Nosy Baby Bull :) and Orb on sunset walk

Nosy Baby Bull :) and Orb on sunset walk

Sunset Walk with curious young bullocks loose in the grounds .. Wanting to check out the humans .. Mama natures gentle beasts 🙂 ♥ a few with a little bouncing bucking JOY .. & then a cheeky look as to say .. you still there ..hmmm .. mostly we get the humans to move a little faster 😉 run even 😀 LOL 

Maia ♥ 

hello A

baby Bull & orb in the sunset


Moments of Inspiration that lead to ….. Oooo … my … n gremlins in the computer

Moments of Inspiration that lead to ….. Oooo … my … n gremlins in the computer

Oh mama mia  can Inspiration lead you astray ….  Now what’s a more awesome topic .. a challenge it is certainly not .. there is wonder and inspiration  in all from the darkest  to the lithest of days .. from All n everything in Mama Natures Magical Glory .. to industrial wastelands .. back alleys .. graffiti … I had at least a post a day in my mind first time I saw the words for this weeks photo challenge …

086x ct3This for instance … spent my birthday this year first being chased by this magnificent  Inspirational  bird with swag. Yip Nature is always a stunner,  and this particular peacock had most everyone running away, he was shaking his feathers and moving confidently forward .. insisting on space all around for his magnificent plumage .. Dancing it looked like to me,  but most found him intimidating including the staff at the garden we visited ..

I found him fascinating and once he had had me jumping behind a rose or two not to mention a gate n looking a fool for a bit…  it dawned on me that he was just matching my steps and was curious .. along with a wee bit territorial of cause  …. so we kinda danced he and I for well over half an hour..  it was by far the best & coolest birthday present ever …

hmmm  so you might ask …. why have I not written about some  more fun n magic of the inspiring kind this week …

Well as inspiration will ave it I got myself well n truly sidetracked … side swiped n bushwhacked 😉 LOL .. by something as simple as FONTS ???  HA

Ha & OH dearie me … had the brilliant idea to change my header picture didn’t I … and get all excited n INSPIRED by seeing that there is now a small variety of font options too … AWESOME right … well I get so wowed by this that I also change the fonts n more on our website  too

hmmmmmmmm .. which is firstly not quite as easy as changing them on my blog .. cause I like quirky & unusual fonts n playing with how words can look visually …  this however all normally to raised eyebrows and a look of are you serious from my partner in crime  😉   .. but we did manage to settle on Merry weather n changes eventually .

which resulted in me having to pretty much go through every word on every page of our website .. to get it back from looking like near sighted big mamma’s option of one word at the time on screen mixed with a 2 year old created this site look … simply because I once before had a mad need to change things around a wee bit ..

Well you know themes n things .. my inner child played . … and then too my adult self ended up with loads of work … I have to say though that this is thankfully only a trend where technic goes …   n it makes me swear there are gremlins in the computer 😉


101 … LOVE n PEACE

101 … LOVE n PEACE

101 … Simple ways of LOVE n PEACE … a Challenge to ME … to simplify .. & condense my words in a sentence or two 😉 ..

Yes I know .. YIKES  … & finally start really getting started and on with some regular features as promised so many months ago .. to my shock at discovering I am a brand 😉 .. almost finished giggling at it …  so somehow ready to take it more seriously now  …. & calm has again settled all around … so the inner calm doesn’t have to hand on to the sides on the boat like mad .. just to stay in the boat due to the storms of other n their ripples  ..

so here we go 🙂


PEACE starts and ends on the inside .. In our Hearts … from there is the only way it can be shared and understood .. ONE by ONE … WE CHOOSE ..  & so is the BLESSING of FREE WILL

The seasons of a SOUL’s garden

The seasons of a SOUL’s garden

Life … what’s off .. n on  …  in season or out

as the photo challenge goes .. my take is not sure Bay can be out of season 😉 .. and snow in summer .. well depends which hemisphere your on 😉 so season .. if its in ..out … up down .. Seasons like LIFE its just Choosing when 😉 what .. where .. how … 😉

So Yip .. ME I’d say that depends on whether the inner Goddess /God is in the driving seat of our lives .. if we are truly present so to speak Soul wise .. or if the meagre little ego … or mind self is way out of its depth trying to drive something it has no license for 😉

