Realising just how easy feeling great can be!

Realising just how easy feeling great can be!

#Health is #wealth and #happiness 

As a #nutritionist with easy ways to help people go from feeling like crap (pardon the language) feeling bad, and not knowing why.

To feeling good /great .. in easy ways while still enjoying all the flavours/foods they love , with only a few , non invasive, simple changes in how they choose to eat. For major benefits to their own health and well-being.

All the information I / we (with Andreas ) have gathered on this for over 20 years is priceless and essential information. We have made it easy because we have been through the eliminations and depriving, the cardboard supposedly “healthy” shit 😉  and neither do we want to eat what does not thrill the senses , so with a bit of shaking things loose and doing it our own anarchistic way, we have found that it really is so very easy to get our bodies to feel well … to feel great, but we have to take 100% responsibility .


With what we do we can help when people really  want to help themselves .

Something that is true for anything in life, we can only help others if they want our help. If we try and help someone not willing to help themselves it tends to be at least awkward .. but also it can be extremely draining on our own energy, so not recommendable. 

When someone really wants to heal from the inside out though, t is awesome to see the amazing results.

Its so awesome when people heal from the inside out, I have seen all from cancer through auto immune disorders, and so much more just vanish through they years.

Its truly precious to be able to help others. Especially when you have been there yourself.

You know how they feel. Know how bad it feels too to be ignored or put down by doctors. Doctors who know nothing but pharmaceuticals,  and can not help us , well that is how it was for me many years ago, in a 5 year nightmare of seeing so many doctors and specialists, and no matter what just getting worse, because none of them treated holistically, nor did they know anything really about our bodies natural essential self healing abilities, and our amazing immune system .

All of which gets damaged by man made chemicals, so many people out there feel bad but do not know what, and test after test shows nothing. Yet you know something is very wrong.

I /we both had journeys of finding it all out the hard way, and finding out that the mainstream right was in fact very wrong. Becoming our own research and guinea pigs, and finding some amazing beautiful natural and easy truths, on a way to taking our power back .

So we know it can be done … we know anything can heal … because we have been there ourselves !

Now FINALLY a very small part of some of the reasons … behind so many problems people have these days … is finally reaching mainstream .. here a piece form the sun .. about cancer causing pesticides in some of the most common breakfast and snack foods most people will consume .. without knowing that they are damaging their own health  …. 

Peoples health is and has been affected badly for a long time .. there is going to be a lot more information like this coming into mainstream too … it will shock many .. but there is no hiding from the truth that harms any longer … way to much scientific information to be able to ignore it now !

Always question everything ..and research .. all the answers are out there ..

& we will be sharing a lot more of what we know and do too …including  videos of a lot of how to  .. well we are working on those with very limited techie abilities., its “interesting  😉 LOL .. but hoping to start uploading  some videos in the next few days 🙂 

Marianne / Maia Blessings 

If anyone wants to know any more you can contact us


Choosing to let go, to Live & Feel the Magic and the JOY

Choosing to let go, to Live & Feel the Magic and the JOY

Some 16+ years ago the Oak in the distance here the little one standing in the line and on its own in the field, got struck by lightning.

Magical trees New Life in Lightning struck 65X


Since then this pile of burnt wood has been added to every year and burnt, over and over again, yet still there is the main part of the old Oak, charred and black, but they can not get it to burn away it just smoulders a little ..

Burning tree 18X

For many of those years I would wonder past and the old Oak and its also lightning struck friend, the one closer to the attempted fire pit admiring their beauty and stature size and wonder, because I could feel life.. but saw non for years ..(wrote about this before too, in Lightning Oak .. Mama Natures LIGHT bells toll in ORBS and Rainbow rays  back in the summer of 2014)

Charred giant tree 17X
Just a size reference of the part of Lightning Oak they keep trying to burn by a tall adult man.

Then about 6 years ago they started to get new shoots, leaves and branches, both at the same height. So the Oak has a new canopy over its hollow blackened insides.

