Peek a boo 

Peek a boo 

Peak a boo 😉 ❤ Wishing you all Beautiful Magical days ❤

Let every part of the Beauty of Nature fuel your JOY … it lets the LOVE in … straight to the core … so we can freely burst into the bloom of light ❤




Papa Sun tickling Mama Earth with magical rays … and Swans sharing healing … Express yourself

Papa Sun tickling Mama Earth with magical rays

That kinda tickling is mostly always Mesmerizing 🙂 Creations in incoming ….  God Particles in dancing delight … makes man made fireworks and nights of neon light look rather bleak 


winter sun n orb blessings X

Life is filled with varying degrees of energy  … put simply .. some make us feel good ..the higher vibrations .. and some lower vibrations just make us feel rather shitty ..

EVERYONE feels and knows this .. I have never come across one person who does not recognise mediately a like or a dislike .. some are more subtle .. but most have had the full on feeling of coming into a room   and seeing someone who they instantly react to one way or the other  .. its all in the giving / sharing or energy .. honourably as I term it … or just taking … those that zap you .. drain you … just make you feel low ..

Most don’t expand on it that’s all … everything has a vibrational signature … science is even catching up on that now  … although science wouldn’t call them energy vampires … but frankly .. calling a spade a spade simplifies matters tremendously in my book

As this is expressing myself  … and Light  & Energy is a big part of my life  … its the simplest … yet the hardest to explain … this digital photography is quite awesome when it comes to picking some of it up though .. never experienced anything like that taking photography at school and college way back in the days of … darkrooms and dippin’ trays for the chemicals ..counting for right exposure and so on  … Loved it though … the feeling of being part of the process of bringing life to a photograph. Well that’s a long time ago .. these days its click to download and straight to tweaking …

swan n swannypenny in setting sun and purple light blessing
with a little colour play …  fun … not so natural but rather striking anyhow 🙂 

Now I should say here I have a little pet peeve for photoshop  … don’t have it … never tried it … I was simply put off by all the fake nonsense .. and pretending to be real photo’s ..roaming around out there … not to mention the ludicrous price even for just a fricking app …hmm … NOPE categorically not going there.

I guess coming from a pure background of the art .. mixed with a little skill in and behind each shot … still appeals to me  … even though I am rusty as ….

Now I obviously do have a programme … which I know the basics of .. ignore the rest  … and occasionally play with the old film effects,  extreme light, contrast etc & it’s kinda fun seeing how many different way  one single shot can look   …

I guess that sort of brings me to .. I am aware that a lot of light and colours is merely a reflection of the lens ..

this one is totally untouched .. not been  through or near any programme
this one is totally untouched .. not been through or near any programme  … 

but its those shots ..that light comes form several angles that I’m always most grateful for … cause they in a small way show what I’ve always seen the beautiful variations and vibrations of energy around plants and humans alike  … the energetic output and input so to speak of life .. its quite magnificent to behold  … but that’s another post I guess 🙂

here is just some that inspire me


Purple healing rays over Mrs Swannypenny
Purple healing rays over Mrs Swannypenny

Their grace wondrous … and there is always exuberant amounts of lights of all shades and colours when animals are around and especially when the wild ones chose to bless the space your in with their presence  …they all have their unique energy patterns … sometimes when the buzzards are particularly playful it looks like they fly in huge pinky golden bubbles of light … its quite breathtaking ..

its quite easy to see really .. I know you don’t believe you can … but really you can see this too … we all can … it just takes some practice and learning how 🙂 .. but that’s also for another post 🙂

Mrs Swannypenny in rainbow light

their strength … quite beyond amazing

007 swan n swannypenny X

something you never  forget when you have daily for a whole winter been greeted by a 007 Swan at full span of wings .. stretching tall .. wrapping you up in huge wings .. and your kinda nose to beak how big they are .. no huge is a better description … when they float around on a pond looking majestic we see they are big birds … but … when one comes up to you ..wings outstretched .. at full pelt …

you know that are huge … and can run darn fast too

I have a video of Andreas’s first “swan hug” 😉 … its quite something … he said after that all he could think was if I could stand still or walk like that while letting Mr 007 Swan wrap & flap his wings around and against me … he could 😉 …