Well if that’s driving it needs to be given a termination date along with anything shitty that just weighing us down and keeping us feeling low .. .might sounds nuts .. but putting our inner goddess/god in the driving seat  ..makes everything flow … and from a higher perspective … a better overview so to speak ..its easier to negotiate the minefields people choose to surround themselves with and share around them in the world of human ego drama .. and when cloaked in spirituality it can be a messy thing indeed .. from so many different angles …

every season has beauty Now I like to see me as a garden .. well our SOUL … our inner space .. what we really and truly are .. ALL of IT …

& well as any gardener knows however perfect or imperfect a garden looks its always a work in progress  .. there is always room for something New … and some plants just decide that they are done … wilt n go .. or in the case of the bamboo look like its dead n gone but its actually flowering  … and its recovery time .. unknown .. cause none seem to give it time to re-emerge after its necessary recuperating sleep below ground  …

Now to realy get the most out of this precious human experience .. we have to set ourselves free .. to flow with what feels right and good to us …
FREE Divinity to flow through us . let Goddess/God steer our ship

Now that alone ….sets  you free to create your most perfect space  … Your YOU … Allowing yourself to just BE
if you feel like a shrinking violet … okie let the violets bloom … but set her up among the roses .. n find companioning plants to accentuate the striking violet .. the beauty  … letting the violets n chamomile maybe carpet the beds filled with roses on  trellises of glorious art that spills out of your heart
first violas of spring 2014  pic taken 30 march
first violas of spring 2014 pic taken 30 march
..most of us say at some point .. that we are only just … me …..
Well just  … it sort of closes the curtains to our strong powerful beautiful self as not to scare folks …& I can say that cause I recognised those patterns in me  … I tried to be as little and as quite as possible for a very long long time  … so as not to cause waves … not to upset .. .and not to … take your pick the list goes on …
its been a bit of a weeding process I can tell you  .. to allow the inner bountiful garden to really bloom .. but it is so very worth it … & I have through the years found it most useful  to see me  as a Garden 🙂 ….
.. Cause .. as JUST a garden …  Just now that wakes up the hey … hang on a minute just a garden ?? cause well gardens are never ..just  .. now are they  … I mean .. even when rough .. overgrown .. and neglected .. they are beautiful … there  is always immense beauty  .. whether it be hidden or out there in bold … a garden will always show its beauty

& if there is already much beauty .. then sculpting it … creating a new …is like WOW  .. Yes .. a little of this here and ..a little of that there

weeding out the old … saving the precious .. enhancing with new  …
enhancing can be with reclaimed n recycled turned into the most glorious shabby chic fun additions …or brand new … the biggest beauty is that we choose what goes where and how
& before you know it you have  WOWSESES its beyond GLORIOUS ….
so it is ….  YIp .. YES … AHA .. so YOU ARE  .. so I am … so we are !

Treasures n Adventure .. on the way

Treasures n Adventure .. on the way

Well that like everyday in every way really  … cause we are always on the way   … so to speak ..

Moment to moment on this journey through life … appreciating them is the JOY  … I have already written a couple of those this week .. when your glad the moments are fleeting 😉 & when the moments are most precious indeed ❤ (its just I’ve been figuring out how to use the mobile to post ..which is awesome 🙂 .. but I have to admit I have no clue how to add links to anything from there … I’m just hoping that once do figure it out .. it all doesn’t change again .. with some update or other 😉 HA  … cause really that just leaves me with umpteen of those .. feels like Laurel n Hardy moments  .. where ups down n downs up and everything just got slippery 😉 LOL  … in those respects … I’ll take Nature any day … and in any way   … there is always .. wow … aaa … ooo  … mmmmm  … sights … scents …. n feeling s that just makes the LOVE in your heart grow bigger n bigger … and then just overflow into everything else in life  … I made my first talkie so to speak this morning ..about that .. Yip more involvement of devises  ..oooo great JOY 😉 LOL … I’ll share that in my next post though .. for now  let me get back to  all those treasures one passes by on a walk through Badger Woods 🙂

Walking into ...... ?
Walking into …… ?

In some of the moment in life .. its worth remembering that when things are a little dark …it makes it easer to see when we look up  … look ahead …  to see the light of the path ahead ..

