that’s it … that all there really is to it honest 🙂  … well the inner peace from a still mind helps 😉 but choosing to still calm and BE is a  beautiful first step … it lets all that our hearts knows flow to our eyes ears & feelings .. helps expand the LIGHT within ❤ ..So GRATITUDE ..wishing the same for you ALL Wonderful’s … it makes the heart grow so beautifully 🙂 overflow with JOY ❤ … Hope you’ve all felt the wonder of writing down some of what makes the LOVE flow in Gratitude’s flow for you .. keep shining ❤

Beautiful Blessings of Heart shaped jewel ORB on Buzzard feather a few  days ago :)
Beautiful Blessings of Heart shaped jewel ORB on Buzzard feather a few days ago 🙂

so .. last day 🙂 ….. here goes … I am Grateful for … :

1. the gift and ability that let’s me feel the lightness & JOY in & of a Buzzards flight by holding his blessing of a feather in my hand  … a sensitivity .. now a blessing indeed .. that I used to call a curse .. because around people .. especially before I learnt to shield and protect myself really did let me feel far to much .. the POWER of FORGIVENESS would do many so much good.. cause the feelings of anger hatred resentments jealousies are YUCKY draining and beyond horrid on the outside .just feeling the presence of these stuck and hardening emotions … so what they do to folks on the inside is a scary thought indeed to me  .. … AHA but more important … the deep connection to mama earth that this sensitivity allows for …is WOW & so far beyond Wondrous … so always BLESSED …  Always In GRATITUDE to SOURCE & ALL that IS …THANK YOU .. I LOVE YOU ❤
2. for Knowing the beautiful POWER of complete FORGIVENESS ..& the expansion of LOVE it brings that settles as solid & unrockable …stable INNER PEACE … to BE & share with ALL  …. The FREEDOM our HEARTS experience with true and complete forgiveness … and the space it leaves for only TRUE & REAL LOVELIGHT to be present within .. & that well that just EXPLODES outwards .. overflows … you just gotta hope its contagious.

3. For Clean Air to breathe … CLEAN ENERGY  … FREE Energy … cause its coming … The AWAKENING ..its growing … we the people ..more and more of us are awakening .. and seeing that the only fear … is being spread by the fish dangling on hooks so to speak that our governments and big business are … on hocks reeled by those who pay them to rob humanity … the 13 as I have always felt and know them … the root of GREED ..FEAR based .. through their own fear of loosing POWER they and those before them … have kept the people in lack and fear through centuries …denying us the wisdom NS KNOWING THAT ALL COMES FROM WITHIN ….. ALL IS US … WE ARE LIKE CREATOR AND WE ALL HOLD THIS SAME RESPONSIBILITIES … OUR POWER IS THE POWER ….Once we stand firm in our own complete personal responsibility … in LOVE … in CREATIONS universal laws of LIFE …. WE FLOW & PROSPER …. THROUGH HEART … A SHARING &  EXPANDING LOVING world … & RICH IN ALL WAYS WE BECOME … … Our birthright is to know all we are … to BE complete within this human body … to allow our SOUL to fully live though the physical we must release the illusion of fear ..and step into the LOVE of all that IS

The AWAKENING is at over 54% now & RISING … & these awakened are participating consciously in Mama Earth’s Ascension … raising our vibrations Mama Raises her’s 🙂 … These days  …. two worlds are inhabiting this planet … through all our human choices … either to stay in the illusion of fear ..& keep giving their power away ………. Or …. of LOVE .. letting GO all fear … KNOWING that LOVE is ALL and the connection to SOURCE LIGHT that opens within ..shows us TRULY just how POWERFUL WE ALL ARE !!!!!!!!

