Our Great Mother Earth’s Dance around the Life giving Heat of the Sun

Our Great Mother Earth’s Dance around the Life giving Heat of the Sun

The Western horizon about to set on fire …


Sometimes I feel like watching the clouds is a bit like Creation teaching US how to Create in Beauty …

So many faces, symbols and signs .. 

Everyday stories .. great books are written across our skies .. for us to see .. Appreciate .. and Learn from .

The Magical Wonder of Nature ..

Our Great Mother Earth’s Dance around the Life giving Heat of the Sun ..

Dressed in the Finest Glory as ONE with ALL Cosmic Thought ..  Through Creations Beautiful Wonderful Mesmerizing Amazing …

Perfectly Imperfect Magic

Maia ❤



Awaken LOVE says – as we are far beneath, as well as from beneath our feet

Awaken LOVE says – as we are far beneath, as well as from beneath our feet

Depending on the perspective one has when considering  beneath ….  the possibilities are endless.

Well maybe not as endless as LOVE of and in all that IS, but Nature as well as the Angels n Guardians sure are impressive, with their daily Magical signs of creation at play ..

Like Hearts found in rock paths across hills

005xbeneath my feet for sure, there is a wee tootsie sticking out there 😉 … although I must say walking bear footed in soft green grass or on a sandy beach with the waves washing over, grounding, cleansing and balancing ones path is most Magical indeed.

Then there is the Hearts we are beneath … seems LOVE tirelessly tries to show humanity its Sharing Magical way


so on our planet LIFE will still bloom in every blessed way for the children’s children and their children too

AWAKEN says LOVE ….. the EARTH is ALL YOU HAVE … She is plant filled with LIFE CREATION spinning at lightning speed through the universe … without her GOOD HEALTH we have no earth home.


to HEAL our WOUNDED and DAMAGED home

It just takes ONE to change a habit ….. then others follow and it is done … Our Beautiful world can LIVE on

Giving the children’s children’s children the chance of LIVING a LIFE too.



Listening to the winds whispers

Listening to the winds whispers

The wind ..  a bit like the sound of the sea … in a wheat field … whispering promises of tomorrows yet to come … Inspirations .. of Creations Bountiful Blessings .. Manifesting in LIFE !


In Solitude or togetherness … we are never alone .. but ONE with ALL.

As Light .. As LOVE … As Magic


PEACE is OUR CHOICE … Its in Sharing the Magic

PEACE is OUR CHOICE … Its in Sharing the Magic

Choosing to let the LIGHT illuminate our Paths is a Powerful thing indeed ..& it is really the SIMPLEST thing in the World … no really honestly … it IS …. I was reminded yesterday that enlightenment is something so many seem to view as unknown to them .. or unobtainable … and whereas I agree there can be many levels to the understanding … as Real TRUTH & Real LOVE is let deeper into the Heart ..so all expression can come from within our Ultimate Power … but its really not rocket science.


It is just simply choosing to LIVE with Honour and Integrity Honestly …

that leads to letting GO the drama .. the repeat circles of lessons .. cause we see the lessons .. and choose different than the learnt old patterns .. so we make the changes .. we wish to see .. once we do that for us .. in our life … the ripples spread around us … and our ripples of TRUTH n LOVE meet others ripples of TRUTH n LOVE .. & Allowed to flow as it is intended .. A World as we wish it to BE will BE all around US

010x& the simplicity of that is … We only have complete responsibility for our own words n actions … Our Thoughts is what changes everything for US … WE CHOOSE what we allow in and around US …

& once we Choose to LIVE it …. really LIVE it everything but everything will change for US & bit by bit as more are LIVING IT for the world …

& it Really is simple ..

TRUTH is prerequisite for REAL LOVE

LOVE & TRUTH are ONE … we are all from and within ONE Source that is & creates  LIFE ..