043xThere is always a light at the end of every tunnel  . .. silver linings on every clouded day  ..  and sometimes there are some wondrous surprises too  … some of which take a little focus .. to see

025xLike faces in trees …  Nature spirits perhaps  … spirits of joy that must be giggling away .. cause they know where the path is and watching the humans  on a bit of a jungle adventure  .. is surely a delight indeed 😉

004x poviaIf you look real close .. you can even see Andreas there looking back to see if I’m still in sight .. or if I’ve again found something that has to be smelt .. scrutinised .. viewed … breathed in to the core and expanded in JOY through every cell of the old bod for a thorough feel good effect on the fly  … or photographed of cause ..  and is keeping me enchanted ..submerged in a moment .. n lost to time  😉

032xwell there are the “Occasional” hidden gem … so who wouldn’t be right 😉 LOL … I have to say I am most grateful for his beautiful patience ❤

Wishing you ALL Beautiful Magical days ❤


When your glad the fleeting moments .. are fleeting 

When your glad the fleeting moments .. are fleeting 

Someone decided lettuce was tastier than trees .. I was called out this morning cause one of the recycled 😉 * lettuce in the hanging basket had gone from big & OO I must harvest that tomorrow … to wilting & flop 

On a little closer inspection this little or big .. Depending on perspective 😉 .. May bug had decided to make our salad dinner into his breakfast ..

 Well there you go .. the hospitality was obviously irresistible 😉 LOL … 

Darn save his or his friends life a few days ago .. & could not get back onto his feet .. & what do you know they move in 🙂 & help themselves to the Yummies  LOL 

The remind me a bit of the Egyptian Scarab beatle .. which is supposedly most auspicious .. So thank you Mama Nature ❤ 



Healing rays while making soap enveloped in scent

Healing rays while making soap enveloped in scent

Been making soap… something I have not done in way to many years  … all organic with Rose  jasmine & Lemon  … the scent enveloping life ..oo everything  beautifully .. and then some

047xcause I put the scented rose  petals & the essential oils in a little early, it turned into intoxication central around here.

so of cause some … hmmm or well most you could say of the scent that was supposed to stay in the soap was instead giving the olfactory system a thorough workout 😉

052xBeing a girlie it wasn’t to bad .. just a little OH oh Hello .. & I couldn’t stop laughing at my own silliness .. cause its not that I didn’t know not to put the oils in to soon, but there you go.

Andreas on the other hand who came through two closed doors from outside freshness  … to one of the magical topsy turvy roller coaster moments of life .. one of those that take no prisoners … but instead tests  your nuts n bolts to the extreme .. this time the nose 😉 LOL

You know that old saying … smells a bit like a tarts boudoir … well I’m thinking the boudoir had nothing on this

& then then when I was trying to get close to my soap mix with more oils to replenish the steamed off supplies …

past Mr Tickles with his pleading shouts of NOOOOOO Please NO no more oils, Noooooooooooooooooo … Need to Breathe .. just BREATHING again .. So NO Please noooo  …

past mr Zen stillness guru …

n past his Martial arts self too … which I’m sure most unfairly I have to say was fully behind and aiding mr Tickles


Wooooohoooo 😉 what a ride life is & doing it with JOY certainly has its advantages.

Highly recommendable I’d say

Laughter meditation, I’m sure it prolongs life, health .. and deeply centres the well BEing in body mind and Soul ..

063I’ve been told I should be doing more of this kinda thing & flower essences too .. & more of the very select HIGH ENERGY jewellery again .. seems all who have / wear pieces I do / have done this kinda healing with very well .. the feel great effect n all ❤

010xwell I say I,  it’s all around for us all its just connecting to it & is shared liberally with me by source & light BEings .. so there are many involved  .. but I’ve been dreaming that I should do more of it .. Apparently … for those that need a little extra to change things around for themselves

I’m not sure why I’m on the fence slightly .. so any thought from you all would be very welcome .. or even just if anyone would be interested in anything like this ??


