Morning Fog Lifting
Morning Fog Lifting

Life’s depths …. natures enormity …perspective changes everything .. knowing the SUN’s life giving light & gravitational hold on our little wee BLUE  Marble .. that is holding us at arms length while spinning around in space .. an Enormity of which we can barely even fathom more than the vapours at the edge…

Yet when the veil of the morning  fog starts lifting  … the ILLUSION … that the Grand Magnetic Ball of FIRE at the centre of our Galaxy .. is the minuscule Marble in Space.

The SUN deep in the Waters of the Morning Fog … enhances the MYSTERY of ALL that IS …

always makes me think how important it  is to always do our best to see any situation … others… all life ..all ideas … all views .. from EVERY POSSIBLE angle … without judgement … to see the REAL & Larger Picture … cause we will never know TRUTH unless we do

Wishing you ALL the Magic of Creation in all your days ❤



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