I DECLARE WORLD PEACE .. like this !

I DECLARE WORLD PEACE .. like this !

So the dream that .. that led to an even more enlightening discussion on how DECLARING WORLD PEACE and INSISTING on it is actually actually simpler than anyone has considered.

Politicians … Governments … Bureaucracy .. of all kinds .. require votes and  .. to “win” or more properly said to “get the job” of service to people and country they require a lot of votes ….

Yes … I know there are many of us consciously choose not to vote simply because we have long since stopped giving our power away to lies deceit and manipulations …. we have long since seen through the veneer of corruption .. followed the money trail and with a little research found that the puppet masters .. pulling the strings of the public marionettes ..are creating a petrochemical nightmare through every aspect of our world .. our food, conventional medicine, and the productions there of .. is laced with waste products of the OIL industry in so many ways its  beyond comprehension of any logically thinking individual how anyone consuming and breathing in the toxins petrochemical killing agents ..could not get ill ..

The puppeteers of petrochemical industries is also behind the global military war machine .. the same few individual PEOPLE who are earning billions .. trillions .. on war and destruction  … paying the mercenaries that are the terrorists .. that our governments shout about to instil more fear in the masses  … Fear can only be n those that do not do a little research .. look into ..and ask questions when things do not balance .. when 2 + 2 no longer is 4 but what ever they choose it to be that day.

Well when you start looking deeper and deeper you realise that more than likely at least half of the politician puppets are threatened and forced .. simply because … undersell themselves once … and like a fish on a line they get pulled in every time .. and as SPIN is their working life … TRUTH is attempted hidden at every turn ..

The SICKNESS of WAR has to STOP … the destructive GREED that is behind selling weapons and petrochemical poisons to both sides of all GREED made conflicts .. is NOT OK with ME … & I have NOT HEARD IT BE OK with any other human I have come across in my life ….

People form ALL religions … form all across the globe … ALL WANT PEACE .. want a place for their children to be SAFE  … I have met so much LOVE from people from all over ..all colours … all beliefs  .. and WE ALL WANT THE SAME …


So for our DREAM .. we were shown by LOVE that all we have to do is :

Demand from any and all politicians and “leaders”  a signed and legally binding contract between them …  each single one …. and us the people .. that they sign a contract that they WILL SIGN PEACE TREATIES WITH ALL COUNTRIES AND PEOPLES of this PLANET !


This would have to be done GLOBALLY, but also in each country of cause … so several reputable petition sites … might be the bast way to do this fast and easily …




I WISH for ALL .. Good HEALTH . we all have the POWER to have this  .. & Abundance of PEACE LOVE & LIGHT






Creation … Adult vs. Child .. whats the MAGIC ?

Creation … Adult vs. Child  .. whats the MAGIC ?

BE as a child .. or the innocence of a child ..is in every religion a key to knowing higher self .. to knowing SOURCE … It is a state of complete UNCONDITIONAL LOVE … COMPLETE TRUST … a TOTAL PEACE in the KNOWING SAFETY WITHIN … sadly we live in a world where this inner safety has to be found within for many while in unsafe surroundings … WE are ALL STRONG enough to do this … just watch the children and you will know …. feed them LOVE not hatred & YOU WILL KNOW … Even in the Harshest conditions children never forget to PLAY .. to see the little things as MAGICAL … to CREATE FUN .. to CREATE ways to not be in the adult world when necessary …



If you need to RELEARN IT from your CHILDREN .. then do so RELEARN HOW TO BE THE LOVE

RELEARN inner PEACE & JOY of being PRESENT ..of CREATING JOY AND MAGIC in every situation



BE the CHANGE…  the children know how,  they see no colour .. no religion .. no differences … they just see another child to share their PLAY .. their JOY .. to enhance the FUN .. so the children already know how to unconditionally LOVE & RESPECT ALL  …. & this they know until adults teach them hate … anger .. resentment .. jealousies, through their religions, doctrines,  believes, ways .. everything .