Seeing is Believing how to be Seeing the God Particles / LIFE Force/ LOVE Light/ Source Energy / SEEING REAL LOVE .. cause everybody can ! .. instead of serving love

Seeing is Believing how to be Seeing the God Particles / LIFE Force/ LOVE Light/ Source Energy / SEEING REAL LOVE .. cause everybody can ! .. instead of serving love

to me … the question was with every picture … how was love served by that … every time the answer from the Guardians & Angels was the same … it was not .. LOVE is not to be served to or by anyone .. in half measures and pretend dramas  .. only conditions expect servitude …. LOVE is to BE LIVED fully … LOVE is sharing caring and beauty in all that is. it has NO restrictions … it is Unconditional FREE for ALL to see .. BE .. & to choose to LIVE

OH the good bit .. how too See the Sparkles LIFE Force / LOVE LIGHT Afloat .. is in the last half 😉 .. but first ..

photographer unknown


LOVE shouldn’t be served …

LOVE should BE treated as what it really IS .. REJOICING  CELEBRATION … JOY … BEAUTY in every way … celebrating the LIFE FORCE of all that is .. LIFE … Growth .. expanded awareness … Enlightenment  … TRUTH & True Knowing..

In its TRUE form it is UNCONDITIONAL .. its caring … sharing … understanding … accepting & so much more.

This comment ..Love is always served .. rattled my heart yesterday (on my FB page) … & I found myself giving a few rather Yucky really hardcore examples of not so good things people do to each other … well that was done to me & my mother .. but as all healed .. forgiven .. & 100% & completely given over to a higher source .. so there is no pain in the memories any more … & I keep being told by the Angels how important the stories are to share .. so release and seeing is easier for others too .. I figured what the heck .. lets see if someone who professes to feel so highly ..deeply & be so LIGHT .. really feels it .. gets it n the like .. that it has nothing to do with what it looks like we do .. or what we say … but everything to do with what we DO … I don’t trust masks of any kind .. hmmm well

What can I say … I never test 😉 anyone for them … if they see /get it that’s cool but if not that’s cool too … its just for my clarity that’s all .. and because its not always that easy to see /to hear what’s real  …

Having lived most of my life around people who profess to be OH so spiritual & have come OH so far now in love n light  … do great and unspeakable harm … while hiding behind their supposed beliefs ..saying it was whom ever’s free will and choice that made the decision to believe and trust in a mutual venture .. that they broke these agreements to suit their next whim .. and if confronted by this .. they look you straight in the eye and use total denial of any such thing ever happening in the first place  ???  even though they have just admitted it all happen by blaming the other (victim so to speak) for being stupid enough to trust them in the first place … hmmm & ??? HELLOOOOOO …  sadly these are examples I have witnessed first hand way to many times on way to many levels .. Its why Integrity & TRUTH is so immeasurably important to me ..

Well these words … love is always served … and the thought.. well pictures given to me .. of all the horror in this world that is with such ease hidden in such conditional thinking … had tears flowing down my cheeks in torrents …

a fricking unstoppable deluge is what it felt like .. & I’m so done with tears in this life I cant tell you  .. hmm … well not just bits of my own & my mothers stories came up to me … but it all came .. was shown in bigger and brighter pictures that I would want to put on any of you …. the gentler things were like :

The 90 year old man going to prison in Florida for feeding the homeless !!!  ??? Doing right in a state that has made homelessness illegal & even to help those who have nothing .. is illegal there .. and other places in the western world too .. what is that crap ???

& worse in my book a Christian giving $50 000 ANONYMOUSLY for a bronze statute of a homeless man asleep on a bench to set up in the same state ????

How about just simply standing up in his church .. & getting a few more Sunday sitters on pews to LIVE their belief a little during the week  … spending the money & MORE in really helping all those that need a little help … most of which have been ill and have medical bills that have had the banks take their homes because their insurances refuse to pay  …. by my count there are enough “Christians in Florida” to get anything done if they stick together .. Not just the Amazing 90 year old who really LIVES LOVE .. but OOOO silly me … they are also the people who made it illegal and messed with the law in the first place … NOW that explains the cowardliness of anonymous I guess … oo whoopsee  sarcasm .. on these topics .. its a must for me .. survival mode n all  … but

I issue a challenge .. please ..pretty please feel free to shock me by right action at any time … MY HEART CAN TAKE IT 😉

Well there is a lot of shit going on in the world as you all know …. & the pictures in my head .. went through way to many .. wars .. there are always more then, or at least 48 on this planet of ours at any one time 😦 … GREED .. SILENCE … and all to the repeat  of is always served …

I’ve had some creepy visions in my time …  but this morning was excessive …the wars and the greed to sell weapons behind starting them all … The copilot who crashed his plane having been messed up by medicines in the first place … a lot of which should never have been give to anyone at all .. never mind a pilot who’s pressure on the cranium and eyes is extreme … a popped blood vessel behind the eyes … some medicines cause the pressure that is labelled glaucoma … way to much information  … but I doubt the pharma industry or the doctors who so easily prescribe drugs will be held accountable …

Did you know that more than 70% of people prescribed antidepressants are NOT depressed ?

