Natures Golden Pink Light the afterglow of Sunset 1

Natures Golden Pink Light the afterglow of Sunset 1

The Golden Pink Light …. sometimes just moments .. sometimes more … around sunrise and sunset .. but lately there seems to be more and more of it ..a bit like a Golden Hour before the Blue hour ..

It makes for the most surreal colours  … Nature is extra bright …  glowing like golden sunshine from within every leaf and flower …

Even when the sky is thick with clouds ..  and it should be dark really .. its LIGHT


these were taken as the sun had set .. in those last moments of glow over the horizon … through clouds .. but till this Pinkish Golden Light  .. like an after glow from Nature herself ..enhancing the colours ..


It even makes the oak in centre of the field here ..  look whole … now I could have sworn I’d written about this wondrous Healing and Life where there was none for several years … it was hit by lightning about 13 years ago  and has no centre to its trunk .. or a lot of sides left nor a front really its just a deep blackened hole .. that 2 -3 grown ups could easily fit into…well considering how many they can shove into a phone box or mini thats probably greatly underestimated .. but there you go 😉  .. okie I will write one .. find the pics and take some new close ups .. its amazing .. and coming in the next few days I promise … yes I know … my daily posting  … has as yet not been happening …  but the writing has .. darn I have more drafts that I care to admit … so I might just manage to sneak up on you yet with daily doses 😉

Natures Golden Pink Light the afterglow of Sunset 2 .. has already got the pictures attached so .. I might just be flowing

Wishing you all Beautiful days





At Sunrise … the Blessed rays of Sunshine through the window of our healing Space.



as an early bird … the Sun & I greet every morning .. outside & in .. in Healing embrace & Breaths of consciousness LOVE is flowing …

Angels & Rainbow Rays steeping my Heart in LOVE’s LIGHT.

Gratitude to overflowing ❤

Wishing you ALL  LOVE to overflowing ❤


Solar Eclipse … Fresh LIGHT ..Orbs n Violas .. Vernal Equinox /Ostara

Solar Eclipse  … Fresh LIGHT ..Orbs n Violas .. Vernal Equinox /Ostara

Rainbow light filled the morning of this Vernal Equinox / Ostara … the Cosmic celebrations were led by an 85% Solar Eclipse here in England  … an hour or so before the eclipse started @8.30am the air was thick with rainbow light … & the white light had this pure brilliance to it  … it was most beautiful …. As the sky darkened little by little this brilliance stayed with us … Outside & in till we went of for a walk just after it had peaked ..


Interestingly the Orb lights seem to reflect the Solar Eclipse … Here inside closing in on peak time


& outside @ peak time 🙂 the orbs also reflect the event … here with 2 duckies that most unusually seem to prefer to sit on the roof to floating down the river



This next one was taken around 10am as we were just setting off for a walk


& just before 11 am coming back out of the woods .. The LIGHT & Orbs still Wondrous ❤


& back home last years violas were showing themselves to be Fresh & having a Beautiful New Life 🙂


May your days all be filled with LOVE LIGHT & Creations Magic in every way ❤

IN every moment of every day there is Enough to make us all very Happy indeed  … The JOY comes from the inside … so Breathe deep & set it FREE


The Sun Deep in the waters of the morning Fog

The Sun Deep in the waters of the morning Fog


Morning Fog Lifting
Morning Fog Lifting

Life’s depths …. natures enormity …perspective changes everything .. knowing the SUN’s life giving light & gravitational hold on our little wee BLUE  Marble .. that is holding us at arms length while spinning around in space .. an Enormity of which we can barely even fathom more than the vapours at the edge…

Yet when the veil of the morning  fog starts lifting  … the ILLUSION … that the Grand Magnetic Ball of FIRE at the centre of our Galaxy .. is the minuscule Marble in Space.

The SUN deep in the Waters of the Morning Fog … enhances the MYSTERY of ALL that IS …

always makes me think how important it  is to always do our best to see any situation … others… all life ..all ideas … all views .. from EVERY POSSIBLE angle … without judgement … to see the REAL & Larger Picture … cause we will never know TRUTH unless we do

Wishing you ALL the Magic of Creation in all your days ❤


Rainbow Rays through Winter Woods

Rainbow Rays through Winter Woods

Dream .. a dream … of LOVE


& let it in …

If the first idea is not absurd … then there is no hope for it

Albert Einstein

Humour and Personal Power … Frost Vapour and SUNlight … I can just imagine .. the looks on the faces .. if I added that I was really seeing Rainbow lights … Orbs … Fairies and Angels ;)