Heart of a TREE

Heart of a TREE

Heart of a TREE

Sadness & JOY .. seen a few things this morning that made me think of the beyond amazing blessing NATURE is …. and how the encounter with our Trampoline Beech is really a lot more …

003 Heart of a Tree xc ct7

This huge old lady Beech came down in the stormy weather last week … as mentioned a couple of days ago  .. she must have made a grand thunderclap through the forest .. Last year she lost her other side to storms n lightning .. made her too heavy on the one side .. She lost her support .. her counterbalance ..

I’ve been chatting to her all year really .. lovely energy .. last years stem when they cut it up was loads & loads of HEARTS ..

.. She’s just ALL LOVE ..is Mama Beech 

mama Beech down x

Nature knows how to support & regrow itself .. How to flourish ..

Gotta wish for humanity .. that more wake up .. cause balance .. support & sharing .. PEACE & LOVE .. is the only way this planet of ours will keep us …

Our Glorious Amazing Mama Earth .. this brilliant BEing spinning through space .. Our spaceship .. sustains & blesses us in all ways … But she can not & will not take much more of the damage inflicted on her by human GREED …

SHE … Our Mother EARTH …  IS THE ONLY ONE POWERFUL ENOUGH .. to wield atomic power .. she is this power .. if she chooses to blow us all off … I can not say I can blame her .. the evil men do to her .. the animals & each other … the GMO’s & poisons .. toxic waste  .. & more ..  is far beyond my comprehension .. & these days so incredibly unnecessary …

All I know is .. WE CHOOSE LOVE … & everything will change on this planet … It and WE will be whole again  …. So much to learn from Mama Nature  …. even when mama’s beautiful majestic trees are down .. they PLAY ..

1052 Heart of a tree xc dk1


The energy of the forest is JOY .. every Tree feels the others

FEELS US … FEELS everything

This magnificent giant called us to play .. & bounce on her broken edge like a trampoline .. & so we did .. She DANCED & SWAYED & LIVED…. LOVED .. with us as we bounced & swayed .. Laughed & giggled .. for .. well have to be honest .. I have no idea ..& that goes for days in a row now 🙂  .. Stayed so long yesterday we ended up driving home in what looked like a blizzard on summer tyres 😉  LOL

& now she will be logs for some to heat homes .. but most of her will be HOME for forest critters .. shrooms & LIFE ..

so even when down  .. SHE this QUEEN .. LOVES

I always feel blessed beyond measure in & by nature …. everything just IS as it IS … Our Beautiful Mama never lies or messes … has NO drama … If she is pissed .or just wants to clean a wee bit .. change a few things around  .. she throws a storm .. or many  .. little or LARGE

Gotta hope the Greed for Power in men … bursts its bubble and implodes soon  … so we can ALL care for her like she cares for us  … and before she decides on the ultimate clean up  … ridding herself of the human fleas that destroy her

My wish is that ALL wake up to the MAGIC of all it is … LIFE … CREATION …  it begs our JOY

& wishes to aid EXPAND our HEARTS in LOVE

mama Beech down x purple

Always much LOVE ❤

Safety is a place within ♡❥

Safety is a place within ♡❥

Safety is a place within… You are always safe & secure… & free to be yourself ..


Magic .. coincidence … synchronicity .. all beautiful events … on the path to wholeness … Magic appears & all things become possible … TRUST it to bring …JOY … understanding & fulfilment to your life no matter what the present circumstances appear to be… Expect the unexpected & prepare to be amazed… Ask and you will receive…. There is no need to fear… LOVE is everything and everywhere … Use Eyes of Beauty … have positive expectations … clarity … & know all is well now and always will be ❥∞

Always much LOVE Maia


Heart Shine .. the Magic that is Intuition …

Heart Shine .. the Magic that is Intuition …

Walking with LOVE

walking with LOVE n peace  16 sept 2914 letting the heart shine flow way

Doing no harm


Stepping gently in & on Mama’s Green Blessings

Mama Earth her Goddess self      re-birthing


Expanding  Vibrations

as she does & our grounding is Strong

Lifting another as we raise ourselves through the clearing Vibrations

Opening for new Gifts and Blessings  as the changes  roar ..


Like mama’s changing seasonal ballgowns …

letting GO …  the old patterns of less than   …. devalued & never  enough …

the learnt behaviours that weighs a Heart  … way down low


Expanding the secrets of LOVE’s Magic ways

Letting the HEART Sing

& following its tune….