I have to ask is love being served when people are harmed on purpose  by those they believe can and will help them ???

but then I also have to ask .. why does not every one question everything … all this is so easy to verify these days … all the information on any side effects of meds … on toxins of all kinds .. and on the companies /humans behind them & oh so much more is out there .. for all who wish to see … learn and inform themselves … cause this vital information will not be handed to you through mainstream media .. in fact most of it is banned cause the TV & Radio stations depend on the advertising form said companies .. among other things .. like they are OWNED by those causing the main problems in the first place ….

love serving GREED

…. hmmm … example rather I think …. when I was younger mum loved Dallas .. the whole sorry drama mess .. it was one of those ..that even if you didn’t want to watch it .. or know anything about it .. you ..well I got acquainted with some of the characters ..  so JR … rogue as he was  … but at least he was HONEST in his meanness … said it .. did it .. lived it .. did not pretend to be anything or anyone but himself .. hmmm & LOL .. manipulated to get what he wanted .. married those silly enough to marry him for their money & so on .. & on .. he had no qualms faking innocence … cause for him …  love was served … this is the human drama …

but really .. most importantly ..  WE ALL have the POWER of CHOICE to not be in it …

flower art MAP designer & photographer unknown
flower art MAP designer & photographer unknown

to me … the question was with every picture … how was love served by that … every time the answer from the Guardians & Angels was the same … it was not .. LOVE is not to be served to or by anyone .. in half measures and pretend dramas  .. only conditions expect servitude …. LOVE is to BE LIVED fully … LOVE is sharing caring and beauty in all that is. it has NO restrictions … it is Unconditional FREE for ALL so see .. BE .. & to choose to LIVE

SO NOW for the REALLY GOOD bit ….

Seeing is believing they say … 🙂

well everyone can see the light … everyone can see the energy …

LIFE FORCE .. LOVE LIGHT … Source light … God particles …  call them /it / LOVE .. what you will  ….

no matter what your religion .. way of belief … if Source head in your belief system is God Buddha Allah Krishna & so on & on for you  … the SOURCE of all that … & more  is what all life is made of and from … the truth is in ALL .. & we can all see it .. it just takes a little practice … all the Great Masters taught this Christ … Buddha & Mohamed etc.

sadly though most choose not to even try …


see how NATURE GLOWS with LIFE FORCE .. See the GOD Particles ..sparkle all around you ? …

& NO seeing them does not make you crazy 😉

it will however make you think a LOT … and it changes everything  .. because you can not see so much Beauty … so much LOVE .. see LIFE growing the force of the LIGHT .. and NOT choose LOVE unconditionally & totally in all ways … its the only MAGIC that is REAL

So have you ever seen .. LIGHTS out of the corner of your eyes … have you ever seen that …. or think you did … little flashes … then nothing 🙂

Well that’s it … that’s how it starts … or can start …this is an abilities that have been suppressed in humanity for thousands of years  .. by fear … and those sensitive who have seen and told have been destroyed or feared by most ..sad when you think its is for each and everyone of us .. our direct line to ..  SOURCE  ..

For those  of you that also see the grey or darker ones too   … that’s all centuries worth of human drama choices … my words for it is perpetuated shit in circulation with some peoples choices … but maybe just saying wars … anger hatred … GREED .. is a simpler way of putting it ..

It IS what makes people ill … the only thing that really causes illness on this planet  … Because of greed it has crept into food & medicine .. through chemicals and … the wanting to make bigger profits for less .. but this is NOT a rant on that topic yet again 😉  … this bit is on LIGHT particles & how to see them ❤

When you get the right focus on the lights .. or not as the case may be  .. it is a kinda meditation focus ..

relaxed ..

a looking by not looking ..