Its stunning and always filled with light beings and orbs. The Chestnut has a new canopy skirt 🙂 . They are still just budding at the moment, but I can see that this year they will have expanded their new growth and greenery quite a bit. Life sure is magical.

I find Nature.. LIFE .. Creation beyond amazing … precious beyond measure .. and the best part.. WE ARE MADE OF THAT ♡∞

WE are the same magical wondrous LIFE and CREATION in motion.

I find that I am misunderstood a bit when I say that HEALING ANYTHING IS EASY .. (could be the capital letters n the dots LOL, I’m working on weeding out that bad habit. Having the red lined pages of my book back, most of which are for all my writing idiosyncrasies of dots n capitals ..and ooo my favourite words … OH ay mama who new my respect for editors and more would sore in the process of writing, not to mention teaching my own self new tricks in place of old bad habits, that might have been useful to stop my dyslexia at least in English, now its only present in Norwegian LOL).

The misunderstandings though isn’t about that, its mainly about the simple concept being far from what most are taught, and what the programming of society demands that children forget to become adults, so as to fit in the allotted boxes, the rules and regulations demand. When I say that I do not mean just the normal conformity boxes, but the new ones neatly carved out as “new age” and “spiritual” as well as many versions of “love and light” camouflage too, including this planet, other planets and aliens too.

Pretty much all my life I have been surrounded by all from the ultra “fluffy” “love n  lighters” to the total non believers in anything but solid physicality and fighting for first place in the human race kinds. Hardcore energy vampires either end of the extreme divide so to speak, and there always will be. Unless the core root of pain, of trust has been healed, let go, or at least is in the process of being healed from within. , so the new and beautiful can take hold and bloom in our lives.

Both sides the “ultra fluffy love n lighters” and the “nothing is real but my physical self and what I am taught to see and know” brigades, as far as I have always seen and felt have the unhealed core wound, as well as the unhealed inner child present and counted for causing issues in their lives. Both sides take serious umbrage when I say, as others have said before me, all the Ascended masters for one, that healing anything is as easy as you make it for yourself. Thing is there is only the hiding behind umbrage for the fear of delving deep within oneself to heal the core wounds, and that is only because those wounds fuel the fear. Healed the bring us to inner peace and a power, life force, creations wonder and magic, and beauty, health wealth and joy beyond measure.

As our Mother Earth is ascending, her frequencies and vibrations quickening, all those core wounds are being prodded, squeezed and tickled in all on this planet. We are past the point of awakening, seeing and feeling truth, and into the healing now, which either brings inner peace health and balance or chaos. To me that’s always been an easy choice, but to many the fear of facing themselves, their own core wounds, is more scary than anything which keeps the chaos as the only option.

It is still a choice though, and free will must be honoured.

Well these 2 trees chose to live, but they had to let go of their pain first, their wounds, just like us humans, like all life.


They had healing and meditation time over the years, even when they showed no greenery at all, but the life was there I could feel it. Then when they were ready, they chose to rebirth themselves.

Now being struck by lightning and like the Oldest Oak hollowed out by flames and then be only a 100 meters or less from its old former self being burnt over and over again ..has to be though right Trees feel everything .. they communicate in feelings so F****** awful really .. but in CHOOSING the letting go of its past its found new life ❤

CHOOSING to give all its JOY and focus to the new growth and LIVE

So Yes I meant word for word what I said the other day : People who believe that they can not heal /or change something in their lives, that would change everything for them, are just firmly in their own way.

Over the last few years I have found a beautiful way of respecting that CHOICE form a distance, as I spent the first 40 years of my life, being held down and dragged under by other peoples choices for themselves, just simply because I felt so sad for them. It took some extreme pain and illness in myself before finally learning, the very hard way that you can not help anyone who is not willing to help themselves, or even those that are not willing to be 100% honest with themselves in every way.

