Inviting the Magic to flow

Inviting the Magic to flow

On a walk through the woods, on a path with big old fallen trees that are still alive and growing just at a different angle now. I Looked up and ask for the Blessings to flow, for the Magic dance  of Source Energy and Light BEings present  to show you all what I feeland see to be true ..


Always feeling the presence of Mother Natures Blessings, of the Nature Spirits, the Angel, the Guardians and the Ancestors. With a breath of gratitude and appreciation for the Beauty and Magic of Source, The preciousness of our Planet, of God/Goddess and asking the presence to show itself.

011X HC

Sources unconditional love / creation energy/ “God Particles” is around us all the time, connecting with healing and balance to the oneness of all that is, is the most precious feeling there is.


The beautiful Magical grid of source light that connects us all, our planet, nature, everything, and all that is, is all around and all the time.

015X HC

Light beings love to show us the Blessings, the Unconditional Love that us humans are here to connect to and ground in Mother Earth, and balance within us and between us all.

As the awakening times are proceeding, all is changing.  The more people are awaking to the preciousness of all that is, to connecting to and feeling the oneness with all that is and love is spreading.

There is only fear or Love at the core of all and every choice we ever make ..we choose!

Isn’t that awesome .. WE CHOOSE .. so LOVE it IS

fear has nowhere to go but through a healing veil… for recycling .. to become light again and  flow as “God Particles again .. Creations Magic in Balance !









Choosing to SEE the energy of GRACE .. WE are the VICTORY of PEACE !

Choosing to SEE the energy of GRACE .. WE are the VICTORY of PEACE !
There is only LIFE force ENERGY .. .. LIGHT… CREATIONS God Particle …. in US ALL … in EVERYTHING … we choose the LOVE or fear .. “evil” like GRACE & COMPASSION starts in our HEARTS .. we “Humanity” each and every one of us CHOOSE …. The more we choose to come out form under our selective colours.. the filters, doctrines and learnt drama … society’s conformity … & Like Nature SEE ALL COLOURS ..with NO filters .. the stronger we become … the more POWERFUL each and every one of us IS .. Because this is being ONE with all that we are ..OUR SOUL .. the filters are all small self -ego fears ..
Under these filters all we see is limited .. the colour range a fraction of what really IS ALL AROUND US … NATURE .. ANIMALS & ALL BABIES see the full spectrum of LIGHT .. sadly humanity has learnt to rob through these fear filters .. their own souls of being fully PRESENT in the EARTH LIFE
Ego is only meant to be a co-pilot a tool .. OUR TRUE PERSONALITIES & YES WE and ALL LIGHT BEINGS ..Angels ..Guardians .. Faeries .. Ascended Masters to name just a very few .. HAVE PERSONALITIES … .. but in the LIGHT FULLY our SOULS know UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & COMPASSION FULLY ..
It is what FLOWS in Total TRUTH …
TRUTH is the ONLY thing that can flow ..when ALL IS SEEN ❤
When we remover the learnt filters .. and step into our power .. WE CAN AGAIN SEE ALL .. ALL LIGHT .. The full spectrum …
ALL ENERGY has a signature … all EMOTIONS can be SEEn .. FELT in this energy around us .. OUR ENERGY .. and the energy of all of us here on this planet shows who we are … fully and completely .. there is no hiding !
To see and feel this energy .. we have to choose .. to see and feel like the children we once were .. in total trust and with NO FILTERS
All Masters taught this .. ALL sacred texts elude to it .. but all due to man’s need for power and control filtered through fear as to keep us from seeing this MAGNIFICENCE OF ALL THAT IS … keep us from seeing that CREATION …. SOURCE … IS ALL AROUND US … is IN US .. and IN ALL OF NATURE … Our Planet ..the Animals … ALL LIFE
ONLY when THIS SACREDNESS is NOT SEEN can fear reign .. and it has reign for far to long … centuries of destruction … wars ..anger and hatred … all fuelled by the few to gain POWER over all that IS
Wars to gain a control over TRUE POWER .. a futility as The RAW POWER of which no fear can ever hold .. and have no doubt .. anger and hatred .. is fear .. It IS a POWER SO IMMENSE that if our generators … our HEART’s are not fully at one with our Complete selves .. our SOULS it can not be touched !
IT IS TIME to AWAKEN FULLY ❤ .. there is truly nothing fearful to see in total truth ..the energy .. the light all around is MAGNIFICENT beyond measure .. it can NOT be manipulated in any way .. so awaking .. and stepping out from behind all filters is essential ❤
It is essential that we all step into our own POWER through our PRECIOUS HEARTS .. as IT IS OUR CHOICE TO SEE AND FEEL ALL THIS .. and so much more ❤
WE ARE the POWER .. we are the LOVE … we are the VICTORY !
WE just have to CHOOSE to BE
Namaste ❤ Maia