It was gentle as ….cause he really was … quite incredible… he just came up and did a thorough aura sweep all around .. as well as the … get on with feeding him thing … cause mostly us humans just were not quick enough for him … and he took it upon himself to train us ..I’m sure

However, I’m wrapping my head around this uploading video’s thing  … took me 3 and  a half fricking hours to get 1 minute and 9 seconds from my phone to you tube a couple of days ago  HA & HA & Bahhahahaha … now that certainly show I’m in my mid 40’s if nought else .. once I can find a better way .. I’ll share the amusing first eye to eye with Mr Swan which is somewhat longer than that …  between creating web sites and stuff I never thought I’d ..I’ll get there … hopefully soon 🙂  … Always Learning

Wishing you all magical days ❤


LIFE … Light and Shadow … as ONE

LIFE … Light and Shadow … as ONE


Light & Shadow           as ONE

IMG_4526 x  ct 7

In the end only 3 things matter

How much you LOVED

How Gently you Lived

& how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you


Safety is a place within ♡❥

Safety is a place within ♡❥

Safety is a place within… You are always safe & secure… & free to be yourself ..


Magic .. coincidence … synchronicity .. all beautiful events … on the path to wholeness … Magic appears & all things become possible … TRUST it to bring …JOY … understanding & fulfilment to your life no matter what the present circumstances appear to be… Expect the unexpected & prepare to be amazed… Ask and you will receive…. There is no need to fear… LOVE is everything and everywhere … Use Eyes of Beauty … have positive expectations … clarity … & know all is well now and always will be ❥∞

Always much LOVE Maia


Its all in how you view it … Life … the inner Wild Woman .. vs. drama

Its all in how you view it  … Life  … the inner Wild Woman .. vs. drama

I was  writing this post yesterday .. and of all the subjects … sitting there pondering and staring at the screen … mad drama … xmas .. and pictures of the horror of the clip of the black friday sales … people stamping each other with some ending up in hospital … YIKES  ..this whole Greedfest .. I never have got it …. but this year … Its been in my head a lot .. especially when I see or sense the unhappiness … sadness ..and major stress thats actually what most feel …… I have caught myself a lot this year .. just calling a spade a spade .. over the mad humbug of christmas ….

so many dimensions most just don’t see .. that are blessings like no other



I guess its the  being so ruddy different from everyone else  .. it meant xmas was always approached with a deep heavy sigh …. but always politely … way to politely … YIKES … in hindsight … ooo my my gentle politeness … was a bit like being a smorgaars bord  for the true vampires ..the Drama queens n kings   … a bit like here is my Life Force .. all nicely dished up …  Energy ..and all my unconditional LOVE  … please feel free to leave me exhausted .. drained …. even ILL ….Hmmmm & all for what I believed was keeping the PEACE  …. ooo darn it took me a long time to learn .. if you try and stop the mud slinging .. you end up being the target from both sides of the energy war .. Yuck …


OOO yip that bits even juicier … when as a sensitive you get in the middle ..of warring Drama queen  parties so to speak .. trying with kindness … understanding … and gentle loving blessings to get some LOVE into the equation …  or even funnier … explaining my way … agreeing to disagree when all was given a chance to be heard there was always more of interest and for blessed learning and expansion … enhancing the knowing and expanding the beauty of life … by seeing if from so many perspectives … OO my … something I LOVE & honour in me and those that can /do …. but double YIKES amidst sleepers it was mainly just a power zap … leaving me having to clean and clear my energy in the deepest ways after and spending some time getting back to strength  .. oo way to many years I did that ..

