Magical scent of rose & the healing of ones senses

It’s that #Magical time of year again when #Roses bloom and the most precious #scents fill the air.

Real #aromatherapy for the senses and a wonderful tea too.

Old #rose varieties have the #blessings of real #perfume in its #natural form.

The gift of real #scent is something almost indescribable.

It is truly #magical, the highest and best master piece of #creation in its precious dance with #mother nature.

Our scense of smell is directly linked to our gut senses as well as our intuition.

For those who truly wish to enhance their senses, to really experience true inner healing ,first one has to reclaim ones own senses.

To reclaim our senses we have to get past and weed out the man made and artificial smells all around that cause harm, numbs and blocks one of our most powerful gifts.

The gift that starts with trusting our own heart and senses, our ways to distinguish beneficial from harmful in every way: physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Our bodies have the most amazing healing capacities. Everything including changing our own DNA is about awareness and a healthy gut 🙂



Magical Transisions

Magical Transisions

Magical Changes


88 Autum Blessings

Natures Transition  .. Mama natures ball gown of Autumn Splendour

Mamas Autumn Ball Gown 055x

There is Magic in the Beauty .. and every leaf can be a teacher .. of Letting go .. being still ..and when its time letting the new LIFE FLOW ..

letting GO 040x

Through the Love that expands and grows with every moment that treasured ..

Blessings and Wishes

Through Magical seasons .. and Dandelion Kisses .. Creating  and making Wishes come true  …

Autumn Light Blessings

Allowing Dreams to be Nurtured in the Stillness ..

so they again let the Magic flow with the LIFE of the New

067x great dreams real by love

Wishing you ALL LOVE LIGHT and Magic in every way all your days ❤



Cornfields n Castles n English Skies

Cornfields n Castles n English Skies

Two half’s.. or a Whole .. like the balanced symmetry of yin n yang  …..

Cornfields n Castles n English Skies

The Cornfield : …..

hearts over corn fields xThe castle …….

Kirk castle July 2014& Now we go Home 🙂

Kirk Castle July 2014 b

Three Halves in the Cloud dotted Blue of the English Summer Sky

Blink n see Hearts peak a boo

Three  Half’s .. of …  man’s touch upon the Earth


A cup of LOVE

A cup of LOVE

A cup of LOVE … Fresh Rose Petal tea … Organic rose petals from the garden ( if possible) in hot water .. and there you go .. the best balancing remedy possible … Makes it easier to ride the roller coaster of changing energies .. as our planet is ascending .. the plants and animals .. if you are watching them in Nature have a much easier time of it .. human & pet’s close to human anxieties have far more ascension wobbelies / slight or deep imbalances in their FEELING GREAT space.


This particular Beauty is a very old very highly scented variety .. She only flowers once .. One big WOW .. n then maybe as little extra blessings a flower here and there for the rest of the summer … & She makes the most Powerful Flower essence I have ever made / used & shared with others

ROSE to me highlights TRUTH .. & what LOVE really IS in TRUE Sharing .. the way she gives herself so freely  .. giving insights of Wisdom in her scent and Beauty … yet still keeps her boundaries clear  ..  LOVE Honour & Respect in one Perfect Balance of Creators Loving Grace

Creator is my MUSE … Whispering to me … to us .. The wisdom of Rainbows …

Creator is my MUSE  … Whispering to me  … to us ..  The wisdom of Rainbows …

Creator … Whispering to me  … to us  The wisdom.

084 rainbow n heart x
Heart Clouds n Rainbows daily signs of Creations wonder

Letting me us feel the mighty presence of all the is .The reality of LOVE .. of the LIFE FORCE that is ONE with Source

Creators Rainbows ….  in Damselflies

doubt and fear only lives when we are disconnected from REAL TRUTH  … disconnected form the understanding that SOURCE is REAL … CREATION is REAL … and its presence is known in every cell ..every atom  in us and in the planet all around us ..