Dragon & Phoenix clouds

Dragon & Phoenix clouds

The English weather has this summer seemed to beautifully fit into the theme of monochromatic photo reality those days with more shades of grey than you thought the pallet could hold ..

008x greybut somehow even though grey .. not gloomy … but Beautiful … Clouds of Dragon and Eagle so low they seem to walk on the earth … topped and surrounded by fluffy white Hearts galore … with Papa Sun attempting to break in

Choosing to see Beauty in the Greyest of  days is what makes Magic Blossom in every which way ❤


Swan Feather in the blue toned light of a winters morn

Swan Feather in the blue toned light of a winters morn

Frozen Swan Feather  … in the blue toned light of a cold winter morning


Pictures were taken morning of the Winter Solstice  … December 2014 frozen in place a Flight Feather Blessing to usher in the Suns Abundance … and the Blessings of the warmer days …

070xmonochromatic Beauty


LIGHT Connects everything … even the shadows

LIGHT Connects everything … even the shadows

LIFE Force .. LOVE .. LIGHT Connects everything, if we just allow it to.

From as early as I can remember I have always been able to sense the energy around people and places.

I haven’t written much of  late, I’ve been going deep into my own healing and asking the Guardians n Angels for guidance and if they could help me show in my pictures more of what I feel, and have always sensed, of how Light n Dark are inner choices that show up all around us in our aura’s/ energy fields, and how these choices connects or disconnects us from the Source of all that IS.

The Energetic particles of which are around us at all times ..these beautiful sparkling lights are around ALL LIFE  .. These Beautiful God Particles, this amazing LIFE Force  that surrounds us, that is us, and all LIFE, these Magical beautiful Blessings that are available to us all in beyond abundant measures …in every single way.. every day  .. when we just simply choose to connect directly to the light. Choose to allow Healing  .. allow JOY … allow Vitality .. allow Good Health .. Wealth & Happiness.

089 x velviaEvery great Master has tried to show the ways and the ease of this connection … all the sacred texts of all religions show ways to act and be for the best connection with this life force energy to heighten our energy … to be ONE with SOURCE.. while here in the physical body, how to expand and enhance the LOVE LIGHT of ALL that IS.

184x ctUnfortunately all religions are also weighed down by the need from some for power, which results in fear based teachings being spread igniting the held inner fear and coming out in anger n hatred .. as well as through depression .. anxiety and sadness.

These darker negative aspects seems to be discussed much, in the media  and all around us really, it always has, but lately its been a bit creepy just how much of it I have overheard  … its been so much its been making me feel queasy at times  … and I have had extreme pangs in my heart about some of the ignorant and horrid ..hateful words I have overheard about refugees and immigration … all from folks that you go back a generation or two came from immigrants too, and all that sounds even worse when like here in my local area 95% of which park their arses on church pews on Sundays for an hour or so, but the rest of the week they spread darkness by yapping gossip.

Its something I questioned from I learnt my first commandments.  I use to get reprimanded a fair bit as I asked why adults did not obey the rules as such, and had questions like : is not gossip the same as “do not covert your neighbours .. bla bla, or thy shall not lie …” .. and is not hatred n this fear laden gossip .. not the opposite ..of LOVE and especially LOVE thy neighbour as thy self ! There were very few who could look into my eyes.