That I mean that, does NOT mean that I judge anyone’s choices in any way, its the opposite in fact, I honour and respect all choices, even those that choose pain and suffering, I just also honour my own choice of not sinking with them trying to keep their heads above water anymore.

In a completely loving, wholly unconditional love kinda way. Best way to describe it is, it feels a bit now like when you teach a child to ride a bike . You can show them, hold them for a while, but you have to let go … let them fall .. get past their fear, choose to ride again, find their balance ..  then they ride with JOY and a WOW of adventure and all the Magic to come   … and never forget.

I find many get very angry when I say things like that … not as many as got angry when they had to much invested in their pain and suffering .. or anger and hatred .. to let it go mind .. now that was painful as a healer to feel towards me, took some wipe the floor with me and drag me through the hedge backwards lessons

So stepping away from all that … MAGIC beyond measure .. Only unconditional love and acceptance of all choices for me form now on ♡∞

From a healers perspective …. its physically mentally and emotionally +spiritually draining .. ouchy painful and horrid .. so I have been there .. & NO never jumping in the quagmire again to rescue someone who’s SOUL is screaming for help, but who’s EGO does not want it .. and fights ..gets furious … or runs and hides refusing to take the responsibility for themselves that will set them completely free.

As a healer from birth I hear /feel the SOULS of ALL .. through that I have been used abused ..hung drawn and quartered ..shredded and ripped apart by all those who believe they have a right to my gifts for FREE .. I have given .. they take and then they fall back into their own quagmire …

This is why I NO longer work for free ! ever! NOT even for friends, as really true friends would not ask, but would share and give a fair exchange !

Saying that I gave a lot of healing to a beautiful little child once .. no income as yet 😉 but she gave me the most beautiful and precious stones she had found along the beach .. She KNEW the POWER of FAIR Beautiful & Precious ENERGY EXCHANGE ❤ Her parents had NO CLUE! ( One of very many through the years 🙂 way to many to count )

As does the TREES up there.. in their ancient and great wisdom they know life, healing, they know real and they know truth, they know the meaning of all that is, and all possibilities that exist. They know peace and how all can have it, as does our souls, and our hearts can hear this, feel it see it, all we have to do is is listen ..and then get our ego’s/ our small selves out of our own SOULS way  .. & the ALL HEALING can occur easily and fully.

& YES that INCLUDES CANCER n the rest too!

We just have to choose EASE with total TRUTH and unconditional LOVE ..which is our natural state .. who we really are ….. instead of fear that’s held so tightly by the ego in its little box.

Wishing you ALL Magical days ♡✩ Always much LOVE


Golf Brolly meets Huge ancient Pine …

Golf Brolly meets Huge ancient Pine …

Golf Brolly meets Huge Ancient Pine   .. one of the oldest in England .. or so I’ve been told …

With the scale of things  … Big Brolly turned tiny

IMG_4032 x dk1

.. even men are dwarfed by the stature & majestic grandeur

IMG_4026 cp6 neg

of the scale of things in Natures Glory  … Let’s not let the negative exposure of human drama .. harm our Living Breathing Planet …

IMG_4029 x dk1

Let’s Love ..Cherish & Respect this Great Mother .. without her Lungs .. her trees  & forests ..  we mere humans would not breath ..

Our Lives we owe her .. and we should take care ..

we need her Grace & her tender care ❤


Heart of a TREE

Heart of a TREE

Heart of a TREE

Sadness & JOY .. seen a few things this morning that made me think of the beyond amazing blessing NATURE is …. and how the encounter with our Trampoline Beech is really a lot more …

003 Heart of a Tree xc ct7

This huge old lady Beech came down in the stormy weather last week … as mentioned a couple of days ago  .. she must have made a grand thunderclap through the forest .. Last year she lost her other side to storms n lightning .. made her too heavy on the one side .. She lost her support .. her counterbalance ..

I’ve been chatting to her all year really .. lovely energy .. last years stem when they cut it up was loads & loads of HEARTS ..

