Our Great Mother Earth’s Dance around the Life giving Heat of the Sun

Our Great Mother Earth’s Dance around the Life giving Heat of the Sun

The Western horizon about to set on fire …


Sometimes I feel like watching the clouds is a bit like Creation teaching US how to Create in Beauty …

So many faces, symbols and signs .. 

Everyday stories .. great books are written across our skies .. for us to see .. Appreciate .. and Learn from .

The Magical Wonder of Nature ..

Our Great Mother Earth’s Dance around the Life giving Heat of the Sun ..

Dressed in the Finest Glory as ONE with ALL Cosmic Thought ..  Through Creations Beautiful Wonderful Mesmerizing Amazing …

Perfectly Imperfect Magic

Maia ❤



Recalibrating our DNA and awakening to Miracles

Recalibrating our DNA and awakening to Miracles

Love Light and Healing

056xCame upon a clearing in the woods one day ..

First I was in AWE from the amount of Healing Light & so many Spirits Present and having just walked through a gateway of LIGHT ..  This was the weekend before the 11.11 this year .. mighty strong energy ..

Gateway of Rainbow LIGHTThen realising that it was absolutely teeming with bright Purple Shrooms  … Just Magical .. The more they were viewed with LOVE .. WOW n Gratitude the more they shone … The LOVE Vibrations were through the roof ..

The energy has been fluctuation within a lot lately … as the POWER of LOVE has been tuned up so many times in the last few years … our bodies having to balance to each and every one .

Our DNA recalibrating … Awakening form a very LONG sleep

Science says junk DNA … there is NO junk ..never has been .. There is a lot of Preciousness stored within ❤

Really ..Think about it … would Source .. God waste 90 + %  of the magnificent creations that we are ?

NO …NEVER …  the Universe does in no way waste such precious code !

Our DNA is DORMANT no longer.. and it is … ALL THAT WE ARE … and ALL that WE ARE IS AWAKENING ❤

Science / doctors  has found it shocking .. for their petrochemical narrowed minds .. the last few years (20+) finding more active strands of DNA in children teens and changing openings in adults too  .. its written about . .. but most of them choose to ignore … like they choose to ignore the damage their petrochemical destructive medicines do to the human bodies  … the way they choose to ignore the gaping holes of our raped and plundered earth …

WE are ONE with our Precious Earth  …

This Magnificent Blue Marble spinning around in the vastness of the space that is CREATION .. As ONE with SOURCE and ALL that IS

DNA activating comes with some discomfort …….  Remember the growing pains … but this is Healing crisis too .. it can be a little hardcore at times … Like the most crazy roller coaster you could ever imagine  … with everything from extreme pain .. to the most Magical beautiful candy floss moments  of feeling amazing …

If you are experiencing pain .. and all the other ascension symptoms  … most of which have been created labels for by the very NEW petrochemical medicine of the last century .. by the FRIGHTENED ANGRY men who with the church destroyed men and women of wisdom .. all those who’s wisdom came from centuries .. millennia of wisdom of Natures HEALING HERBS .. of the HEALING of LIGHT .. and the HEALING of MUSIC .. and so much more ..

Hippocrates used all of the above …and said : As to diseases, make a habit of two things — to help, or at least, to do no harm…

456x c film  wisdom of heart show way

Something that NEW petrochemical medicine ..goes against at every turn …. doctors knowing their meds do damage .. but by their depths being owned by the big Pharma companies … they have in truth sold their souls to greed !

As our DNA is re-awakening …  All is not as it seems ……EVERYTHING and ANYTHING CAN HEAL COMPLETELY


To HEAL fully we must that complete and full personal responsibility… All that we do … all that we ingest .. eat /take either we give  our power away with it .. or we step into our power & perfect health wealth and happiness with it ..

Let FOOD be thy Medicine … and medicine be thy FOOD  ‘Hippocrates’


The person who takes medicine .. must recover twice .. once from the disease ..and once from the medicine   ‘William Osler’

Your HEART knows the right way …. your SOUL is speaking to you all the time through your heart … step out of your own way .. the little brain / ego is holding all the fear ….. blocking you from your own true self ….