145xWell all my 7 years of in depth study of Religions brought me only evidence that we are all the same … wanting Peace .. .. and all the religions core’s belief’s ..  is from every angle  LOVE … All have the same principles of how to flourish built in through LOVE and sharing, and entwined through Honour and respect .. for SELF as well as for ALL .

Sadly all religions and their texts have with some men’s hunger for POWER built in ..the extreme ability to manipulate FEAR and even whip it up in the masses … because the TRUTH of us all BEing able to speak directly to and with SOURCE is hidden , and manipulated or the masses to believe  that only  some in the right positions of Power can do this  …. this really has to end.

150xxTRUTH like the SUN & the MOON can never be hidden for long … and we are in the time of AWAKENING  .. our HEARTS have to awaken for us to be able to live on the Earth as Mama Earth’s Vibrations are Heightening … only then Our Hearts free to accelerate and expand its 50000 Hertz all around us will keep us in good health and well being in the very near future ❤

Something I have been told form I was very young by the Angels & Guardians, and they also explained that that was the main reason it was so essential to know forgiveness in a complete way … and to Let go all pain … so we can truly allow ourselves to vibrate to the level of meeting Source within as ONE.

Sunday they let me take a few pictures that can with ease let me show you all how its all felt for me through the years.

We went to Worcester, the energy was beautiful, Light and Joyous all around. I got more shots of orbs, purple n rainbow light along the river and in a city than ever before. Even spirit horses outside a pup 🙂

163xxbut the cathedral’s  energy was dark heavy n gloomy.

the signs that it cost £3500 a DAY ???? to keep the place open … only just preceded by a sign that said … FREE  entry ..that had another just next to it suggested that it it expected that each person puts at lest £5 in the donations box ..these sure helped to understand why the faces of those leaving looked as dark n gloomy as the place felt ..

To me that says it all … when there are people starving in every country … and there are people fleeing from their homes ..their lives businesses.. work .. school … universities …. having to leave everything behind in war torn countries and leave with only what they can pack and carry ! Yet the Dioceses gets £1,277,500 as rent for one building a year, that’s somehow SICK to me … and the energy in there felt like it too, I literally ran in to get a picture of the stained glass window so I could show the difference in photos of the energy inside n out ..

These places always feel to me like they are  built as fortresses to keep the LIGHT out .. and it used to make me really sad, that all the BEAUTY … ALL the LOVE was LOST IN FEAR, when I could see so clearly that the fear was entirely man made  … and all for the manipulation and gathering if energy form others people … because the true connection to source was lost …. simply because of the power struggle ..  and manipulations in Fear … brought one further and further away from LOVE …


Its beyond time now … centuries over due … that we throw out fear … lack n greed … and ALLOW LOVE to BLOOM in ALL our HEARTS



PEACE is OUR CHOICE … Its in Sharing the Magic

PEACE is OUR CHOICE … Its in Sharing the Magic

Choosing to let the LIGHT illuminate our Paths is a Powerful thing indeed ..& it is really the SIMPLEST thing in the World … no really honestly … it IS …. I was reminded yesterday that enlightenment is something so many seem to view as unknown to them .. or unobtainable … and whereas I agree there can be many levels to the understanding … as Real TRUTH & Real LOVE is let deeper into the Heart all expression can come from within our Ultimate Power … but its really not rocket science.


It is just simply choosing to LIVE with Honour and Integrity Honestly …

that leads to letting GO the drama .. the repeat circles of lessons .. cause we see the lessons .. and choose different than the learnt old patterns .. so we make the changes .. we wish to see .. once we do that for us .. in our life … the ripples spread around us … and our ripples of TRUTH n LOVE meet others ripples of TRUTH n LOVE .. & Allowed to flow as it is intended .. A World as we wish it to BE will BE all around US

010x& the simplicity of that is … We only have complete responsibility for our own words n actions … Our Thoughts is what changes everything for US … WE CHOOSE what we allow in and around US …

& once we Choose to LIVE it …. really LIVE it everything but everything will change for US & bit by bit as more are LIVING IT for the world …

& it Really is simple ..