Well first words I saw today … was “The Wild Woman an endangered species” … it was just perfect .. for what I needed to see really .. there was a picture of a Wolf & woman sharing space  …. free to honour and love the part n each others soul that is tuned to the knowing of Nature … of Earth … of Source , the ALL that IS.145

It was a very appropriate picture and words for how and why I’ve been catching myself of late … the just calling a spade a spade … or as its been a xmas thing for me … all those xmas questions … comments and the like …  all a wondering if your ready for the event … and always they look tired … drained … sad … or just plain STRESSED ..and wishing the day had been and gone …

well gone are the days I’d just say the expected thing …. 😉 HA … the funniest looks I’ve had form the words …. ooo …… aa oh NO ..  I opted out …. we do our own thing now …. I never really get around to the next bit  .. of … we’re giving thanks and focusing the energy of the season as every day on compassion and love  and very pleased we’ve left the GREEDFEST behind 😉 …. cause the blank expressions … shocked from not knowing what to say … when the words are not in the normal script .. 😉 comes with to my feeling centres  … of does not compute / do not understand ….. whether they hear that last bit or not …. most of the time ..deep sleepers just keep on chatting as if … I really have just followed the “normal” script  … as the energy is changing so rapidly these days … the connection to source energy … depening . … the divide between the old and the new way is becoming more and more obvious in daily life ..

Then there is the feeling .. and I get this from oo so many    .. this year particularly  …  I can practically hear the thoughts of  .. OH god I wish … I could do that ..opt out …  and they get a kinda longing look on their faces … that pushes away the blank and numb thats used to camouflage the Stressed panic .. thats there because of all the demands that is placed on them or they place on themselves  …

that stuff you know when folks are running around preparing for the big day … and this is not just an xmas happening … there are many reasons  in the madness of the human drama that has folks running around the hamster wheel at full tilt as if they might actually get somewhere … anywhere .. and not just to exhausted so they cant enjoy what they are running for in  the first place … but thats from those partly awake beings that realise ..oo so much … but keep hoping they are wrong … cause dealing with the innerself … is the most mind blowing awe inspiring wow ride you can get … but getting on is a we bit like looking at the worst coaster there is and thinking …. AAAAAA no freaking way 😉 LOL

The place I guess they are all terrified to be within … the inner silence … stillness .. peace … the sacred space within from which reborn in our true VALUE & standing in our POWER  the wild woman and the Wolf … Goddess & Nature .. Earth Sun Moon Stars and all that is communicated as ONE … where our earth song is sung .. our true essence known

Once we connect so deeply to our HEARTS & Soul …the giving power away …. is NO LONGER … from this beautiful place of knowing our VALUE  … when truly centered within we become ONE with all .. with TRUTH … LOVE .. honour and integrity … OOOO SOOOO scary really … the knowing of self … 🙂

all in how you view it

but on the road of way to many ways to be giving our POWER away … .. KNOWING SELF is essential in finding out how not to … Its an Interesting … and can be as long and hard a journey .. or as short and magical a journey  .. as it takes us to find … see and honour our OWN VALUE .. our HEARTS ..connect to our SOUL  while living this earth life … Connecting to & BEing .. the POWER of all that we are … all that we have been .. and all that we will BE.


The beautiful thing about being there is the blessed ability to completely disconnection  from the lower vibrations .. of  sleepers … & xmas drama.


May you ALL be Blessed with the connection to your true selves .. the freedom to love and respect yourselves and ALL ..  as ALL of who and what you are .. Uniquely wonderfully you… Blessings of Goodwill Compassion LOvE LIGHT to you ALL ..

Namaste ❤ Maia

A mad thought .. but I’d LOVE it :) .. Would you ?

A mad thought .. but I’d LOVE it :) .. Would you ?

