Hello I’m back, an update, but more: The blessings and of what’s to come.

Hello I’m back, an update, but more: The blessings and of what’s to come.

So a little, well longish, update of why I have not been writing or sharing much, or been blogging, or been much on FB or other social media.

Up until the beginning of June this year I felt as if I was spending more time running around showing and proving to people behind the masks of bureaucracy that I had actually been in this country for more than 30 years, first one than the other of us.

That its been interesting is somewhat to nice to say. Its been 2 years + of kind of survival mode/limbo, well man made nonsense, although not of my/our making.

It was however a part of the collective healing, the karma of countries as such. Being part of healing and balancing of the ramifications cause by a “fear based” collective subconsciousness.

It took a while though before I stopped feeling as if I was running around in a reverse law of attraction mode, taking things personally. As there were so many things, that just made no sense to me. It took a while as I did what used to be my normal for me: If something was not right, then I went into, inner scrutiny, and I have to heal/fix something in or with me mode.

I felt a lot like: Hmm, HA, uuuhhhh and not just a little yikes, along the way, with the f-word in use, would somewhat sum up the thoughts I had on the topic bureaucracy and the human drama. As well as the many “fear based” subconscious or even conscious programmes and learnt behaviours that all “drama” holds.

I have to say there were a few “are you serious” moments, when viewing or listening to a person behind the mask of bureaucracy perform a perfect version of “the child smeared in chocolate that says “it wasn’t me”. It can be interesting and very enlightening when you are aware of the different subconscious and learnt behaviours of the “normal” programming of the “human drama”.

I find this particularly interesting as it is a way to see how illness and disease can settle in a body.

Choosing to live aware lives, we both thought we had dealt with all the triggers of these programmes and learnt behaviours years ago. Which we had on a personal level.

However feeling the fear based collective issues of these subconscious programmes coming in like a heard of bulldozers was a bit of a flooring experience.

Well £30.000 later and a flattened credit rating.

I still say it was enlightening, especially as I didn’t think there was anything left in my thinking patterns from the “addict/ co-addict dramas”, nor my acceptance of the bad behaviours of the “people form my past” (birth family), familiar slavery patterns that not just had me working for free, or not getting paid, but also I allowed the theft of pretty much everything, several times over.

Something that was never my pattern, but learnt behaviours of acceptance of other peoples bad behaviours from my mother and before her, my grand mother.

It was about allowing myself to see all that, when patterning and learnt behaviours had taught me only to well not too.

So all in all I have emerged with an “Oh WOW I am amazing, did that, I did not just survive, I am more than I ever was. I love the way I forgive with ease. I love my now precious boundaries, and I love the respect I give myself in keeping them.

We have come out of the last few years with deeper knowledge of amongst other things epigenetics, than we ever thought we would have.

We have come up with some beautiful ways to restructure, heal and rewrite the DNA or the Divine Nature Algorithms as Andreas beautifully call it in his first book.

Its about activating the source codes, and so co-creating the miracles.

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It is all somewhat beyond amazing really. Everything I have seen, done and been though in life, just keep making me more and more glad that I am me, more and more impressed that I am me.

More and more honoured that with all my nerdiness and expertise I am able to help others.

I feel more and more blessed to have the understanding I have, more and more blessed for having the ability to love even those that harm.

Blessed to know how to effectively cut and remove the ties and energetic cords that harm, and beyond blessed to see the golden cords of soul family that are timeless, even eternal.

Truly blesses for having the universe put us in situations that has proven with out a shadow of any doubt, that all our “Holistically Happy Solutions” work perfectly not just on a healthy or big budget, but on the tiniest of budgets too. Everything can heal, and every one, no matter where in life, or what circumstances someone finds themselves. With the choice of change and of allowing the healing in combination with the trust in ones own hearts wisdom, and the tools to make the changes, everything it possible.

Wellness and good health is ours.

I/we have even healed my biggest hiccup, my incessant thoughts through life (until recently that is) of needing (that I had) to understand mentally why and how someone could do anything that harmed others. That anyone could do something that felt so painful to another, especially when it was done purposefully and intentionally, through subconscious programmes and pattern’s of the human “drama”.