TRUTH is prerequisite for REAL LOVE

LOVE & TRUTH are ONE … we are all from and within ONE Source that is & creates  LIFE ..

( Real Truth is always known it can be seen even with slightly different stories depending on individual memory of an event .. cause all memory depends on actual individual focus …so really al stories told in truth fill each other in and out .. and gives deeper and more complete understanding …

so it is also with all the major religions and their sacred texts …

I spent around 7 years early in my life studying each book the Bible .. many versions .. inc old testaments / Hebrew scriptures / Tanakh n the Kabbala the Koran .. the Gita etc .. ancient scrolls n more ..

which meant first of all I could never understand why so much anger and hatred n wars had been through history managed to supposedly have a basis in mine is better that yours .. drama .. cause there are more similarities … than anything … as you read each story of lessons and learning them … and take each book …its a bit like looking at the real history .. which is more like his n her & the worlds story … from all angles …

kinda like if 100 people were at a big Celebration n party .. then all go their separate ways … & then a few years later they are all interview about this particular celebration .. their stories and memories would vary depending on who they spoke to . where they sat stood walked and . if the flowers .. the wine … the cake … the conversation … the food .. sit down meal … or evening nibbles … where what excited them most … and gave the strongest memory … to see the full picture … they would all have to chat and share and fill each other in ❤ )

Which in a way is how I see it .. what we are all here to do … SHARE … acknowledge … and accept Lovingly all our Brothers n Sister across the world ..

& this is OUR CHOICE ..

PEACE is our CHOICE ..

So let us All .. as much as we can LIVE the LOVE  .. no one is expected to be perfect … we are all beautifully perfect in all our quirks n ways .. in all our perfect imperfections  .. & together we make for one amazing tapestry of interconnected LIFE ..

let Us Appreciate  & Celebrate each other in all our Diversity ….

& Choose Sharing & Caring .. in Creations Wondrous LOVE FLOW ❤

Lets make PEACE FLOW through LOVE in ACTION ❤

Photos .. Two I took a couple of days ago in the woods, while Butterflies danced all around telling of Beauty Sharing & Love.  The Turquoise Healing Light was all around, it was quite enchanting & the Butterflies had the same Turquoise and gold colour auras, just Wondrous & deeply Healing… will tell you about that in the next post 🙂 …

Wishing you ALL Magic in your days in all ways ❤


Toadies as Symbols .. n nighttime visitors

Toadies as Symbols .. n nighttime visitors

Meet Mrs Toad .. she is a nightly visitor to the garden, we have two that come out to visit most nights .. always feels like such a Blessings…they rummage about and we hear them more than see them most nights …but  occasionally they sit still long enough in the spot light be photo models … & they always seem to enjoy some moments of shared Meditation ..

004xToads figure as the guardians of treasures … so Luck be with you tonight  ..

010xSymbolically they represent … Inner Strength .. Luck … Fertility .. Transformation ..  Self Examination  .. Purity & with their transformation from tadpole to toad they are a frequent symbol of Resurrection and Rebirth.

& they eat slugs n snails . .. how awesome is that . .. those little rally drivers on slime … that can locate and emerge from nowhere in seconds flat …  chow through your lettuces faster than a formula one driver can take a lap in any Grand Prix ..    so these little Darlings are Major Blessing for gardeners .. & what’s not to Love in that ❤

Wishing you All Magic in your days & the Awe of seeing the Moments like the Child still within  …

It makes LIFE very Precious Indeed


Creator is my MUSE … Whispering to me … to us .. The wisdom of Rainbows …

Creator is my MUSE  … Whispering to me  … to us ..  The wisdom of Rainbows …

Creator … Whispering to me  … to us  The wisdom.