Always much LOVE ❤

Hand cream drop in the kitchen sink ... HEARTS ... little LOVE signs just everywhere
Hand cream drop in the kitchen sink … HEARTS … little LOVE signs just everywhere

rescue mission .. sign of transformation

rescue mission .. sign of transformation

Rescue mission .. poor little thing has been in the broccoli in the fridge for a couple of days .. he did try & do the tape measure wiggle dance to scoot off thankfully .. but is here playing dead in my hand  .. I have to be mad mind .. cause I put him out .. in my basil of all places .. he’ll have a feast  LOL .. I’m not sure how much basil will be left for cooking HA .. but I gotta be me.. and well it was the tastiest morsel I could think of for the very cold little soon to be blessed .. flutterby of day or night 🙂 

Transformational magic afoot I’m sure  … a beautiful sign … Mama Earth & Cosmos in Union there is a huge amount of creation particles in the air all around .. The LIGHT is definitely expanding 🙂 & we are growing … A beautiful thing

rescue mission

Purple LOVE Light Blessing From Mrs Swannypenny Swan … one of my Power Animals

Purple LOVE Light Blessing From Mrs Swannypenny Swan … one of my Power Animals

Soul to soul connection with your Power Animal is beyond amazing … all I can say is I am feeling  Greatly Blessed & Honoured  …to have had the privilege over the last 7 months or so to meet & greet these two magnificent Swans in sharing … healing & meditation. I’m feeling extra blessed and amazed that more and more of the beautiful lights colours & energy that I always see is showing up even more in my photographs … it makes it easy to share the Magic.

Here Mrs Swannypenny’s LOVE & deep GRATITUDE after a deep healing for her wing as well as the brought food  for her enjoyment and to strengthen her feather growth … (the flight feathers are slowly coming out on her left wing now)… the camera caught some of the beautiful purple of her love energy … It was  just so Magical… this was  earlier in the year .. last week during a time of going in & out of deeper meditation I got a fair bit on video ( but my video and wordpress don’t seem to be compatible somehow .. I have been trying … so I will try, to add a link to my FB video’s below.. but ???? .. hmmm needless to say I guess “I’m pretty new to this” 🙂 hoping it works 🙂 )

LOVE Blessings over swan
LOVE Blessings over swan

I guess would have to be as Mr Swan well he gave us the best aura cleanse I’ve ever felt .. not to mention it was Powerfully IMPRESSIVE .. with wings outstretched he waved away all that did not belong in & around the energy field around us both .. hit n tapped in places too … It felt only beautifully healing really..  and well a bit like an initiation into the Clan I guess would be the best description .. but standing beak to nose with a Swan with his wings almost wrapping all around you over and over .. well lets just say …  007 would have to be added to Mr Swan  .. cause he has the presence !


So much to share on these magical experiences … Swans as Soul family  .. which is what they feel like by now … that is something ❤


hmm so those work … but … below is supposedly the Video of Mr Swan & Mrs swannypenny with the magic of LIGHT during meditation … Okie .. fingers crossed 🙂

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Butterfly medicine in December in England … an amazing sign

Butterfly medicine in December in England … an amazing sign

Incredible signs today .. First one .. a BUTTERFLY .. 8th of flipping December on England .. & a flutter beauty dances all around us & sits by us sunning herself fir ages .. NATURES GLORIOUS MAGIC TRANSFORMATION… in progress .. that’s for sure .. ENERGY changes of late with mixed of fire & water turbulence  LOL .. HEALING to CORE .. & major changes in our space suits so to speak   .. All good & rising as the ENERGY .. keeps heightening .. squeezing out anything & everything that is not for our Highest good  .. Beautiful Balance here we are  

butterfly 8th dec 13

Always much LOVE Maia 

Seeing with HEART and listening with SPIRIT

Seeing with HEART and listening with SPIRIT

See with your heart .. & listen with your spirit … Its the way the whole world becomes magically transformed 

Crow hello through windscreen
Crow hello through windscreen

A pair of Crows settled just a meter or so from the windscreen .. stayed for quite some minutes .. sharing wisdom   .. till I’d forgot to turn of the flash in the attempt to get a picture .. a lightning flash from nowhere just below them was not appreciated … interesting effect though  

Made me think of the importance of feeling Truth .. Love .. Light .. Really sensing the reality of the real & true of all that is … & being Discerning with the disguised & all drama .. Protecting & / or stepping away when necessary. Honouring self & all .. through being balanced & filled with Love Lights flow  … Boundaries  .. & even removing ourselves when necessary ❤ 

Maia ❤