Its something that I have in the past allowed my thoughts to spin around far to much, especially the often complete lack of responsibility and total denial, something that I have to admit cause me some repetitive horrid lessons, when through my thoughts the universe brought me more of the same. Hence my thoughts and strange feelings of being in a weird reverse law of attraction scenario, for a little while, with all the bureaucratic craziness.

Some amazing insights have come form it, on how illness and disease manifest from the life long learnt behavioural patterns, through conscious and subconscious programming that is active in an individuals vibrational pattern, energy frequency and of course source codes of our DNA.

Again,for yet more reasons, I feel truly blessed for the whole messy experience, because it gave me /us the perfect opportunity to fine tune all our solutions, and the knowledge that as solution detectives we can help anyone with anything so long as they are willing to help themselves, to do their 50%.

It also gave us even deeper understanding of what soul family/ mate partnerships truly are, and how the harmonious core trust hearings can be tough but are truly essential. We have gained wisdom and experience that puts most of the “twin flame” nonsense out there to shame. Its out there as yet another dualistic and even harmful teaching that we are not complete within ourselves. Lots more to come on this topic too, I promise.

On the health topics: The amount of stress we have had through this (now past) experience with the bureaucracy jungle, triggered for me shadows/remnants of every “autoimmune” problem/ disorder issue, the doctors 20-30 years ago scared with, in the dooming diagnosis.

I have to say that: I have not ever chosen to owned such doom, not even when I was in the midst of the worst part, in my early to mid 20’s. My triggers rough some extreme pain, numbness, swelling, allergic reactions, shock, stress and not sleeping is just to name but a very few. However seems everything just showed up for us to verify the blessings of the tools and actions of our very own Holistically Happy Solutions.

Talk about testing your own knowledge, wisdom and expertise though, and gaining even deeper and more expanded insights into the nature of healing in the human bodies, physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. That’s all truly priceless.

I guess I will blog more about the hilarious madness of bureauCRAZY, whether its from outside of ourselves, through other peoples actions, or from ones own inner bureaucrat that sabotages, and that causes glitches in one own inner peace and harmony. So more to come on that subject too.

There will be many blessings in sharing the solutions.

Blessing that we are both out the other end of of the nonsense.

Also I am happy to say that I am no longer wanting to wish someone exactly what they deserve, while also having the urge to hiss like a cat, and the wish I had the claws to flex, like cats do when enough is enough, where from their calm serenity they show you that there is a respect issue and you’d better take heed or the claws will be used, and rightly so. Something that is somewhat out of balance for my normal calm and harmonious self.

Reacting I know would merely be the programmed reaction/ response to someone, or to their chosen energy frequency. Not mine, although I have to admit I revisited the lesson and tried it a few times, and remembered just how much energy that can zap.

The zapped, the f-word use and the occasional urge for cats claws to use has been the main reason I haven’t written/ blogged or been on FB / social media much.

I am always fully aware that my real self, my calm and harmonious self, and I keep my inner harmony by acting consciously, being aware and fully present in every moment, not by reacting or letting my calm get zapped.

Also I have to say I prefers to share the beauty and the magic. The encouragements and the wisdom that everything always works out perfectly when the heart and soul has ones full trust.

There are so many miracles and amazing healing, even in the tough times, and yes I know, it is not always easy to allow the heart to show you that instantly.

However the heart is patient, it will wait till we get our small selves/ ego’s, out of our soul selves and our true personality’s way.

The choice is what we focus on.

Besides as we always get more of what we focus on, it is by far best to respect oneself enough to give focus only to what we want to see and feel in our lives.

Next blog will be on almost instant manifestation of “the red arrows” flying by straight over head, form a chat to happening. Just how easily the universe delivers when our energy can still align with the WOW of such an experience as a child.

After that I will share of the amazing blessings we have received through the finding of more 4 leafed clovers out in nature, randomly, than we ever thought possible.

Our inner child never forgets blessings of joy nor adventure.

003X HC 4 leafed clover

Hope you are all well beautiful souls.

Always remember: You matter.

You are loved.

Take good care of you, and remember you represent “your soul” and “source” on this planet, so take care of you the way source cares for you, for all and for this beautiful planet of ours.

