LOVE always fills a day

Even spilt hand cream comes shaped as HEART’s  … signs and blessings are ever present .. how we chose to view them  … 

It’s all in the seeing & hearing .. the inner awareness ..


Allowing it into ever moment   it’s what makes each moment MAGICAL

The Light BEings .. Angels & Guardians use all sorts of everyday basic things to make LOVE show up & be obvious to us .. in & around our lives ..& they can be very playful indeed 🙂

The answers to our questions .. our prayers .. are everywhere ..from little hearts in the kitchen sink … to the huge ones & other signs  … that take your breath away ..

Well they take your  breath away if you see them .. mostly though they are so big that most don’t even notice them .. never mind actually see them ..

Something to ponder  … wouldn’t you say  … the choosing to see or not to see the MIRACLES unfold ❤

So what will it be ?

Magic & Miracles  .. or grey & mundane 😉

Always in Gratitude to all that is ❤




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