This makes the HEART Shine  …. Brighter by far

making the WAY … a Strong Solid Path  .. Lit up Bright for us to Enjoy the Blessings of

where INTUITIONS Magic in HEART SONG Grows Strong ….


Maia Blessings



GRATITUDE day 4 … So much  I am Grateful for …. so the 3 for today :

ford hemp original car
1. An AWAKENING .. Of COMETE Personal RESPONSIBILITY …by more & more ..TO DO NO HARM …& to live their highest choices for self & ALL

2. for FREEDOM … no one can cage a Heart & Soul …unless we let them .. our bodies yes .. but never our true essence .. our minds HEARTS & SOUL … so SEEing TRUTH ..BEing TRUTH .. Honest & Loving to ourselves & ALL this FREEDOM can be used for some MAGNIFICENT CHOICES

3. & for just BEing ME .. with the FREEDOM & an open Heart .. to make the CHOICE to just BE … Me & in that choice is the FREEDOM of ALLOWING ALL to just BE .. express & share … & enjoy the diversity …  the beauty of everyone’s individuality … creation and expression …

Always much LOVE

SOUL Awakening …. anxiety and well all dis- EASE really .. what is it on this earth journey …. Ignoring our Souls shouts … our HEARTS … our TRUE PATHS …

SOUL Awakening …. anxiety and well all dis- EASE really .. what is it on this earth journey  …. Ignoring our Souls shouts … our HEARTS … our TRUE PATHS …

Anxiety … what is it on this earth  journey ….. or being in or with any dis -EASE in our lives …
a call of the SOUL … to let yourself in … to let go fears they are manufactured … and part of the whole messy drama of manipulation …. taught to us so early by societies, families, school’s and so on … the fears to keep us less than ….

There is enough stuff out there for the self help and coping with anxiety these days … but coping with just feels all wrong to me …. that would be the dis …… setting in and hindering the EASE ... We are NOT supposed to allow this … WE are eternal SOUL’s and we know better  … this Beautiful Body that we inhabit  .. on this amazing planet ..”starship” EARTH … our DNA hold all the answers … all the HEALING when connected to SOURCE … we accept and pour enough LIGHT in and we SHINE.

We are one little microcosm each and every one of us …. of CREATIONS magic of ALL that IS … are we really so whacked on the noggin by sad sorry learnt behaviour .. that we are so far up our own arses that we believe that SOURCE … CREATOR of ALL that is …. has sorted us out lower end or mediocre DNA .. SOURCE CODES 🙂 .. on and  within this magical journey of LIFE …. OH YEAH ..sure … my sarcasm can see that … yip … let hide behind behind doctrines … and well anything that has and is thrown at us … so we don’t have to SEE .. KNOW .. and FLOW WITH EASE …. cause yip thats just what all the masters .. Buddha.. Krishna… Christ… Mohammed.. Allah..GOD ..  taught .. ..SO NOT … that is however what most doctrines teach … well they teach the love .. but fill it with so much fear .. that a bod can turn itself inside out and do no right … this is mere man made DRAMA .. and POWER STRUGGLES of those that cant connect properly to source … or just will not do the work on self to clear space for and in the HEART .. for the TRUE SOUL ..all that we …all really are … in and off CREATORS image … & with SOURCE /CREATORS knowing of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE  in out HEARTS just waiting to BLOOM


Blocks to this blooming … YIKES … there are many and all around …. Now I shouldn’t  mention pharma industry n drugs … but I can’t help it 😉 .. its on the list of has become “pet’s 😉 to my sarcasm” .. and the HUGE HELLOOOOOOOOOO  … and “KNOCK knock on wood of the old noggins I sooooo want to do on this one …. HMMMM …. WELL … when you done some research .. well over and over … and see the trail … the cover ups … see all that they try to keep hidden .. one drug that doesn’t work to fix another … more drug addicts on pharma prescriptions from docs than on illegal drugs in the world … thats somewhat scary don’t you think? …. well …. and know that all the money … just goes to a handful at the top of the pyramid of force and power … well how many BILLIONS have gone into cancer research and they are still treating with the same thing in the same doses as when they first tried it … only now unlike it being the last option than and most were actually sorted and cured with natural things like colloidal silver and the like … they pump folks full of poison .. YIKES … and well most of the more cancer now then than … just ask ONE question …. CHEMICALS in food … vs what NATURE intended of the old ways …. same umbrella companies supply it the pesticides etc … as the drugs the docs prescribe … now I don’t know about you … for me that has so many RED flags … its INSANE ..and leaves so many ???????????????????????????????