Don’t try and look straight at the light sparks .. they will disappear 🙂

Its more like looking through them ..

do not focus on them .. but beyond them .. is probably the best way to say it .. .hmmm I know HA  sounds weird … & yip its the staring into space things .. kids can do it real easily ❤

012 xct1
LIGHT Afloat in the Woods 🙂  … Daily signs of LOVE

I guess best description is bypassing the mind and seeing with the heart .. just allowing LOVE to show you LOVE I guess .. & your HEART knows all about that ❤

Its a bit like taking your heart out for a walk … stopping & showing it the beauty all around for the first time … like its being seen for the very first time .. the wow feeling to natures beauty .. the gratitude to all that is .. & not forgetting LOVE .. helps the seeing 🙂

Everyone can see it  .. really I am not kidding you …. its a bit like glitter sparkling & golden halos around trees n plants …

people .. well some golden .. but grey n dark is quite usual sadly ..

An easy way to get started … :

If you can use your hands as monoculars so to speak … like when you were little .. when playing pirates or something 😉 & Okie so watch out for onlookers .. cause that bit can spoil the street cred a wee bit 😉 LOL

but … it narrows the eyes view .. the space of focus …

So stand with your back to the sun … outside of cause … its easier there .. and look through your hands at the sky …

the best time is when the sky is greyish blue .. like sunrise and sun up ..twilight is easiest … but any time really so long as its not to bright .. the energy/ life force moves so fast .. and even faster in the brightness … well in the right time .. with the right conditions … you should see easily lots n lots of sparkles and more very soon through your hands .. like the old tv fuss in a way … after that its just to practice so your eyes / brain gets used to .. you having allowed yourself to see the light ❤

although I should say here … the beautiful stuff is wonderful .. but the grey & darker .. seem to get more interested in you the more light you see and hold …

so shield in the light .. wrap up in love and only give focus to the light …

also there are so many that speak love n light but when your see them … see their energy they are grey .. and quite a lot darker in some too ….but that’s the rather advanced version … but YES with practice everyone can see that too  … it helps see truth in everything ..

See our energy /Life Force never lies … it can not … it just IS .. so nothing is really hidden … this most have felt with instant likes or dislikes of another ..person ..situation or place .. I’m guessing most of you have felt that at least once in your lives so 🙂 … Your Heart always knows TRUTH … once we all learn to listen again to our inner knowing .. this will be a most beautiful World ❤

just have FUN with it for now .. Play .. try ❤

I do teach this stuff and more both online & in person .. so if you want to know more .. or want a little more guidance in getting to grips with it all ..let me know  🙂

Wishing you all Abundance of Creations Magic LOVE & LIGHT in your Lives ❤


Wacky world … the news is a question of colours n dresses gone viral .. + I heard of some side effects of 50 shades

Wacky world … the news is a question of colours n dresses gone viral  .. + I heard of some side effects of 50 shades

Wacky world …. the news is a question of colours n viral dresses .. + the side effects of 50 shades …. makes for some hilarious stories .. even while avoiding the news I couldn’t escape it … so its been a day to make me ponder  … life … 

This dress that’s going around social media .. white n gold .. or blue n black  .. it was the first thing I saw this morning  seemed just funny at the time … & I found it more light blue n chocolate … go figure I’m weird there too ..LOL .. but then I had not had my coffee yet so  … maybe it was cause I was just thinking of having a piece of nice dark Belgian chocolate with it 😉 …  but now .. seeing that over 21 million responded just to the first post alone has made me wonder & .. question ????? & my brain has more & more ??? & Really’s ????????

What if it was that wondrously easy to spread really good beautiful news too …  not just nonsense ..Miracles n Magic now if that could spread that fast wouldn’t it be awesome 🙂 .. something that really made someone feel better ❤

but as it stands it speaks a bit of society as a whole I guess … or mainstream at least …. Kinda sad really .. so many things could make major differences in this world .. yet this goes viral .. ??? 

On a slightly different but to me similar topic .. the 50 shades thing ..there has been a few news articles across Europe … that have made me roar with laughter ..  at .. lets call it just simply what it is 🙂 just plain & simple stupidity 😉 

They have been along the line of  Fire & Rescue having an extreme amount of call outs to folks in the most silly …  ridiculous .. Extremely stuck 😉  & highly embarrassing ways n  situations .. in the week flowing the release of the movie ..