Always much Love


(Ah PS another blog might be necessary, of why I let go of using Maia Blessings. However the short version is: I used Maia Blessings somehow to hide, but also to get away from the people from my past. However non of them have have come anywhere near my life in around 5 years now. Not even when I in a very weak moment because of all the bureaucratic nonsense, asked for help a little over 18 months ago, so I consider myself totally free, all cords and ties cut).


Magical scent of rose & the healing of ones senses

It’s that #Magical time of year again when #Roses bloom and the most precious #scents fill the air.

Real #aromatherapy for the senses and a wonderful tea too.

Old #rose varieties have the #blessings of real #perfume in its #natural form.

The gift of real #scent is something almost indescribable.

It is truly #magical, the highest and best master piece of #creation in its precious dance with #mother nature.

Our scense of smell is directly linked to our gut senses as well as our intuition.

For those who truly wish to enhance their senses, to really experience true inner healing ,first one has to reclaim ones own senses.

To reclaim our senses we have to get past and weed out the man made and artificial smells all around that cause harm, numbs and blocks one of our most powerful gifts.

The gift that starts with trusting our own heart and senses, our ways to distinguish beneficial from harmful in every way: physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Our bodies have the most amazing healing capacities. Everything including changing our own DNA is about awareness and a healthy gut 🙂


So this is Christmas – choices – of Love or fear

So this is Christmas – choices – of Love or fear

So this is Christmas Old (fear) and new or well “ancient” (love – the unconditional kind :)) when everything is taken into account !

It’s Christmas eve again – 24th December 2017 – and the old 3D Xmas neurosis is reaching its yearly climax. For someone who has stepped out, and away from all of that mess and on to excellent health, wealth, joy and abundance (me). I have to say that I feel blessed that my partner feels the same, and that we now merely watch it all from as big a distance as possible.

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Question is: Are you HAPPY ?


I would like to share some observations, that might interest you.

We went for a wander into Bridgnorth yesterday, great walk.

We park by the river to get the best parts of the quaint little town in while climbing the hill to high town.

On our way up, I made the “joking” remark of: “ Seems there is amass escape from Bridgnorth going on.”

The remark made to what seemed like an unusually large crowd of people coming down the hill and away from town, all looking a bit worse for wear so to speak, or rivalling “grumpy cat” on the looks front. A couple of men did smile while their eyes seemed to longingly say “I wish this was over” ;).

So there we were, and got to the top “OOOOOO mama”, all I can say is: The xmas neurosis with the madness of buying and consuming, is in full blossom there, as everywhere else we have “gingerly” ventured the last couple of weeks.

The consumption of fluff, tat, cr**, s*** (hmm) or, well, you know, the general nonsense, as well as the “highly addictive drug” of “white refined sugar” is extreme in every way. All the “cheep” stuff.

However is it really “cheap”, stuff that mostly never gets looked at past the unwrapping, and even ends up in the bin?

White refined sugar, now that its “cheap”, well for the “food industry”, as it aids and promotes its excessive industrial use tremendously. Its addictiveness is why it is being so terribly over used.

White refined sugar is in pretty much everything from your pain meds to your sweeties, as well as you “diet” products.

Not just is white refined sugar “cheap” in all its fancy labels and disguises.

Its production method is similar to that of “crack cocaine”,which helps make it one of the most addictive ingredients of “processed” foods out there.

Are you Healthy ?

Refined white sugar is not just highly addictive, but also extremely damaging to our bodies – but we’ll get to that later 😉 with the solutions. I much prefer those.

I prefer good honourable and easy solutions, as taking our power back, always turn out for the better, and makes everything easier. Also good solutions make our lives more amazing.

Often the simplicity of truly effective and lasting solutions, are more amazing than we could ever have imagined. With more profound blessings than mere “hopes” could ever have held.

The above touched very briefly on why after 30+ years of in depth research and study of scientific as well as ancient sacred texts, we have come up with the most advanced and deeply healing solutions, and created “Holistically Happy Solutions™”.

Holistically Happy Solutions is what changed my life, finally fixed the “broken”. bits, and its sprinkling lavishly blessings where I had thought there was never ever even a slight hope, and I am loving now sharing all that with the world, with everyone who wants to know :).