.. She’s just ALL LOVE Mama Beech 

mama Beech down x

Nature knows how to support & regrow itself .. How to flourish ..

Gotta wish for humanity .. that more wake up .. cause balance .. support & sharing .. PEACE & LOVE .. is the only way this planet of ours will keep us …

Our Glorious Amazing Mama Earth .. this brilliant BEing spinning through space .. Our spaceship .. sustains & blesses us in all ways … But she can not & will not take much more of the damage inflicted on her by human GREED …

SHE … Our Mother EARTH …  IS THE ONLY ONE POWERFUL ENOUGH .. to wield atomic power .. she is this power .. if she chooses to blow us all off … I can not say I can blame her .. the evil men do to her .. the animals & each other … the GMO’s & poisons .. toxic waste  .. & more ..  is far beyond my comprehension .. & these days so incredibly unnecessary …

All I know is .. WE CHOOSE LOVE … & everything will change on this planet … It and WE will be whole again  …. So much to learn from Mama Nature  …. even when mama’s beautiful majestic trees are down .. they PLAY ..

1052 Heart of a tree xc dk1


The energy of the forest is JOY .. every Tree feels the others

FEELS US … FEELS everything

This magnificent giant called us to play .. & bounce on her broken edge like a trampoline .. & so we did .. She DANCED & SWAYED & LIVED…. LOVED .. with us as we bounced & swayed .. Laughed & giggled .. for .. well have to be honest .. I have no idea ..& that goes for days in a row now 🙂  .. Stayed so long yesterday we ended up driving home in what looked like a blizzard on summer tyres 😉  LOL

& now she will be logs for some to heat homes .. but most of her will be HOME for forest critters .. shrooms & LIFE ..

so even when down  .. SHE this QUEEN .. LOVES

I always feel blessed beyond measure in & by nature …. everything just IS as it IS … Our Beautiful Mama never lies or messes … has NO drama … If she is pissed .or just wants to clean a wee bit .. change a few things around  .. she throws a storm .. or many  .. little or LARGE

Gotta hope the Greed for Power in men … bursts its bubble and implodes soon  … so we can ALL care for her like she cares for us  … and before she decides on the ultimate clean up  … ridding herself of the human fleas that destroy her

My wish is that ALL wake up to the MAGIC of all it is … LIFE … CREATION …  it begs our JOY

& wishes to aid EXPAND our HEARTS in LOVE

mama Beech down x purple

Always much LOVE ❤

Tree down in the storms … trampoline in the Woods .. inner children out to play

Tree down in the storms …  trampoline in the Woods  .. inner children out to play

Just came back from a walk in the woods  … which always leaves me feeling wonderfully Fresh Energized …  and completely Rejuvenated

The Re spring in my step today  ..or bounce … would be the tree trampolining  … a last blessing from a big old Magnificent Beech in the woods  … to day we shared her spring .. for our step … & let the inner children out to play

005x ct1

I will say bouncing up and down on the end of a huge fallen tree  .. making the whole thing bounce to the giggles  …. while beechy is singing creaking n cracking .. in a beechy sort of way  … her dance sway quite magnificent … fitting her grace and stature  …

010x dk1

does make for some interesting stares … or just obvious back tracking .. from all of those more “normal” walkers of the woods  ..who have  the biggest desire to join you .. but have their inner children so well caged ..that running away from the weirdos is  essential … we might rub off you know 😉

Yip ..infectious … so it is … a wee bit o FUN

maybe I should I should 😉 … do the whole FREE HUGS thing  &

011x dk1 hello huggers

help expand the BEing present in the moment thing 🙂 .. what a wakeup call 😉

The JOY  .. that Magical ingredient that makes the Heart overflow you know  …

Maia Blessings

OOOO  & the Health Benefits  .. of such a wake up .. beyond measure


Nature always has a positive effect on me .. well us … & letting the inner child out to play in a big way  … its where I’m both most serious and most playful ..sometimes all at once

fun and giggles in the woods .. brings the Faeries n Light beings out in greater numbers .. peeping through from hidden places  .. dancing in the air around us … blessings indeed …

beechy had many around her in her prime .. playing in her crown … she was a stunner  ..