Great Spirit through every soul … can shine and play  ..and LOVE …

062x reverse 2
In Balance … in Creators Womb … all is ONE … white is black and black is white .. & in a Glorious concoction of Rainbow light we become .. Let us remember who we are !

so Great Spirit / SOURCE of ALL that IS … is my MUSE … in every way .. in every day …at all times

Through Spirits of  .. Air … Earth  … Water … Fire …we are shown this LOVE in CREATIONS Wonder..

050xThrough CREATION … LIFE ..through everything this LOVE IS shown to US

Through rainbow colours .. Red .. Orange … Yellow… Green ….Blue … Indigo n Violet… too

019xThis Magnificent Abundance of Creation … is for us to manage to enjoy .. to care for … to SHARE in LOVE & PEACE

This can only be found and LIVED in Total TRUTH … with complete HONESTY and

with DEEP RESPECT for Ourselves … for Each Other and for this Magnificent Planet we inhabit

009xthe human mess .. is 100% and completely man made .. through the destructive power of fear in drama  ..

this fear is the only lack

It is TIME to relinquish the destructive human element of fear … & CHOOSE LOVE … from within

This is HOW we will find PEACE

Choose well


When your glad the fleeting moments .. are fleeting 

When your glad the fleeting moments .. are fleeting 

Someone decided lettuce was tastier than trees .. I was called out this morning cause one of the recycled 😉 * lettuce in the hanging basket had gone from big & OO I must harvest that tomorrow … to wilting & flop 

On a little closer inspection this little or big .. Depending on perspective 😉 .. May bug had decided to make our salad dinner into his breakfast ..

 Well there you go .. the hospitality was obviously irresistible 😉 LOL … 

Darn save his or his friends life a few days ago .. & could not get back onto his feet .. & what do you know they move in 🙂 & help themselves to the Yummies  LOL 

The remind me a bit of the Egyptian Scarab beatle .. which is supposedly most auspicious .. So thank you Mama Nature ❤ 



Lightning Oak …

Lightning Oak …

Mama Natures Miraculous ways .. Lightning Oak as a force of Nature


Great great grandpa Oak here, was Hit by lightning about 13 years ago … sending all his branches flying when  .. 4/5ths of him just snapped away by the Lightning striking .. that burnt his insides  …. the fire thoroughly hollowing him out

So there he stood .. left for dead .. showed no signs of life for a couple of years …

014xHe looked like an empty shell .. but still felt alive to me.


I had a feeling like his powerful spirit  was still present, I used to go in his hollow trunk .. there is with ease room for 2 or more adults ..and wonder around him  intrigued by the complete opposing senses…. my eyes seeing a burnt out trunk .. but my heart & senses felt a great and solid presence.. a beautiful Spirit of Nature healing .. holding the wisdom of Source.

Whenever I visited I was always feeling a deep gratitude for all the oxygen this ancient tree has created in its long long green life … and how much carbon monoxide he had cleared out of the air in the process ….

& sat sharing a little healing for the pain he must have suffered from the lightning fire

The spring of the 3 year I visited there were some green shoots at his crown on one single branch, and since then he’s been steadily added new branches getting a nice full crowning new glory of new green leaves every year…

021x& one last picture of the inside, for now …

081x seems I’ll be writing lightning tree 2 too..  Bells of LIGHT

as there was so much energy & orbs when I took these …  & there is a bell shaped orb in a series .. put 4  pictures together .. and  Natures light bells chime … so that coming up next ❤



Beautiful Forces of Nature … Tree peony Bloom

Beautiful Forces of Nature …  Tree peony Bloom

Life’s Magic Moments

Forces of Nature 2 … how could I help myself …. Natures forces being so Magical ..  & Tree Peony here having … Blooms the size of dinner plates … as she’s opening her beautiful blooms “Queen” Tree Peony  .. it rains .. yet her majesty remains strong & glorious.


the bright sunshine and heat of April having hurried her along … into a magical Explosion

I’ve been watching her push her bud with great force into this magical explosion of blossoming beauty .. first slowly .. ever so slowly & then the last couple of days .. stretching her glory through rain and shine .. even being strong enough to give space on her petals for water diamonds to glow …

Wishing you Magic in your days


Natures Golden Pink Light the afterglow of Sunset 1

Natures Golden Pink Light the afterglow of Sunset 1

The Golden Pink Light …. sometimes just moments .. sometimes more … around sunrise and sunset .. but lately there seems to be more and more of it ..a bit like a Golden Hour before the Blue hour ..