One of the core things we wish to share with everyone is that: “IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT”.

Its not your fault, if you feel addicted and can not “control your cravings”. There are lies and deceit around some of our most basic of products: Processed foods and more versions of white refined sugars than you can imagine is very high on the list of why that is.

The supposed solutions, out there on lets say weight loss: The cardboard foods and drinks like “slime slushie shakes”, which from memory tastes a bit “cardboardy” too with sandy textures and fake flavours.

Put this along with “mainstream” worldwide “diet” “clubs” which are as focused on keeping addictions high, as every other part of the “processed food industry”, all geared up, so that folks keep coming back for more.

A trap I was myself hooked into for most of my life, first through taught behaviour, from parent and siblings. I was not big, but was taken to weight watchers weekly by the time I was 8.

Weight – wait is a very deep and sick programme in today’s society, a world wide game of “fishing and releasing” in the circles of the “hamster wheel” the programming allows for.

Well for me because nothing worked more than 20+ years ago now, I studied and got myself a Diploma in Nutrition.

Which I thought would be the answer, give the solutions, and “free” me.

It was however a diploma that followed mainstream medical rules, the rules of “statistics”, “ideas” and “theories” that they/it considered to be the “only” and the “scientific” way.

The way of mainstream NHS / modern medical/chemical, blinkered and one track ways. None of which, however diligently I followed them, worked for me.

Eventually I, we with my partner’s help, chucked out all the old rules. We then applied a combination of ancient sacred knowledge with all the real and the very latest of science from honourable scientists.

Avoiding all of the supposed scientific information from the ones that are bought and paid for by the “industries”.

It is essential to regain real health and well being to avoid all those that are bought and paid for by the industries they “pimp” for.

Once you find the right and the honest, the true information out there, everything starts to function/ work well, and really: Life, food, joy, bliss, even weight loss – and keeping a balanced healthy weight is much much easier than anyone ever had you believe, and so is about taking your health back.

All part of taking your power back!

So what’s all this got to do with the Xmas neurosis?

Well, the Xmas neurosis and over consumption, also includes eating loads of stuff, that in these mere few days, is again going to make most people that have over indulged, sit back with the same questions as the year before, and the year before that: “What’s the point”? (So much stress/ for a blip – and then its over!)

Wondering: WTF, why have I been in a mad rush, in an insane “have to have enough mode”, that leaves them exhausted, bloated, hungover and feeling: well lets be brutally honest here “completely shitty” and relieved when the whole thing is over.

While feeling “shitty” and wondering about this, far to many do not even take a breather, before delving into the neurosis of neurosis’s: The xmas and new years “sales”, to make themselves “feel better”.

Sales that are as fake, as the processed stuff that is labelled as food

Thinking thank G— that’s over, while regretting their own choice of “excessive stuffing and “fire” watering”, not to mention spending and over extended credit cards.

3 pics for flyer combo contrast n backlight small

Which brings on the annual considerations of the “New Years Resolutions”, really good intentions, that are made at the hight of the awareness of everything  that is “not wanted”, pain, suffering, heaviness, sadness, depression.


New years resolutions that is mostly made from a space of desperately wanting to FEEL BETTER !

So I say again: It is not your fault

Why its not your fault 🙂 lies and deception that has you believing that you have no power to truly change anything.

Now this is where universal LAW kicks in:

Not choosing to use your own power, is not just choosing not to use it, but much worse: It is choosing to give it away to those that lie and manipulate.

Giving your power away has a hefty price, but we’ll get to that next time;)

Wishing you Peace

In Love and Grace


So, just one more question:

What is true wealth to you ?

both love and fear are powerful creator energies ~ everything grows from our core choice

both love and fear are powerful creator energies ~ everything grows from our core choice

Hello All its been awhile,  I’ve been a bit preoccupied by the paper mountains of  ……. “blip” 🙂   so I have not shared much or at all really for a few month.

The whole experience has made me rather unusually quiet,for several reasons.

For quite some time I though I was spinning myself around thinking how did I get on some mad “reverse law of attraction” ride ..