This has been popping out in front of me , so like if someone wants to pay me to stay there .. Hell YES … it just makes me think, and I’ve lived in far creepier looking houses.. that just needed some Tender Love & Care.  Houses are just like people really … how they are treated, or I should say how they treat themselves shines through. Whether they are cared for or whether they care for themselves … & I’m not meaning designer clothes here, or expensive perfumes …. that really only play havoc on a sensitive nose, but that could be cause I’ve mostly always made my own. I mean honouring their souls’s … Their Hearts.

If this was a real contest ... OH YIP ... most definitely ... sure ... AHA ... & could I get to keep the house too :) .. OH YES PLEASE ;)

If this was a real contest … OH YIP … most definitely … sure … AHA … & could I get to keep the house too 🙂 .. OH YES PLEASE 😉

Who they truly are. Pretty paint and trinkets are merely a holodeck so to speak, an illusion, a played out drama to hide the TRUTH.

I’d say this house, having been left by the players and their drama, just sits… as IS … As a human.. just getting to the place of .. NO more drama … none … I’m done … and stepping OUT … away …& like this house just BEing TRUTH, just BEing TRUE SELF, REAL .. NOTHING HIDDEN … just IS …. that is an Amazing and most Freeing inner and outer space…. a magical thing to just BE.

As for this Spooky house in the Woods…. I would LOVE it ….  what can I say .. MAD .. Yes yes .. I have been called worse 😉  .. it would be a blast .. an Adventure … &  its in the midst of MAMA Earths WOODS so for a Million it would be just like getting paid for stuff I always seem to have done for others anyways..  .. Just actually getting PAID  ,,,awesome ..especially If I also got to keep the house Ooooo YES .. YIP  ..AHA .. & with the million I’d make it shine  😉 .. Have a LIGHT filled Halloween GUEST HOUSE 😉

I’m sure Fat CAT here would come and stay 🙂 he needs the experience that mice come come out to play as easily as money obviously 😉  So would you come to stay with me too ?


OOO & Andreas wanted to paint it pink So that would be us set for a mad n crazy most  Wondrous & Amazing Adventure in the woods 😉


Well its pink 🙂 & cute .. & it makes me smile .. so there you go  … maybe not spooky enough though 😉 … & of cause this one would be easy street compared to the blessing in the woods  🙂 … so maybe not remotely as much FUN 😉

Really thats it in a nutshell … FUN & JOY  … and again I don’t mean the fake kind … the drinking to you drop ..just cause others do it …  or drugs that you think expand you but really numb you … or doing what someone else does ..just cause they expect you to … or lets be honest .. because you dont dare to be YOU … so most folks run around pretending to have fun while their hearts and souls Hurt … and with most of the things they say and do they hurt themselves even more …  .. I mean REALLY what is that ??? the supposed NORM of our society ???? I SO DO NOT GET IT …. & I never have.

For me … with what I used to consider a curse … seeing and sensing to much … way to much sometimes … but now I know that seeing throygh the facade is a gift indeed … its seeing truth

Wishing you all magical Weekends & Always much LOVE

Gratitude challenge day 2

Gratitude challenge day 2

GRATITUDE day 2 …  I am Grateful for

All is LOVE
1. LOVE ..unconditional & sharing … & for it spreading across our world through open Hearts … Hearts to Hearts and beyond …
2. PEACE ..that finds it’s way into a SOUL in human form .. Opens a HEART wide ..& then expands outwards into the world & all around ..& connects to the knowing that we are ALL ONE
3. For all my … soul sisters and brothers  in this beautiful world of ours  ..who hold the LIGHT ..chose PEACE & share the LOVE … THANK YOU for YOU ❤

gratitude day 2 p

Always much LOVE Maia

LOVE is everywhere … yet so many only feel the darkness … a couple of things but also Robin Williams passing to light-body a few days a go ….

LOVE is everywhere … yet so many only feel the darkness … a couple of things but also Robin Williams passing to light-body a few days a go ….

LOVE is everywhere … if we allow it … breathe it in and breath it out … inside each and every one of us PEACE will live .. that will change our world !