Humour and Personal Power  … Frost Vapour and SUNlight … I can just imagine .. the looks on the faces .. if I added that I was really seeing Rainbow lights … Orbs …  Fairies and Angels ;)

I got a wee bit wow’ed by Frost Vapour this morning … it went form me making a joke about .. it looking like the pole was hot for the car ; ) .. as the pole was steaming away in the Sunlight … quite beautiful … & the LIGHT was rather magnificent  ….. now the neighbours are somewhat used to my nose being pointed skyward and clouds photographed … or butterfly’s being chased for similar purposes … However Frost ridden poles and sides of cars … now that throws people perceptions out completely .. I can just imagine .. the looks on the faces .. if I added what I was really seeing Rainbow lights … Orbs Fairies & HA

034xxb provia

The healing seems to be constantly tuned up high  …. to really hold the higher vibrations .. and even higher vibrations with ease .. as they are incoming and expanding all the time .. we have to do the work … well work … more like keep in training … and there has been lots of balancing of new and heightened energies …


Its important that we all give ourselves time to do this .. in our own ways of cause … because as the vibrations are raising on the and in the earth and all through the cosmic divide so to speak … either we raise or vibrations to match Mama Earth .. and feel good … calm .. balanced … grounded … connected .. and all the rest .. …. or when out of alignment … in any ways shape or form … it can be quite an ouchy time .. but that’s also CHOICE .. its all in where our focus is …

where our energy goes .. there we are ..

My choice is LOVE … and the more focus it gets the more Rainbow light .. Fairies … Angels … Orbs .. show up around me … the LIGHT BEings .. and all that comes near us … matches our frequencies … this either ENHANCES or detracts…all the So our CHOICES our Vibration is Immeasurably Important for all the BLESSINGS and/ or all the lessons .. match us perfectly

LOVE yourself you would love a newborn baby … a kitten … a pup …. HONOUR and RESPECT ..ALL of who and what you are … and give that to others too … but also remember never accept anything less for you …  WHY … : simply because :




Some more of this mornings SOURCE sharing .. The Violet Light /Flame light is always present …. all around we just have to let our hearts /our soul lead and in so doing … the connection of Source of all that is and Mama Earth .. is joined through us … we are the link between mother and father as such … and we are here to ground that … to express and expand that .. to BE the LOVE .. to BE the TRUTH

The HEART knows this …. our SOUL knows this ….this is why the higher we vibrate with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and in TOTAL TRUTH … the less we can tolerate drama … it just makes us ill

The best and most Magical and Amazing thing is .. with the LOVE choice … comes the MAGIC … It starts on the INSIDE … and with it we choose our HEALTH ..our HAPPINESS … our JOY …. we choose EVERYTHING … and all the ENERGY ..all the HEALING is just there within reach …. if we but choose ..and HOLD that thought … that focus … that LOVE and JOY .. it flows through all cells in our bodies … all particles in the air ❤


Always much LOVE Wonderful’s ❤

The Joyous Blessings of lighter days .. may the blessings of PEACE …LOVE and Compassion enhance your everyday ..

The Joyous Blessings of lighter days .. may the blessings of PEACE …LOVE and Compassion enhance your everyday ..

So the darkest nights of the year is in passing  … midwinter Solstice…has been and gone … left us   … with the Beautiful BLESSING of every day now being a little longer than the one before


A reawakening


more LIGHT …





003x wWe’re all ready to stretch and stand … walk and run..


& so it seems in nature .. here the trees are budding already .. and the birds are piping up with spring song


The weather is warm for December  another blessing but then I’m a sun lover 🙂 & the moon .. & stars ..well all of mama nature  .. & cosmic wonder really … makes it easy to count the blessings they are present in every moment and with every breath ❤

May you all have Magical seasons … where the JOY … the LOVE … PEACE & Compassion Bless you Greatly  and enhance your everyday ❤


Sun’s blessing with Eagle Heart and a blue Orb …

Sun’s blessing with Eagle Heart and a blue Orb …

Eagle / Heart soaring towards Papa Suns opening Light .. it was so Beautiful I had to share Feels like the Deeper Knowing is expanding in so many ways … Higher & much larger perspective always makes for much clearer & Balanced Choices .. something thats not always easy, but always better in the long run .. when we get to the point where we can stand and look back .. its so easy to see that where TRUST in and stepping into the unknown … allowing creations flow into the innermost parts of ourselves … and then letting it show us the way through our intuition / knowing so it can burst forth into life …   

eagle heart 3

Many different situations take us through life ..sometimes we wonder just how .. but life is just IS ,,, it flowers grow & bloom … We are eternal souls on a human journey … learning to BE & flow while remembering & expanding into our full selves

Always much LOVE  ♥ Maia