Wishing you ALL Magic in your days Wonderful’s ❤ BE the JOY                                 Maia

Ooo & … Checking the in blogging 101 assignment for today … use the prompt 🙂 couldn’t have been more perfect  .. I saw it and though .. but that’s what I want to write about anyways 🙂  … and it was writing … no swimming around in the belly of the beast with widgets n thingymejing n wotnots  … BLISS 😉  .. although I am most Grateful for all of it … I’m learning a lot 🙂

” Re-springing Your Step …                                                                             Tell us about the last experience you had that left you feeling fresh, energized, and rejuvenated. What was it that had such a positive effect on you? ”

LOOK Around …. SEE TRUTH Everywhere .. The ENERGY IS Rising :)

LOOK Around …. SEE TRUTH Everywhere .. The ENERGY IS Rising :)

Walking through the woods … there is always beautiful lights and energy around everything .. The last few months there has been some amazing changes in the regularity and power of these energies .. Deep healing & Transformation into Mama Earth & from her through to all of us … The Purple hues …& Rainbow lights have been particularly Powerful … so much is changing …. so much depends on us holding our vibrations ,…. staying in and enhancing LOVE & TRUTH

Violet Flame
Violet Flame

The more in tune with our Hearts we are … the better and easier it all will Flow as thee powerful energies ..Flow in and through us ..we either vibrate higher and flow with the Cosmic Pulses of Creations Life Force .. where ALL HEALING is possible in all ways … IT does take an Authenticity and level of total TRUTH …in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE …. Sharing … Fair Trade … Honour and Respect for ALL … that will put a lot in this world of drama to shame ….

The young ones … are seeing straight through the lies they are fed at school … the drama is crumbling … its new times … lies .. spin and nonsense can not be sustained …

WE as we VIBRATE HIGHER SEE STRAIGHT Through it all … the Beautiful young ones are born with open awareness …. we must stop the systematic poisoning of these beautiful souls by all the medicines that are pushes … They don’t need labels or medicines … They need TRUTH to be taught and they need not to be boarded to death .. by nonsensical shit that will never serve them or anyone … from a school system that is merely there to get them numbed enough to become sleepers too … to comply to play the drama game ….


Rainbow light & Purple haze all through the forest ... in HEALING Ways !
Rainbow light & Purple haze all through the forest … in HEALING Ways !



from the SORRY MESS the greed of the last few generations have have caused …. There is NO LONGER a choice …. THERE has to BE a HEALING  … & MAMA EARTH …. well she is pretty much THERE now 🙂 … so all we have to do is hang on and CHOOSE WELL

Our  Choices will BE our tomorrows …  How Magical and Wondrous ..and just Perfect is that

Always much LOVE ❤ Maia

Heart Shine .. the Magic that is Intuition …

Heart Shine .. the Magic that is Intuition …

Walking with LOVE

walking with LOVE n peace  16 sept 2914 letting the heart shine flow way

Doing no harm


Stepping gently in & on Mama’s Green Blessings

Mama Earth her Goddess self      re-birthing


Expanding  Vibrations

as she does & our grounding is Strong

Lifting another as we raise ourselves through the clearing Vibrations

Opening for new Gifts and Blessings  as the changes  roar ..


Like mama’s changing seasonal ballgowns …

letting GO …  the old patterns of less than   …. devalued & never  enough …

the learnt behaviours that weighs a Heart  … way down low


Expanding the secrets of LOVE’s Magic ways

Letting the HEART Sing

& following its tune….


This makes the HEART Shine  …. Brighter by far

making the WAY … a Strong Solid Path  .. Lit up Bright for us to Enjoy the Blessings of

where INTUITIONS Magic in HEART SONG Grows Strong ….