Follow INTUITION above all else …… Let no fear hold you back.
With these changes come many Amazing gifts .. which have been dormant for a long long time in human history …. These Beautiful GIFTS will AWAKEN ~ are AWAKENING

Purify yourselves … you you can connect with all that you are …  and  .. USE THEM WISELY!
LOVE quickens greatly the evolution of the Mind-Body-Spirit and activates all dormant DNA ……

ALLOW this quickening.. this FEELING … ENERGY that in its truest form holds only TRUTH & is Compassion .. it is the WE .. not the me myself & I .. and in all those moments .. there are sparks of enlightenment …

WE know we are balanced fully once the pain of awakening is over and anew sight .. senses and awareness is accepted .. 🙂

From there … Miracles will unfold ~

As bountiful as   this Magical clearing filed with purple Shrooms .. this … trio … I could not get the brightens or the strength of colour on a photo .. but many of them were in three       .. whispering of balance in body mind and spirit


Inviting to sit and share the LOVE awhile … letting them whisper the true secrets to life …

Whisper of the importance ..that humanity .. each beautiful soul … holds their own POWER in UNITY and BALANCE with Mama Nature  … and with all that IS  ..

Allowing PEACE within and thus without ..

Letting LIFE flow through the MIRACLES that being ONE with our POWER really IS .. with LOVE and COMPASSION the sparks that HEAL the CORE

064 x w definition of crazy

Let there BE PEACE on EARTH and let it BEGIN WITH ME ❤


Listening to the winds whispers

Listening to the winds whispers

The wind ..  a bit like the sound of the sea … in a wheat field … whispering promises of tomorrows yet to come … Inspirations .. of Creations Bountiful Blessings .. Manifesting in LIFE !


In Solitude or togetherness … we are never alone .. but ONE with ALL.

As Light .. As LOVE … As Magic


Elegant simplicity

Elegant simplicity

Natures blasts of colour …  self seeded glory on the side of road ..


The Bright Beautiful … vividness   … of Summer Poppies always makes me smile

Their elegant simplicity even more striking in their shout of I AM … all that I AM …. just in TRUTH … ME


Deep wisdom into human nature is gained through the ability to recognize TRUTH & untruths.

HEART TRUTH … just IS .. like a flower … It’s always recognisable .. However many people are involved .. their stories just fill each other in .. like a beautiful patchwork quilt .. all harmonises  .. whether they come in shouts or whispers .. or and anything in between

Mind’s .. truth … connected to drama / ego .. & the belief is : nobody tells the truth all the time … Here stories do not match .. It’s messy … it’s the whole growing chicken story one turns to a barn full  … and there is no deciphering what if anything the original truth was ..or was the opposite off… for the …  I didn’t say or do that brigade 😉 … I’m pretty sure we’ve all come across those that change the story so often they don’t even recognise it any more themselves   … there are many versions n in betweens here too .. but they always give that feeling of something not being quite right

The bottom line .. WE CHOOSE 

Heart in the driving seat with mind as the copilot as such .. or


Natures Golden Pink Light the afterglow of Sunset 2

Natures Golden Pink Light the afterglow of Sunset 2

The Golden Pink Hour touching Twilight  (part 1)… perched on a garden chair watching the beauty of a glowing sky .. & I am always surprised how the photos come out . cause the sky is pretty dark .. dusk has crept on in .. & for someone who pretty much never uses a flash ..that means grey tones and musg shadows..


but this pinky golden glow time … makes everything glow … even the sandstone of the school across the road has a brightness about it.

& a 90 degree turn so has the pub next door ..


Like Nature wrapping us in a blanket of her gentle LOVE  force before darkness tucks us in  🙂


Natures Golden Pink Light the afterglow of Sunset 1

Natures Golden Pink Light the afterglow of Sunset 1

The Golden Pink Light …. sometimes just moments .. sometimes more … around sunrise and sunset .. but lately there seems to be more and more of it ..a bit like a Golden Hour before the Blue hour ..

It makes for the most surreal colours  … Nature is extra bright …  glowing like golden sunshine from within every leaf and flower …

Even when the sky is thick with clouds ..  and it should be dark really .. its LIGHT


these were taken as the sun had set .. in those last moments of glow over the horizon … through clouds .. but till this Pinkish Golden Light  .. like an after glow from Nature herself ..enhancing the colours ..