Hmmm …right SO the top of the money pyramid is the little tinsy wincy handful… that own and produce all weapons ..drugs and oil .. its a bit like OH MY G G .. … REALLY SERIOUSLY …. & AAAAAAA … to the horror of the thought that money … well GREED determines .. our health and wellbeing if we allow it to … stay blinkered and uninformed … & seriously ..YIKES …  S*** … F*** .. & Bloody well Pooooooooooooooo … & really we don’t have to look far either … but you have to see for yourself and do your own research .. it has much more of a WOW & TRANSFORMATIONAL effect when you get it then ….. so no point me going on about it … go Look … you’ll see !

My hats off to in a big way  … & DEEP GRATITUDE to … and really BLESS all those amazing scientists and doctors out there who stand up and tell the TRUTH … and stand by beautiful honourable principles of LOVE & TRUTH even though the pharma industry can spend millions on smear campaigns … their TRUTH is far more POWERFUL …than all the hidden GREED agendas … when seen and heard … SO … REALLY … HOPE is all around us for Beautiful AWAKENINGS of ALL who choses …

I have to add … it is sad though that greed gets such a huge say still in our world … and even sader … mass media .. will report the smear … YUCK … but REAL TRUTH … that seems to not fit with whom ever’s money they hold in their grubby little paws 😦 … so news … isnt news these days we have to go look for ourselves … find the real stories … and in that respect … bless the net .. n google etc too 🙂 ❤

Oh right .. back to topic 🙂

The thing is  … my HEART …keeps saying its much simpler than that … so I’m just going to say what the intuition and heat is bouncing to say 🙂 .. what comes to me the loudest from my heart … is … our ancestry .. our genes .. DNA …. the inner knowing.

Its like our bodies … are rebelling  ….           and our SOUL is shouting fro us to hear … to find ourselves … and BE all that we are here to be …

Here is a question for you ……. and your SOUL knows all TRUTH .. so 🙂 ….. what if its not truly anxiety as its labeled by docs and society … supposed “normal life” … or any other dis- EASE …. but a call for your vision quest so to speak … your shadow side … the all that you are  … that you PLEASE go about your finding and connecting to your true soul ….all that you are .. and what you have truly come here to do …. be ❤

The less we listen … the more the dis ….. part gets … but when we listen .. and choose to see hear feel … BE the EASE part gains higher and higher ground!

In the dark … there really is nothing to fear .. LIGHT ILLUMINATES IT …. so CHOOSE LIGHT & really see your “shadow “self … the half of you that you deny … YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT … a Creation of Source in Source Light …. this is what we find in the Void …. the place that when we first look seems dark and filled with shadows … our own and other peoples … but when we venture in its LIGHT and all our fear when seen in LOVE LIGHT just helps us see all .. and be all and flow with LOVE as there is no fear .. it was an ILLUSION all along ❤

it first happened to me over 20 years ago … well truly consciously that is .. used to go to void all the time as a child 🙂 ❤ .. so it wasn’t new as such … but darn …as an adult !!!! …..The first times it activates the FIGHT or FLIGHT thing within us so strongly … its like all horror movies and well darkness and all our fears is having a party all at once .. so yip like what docs describe as an anxiety attach … till we just walk through the open door  … just go through it  … out the other side …and find that the dark isn’t dark at all but its the entrance within us all to the GREAT MYSTERY  …. to SOURCE itself … and it connects us more to all that is ❤ …. to SOURCE .. to LIGHT … to LOVE !