( Real Truth is always known ..as it can be seen even with slightly different stories depending on individual memory of an event .. cause all memory depends on actual individual focus …so really al stories told in truth fill each other in and out .. and gives deeper and more complete understanding …

so it is also with all the major religions and their sacred texts …

I spent around 7 years early in my life studying each book the Bible .. many versions .. inc old testaments / Hebrew scriptures / Tanakh n the Kabbala the Koran .. the Gita etc .. ancient scrolls n more ..

which meant first of all I could never understand why so much anger and hatred n wars had been through history managed to supposedly have a basis in mine is better that yours .. drama .. cause there are more similarities … than anything … as you read each story of lessons and learning them … and take each book …its a bit like looking at the real history .. which is more like his n her & the worlds story … from all angles …

kinda like if 100 people were at a big Celebration n party .. then all go their separate ways … & then a few years later they are all interview about this particular celebration .. their stories and memories would vary depending on who they spoke to . where they sat stood walked and . if the flowers .. the wine … the cake … the conversation … the food .. sit down meal … or evening nibbles … where what excited them most … and gave the strongest memory … to see the full picture … they would all have to chat and share and fill each other in ❤ )

Which in a way is how I see it .. what we are all here to do … SHARE … acknowledge … and accept Lovingly all our Brothers n Sister across the world ..

& this is OUR CHOICE ..

PEACE is our CHOICE ..

So let us All .. as much as we can LIVE the LOVE  .. no one is expected to be perfect … we are all beautifully perfect in all our quirks n ways .. in all our perfect imperfections  .. & together we make for one amazing tapestry of interconnected LIFE ..

let Us Appreciate  & Celebrate each other in all our Diversity ….

& Choose Sharing & Caring .. in Creations Wondrous LOVE FLOW ❤

Lets make PEACE FLOW through LOVE in ACTION ❤

Photos .. Two I took a couple of days ago in the woods, while Butterflies danced all around telling of Beauty Sharing & Love.  The Turquoise Healing Light was all around, it was quite enchanting & the Butterflies had the same Turquoise and gold colour auras, just Wondrous & deeply Healing… will tell you about that in the next post 🙂 …

Wishing you ALL Magic in your days in all ways ❤


Creator is my MUSE … Whispering to me … to us .. The wisdom of Rainbows …

Creator is my MUSE  … Whispering to me  … to us ..  The wisdom of Rainbows …

Creator … Whispering to me  … to us  The wisdom.

084 rainbow n heart x
Heart Clouds n Rainbows daily signs of Creations wonder

Letting me us feel the mighty presence of all the is .The reality of LOVE .. of the LIFE FORCE that is ONE with Source

Creators Rainbows ….  in Damselflies

doubt and fear only lives when we are disconnected from REAL TRUTH  … disconnected form the understanding that SOURCE is REAL … CREATION is REAL … and its presence is known in every cell ..every atom  in us and in the planet all around us ..

Great Spirit through every soul … can shine and play  ..and LOVE …

062x reverse 2
In Balance … in Creators Womb … all is ONE … white is black and black is white .. & in a Glorious concoction of Rainbow light we become .. Let us remember who we are !

so Great Spirit / SOURCE of ALL that IS … is my MUSE … in every way .. in every day …at all times

Through Spirits of  .. Air … Earth  … Water … Fire …we are shown this LOVE in CREATIONS Wonder..

050xThrough CREATION … LIFE ..through everything this LOVE IS shown to US

Through rainbow colours .. Red .. Orange … Yellow… Green ….Blue … Indigo n Violet… too

019xThis Magnificent Abundance of Creation … is for us to manage to enjoy .. to care for … to SHARE in LOVE & PEACE

This can only be found and LIVED in Total TRUTH … with complete HONESTY and

with DEEP RESPECT for Ourselves … for Each Other and for this Magnificent Planet we inhabit

009xthe human mess .. is 100% and completely man made .. through the destructive power of fear in drama  ..

this fear is the only lack

It is TIME to relinquish the destructive human element of fear … & CHOOSE LOVE … from within

This is HOW we will find PEACE

Choose well


Being fully present .. is just BEing really

Being fully present .. is just BEing really

Being fully Present .. in and off your Heart so to speak … does not mean be as nice n quiet as the stillness that you find within …If harm is being done to yourself or others .. to our world .. It means speaking TRUTH with LOVE .. LOUDLY & POWERFULLY …