It even makes the oak in centre of the field here ..  look whole … now I could have sworn I’d written about this wondrous Healing and Life where there was none for several years … it was hit by lightning about 13 years ago  and has no centre to its trunk .. or a lot of sides left nor a front really its just a deep blackened hole .. that 2 -3 grown ups could easily fit into…well considering how many they can shove into a phone box or mini thats probably greatly underestimated .. but there you go 😉  .. okie I will write one .. find the pics and take some new close ups .. its amazing .. and coming in the next few days I promise … yes I know … my daily posting  … has as yet not been happening …  but the writing has .. darn I have more drafts that I care to admit … so I might just manage to sneak up on you yet with daily doses 😉

Natures Golden Pink Light the afterglow of Sunset 2 .. has already got the pictures attached so .. I might just be flowing

Wishing you all Beautiful days


Table manners of squirrels :) … now as for manners

Table manners of squirrels :) … now as for manners

The table manners of squirrels .. something that always makes me smile on woodland wonders   🙂 ❤


OKIE now as for manners ..  I can always say the same for people .. or some folks at least … those that constantly have the need to put you down .. set you right .. well according to them anyways  … Since the post I wrote on being a Brand and wrapping my head around that with some humour … which  got descended upon by some last strangely connection to all I’ve walked away from… and its been always the same scenario… advice form those only pretending to live their talk. I find it rather perplexing that they always seem to need to make it sound like I do not understand something fairly elementary ..  or their incessant need to be right  .. not to mention that they insist there is no such thing as real truth … even trying to turn my meanings and words over … to something not just far form what I said but opposite, really all I have to say is :

The warrior who trusts his path doesn’t need to prove the other is wrong ..

Paulo Coelho


As for anyone else who might have misunderstood me … Let me apologise if my earlier ramblings offended anyone .. & clarify  … what I meant when I said there is TRUTH in all the religions .. was exactly that .. not what was implied that there was none.. when she turned my words around in the comments on FB to ..the re is no truth in any religion … 

I studied all the major religions in depth took me 7 years .. I’ve read more versions of the bible written & translated by men with varying ideas of what the original translation is or should be …

I also studied the Koran . the Gita & more .. indepth  .. & found more similarities than differences

If not for the human element needing to be right & have their way so to speak .. for those who wish to know … REAL TRUTH is from & in them all .. it can easily be seen ..
But that’s a long story … so in short my religious views might be eclectic .. my religion Love & Truth .. but I would never put anyone’s religion down ..  There is ONE SOURCE behind everything … there are many paths that lead us all back to the LIGHT .. to pray & how each hold their beliefs ..

These are individual things .. it’s all what FEELS RIGHT for each of us .. & there are as many roads to enlightenment as there are people on this planet so the Beautiful Choices are many and varied

All ways when we follow our hearts are right ways .. there are NO wrongs.

Love to me is more what we all DO not what we say .. So I’m sorry if I offended anyone by asking someone to leave my page too .. it’s a long messy story .. the past .. All forgiven .. & let go but I’m not stupid enough to let them back into my life .. lie & steal from me once .. Twice .. Well more …. clean me out 100% & more .. complete wipeout .. Bully me to the point of threatening to send me to beat out my knees if I told the truth .. & that’s just the tip of the iceberg … seriously F off is to mild ..

I walk away the arses followed .. I kept walking & blessing & forgiving .. but I guess I was to quiet about it all  … well no more I will not be lectured in right & wrong by someone who lives of other people’s work .. a little rewrite .. change a few things & fake owning it !!!!!

The NO … No more & the boundaries came in final & strong some time ago .. & my aversion to lies is permanent ..

This is also why there hasn’t been much writing from me lately … I don’t like to be rude .. & I don’t compete … I’d rather lift someone up … than put anyone down  .. I am glad I do not understand the mentality to be less than honourable.


Golf Brolly meets Huge ancient Pine …

Golf Brolly meets Huge ancient Pine …

Golf Brolly meets Huge Ancient Pine   .. one of the oldest in England .. or so I’ve been told …

With the scale of things  … Big Brolly turned tiny

IMG_4032 x dk1

.. even men are dwarfed by the stature & majestic grandeur

IMG_4026 cp6 neg

of the scale of things in Natures Glory  … Let’s not let the negative exposure of human drama .. harm our Living Breathing Planet …

IMG_4029 x dk1

Let’s Love ..Cherish & Respect this Great Mother .. without her Lungs .. her trees  & forests ..  we mere humans would not breath ..