May the winds blow all your worries away .. & may LOVE BLOW in instead

The sky has been filled with hearts today as pretty much every day .. playfully floating by in the strong clearing winds … LOVE everywhere  … Today’s picture is a beautiful heart cloud from a couple of days ago .. I seem to get pictures of heart clouds almost daily .. even in stormy weather with dark skies ..storms rain thunder and lightning I see these signs of LOVE ..

LOVE is all around

.. reminding me to breathe & BE .. there has been so much happening lately .. I do inform myself ..but I do not watch the news /tv .. or read mainstream media ..mags or papers  any more .. have not for years … for load of reasons …

The first which though is :  I LOVE TRUTH  & 2. I DESERVE TRUTH  … I BELIEVE WE ALL DO ….  mainstream waffle is all spin & lies .. for as long as I can remember there has been this sensationalism .. blow it out ..way out like a balloon and most people will lap it up .. like gossip … well I never have had time for gossip either … no matter how it comes its the same …. mostly its like looking at a haystack and wondering about the needle … somewhere in all the yapping … the sensational reporting .. is a root of a truth so hidden in twisted nonsense .. spun so thoroughly that discerning the ounce of truth in the 10 ton stack  of fear based drivel  …. is just YUCK … being a bit of a lie detector .. energy wise … in todays society .. HA well it is a bit like the whole needle in a haystack thing … .. only the needle vibrates …  … or the lack of a decent sized needle has you looking around and wonder just why and how people are swallowing all the drivel they are being fed …. I’ve often wished I had one f those eyebrows that could go way up .. sais soooo much 🙂

Blessings and respect to all those who call a space a space .. who blog and write the truth ..  post pictures/ videos from their neighbourhoods / countries … and give the on the ground truth so to speak … its everywhere .. it amazing …Its so easy to inform yourself these days … also historically .. its time to see the larger pictures … and learn from the mess of the past … not just make a worse mess than the one before over and over again …. YIKES .. to me ..its a bit like I want to shout HELLO … anybody home in the little grey cells  … & oooooo look the eye’s really do not have roller blinds .. you just have to choose to open them.

For the sensitive souls energetically its a mess … as sensitives/ empaths we often feel the problems of the whole world .. it can be overwhelming at times .. discerning what is ourselves and what is others can be a most painful experience … & even for those of us who have figured out what is truly just ourselves & what is from outside / others .. world drama etc it can feel so heavy you can hardly move …. and it can on occasion take a fair bit to get back in alignment with soul self, when you’ve let yourself feel to much.

Well I haven’t written for a while ..cause I had plans of making this blog for only the fluffy beautiful uplifting kinda moments …  and the last one wasn’t .. I let my sarky and my heart truths loose … at times that can be both like ooo WHOOPSEE & YIKES all together …. well this blog was supposed to be for all the healing & blessings that mama nature can give us in so many ways … and after my last post ..I really have had some serious thinking on this subject .. not really helped by the angel cards always showing .. “come out of the closet” (HA) & TRUST 😉 oh yep … so … a wee  tennis game in my own head and heart … about Truth and Love in a fluffy way only  … or just being me fully and completely … and going with Truth & Love in all ways … well as I see it anyways …

it was this last week that made it clear …. from everywhere all I seemed to notice ..was messy drama .. on repeat ….   fake … nonsense and spin …. over this last full moon I found myself a few times wondering if the plot had been lost completely …. and I even wondered if there was only gremlins posting on FB … messy breakups . loud and filled with accusations .. sad if the same person had not done the same less than 2 years before .. putting loads of photos up of his new girlfriend … they get younger  …. hmmmm …  and accusing the fiance  of being psycho … hmmm .. on repeat … same shit … but even more .. HELLOOOOOO like really was the amount of people who added their energy to this nonsense  ….I can so do without this shit over a good morning coffee … so Fb is now almost of my radar to …. well this kinda stuff is in my book simply psychic attacks and energy stealing at its worst .. in and of drama  … the fight for energy between people  …