Maia Blessings

Heightening the vibrations ..ascension .. Animal Blessings

Heightening the vibrations ..ascension .. Animal Blessings

Now lets talk ascension for a sec .. or as I prefer heightening of the vibrations .. the word ascension is rather to adulterated for my liking … its so much simpler than all that waffle anyways .. ALL the ANIMALS can tell .. for real … Yip ..Honestly .. all of them ..can tell just how high or low your energy is .. as Mama earth is changing & heightening her vibrations ..her critters are all tuning in and up with her … its the human continuum that’s a wee bit on the slow side … we were discussing earlier how strange it is that all that rabbit on about ascension do not mention the animals ..they are little or large radars as to how us humans are getting along on our paths.

sunflower 15th sept 14 letting the heart shine

Today for instance we were walking along in the woods and came across a lady with 3 dogs ..all of which ran straight up to us … even the timid one that never went near other people at all … she was quite shocked that the little black n white collie came up to us and even let us fuss her .. as a rescue several years before someone had cut half her tale off and god knows what other harm had been done to the beautiful little soul ,,, she had never before come close to humans she did not know .. never mind let them touch her .. so we were greatly honoured … we met the twice and she came right up to us both times ❤

Ascension as such really isn’t such a big hu ha .. it just IS … it is JUST Mama Earth raising her vibrations … there need not be any discomfort at all so long as we also raise ours .. its all choice .. we chose do it the easy way ..just flow and do what mama does 🙂 … or the hard way ..fighting a loosing battle … there is no war here ,… there is only LOVE … so

Letting our Hearts shine .. listening to our inner voices ..BEing present in the moments … choosing LOVE …choosing TRUTH .. changes everything …it makes the Magic of Creations Wonders real solidifies the knowing … It opens our eyes to seeing all the beauty that is beyond most peoples vision … the sparkles and colours the energy that shines around everyone and everything … the energy of who and what we are … that tells only TRUTH … there is no hiding this light …. whether it be darkened by egos thoughts words & deeds or lightened by soul & heart love … it just IS … this energy is seen and felt by ALL the ANIMALS .. yip that’s how they can tell .. really .. all of them ..can tell just how high or low your energy is ..

You want to know how mama earth is “ascending” HEIGHTENING her VIBRATIONS … watch and learn from the animals .. they have no agendas … they are never fake … they do not lie … As for us … well once we heighten our energies enough …we get these senses too … like the animals ..the knowing on many levels awakens in us .. so the fake and untrue sticks our a mile … it smells bad n all …. and LOVE & Truth is most delightful indeed ❤ .. even the though stuff gets easy with & in LOVE & TRUTH .

Always much LOVE ❤

Finding Gold …. Walnuts … or so I thought :)

Finding Gold …. Walnuts  … or so I thought :)

 No matter what it is we receive from Mama Nature, there is always a beautiful blessing or a lesson …  Wandering around in the mud while being girlie and avoiding the moooo cow poooo 😉 A walk that ended in what I thought was a Golden find ..  of Yummy Walnuts …

walnut tree

scrumping  them was rather fun … I haven’t appropriated fruit from stray trees.. well trees that no one harvested 😉 ..since I was very young 🙂 .. but there we were .. sliding around in a bit o mud. This mud skating thing somehow makes one very giggly it seems .. & I couldn’t help it  I was feeling a bit naughty too … in a really GOOD way though .. harvesting FREE FOOD N ALL 🙂 …. & wondrous laughter meditation that it most certainly was… expanding the senses in silliness is highly recommendable .. the FEEL GOOD Factor alone pretty much outweighs everything  ….