It makes for the most surreal colours  … Nature is extra bright …  glowing like golden sunshine from within every leaf and flower …

Even when the sky is thick with clouds ..  and it should be dark really .. its LIGHT


these were taken as the sun had set .. in those last moments of glow over the horizon … through clouds .. but till this Pinkish Golden Light  .. like an after glow from Nature herself ..enhancing the colours ..


It even makes the oak in centre of the field here ..  look whole … now I could have sworn I’d written about this wondrous Healing and Life where there was none for several years … it was hit by lightning about 13 years ago  and has no centre to its trunk .. or a lot of sides left nor a front really its just a deep blackened hole .. that 2 -3 grown ups could easily fit into…well considering how many they can shove into a phone box or mini thats probably greatly underestimated .. but there you go 😉  .. okie I will write one .. find the pics and take some new close ups .. its amazing .. and coming in the next few days I promise … yes I know … my daily posting  … has as yet not been happening …  but the writing has .. darn I have more drafts that I care to admit … so I might just manage to sneak up on you yet with daily doses 😉

Natures Golden Pink Light the afterglow of Sunset 2 .. has already got the pictures attached so .. I might just be flowing

Wishing you all Beautiful days


Cherry Blossoms and a light breeze with energy in motion

Cherry Blossoms and a light breeze with energy in motion

Cherry Blossom Beauty .. & the motion of a light breeze … one of the most nourishing things for the Soul  .. in Springs Wondrous Marvellous Beautifully Exciting repertoire of colour and scent


I always feel so blessed by the healing rays .. the Energy in motion in and around everything & everyone …This beautiful Life Force Energy always feel even more life enhancing & expending by the presence of the Guardians .. the Angels  ..  the Faeries n All the Nature Spirits too  … so much LOVE all around … Life Force popping .. & shooting like stars .. spreading the energy far and wide . In beautiful motions like glitter / faerie dust dancing & swirling all around  ..


So many have disconnected themselves from this most simplistic opening to healing light  .. the knowing that humans can heal like nature .. Man might harm nature .. but Mama Nature always grows back  …

One Source created all .. when in Balance and fully connected ..everything Heals with ease ❤


its most Magical to sit under a big Blossoming Cherry Tree with the wind whispering secrets of warmer days

Wishing you Beauty & Creations Healing Magic in every way in all your days ❤


Solar Eclipse … Fresh LIGHT ..Orbs n Violas .. Vernal Equinox /Ostara

Solar Eclipse  … Fresh LIGHT ..Orbs n Violas .. Vernal Equinox /Ostara

Rainbow light filled the morning of this Vernal Equinox / Ostara … the Cosmic celebrations were led by an 85% Solar Eclipse here in England  … an hour or so before the eclipse started @8.30am the air was thick with rainbow light … & the white light had this pure brilliance to it  … it was most beautiful …. As the sky darkened little by little this brilliance stayed with us … Outside & in till we went of for a walk just after it had peaked ..


Interestingly the Orb lights seem to reflect the Solar Eclipse … Here inside closing in on peak time


& outside @ peak time 🙂 the orbs also reflect the event … here with 2 duckies that most unusually seem to prefer to sit on the roof to floating down the river



This next one was taken around 10am as we were just setting off for a walk


& just before 11 am coming back out of the woods .. The LIGHT & Orbs still Wondrous ❤


& back home last years violas were showing themselves to be Fresh & having a Beautiful New Life 🙂


May your days all be filled with LOVE LIGHT & Creations Magic in every way ❤

IN every moment of every day there is Enough to make us all very Happy indeed  … The JOY comes from the inside … so Breathe deep & set it FREE