We are at a time in which  everything is changing …. this kind of manipulation … well it backfires …. Karma doesnt wait any more … but … what goes out comes back in heavier doses …. this kinda shit … the darkness it brings and creates … I see / feel this mesing … it more often than not become illness in and around those who create it and participate in it  … cancer feeds on this kind of shit … depression becomes worse .. like being under heavy weights … yip the heaviness of it … is damaging to many … if all these people who yapp with and join in this kinda shitty gossip .. realised .. saw what happened to their auras …. they would freak out …

So really its time to wake up .. and take responsibility for all our thought … words and actions … because each and every one has energy … goes out … if it does damage …  the value of all of that comes right on back  too … Yip it sucks … so as I see it .. best stop doing it  …. its all choice … just choose well .. chose the good and beautiful that you actually want more of … and give that to others too … it changes life from grey and sad to magic  …. ITS JUST CHOICE …

On those that feel to much .. and maybe have no awareness of sensitivities .. depression  sits as a block until the key is found and integrated to release it …. often the human dramas and doctrines … the fear in all that blocks the access to truly healing the inner self … and being all that we can be … stepping out of the fear illusion and into LOVE .. is why we are here on this planet .. to wake up …. shine our lights.

now I have to say ROBIN WILLIAMS … I was a rather horrified too see the morning he passed to light on FB … that already some of the “psychic” were claiming to have spoken to him … frankly he his soul .. his family… deserves more than all the shitty nonsense … the the beautiful memories he’s left us .. all the magic and beauty he shared opening us for JOY ..but also opening us to QUESTIONING EVERYTHING … really seeing … what was /is going on …. HE WAS/IS AWESOME …. He gave us all so much laughter .. also truths .. hard hitting ones .. principled … HEY ..LOOK at this .. wake up kinds of movies as well as ..seriously hard hitting standup …. solid truths in seriously funny ways … & he has my RESPECT .. I’m guessing it is what cause the hollywood club/ film industry … including disney to make many difficulties and set backs in his carrier …. the drama ridden society that is so frightened of truth … the underlying politics … the dark drama … that always do everything to block light …. All I can hope is that more like him stand up for TRUTH …

Really stand up .. in TRUTH …. say what’s what .. call a spade a spade …. but also that more of us stand up behind and around these brave souls … stand firm … in LOVE & LIGHT … in & with TRUTH … so that all those that work relentlessly to stop truths and make everything spin … nonsense and sensationalism …with the in our faces paparazzi puke ..YUCK …Well unless they get that we don’t want that s*** the half truths and lies, it continues …. we want REAL & TRUTH … we want honour…. at least I bloody well hope so … that its we and not just a few like me that is saturated and beyond one with all the lies and corruption ……  Unless we all stand up behind and around these brave souls … that stand at the forefront and tell the truths humour as Robin did … we will loose more. … cause standing up … being forthright … and finding that no one has your back … looking around at the backs of all those that said they stood with you … even urged you on in TRUTH … well that sucks …. I’ve been there …. I think many of us has … standing alone .. in so many ways … 

As for the disrespect of the money grabbing in the “psychic” community … all I can say is KARMA … BITES .. any of us with sensitivity and seeing /feeling /healing more than others .. do as yet … have the RESPONSIBILITY … to work in LOVE …. the half truths and lies .. the “me myself and I” & “what can I gain” …. that’s JUST WRONG …I found myself unfriending … blesing and leasing … but was again I was horrified at just how many were wowed and taken with this  ….. again this is energy manipulation … and will leave a fair few people drained … this stuff happens all the time in greater or lesser degrees .. its drama … just plain and simple … waking up and not participating .. can change everything .. for beauty and magic …  … energy is just energy … positive or negative a flow just is … it is our human freedom of choice that determines our lives and how they flow… 


rescue mission .. sign of transformation

rescue mission .. sign of transformation

Rescue mission .. poor little thing has been in the broccoli in the fridge for a couple of days .. he did try & do the tape measure wiggle dance to scoot off thankfully .. but is here playing dead in my hand  .. I have to be mad mind .. cause I put him out .. in my basil of all places .. he’ll have a feast  LOL .. I’m not sure how much basil will be left for cooking HA .. but I gotta be me.. and well it was the tastiest morsel I could think of for the very cold little soon to be blessed .. flutterby of day or night 🙂 