Mama walnut tree was most generous too …  both with her fruits & the beautiful … blissful hide n seek meditation ..finding them in the mud and between the cow pats  filled with feeling more than seeing the camouflaged little blessings she had to offer, by just simply stepping on them 🙂

walnut tree behind tor
Mama Walnut is up there behind the Tor 🙂

A couple of hours of just being present, playing in the mud 😉 what more can an inner child want. Well I must say mine would so have liked just a few more nuts that actually contained nuts”… reminded me of shallowness … or just rotten on the inside.

but as it was .. this was  a beautiful confirmation for me … that when things or people were hollow …

that the treasure isn’t always what you think it will be …

just like the outside of the female of our species … well male as well I guess … when overly camouflaged .. under make up .. scents and finery … one finds they rarely are what they so dearly pretend to be  …. well a fair few Id say that under the war paint .. once they have caught their pray … Godzilla would be gentler on these new caught toys … but I guess this is a very different topic than walnuts 😉 … for another time in full I would say   … For now .. as always …I’m flowing with acceptance of the simple fact .. that I do not have to understand anybodys drama … I just have to navigate this  journey of mine .. with so much Beauty to give focus to ❤

Nature is her most Magical to me when something silly .. turns heaviness to light with new understandings .. seeing things in new ways so just acceptance comes with ease .. and then letting GO …. all that no longer serves us comes with EASE … Now thats Precious indeed.

walnut 1

Mama Walnut’s though a Beautiful BIG Tree … also shared her beautiful bark Art 🙂 … now I see a couple of owl’s for wisdom here  but have to admit that from a certain angle one is kinda penguin like 😉 .. makes for giggles 🙂 & Ooo always how mama natures beautiful blessings makes for JOY .. LOVE & Gratitude to overflow ♥

Wishing you Magical days Wonderful’s ♥ 

Always much LOVE Maia ♥





Sound advice on Shrooms ;) n life really :) on the road to Freedom …

Sound advice on Shrooms ;) n life really :) on the road to Freedom …

Sound advice on many things in life is say … Terry Pratchett’s  guide to eating mushrooms
1 all mushrooms are edible
2 some are edible only once

Alice in Wonderland Shroom ;)

Alice in Wonderland Shroom 😉 … Reminds me a wee bit of Life’s Drama … pretty to the eye it might be … but …best avoided so to speak, less you want another scorching or shattering so to speak… & besides choosing to give our focus to the Real LOVE & Beauty in our lives makes our days so much more Magical.

Ganesh :) remover of obstacles
Ganesh 🙂 remover of obstacles

Like meeting Ganesh ..remover of obstacles as a shroom in the woods … now I wouldn’t recommend eating his gel like self either growing on dead wood as they do, but they sure have some beautiful shapes … well nature always does 🙂 .. Well Ganesh here in the woods was a little wee sign for me that the obstacle course of my past, was indeed just that  … a thing of the past … I had moved on

Its Magical that way forgiveness … when you have let go with LOVE from so deep inside that you’ve gone past the space of wanting to even look back …. your FREE & never look back cause you neither need nor want to.

Thats when LIFE really starts ❤






A "Comma" Flutterby in Dudmaston woods a few days ago  .... Magical Blessings they are :)
A “Comma” Flutterby in Dudmaston woods a few days ago …. Magical Blessings they are 🙂

I am Grateful for ….
1. TRUTH … just the knowing of how simple & uncomplicated life IS when there is only TRUTH
2. FREE WILL …what an amazing gift this is ..means all choices in all ways are our own … LOVE or fear .. EMPOWERING or disempowering … Our THOUGHTS & FEELINGS as well as our actions .. are of such major importance … As we think .. so we are ESSENTIAL to CHOOSE good ones
3. Feeding Butterflies ..

its a little blurry .. but had to share it feel so amazing to feed Butterflies :) ... and they come when we're calm enough .. they feel the LOVE LIGHT ...
its a little blurry .. but had to share it feel so amazing to feed Butterflies 🙂 … and they come when we’re calm enough .. they feel the LOVE LIGHT …

… When Nama Natures Beings bless you with Magical moments not sure if this Beauty loved the blackberry juice of the sweat (lol )the most .. she stayed for several minutes with us GRATITUDEs overflowing

Always much LOVE