084 rainbow n heart x
Heart Clouds n Rainbows daily signs of Creations wonder

Letting me us feel the mighty presence of all the is .The reality of LOVE .. of the LIFE FORCE that is ONE with Source

Creators Rainbows ….  in Damselflies

doubt and fear only lives when we are disconnected from REAL TRUTH  … disconnected form the understanding that SOURCE is REAL … CREATION is REAL … and its presence is known in every cell ..every atom  in us and in the planet all around us ..

Great Spirit through every soul … can shine and play  ..and LOVE …

062x reverse 2
In Balance … in Creators Womb … all is ONE … white is black and black is white .. & in a Glorious concoction of Rainbow light we become .. Let us remember who we are !

so Great Spirit / SOURCE of ALL that IS … is my MUSE … in every way .. in every day …at all times

Through Spirits of  .. Air … Earth  … Water … Fire …we are shown this LOVE in CREATIONS Wonder..

050xThrough CREATION … LIFE ..through everything this LOVE IS shown to US

Through rainbow colours .. Red .. Orange … Yellow… Green ….Blue … Indigo n Violet… too

019xThis Magnificent Abundance of Creation … is for us to manage to enjoy .. to care for … to SHARE in LOVE & PEACE

This can only be found and LIVED in Total TRUTH … with complete HONESTY and

with DEEP RESPECT for Ourselves … for Each Other and for this Magnificent Planet we inhabit

009xthe human mess .. is 100% and completely man made .. through the destructive power of fear in drama  ..

this fear is the only lack

It is TIME to relinquish the destructive human element of fear … & CHOOSE LOVE … from within

This is HOW we will find PEACE

Choose well


The seasons of a SOUL’s garden

The seasons of a SOUL’s garden

Life … what’s off .. n on  …  in season or out

as the photo challenge goes .. my take is not sure Bay can be out of season 😉 .. and snow in summer .. well depends which hemisphere your on 😉 so season .. if its in ..out … up down .. Seasons like LIFE its just Choosing when 😉 what .. where .. how … 😉

So Yip .. ME I’d say that depends on whether the inner Goddess /God is in the driving seat of our lives .. if we are truly present so to speak Soul wise .. or if the meagre little ego … or mind self is way out of its depth trying to drive something it has no license for 😉

Well if that’s driving it needs to be given a termination date along with anything shitty that just weighing us down and keeping us feeling low .. .might sounds nuts .. but putting our inner goddess/god in the driving seat  ..makes everything flow … and from a higher perspective … a better overview so to speak ..its easier to negotiate the minefields people choose to surround themselves with and share around them in the world of human ego drama .. and when cloaked in spirituality it can be a messy thing indeed .. from so many different angles …

every season has beauty Now I like to see me as a garden .. well our SOUL … our inner space .. what we really and truly are .. ALL of IT …

& well as any gardener knows however perfect or imperfect a garden looks its always a work in progress  .. there is always room for something New … and some plants just decide that they are done … wilt n go .. or in the case of the bamboo look like its dead n gone but its actually flowering  … and its recovery time .. unknown .. cause none seem to give it time to re-emerge after its necessary recuperating sleep below ground  …

Now to realy get the most out of this precious human experience .. we have to set ourselves free .. to flow with what feels right and good to us …
FREE Divinity to flow through us . let Goddess/God steer our ship

Now that alone ….sets  you free to create your most perfect space  … Your YOU … Allowing yourself to just BE
if you feel like a shrinking violet … okie let the violets bloom … but set her up among the roses .. n find companioning plants to accentuate the striking violet .. the beauty  … letting the violets n chamomile maybe carpet the beds filled with roses on  trellises of glorious art that spills out of your heart
first violas of spring 2014  pic taken 30 march
first violas of spring 2014 pic taken 30 march
..most of us say at some point .. that we are only just … me …..
Well just  … it sort of closes the curtains to our strong powerful beautiful self as not to scare folks …& I can say that cause I recognised those patterns in me  … I tried to be as little and as quite as possible for a very long long time  … so as not to cause waves … not to upset .. .and not to … take your pick the list goes on …
its been a bit of a weeding process I can tell you  .. to allow the inner bountiful garden to really bloom .. but it is so very worth it … & I have through the years found it most useful  to see me  as a Garden 🙂 ….
.. Cause .. as JUST a garden …  Just now that wakes up the hey … hang on a minute just a garden ?? cause well gardens are never ..just  .. now are they  … I mean .. even when rough .. overgrown .. and neglected .. they are beautiful … there  is always immense beauty  .. whether it be hidden or out there in bold … a garden will always show its beauty