Transformational magic afoot I’m sure  … a beautiful sign … Mama Earth & Cosmos in Union there is a huge amount of creation particles in the air all around .. The LIGHT is definitely expanding 🙂 & we are growing … A beautiful thing

rescue mission

Dragon medicine .. balanced its Strength and uplifting to ALL /reversed its destructive jealousies and put downs of the human drama

Dragon medicine .. balanced its Strength and uplifting to ALL  /reversed its destructive jealousies and put downs of the human drama
Dragons in & out of Drama .. well the human equivalent ..

♡ ❥ Still needing the lesson  or having gained the wisdom .. its most obvious to all … who’s who and what’s what 🙂 … In wisdom gained … it displays Strength .. fairness Honourable truthful … Uplifting and honouring ALL  … where more lessons are coming .. or Karma being gathered with the snappy dragon .. this would be humans of the B WORD description in both women & men  .. you know the kind .. scorching .. snapping & biting with second & third degree burns not uncommon in the victims.. hmm .. That would be dragon in Drama  Yip  .. it makes for some lessons ..however .. once we learn that particular ouchy .. no need to go back for a repeat performance so to speak  .. well just saying  … it really is best just to let them scorch their own arses 🙂

When I have pondered this balance /imbalance the Guardians often reply in & with cloud art.. … ask for a sign and they are normally HUGE …  just above me supplied in wondrous cloudy brush strokes…. like the BIG Guy here ..relaxed and poised breathing out hearts … victorious in the inner balance.
Balanced Dragon Power :)
Balanced Dragon Power 🙂

& from that inner knowing .. WISDOM is gained  & OH now that is precious indeed  … the growth is phenomenal … Our Soul expanding … The Balanced DRAGON the HONOURABLE that holds the Energy of RESPECT .. TRUTH & the Power of LOVE ..It can easily be defined by saying Bruce Lee .. John F Kennedy … Martin Luther King .. not to mention Gandhi & the Dalai Lama ♡ ❥

Men & Women living & being .. TRUTH HONOUR & INTEGRITY … Sharing their LIGHT & igniting others … with LOVE TRUTH & HONOR ….cause  anything less just lowers the vibrations considerably … Knowing TRUTH .. is also accepting all other as is .. Honouring the differences & becoming more for the deeper understanding of anything with has views from all angles & a higher perspective to view them from .. to see how the threads weave intricate & beautiful patterns .. & how all are as valuable as the other .. no one less than no one more than …all ONE … Yet all uniquely different .. & all in the flow of flowering into creations  expansion of Light & all that IS if we so choose ❤




Light showing the Law of Abundance

Light showing the Law of Abundance

Hearts .. Signs of LOVE ..just everywhere  even as shadow’s  .. Above there were huge white cotton candy heart clouds in a brilliantly blue sky .. way to big to get them in the frame today .. the Wondrous Sun has shares itself so liberally .. I LOVE the way the Angels & guardians show beautiful signs  with Creations Magic … Mama Nature’s ART in so many blessed ways  … helping us connect to the Flow of CHI …
16 mai 13 hearts
The LIGHT particles … CHI … in abundant play all around ….  dancing  & expanding through the air. In & around everything life force.. CHI ..flows .. So BREATHE IN CREATIONS MAGIC  as much as your lungs can take … then BREATHE DEEP some more .. Fill up on LOVE LIGHTS MAGIC & may it fill your days with Abundant Blessings of PEACE .. LOVE .. JOY & Happiness