Our Lives we owe her .. and we should take care ..

we need her Grace & her tender care ❤


Depth .. up ..down .. LIFE

Depth .. up ..down .. LIFE

Perfection    ….    Perception

577 Xx

Heart Clouds  … daily they float above me

Like LIFE  ….. might need a wee bit o turning  …

Angles … Heights … Depths too .. gives  Perspective

Clear sight … & our Choices

Changes everything  ….


Couldn’t help it .. a second entry for the weekly Photo challenge .. this one kept popping up when I chose the sun and fog for depth ..so ..here it is

OOO & I just earlier this evening caught he moon through haze ..matches the sun deep in the morning fog  … so there might be another one coming yet 🙂

Wishing you all Magical days ❤


Heart of a TREE

Heart of a TREE

Heart of a TREE

Sadness & JOY .. seen a few things this morning that made me think of the beyond amazing blessing NATURE is …. and how the encounter with our Trampoline Beech is really a lot more …

003 Heart of a Tree xc ct7

This huge old lady Beech came down in the stormy weather last week … as mentioned a couple of days ago  .. she must have made a grand thunderclap through the forest .. Last year she lost her other side to storms n lightning .. made her too heavy on the one side .. She lost her support .. her counterbalance ..

I’ve been chatting to her all year really .. lovely energy .. last years stem when they cut it up was loads & loads of HEARTS ..

.. She’s just ALL LOVE ..is Mama Beech 

mama Beech down x

Nature knows how to support & regrow itself .. How to flourish ..

Gotta wish for humanity .. that more wake up .. cause balance .. support & sharing .. PEACE & LOVE .. is the only way this planet of ours will keep us …

Our Glorious Amazing Mama Earth .. this brilliant BEing spinning through space .. Our spaceship .. sustains & blesses us in all ways … But she can not & will not take much more of the damage inflicted on her by human GREED …

SHE … Our Mother EARTH …  IS THE ONLY ONE POWERFUL ENOUGH .. to wield atomic power .. she is this power .. if she chooses to blow us all off … I can not say I can blame her .. the evil men do to her .. the animals & each other … the GMO’s & poisons .. toxic waste  .. & more ..  is far beyond my comprehension .. & these days so incredibly unnecessary …

All I know is .. WE CHOOSE LOVE … & everything will change on this planet … It and WE will be whole again  …. So much to learn from Mama Nature  …. even when mama’s beautiful majestic trees are down .. they PLAY ..

1052 Heart of a tree xc dk1


The energy of the forest is JOY .. every Tree feels the others

FEELS US … FEELS everything

This magnificent giant called us to play .. & bounce on her broken edge like a trampoline .. & so we did .. She DANCED & SWAYED & LIVED…. LOVED .. with us as we bounced & swayed .. Laughed & giggled .. for .. well have to be honest .. I have no idea ..& that goes for days in a row now 🙂  .. Stayed so long yesterday we ended up driving home in what looked like a blizzard on summer tyres 😉  LOL

& now she will be logs for some to heat homes .. but most of her will be HOME for forest critters .. shrooms & LIFE ..

so even when down  .. SHE this QUEEN .. LOVES

I always feel blessed beyond measure in & by nature …. everything just IS as it IS … Our Beautiful Mama never lies or messes … has NO drama … If she is pissed .or just wants to clean a wee bit .. change a few things around  .. she throws a storm .. or many  .. little or LARGE

Gotta hope the Greed for Power in men … bursts its bubble and implodes soon  … so we can ALL care for her like she cares for us  … and before she decides on the ultimate clean up  … ridding herself of the human fleas that destroy her

My wish is that ALL wake up to the MAGIC of all it is … LIFE … CREATION …  it begs our JOY

& wishes to aid EXPAND our HEARTS in LOVE

mama Beech down x purple

Always much LOVE ❤

LIFE … Light and Shadow … as ONE

LIFE … Light and Shadow … as ONE


Light & Shadow           as ONE

IMG_4526 x  ct 7

In the end only 3 things matter

How much you LOVED

How Gently you Lived

& how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you