Being fully Present .. in and off your Heart so to speak … simply means You ACT to your highest Worth … & You are worth a huge amount … You are of Source … This Your Heart knows .. TRUST your precious Hearts .. & use your Intention with your Heart Knowledge … Stand in this Power ..and put your Power within every thought and with every word … every action

When this is done deliberately consciously … you are more powerful than you can imagine … This IS who we TRULY ARE

It is only the ego part of the our real personality that fears the RESPONSIBILITY of this FREEDOM

There is NO fake it till you make it in this …no masks .. no hiding .. no competition
NO DRAMA that uses n abuses own and others energy ….

THIS simply IS …
Like LIFE simply IS …

Like ENERGY simply IS

Like Source / Creator simply IS

1315 xAll is LOVE …. We are a full Rainbow of LIGHT WARRIORS ❤

Seeing the JOY n Beauty in the little things

Seeing the JOY n Beauty in the little things

Okie so first talkie as promised .. a pure improvisation on the topic of JOY & a little more .. well everything seems to connect to everything else so staying on topic and not weaving all words in and out of similar topics  is always a bit of a challenge for me … & I know why too … its a bit like having one flower in a vase .. stunning wondrous & most beautiful .. a highlight in the spotlight of natures glory … I mean who wouldn’t love that right … but then but a bunch together .. and although their individuality and magic still stands out each n every one … they support .. balance  .. and even help each other shine but standing out more against each other  … accentuating each others beauty

wouldn’t it be awesome if all us humans could do that for each other  …  I call that really living … really being present .. and it works just that way once we sign out of  and delete the old drama files that just take everyone round and around in circles of learning the hard way .. that the fake and the masked are just that … faked n masked

Ooo see there I am off again … LOL … this is on JOY & how to see it in the little things  … like I said 🙂



BE your whole field of consciousness … BE Presence …
by choosing as much as possible.. to BE Present in every moment ..the higher vibrational moments of Joy & Beauty multiply .. and creating the Joy moments just from a breath when necessary becomes easier 🙂

064 x w definition of crazy

So just whenever you realise your in the past or to far in the future … in worry or in lack … just STOP .. BREATHE .. & BE just still in the moment .. Observe .. see … feel what is all around and within .. just right NOW .. & you will see JOY .. feel JOY … See & feel the BLESSINGS the LOVE IS … in the sun .. in the clouds ..in a flower … in the AIR all around … just BREATHE that LOVE in .. SOURCES Creation LIGHT is always ALL AROUND … in ALL WAYS … ALWAYS
Breathe it in to help you REMEMBER YOU are Whole  …  you are Complete …

You are BEAUTIFUL in every way …

BREATHE & BE .. your HEART already knows the JOY …

only the mind darkens …. SWEEP the BREATH of CREATION through every cell of your body …including send a whirlwind through your thoughts if necessary and reset the programme to one who serves you

let the LOVE LIGHT you up heart  ….. to BE Presence .. in your whole & complete Self & let it be filled with energy .. Love & Light …   your LIGHT body activated will lift your physical being to Health in Wealth & well-being in every way
Wishing you All Magical days ❤

When your glad the fleeting moments .. are fleeting 

When your glad the fleeting moments .. are fleeting 

Someone decided lettuce was tastier than trees .. I was called out this morning cause one of the recycled 😉 * lettuce in the hanging basket had gone from big & OO I must harvest that tomorrow … to wilting & flop 

On a little closer inspection this little or big .. Depending on perspective 😉 .. May bug had decided to make our salad dinner into his breakfast ..