Well this is WHY WE Andreas & I do what we do … cause we know .. having done it the hard way so to speak … and studies so many ways .. to start with just to figure out that we weren’t nuts so to speak ….  cause the pressure of fear always felt so fake … all the drama and manipulations …. when LOVE & just TRUTH is so simple … uncomplicated … TRUTH can always be recognised … the separate stories .. always connect somehow and all is seen … truth just fills in and expands on the differences … well thats how I see and recognise it anyways  …. having and still do our own journey in void … guiding others through to find their true selves … collect up all the soul pieces at times and       again be whole … is such a beautiful amazing blessing to share … finding purpose … letting HEART soar … ALL Beautiful Blessings to see …

AH YES …..  its a Beautiful JOURNEY we are ALL ON 🙂

finding our LOVE LIGHT  ….  SHINING Uniquely .. & feeling as ONE

Always much LOVE


The Deep inner PEACE of knowing that there is no death … my first experience of a soul passing into light.

The Deep inner PEACE of knowing that there is no death … my first experience of a soul passing into light.

There is NO death .. Leaving this world is just a change of vibrations ..soul stepping out of the physical shell ..just being its TRUE LIGHT form

Death as an end a loss is part of the illusion that feeds fear .. the wheel of Drama .. karma .. There is no end .. We are ETERNAL SOULS …here to WAKE UP & BRING LIGHT THROUGH the density of matter …

All is LOVE LIGHT / Energy / God particles / Sourcelight .. How we CHOOSE to CREATE & expand with that ..is this human journey ..


My First experience of a someone .. passing into light … separating from his body and .. light body /soul stepping out was my Pappa … It’s given me a life long deep inner Peace  … an inner PEACE of knowing that there is no death.. We are ETERNAL SOULS … physical death is merely a transition to another dimension …. and there are many on our soul’s path.

I was 6 & 1/2 years old  the night my Beloved Pappa left his physical body.. we had pretty much spent every waking moment from I was born till that moment together…he was pretty ill with cancer … the doctors never understood how he lasted as long as he did … he was walking enigma to them ..  mamma was heavily into herbs so she made weird and wonderful concoctions for him .. these kept him pain free and balanced ..…also he said it was my unconditional LOVE and the magic in mine and mamma’s hands  & his deep LOVE for me that keep him here  … the night he died he made me make some promises … well those of his human self before his soul light stepped out of his body .. because I took them so seriously…  kept me at the place where I allowed far to much to be put upon me, but the talks with the SOUL were precious beyond measure … this experience has helped shape my entire life … ME ..all I am … although I’ve done most of it the hard way ..

Well the first of these promises … was never to fight cancer or illness or anything really, but merely LOVE it away  … LOVE it BETTER … Only the loving from a deep deep place within your heart and soul can make anything better……………….

The second… and this has been a huge responsibility in my life… as when we are kids we take everything completely 100% literally … I was to look after my mamma .. be nice always show compassion ..and make sure my brother & sister did not cause her to much pain … sadness & loss ….

When I was born my brother was 21 and sister 18… This was the start of my brother being pushed out of the family sort of … well by himself, he took mamma for every penny .. her home.. everything.. well been and gone ..and between her soul and his, and me I guess being pushed and held under by 2 frightened … bitter and angry women.. neither wanting to see or accept responsibility for their shadow sides … or their though… and feeling choices …and both were exceptionally good at the poor me … watching them was like … really … seriously … again ??????? The dramas were always playing out around me in one way or another … I got exceptionally good at being the little grey mouse … not seen or heard .. just there to clean up all the messes really .. YIKES … but thats a different story … although I stuck it out so long because the experience with Pappa’s passing to light .. it was so important … I just kept hoping that they would hear me and choose better … higer choices fro themselves and all … but .. well ..

So .. hmmm  … thing is …  whenever I try to put words to those aspects of my life ..it always sounds like some bad version of the classic Cinderella story, but without the prince or the fairy godmother … which really is kinda funny really … even when I look back at the times when I practically begged the Angels & Guardians to Please please take me home .. let me BE only LIGHT again too … when daily comments of….. “you look OK from the back” … or when I just couldn’t do right for doing right …or enough ..no matter how much I did …. just got way to much and I felt like crumpling into nothing and just letting mama earth swallow me ….