& if there is already much beauty .. then sculpting it … creating a new …is like WOW  .. Yes .. a little of this here and ..a little of that there

weeding out the old … saving the precious .. enhancing with new  …
enhancing can be with reclaimed n recycled turned into the most glorious shabby chic fun additions …or brand new … the biggest beauty is that we choose what goes where and how
& before you know it you have  WOWSESES its beyond GLORIOUS ….
so it is ….  YIp .. YES … AHA .. so YOU ARE  .. so I am … so we are !

Treasures n Adventure .. on the way

Treasures n Adventure .. on the way

Well that like everyday in every way really  … cause we are always on the way   … so to speak ..

Moment to moment on this journey through life … appreciating them is the JOY  … I have already written a couple of those this week .. when your glad the moments are fleeting 😉 & when the moments are most precious indeed ❤ (its just I’ve been figuring out how to use the mobile to post ..which is awesome 🙂 .. but I have to admit I have no clue how to add links to anything from there … I’m just hoping that once do figure it out .. it all doesn’t change again .. with some update or other 😉 HA  … cause really that just leaves me with umpteen of those .. feels like Laurel n Hardy moments  .. where ups down n downs up and everything just got slippery 😉 LOL  … in those respects … I’ll take Nature any day … and in any way   … there is always .. wow … aaa … ooo  … mmmmm  … sights … scents …. n feeling s that just makes the LOVE in your heart grow bigger n bigger … and then just overflow into everything else in life  … I made my first talkie so to speak this morning ..about that .. Yip more involvement of devises  ..oooo great JOY 😉 LOL … I’ll share that in my next post though .. for now  let me get back to  all those treasures one passes by on a walk through Badger Woods 🙂

Walking into ...... ?
Walking into …… ?

In some of the moment in life .. its worth remembering that when things are a little dark …it makes it easer to see when we look up  … look ahead …  to see the light of the path ahead ..

043xThere is always a light at the end of every tunnel  . .. silver linings on every clouded day  ..  and sometimes there are some wondrous surprises too  … some of which take a little focus .. to see

025xLike faces in trees …  Nature spirits perhaps  … spirits of joy that must be giggling away .. cause they know where the path is and watching the humans  on a bit of a jungle adventure  .. is surely a delight indeed 😉

004x poviaIf you look real close .. you can even see Andreas there looking back to see if I’m still in sight .. or if I’ve again found something that has to be smelt .. scrutinised .. viewed … breathed in to the core and expanded in JOY through every cell of the old bod for a thorough feel good effect on the fly  … or photographed of cause ..  and is keeping me enchanted ..submerged in a moment .. n lost to time  😉

032xwell there are the “Occasional” hidden gem … so who wouldn’t be right 😉 LOL … I have to say I am most grateful for his beautiful patience ❤

Wishing you ALL Beautiful Magical days ❤


Surreal Ephemeral moments in time .. Creations Magic ..delivered by Nature

Surreal Ephemeral moments in time .. Creations Magic ..delivered by Nature

Those moments when Natural Phenomenon is so Breathtaking …so Surreal .. that you almost forget to lift the camera and take a shot  … but that voice inside says don’t get a picture of this no one will believe you  … besides how could words possibly describe this.

Surreal Ephemeral moments in time .. Creations Magic ..delivered by Nature

003xx dk1

Life is  … All is ..  LOVE  … The daily signs are everywhere … everyday …in every way.


Magical Moments like this … I have to Stop Breathe & just BE Present in wonder & awe.