 Well there you go .. the hospitality was obviously irresistible 😉 LOL … 

Darn save his or his friends life a few days ago .. & could not get back onto his feet .. & what do you know they move in 🙂 & help themselves to the Yummies  LOL 

The remind me a bit of the Egyptian Scarab beatle .. which is supposedly most auspicious .. So thank you Mama Nature ❤ 



Moments that pass by 

Moments that pass by 

First scented Rose of the year .. Intoxication from the beauty of her celebration of Love tingles like fireworks through the senses

Joy expanding into dancing feet

Voice into song as accompaniment

Those are the moments that remind us how to truly BE .. to just truly appreciate the gifts of every moment

Always in LOVE with LOVE & LIFE


Peek a boo 

Peek a boo 

Peak a boo 😉 ❤ Wishing you all Beautiful Magical days ❤

Let every part of the Beauty of Nature fuel your JOY … it lets the LOVE in … straight to the core … so we can freely burst into the bloom of light ❤



Love is the Power that HEALS ALL … self respect … self honour .. honours and respects ALL

Love is the Power that HEALS ALL … self respect … self honour  .. honours and respects ALL

There comes a time when we finally honour our own boundaries .. it changes everything… In learning to honour our own lines so to speak we extend UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to ourselves as well .. which is really the only way we can also truly give it to others ..

By Respecting & Honouring  Myself I Honour & Respect another ..

Now say it nice n loud  now & later repeatedly while looking in the mirror  …

By Respecting & Honouring  Myself , I Honour & Respect another

It’s the only way to change the old programming & patterns …look deep into your own eyes .. & really see YOU  … as LOVE … as GOD sees you ..

Every Religion pretty much tailors this basic spiritual law in its own words …

Its the KEY to Self Love & to allowing Unconditional LOVE to flow

When we all remember who we are in in this way … one by one from the inside out .. everything changes … the world changes .. because we are the change .. & there will be PEACE  … because how can it not be with RESPECT & HONOUR ALL AROUND!

456x c film  coexist peace warning high risk of peaceNow there is to keep it clear a very BIG difference .. No a HUGE difference REALLY between … Good & Healthy Self Love & the Selfish love of me myself n I  ..

to me its the difference between .. that worst of garden pests the weevil .. root eating little killer of beauty 😦  ( which would of cause be the selfishness & greed part )


the most breath taking of flowers … or even the most Strong .. n Magnificent Ancient Oak Tree  .. that radiates strength and breathes LOVE as one with Mama Earth many Blessings  .. breathing out LOVE in OXYGEN so we can breathe .. and live in the atmosphere of this little ball of LIFE that’s spinning through space in an unending and unimaginably vast sea of mesmerising beauty..


We are made of the same Magical Beauty … the same Elements are within our Bodies .. every Cell is created with this LOVE .. this LIGHT … this LIFE FORCE of Source..

Now how can we possible dishonour that ..once we  know ?

Dishonouring ourselves …is dishonouring another … it is dishonouring our planet … it is dishonouring God / Source  … (in which ever words are used to describe it in what ever religion )

image from NASA
image from NASA

Being less than in any way gives nothing to anyone .. it merely feeds the drama .. or to put it bluntly lets Sweet LOVE be trampled & hurt  .. Leaving those who hold the sweet LOVE feeling tired .. no exhausted would be a better description .. in pain & even ill ..

Let “less than” GO … let it & anyone & anything vibrating at a lesser vibration than LOVE go with love & I can highly recommend it .. Really its not deserting those we know as such .. its giving them the chance to see.. from a distance … some see better from a distance … and can than take better choices for themselves. because simply we can not help anyone change  or Heal .. unless they want to change and heal themselves first! (A major lesson for a caring person this .. but really its just getting out of Sources way & letting free will choose)

it’s not just respecting yourself .. It’s respecting & honouring those you let go too .. Letting them find their way in their own way & time  ….

By BEING the CHANGE … just LIVING .. just BEing

but just cause we choose to live love .. to BE the CHANGE from within .. does not mean we have to accept disrespect .. In any way ..

in fact it means that if we accept disrespect we are not the love .. nor can we truly give it .. just sayin ..

In my experience standing fully in the POWER OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE makes the bullies among others who choose lesser vibrations cower from just a whisper & even a look of REAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.



IT MUST BE RESPECTED by all & for ALL ..

& it comes and flourishes from the INSIDE OUT

it sees no colour .. it sees no doctrine .. IT SIMPLY JUST IS .. the SOURCE of ALL  .. it’s LIFE .. the LIFE FORCE that fuels & IS us all

You are beautiful .. You are Wonderful