Those are the times when Pappa came.. like on the night he died … I lay next to him holding his hand and we talked of him leaving with the angels … we talked of life .. love .. understanding .. honour and integrity …. up until then these had been our subjects .. he read to me everything from Plato & Pythagoras to through modern thinkers and music … He showed me how to rewire and work on or with electric appliances .. and some plumbing etc he said mamma would need someone with the skills …

The only game we really played was chess .. which I loved and he played the violin to me .. beautifully mesmerizing :)……  As we were lying there talking it felt like his body turned into two bodies .. a warm hand in mine and a cooling one at the same time… then the warm hand body sat up ..took my hand completely and we moved to a big comfy chair we always sat in … there we continued our chat with me tucked up on his lap for hours …

He explained that all the lights and light beings all around us were Angels and Guardians and they were always with me and always would be  .. that the twinkles in the air that I always saw .. like glitter dancing in the air around people ..trees plants well all of nature really and all souls ….was life-force energy form the source of all there is .. and so long as I kept breathing it in and all around …all would be well … He apologized for putting so much on my young shoulders being the peacemaker and preventing the negativity from other lifetimes taking over this time  too …would not be easy, but he said he knew I could .. He said he and the Guardians and Angels would always be close so I would never be alone… & I never have been …

It opened my mind to great possibilities and a huge amount of reading most of which was on esoteric subjects ..which all freaked out my mother.. so having a key and doing my own ting was definitely advantageous  … I learnt how to keep my light shining but with only very little showing… cause there was so much fear in those around me

The inner knowing and profound teachings that were placed within me I’ve done my best to live by and find out more about… Its been a tough but very interesting journey … & I am immensely grateful for all the lessons .. All of which where lessons on balancing inner and outer energies & forgiveness… & with every one my soul could get further into this body … releasing and cleansing in the process ….

The most important though … the WOW for me that has so totally kept me .. being just ME .. choosing LOVE always .. always FORGIVING everything  and everyone  … choosing to see the higher option .. the light in all always … was seeing .. feeling and being with him  …his human self on the passing … his LIFE REVIEW … the things he regretted  … to sadness and pain he had to feel what all he had done in life had done to another … had made another feel like … a humbling and shocking and beyond WOW to how important our THOUGHT … WORDS & ACTIONS ..ALWAYS are … because before we go we have to feel everything … and that no little thing .. its HUGE … & it was the main reason I tolerated so much … spent so long as Cinderella in servitude …

Why …. cause I hoped that in being GRATEFUL for the AIR .. EARTH ..LIFE ..PEACE … and all the little things  … and having the ability to turn shabby well junk into chic and classy with ease  .. maybe hopefully one day they would see  .. hear me all I tried to share with them  .. that all they were doing was creating more and more karma for themselves … that being honest and living in TRUTH .. honourably was the only REAL LOVE … was the only real way to flow ..and to truly be rich in all ways … well they .. the family / boggarts … I do love that word .. its so much more fitting and makes looking back at lessons leant really funny .. so there is never anything lost ..or sad really … cause eventually .. we all just have to accept all  other peoples choices and if they do not vibrate at our rate … but cause us pain then we must remove ourselves … its the only way … its the most honourable really .. just allow all to be themselves … but we must go and do what is fro our own and for  all’s highest good …

Well must … hmmm I feel I must … and we must … it all in the BEING the CHANGE we wish to see in this world of ours … but … each person on this planet must chose fro him or her self … the animals and nature all chose LOVE and PEACE ..and are changing accordingly … balancing to the ascension of mama earths with ease … magical Wondrous Nature … so easy really .. humans I find are so much slower … but so many now are catching up … I am so GRATEFUL for this … all the awakening soul sister and brothers out there 🙂 … all the awakening into the acceptance of complete personal responsibility … I honour and bless you all ❤ THANK YOU for your precious selves ❤

Well  … more about the LIGHT .. and there being NO DEATH 🙂 …. & I guess also more of the BLESSING of FORGIVENESS …… 4 years ago my mother passed away  … 14 years before that she came to live with me as  my sister threw her out of the house they had bought together..Unfortunately mamma had refused to use my x’s solicitor … she wanted to trust … yet again … made it 2 for 2 really … so one broken and angry mother came to me …  to be fixed and set free.

