Maia Blessings (Marianne Teksnes) I am a Writer … Mystic … Photographer.

Urban Keeper of Ancient Knowledge and practitioner of the Ancient Healing Arts

Healing Health Touch co-founder & practitioner,  Reiki Master, CHI  Healer… and have been Sensitive  Intuitive and filled with Healing Light to share .. as well as an unexplainable Knowing inside  … since childhood … which started a 30+ year study to understand & enhance the sensitivities …

Intuitive Consultants at HEART CLOUD Consultants with my Heart mate (Twinned Flame) Andreas Ahrens … Also a Reiki Master, Healing Health Touch,  CHI Healer, and co-founder of healing Health Touch.

In Healing Health Touch we are combining Healing with Bowen, Acupressure, Reflex, CHI & other eastern & western techniques in a unique & personally developed manner … following & balancing the Meridian (Personal Energy) system … Energizing & Balancing Body Mind Spirit Holistic way… With Backgrounds also in Yoga (Teacher/ Practitioners)  … Medical CHI Kung as well as Karuna & Usui Reiki Masters… Martial arts & Philosophical, Religious (all major religions)  WE are ALL ONE …

We are now Honoured & Blessed to aid others in Holistic Balance & Well Being of Body Mind & Spirit..

our web site


& there is  more on the about page there too 🙂

& a bit more ..  about just me on my Maia Blessings Blog … slightly fluffier version than this LOL .. will be a blog more focused on my book(s) ..once I wrap my head around this whole blogging thing 🙂




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