Something that had me questioning pretty much absolutely everything, my beliefs, ways, thoughts ~ All the inner stuff as well as the outer

Realised that sometimes, even those of us who know better, let the collective subconscious have far to much influence on how we feel.

Our conscious choice of thoughts, our feelings and emotions and particularly the balance of these to a peaceful and centred inner core are essential for our own well-being as well as the well-being of the greater collective.

Well it tuned out not to be my crazy “reverse law of attraction” mess,but a collective of between 4 and 6 million people in a state of feeling in limbo, shock and unwanted, from bureaucratic paper wave pre-empting by several years the UK leaving the EU (#Brexit).

Something which got my peaceful inner core a wee bit off centre, on and off, from the vibrational discord, of so many peoples combined emotional and metal choices of fear and “fear based” anger.


It took me quite a while to realise the turmoil, was because I thought I was dealing with something just personal to me, looking at just Truth, and doing my best to stay focused on and in Unconditional Love and Peace, only it was not just me… There was millions in turmoil, so a very strong storm in the collective subconscious.

Once realised it was several million people which were effected, I finally got back to to one thing that i had forgotten while my head was in a spin … asking the most basic and simple of questions to my heart …”is this mine?” and if not .. where or with whom,and even how big a group does it belong too?

Once we determine that, we can keep our own inner centre balanced ~ when we do we can stand firm in our own power and help quieten any storm. When the storms quieten, and/or others see our calm and solid foundation, it becomes easier for the others that can see to find their own centre.

The more of us that do this, and stay centred in peace,while aware of what is .. giving only focus to what we want our world to be ~ the more our world will become what we choose it to be!

We are conscious co-creators, each and everyone of us. What we focus on determines not just our own personal tomorrow, but the collective tomorrow of our whole world.

What we focus on ~ is energetically what we AGREE to ~ and what we agree to is what we put our Power behind.

It is all choice ~ and we have the power to choose what to enhance/ agree with and what not to enhance /not agree with, by putting our power and focus behind it!

Its what our free will is for ~ Once we have determined our own inner core choice of LOVE or fear ~ LOVE being inner stillness, calm and peace even in the midst of the strongest of storms, can we with this keep our balance. ~ or fear letting ourselves be smacked around by lives storms with no footing and no balance.

From personal experience LOVE is ease even in tough situations ~ and fear, even in smaller doses, well it simply (pardon the language) sucks.

So LOVE or fear ~ what will it be ?

We choose!

Love or fear ~ Feeling it ~ as just one’s own choice ~ or as in the whole collective subconscious ~ both love and fear are powerful creator energies ~ everything grows from our core choice

We are the creators who shape our world!

Love and deepest Grace to all Maia

Oh PS:

My book is a bit behind the schedule I set myself because of the turbulence ~ and the new expanded views gained~ has given deeper solutions to fear processing and balancing for all, so I will be sharing a lot more pretty soon.

& THANK YOU ALL for being patient with me


You want to Love yourself unconditionally? You can ! You could start to meditate.

My Hearts Choices

I love you for no reason

You want to Love yourself unconditionally? You can !

You could start to meditate.

That´s what I stumbled upon when I was starting a Jiu-Jitsu training many years ago and realised that before we were allowed to start the training in the dojo, we had to go through 10 minutes of breathing , sitting still and letting go.

No description of “how to” was given to us than “breathe in love , breathe out stress and all that shit, you know..” ( some of our Jiu Jitsu trainers were punks), but it became naturally, gradually a useful habit in my everyday live to be the “observer of my own thoughts, emotions, feelings,…”,just for some minutes, expanding gradually.

Just being. ( asking secretly inside ” Who is that “ME” really “…of course 😉

Nowadays some call it” mindfulness” or mindful awareness and it is even becoming a part of certain methods…

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TRUST – To Rely Upon Source (Spirit) Totally

TRUST – To Rely Upon Source (Spirit) Totally”

Andreas Antero Ahrens ” The HeArt To Be Happy

My Hearts Choices

T R U S T The HeArt To Be Happy

“TRUST – To Rely Upon Source (Spirit) Totally”

Andreas Antero Ahrens ” The HeArt To Be Happy

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Your true Self…

My Hearts Choices

Your True Self feels like 2

Your true self feels like





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