…IT took a little while , but the releasing and forgiveness was life changing .. My mother and I never had an easy relationship.. she was to angry to be left on her own with me … and never a day went by without some comment or other … her favourite being … well its unfortunate really, but you look all right from the back… not bad in itself .. but when you’ve been told how fat and ugly you are most of your life ..its enough … and I was not fat nor ugly as a kid .. teen or well young … till it all got to much and my body took over the protection .. to hide me away … but wrote about part of that a few days ago .. so … right

So yes my mamma at some point in the time here with me … she opened to the angels and was fascinated by orbs and fairies &UFO’s  …I learn’t to know my mother as someone who cared deeply for the environment herbs animals etc .. all she really wanted was to Love & be loved .. but she had so much anger resentment and bitterness, that it just didn’t come out of her that way … to much pain .. in bitterness to get through first … but we got there eventually ❤

Although not completely until the last couple of weeks of her earth life  … when the angels started to let her see them.. and the loved ones already on the other side of the veil  stared arriving… even the animals she had had … all came … she keep saying to me ..

Marianne you didn’t tell me everything… there is so much more … its so much more beautiful than you ever told me… in those last two weeks the Love that came in and around her .. well in the whole house… It was so strong that it just transmuted everything into LOVE…

The vibrations and the sound/music were so intense it was impossible to hide my light ..and besides even at full blast it was dim compared to so many light beings .. the feeling of LOVE & GRATITUDE from them all is something so amazing.. more Beautiful than the most breathtaking views of nature .. Stronger than gale force winds on high seas.. Maybe a tsunami would be the best word, but even that isn’t strong enough … the LOVE was /is so much more …..

& we’re lucky enough to live in a time when its available to us all the time  not just when we are on our way home, but all the time … Creations light and beauty expanding into more and more LOVE LIGHT all the time .. Vibrations going up and up and up …. and if that isn’t beyond WOW & Magical … I dont know what is 🙂

Always much LOVE Maia ♥❤


The importance of healthy energetic boundaries and knowing how to defend ourselves

The importance of healthy energetic boundaries and knowing how to defend ourselves

Energy awareness & as more & more are opening their energy .. Flowing .. Feeling … Sensing .. so much more .. it’s extremely important to be Respectful & Completely OWNING our own energy


Forceful incoming energies .. now I can deal easily enough with most things these days .. but I know a lot can’t … as YET.. & invading or force filled energy from another can be both painful & scary .. on this path of opening awareness of Heart & all .. 

A while ago I had a client who felt like .. her words ..that daemons were trying to take her over …. like forceful sex… only there was no one present in the room / house but her. It was very much just the projection of strong male sexual energy .. really not twilight zone scary at all .. just a guy using sexual energy to project his power in the astral/ while practising lucid dreaming and/or out of body travel .. but for someone newly wake so to speak & opening her own energy .. feeling touched like that was paramount to feeling raped .. poor thing was so scared. She had thought of everything from being crazy and terrified if she told her doctor or family they would put her in a hospital with paranoid delusions … Cause well this isn’t exactly an everyday topic of conversation .. the stories of the incubus of myth …. real ???? … Well now she knows how to block .. clear & protect her energy while still being open to all the magic & wonder  … the awareness of & being able to feel some others even at a distance … but only to the existent she feels comfortable with. … Boundaries ..Healthy ones 

Well energetically ..for someone sensitive to energy … the importance of healthy energetic boundaries and knowing how to defend ourselves is extremely important  … also no fear … learning to stand completely in our own power…  
there is a huge difference between .. Unconditional LOVE of the Heart & Soul .. from that balanced place of Complete personal responsibility .. total TRUTH .. being projected ..  than force .. agendas … 


Those with no real awareness .. but with anger … jealousy .. resentment  and so on, can project as strongly at times …. as those who purposefully do this to gain energy .. Now when you energetically push them out of / or away from your energy field they step up the pressure, increase their force, this can cause a great lack of energy in some .. So respect & honour .. of ALL at ALL times is paramount. The HONOURABLE that are aware of their energy .. When you send a gentle push back also with energy of cause .. to where the line is .. They immediately RESPECT that .. 

Everything lies in being in balance & having complete awareness of self & owning it .. from there all is well & it’s really not that difficult .. but it is rather essential to gain the awareness …. Everything affects everyone so strongly these days … & most of those in Drama aren’t aware of what they let their energy do … or they are in complete denial .. it doesn’t mean that they aren’t responsible for it though & it will have a backlash at some point …We are responsible for the ENERGY we bring in all ways

Everything has to be in TRUTH & HONOUR  … & those that aren’t honourable with it will end up with all sorts of negative energy debris to remove at a later date .. both their own & others … can get most uncomfortable …  most have more than enough with their own to clear .. never mind having it added to by messing with energy they know nothing about … & for those that know & do it purposefully the price has to be payed …. so best I’d say to keep it honourable ..for a Blessed .. life 


 I have to hope  that total Truth & Unconditional Love is where most actually come from … so have Integrity & honour .. but unfortunately however supposedly spiritual some are… they also have a bit of an underlying agenda … well in short all the fake.. greed & drama … that messes with the natural flow and magic of nature  and all that is … 


Freedom IS  …. JUST simply  TRUTH & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE .. the total understanding of which only comes with owning our energy on all levels .. it is extremely important … & it changes everything … from a place where nothing is hidden .. all just is as it is …. the inner PEACE …. & amazing blessings that come with that … gives a freedom that is indescribable. 


So to have complete awareness of our energy …  OWNING our energy .. Knowing it well ..  basically means HONOURING the energetic personal boundaries of all as well as ourselves  & this sadly there are too many that are NOT aware  … that is not just physically we hold this responsibility .. but most definitely also Energetically …Thought feelings & emotions ..are projected out from us and towards us at all times … we are all like little lightning conductors  …. LOVE TRUTH Honour & Integrity Grounds & expands us  ..  Unconditional LOVE is gentle .. Beautiful & totally accepting … & doing NO harm  … all else there are ways of deflecting and actively defending ourselves from 🙂 

Maia ♡ ❥

Safety is a place within … TRUST the HUGE signs ;)

Safety is a place within … TRUST the HUGE signs ;)

Safety is a place within… You … I … WE … are always safe & secure… & free to be ourselves  ❥∞  The more we are TRUE to our HEARTS .. our SOULS … the more the Magic .. coincidence … synchronistic events … on the path to wholeness … appears.

kissing in the sun

N’ well from there … ALL  things become possible … TRUST it to bring …JOY … understanding & fulfilment to life no matter what the present circumstances appear to be …. Just CHOOSE LOVE  🙂

Always … Expect the unexpected & prepare to be amazed… Ask and you will receive…. There is no need to fear… LOVE is everything  …. Use Eyes of Beauty … positive expectations … clarity …… & know all is well now and always will be ❥∞

A PS.. for BIG signs … the picture here is one I took a few months before my HEART Mate/ Soul mate / twin flame Andreas were blown together by the winds of SOURCE … and it came with the words .. “He is coming child .. very soon .. We LOVE you .. ALL IS WELL .. we are honoured by your TRUST … it is TIME… great healing has taken place and great healing will keep expanding”

Well so much to say on that subject, but for another time … for now .. he came ..we met .. and now we soar together … life is magical indeed ❤

Never give up …. just BE YOU … just BE … TRUST your HEART is always KNOWS ALL … if anything is to be ignored .. make it mind ruled by ego …it is prone to drama .. and makes life rather stuck …… Rather make mind a tool of the HEART .. from there .. well anything is POSSIBLE !

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BE present … expect miracles

BE present … expect miracles

Expect nothing less than what is your most precious dreams & watch miracles manifest…. Make blessed wishes .. turn dreams into life with the present of every NOW ❤

These Beautiful Clouds Blessings   … Perfect Hearts find me/ us every day .. we just have to keep our senses open …. choose to really see .. feel … smell .. BE present ❤

This magnificent specimen stayed for close to 15 minutes almost right above us ..  all other clouds moved but this one stayed just above us … its one of those things that I call Magic … LIGHT BEings …& the Healing blessings from and off  Source of all that is … the Healing is always deep and profound

Make a wish
Make a wish