HA .. lets just say .. the stories amused me as at least those brave souls that normally risk their lives for others safety gets paid overtime 🙂  & get the most hilarious stories to share 😉  which to me is 1000 times better than the glorification of domestic abuse n more the film & books portray ..

Well it put the whole thing into a funny perspective … for me … but it sure also makes for some pondering about intelligence levels I have to say …

So much so many are missing … so much of peoples power being given / thrown away .. in the following a flow that demeans women … that glorifies domestic abuse & other manipulation & abuse of power …

It sure makes the importance of being present in each moment extremely clear ..



Not to mention our choices .. how we choose to use our FREE WILL & spend our precious time ❤ & what we chose to put our power .. our energy behind ..

024smaller x

Chocolate with dire warnings of dancing in the street

Chocolate with dire warnings of dancing in the street

The new baggies from our local health food store came with a dire warning today

 All I can say is ..YES PLEASE .. I’ll take that with a guarantee 😉


Not sure what the girl n the shop thought .. but she has a look that said .. Oh my g ..  a dancer 😉 LOL

I almost danced out the door just to set a few grey cells a spinning  😉

with my Chocolate bagged .. the silver screen is netted


Wishing you ALL Magical Silvery Screen days ❤



The GOOSE RAN DOWN MY BACK from the words I read …

The GOOSE RAN DOWN MY BACK from the words I read …

First thing I saw this morning was a lot of babble from folks that seemed rather ill informed … I should say it was FB … so .. yes yes I know .. that happens a lot  .. but I never get that thing some do ..the force of an opinion that has NO solid ground in any kind of fact .. but they can be darn destructive with it

Saw some comments  on this  You tube video ..  that brought this wee bit o chat on . I couldn’t help it … it just poured out of me 🙂 .. go figure … I so don’t have enough words for that right 😉 LOL

then I pop on here to write a post and the first thing I see is a Beautiful Poem by The World  of …  you can see JMD’s words  here 🙂 & yes I whole heartedly agree .. see through the fake … the crap .. the lies …. & .. Become the world of  … you decide … yip .. yip yip … its all in our CHOICES ❤

which is kinda what I said to those fuelling hatred .. of  Jew’s of blacks & so much more .. the racist hatred ..YUCK .. wars to rid they said …..

made the goose run down my back ..

Swanny I know ..but I can visualise 007 Swan running after the fear n scaremongers  ... you know all the  arses   .. clearing the energy and pecking their sorry but's  ;) :D HA
Swanny I know ..but I can visualise 007 Swan running after the fear n scaremongers … you know all the arses .. clearing the energy and pecking their sorry butt’s 😉 😀 HA … well dreaming is allowed 🙂


then the teeth gritted and before I knew it ..

I’d responded with this :

Through out the centuries or repeating bloodshed … back and forth … only ONE winner is ever in any war … the weapons manufactures .. which somehow through our governments ALWAYS sell weapons and armaments to BOTH sides of ALL conflicts … follow the threads of the big money the evidence is quite blatantly obvious ….

HOW do they do this … by feeding racism and giving BLAME … so the individuals anger and hatred ..which is only the vibration of FEAR fueled ….

holocaust … yes atrocious … however its a small amount of lives compared to the crusades naming just ONE other created mess .. for POWER for the few …. but also way way less that the “ethnic cleansing” of the NATIVE Americans that were slaughtered in mass … women and children killed ..on purpose with glee … so so cruelly by simply giving them smallpox laden blankets … watching the sickness ..KILL … sweep through .. destroy a whole nation .. to TAKE the ownership of land ..and become the masters  .. is to name but one MAJOR OFFENCE … our history shows so clear ..if .. that is we read REAL Unadulterated HISTORY … from all sides of all conflicts not just the propaganda fed us by the power hungry..

From across the pond looking at the US now .. I’m horrified that most American people seem to be unaware that their governors .. in most states by now … hold the SUPREME POWER of Martial LAW .. basically meaning that any citizen .. however many generations in the US can be detained INDEFINITELY merely by ONE accusation brought against them of terrorism .. could be an innocent remark overheard and reported in fear ..and an entire family man women and children can be taken and held and all property ceased … in way to many states in the US this in LAW … a law that leaves the beautiful wondrous declaration of independence null and void … I would have thought that illegal … .I see .. hear … read ..inform myself … but I’m not the one loosing my liberty here .. although the sorry mess is here too.

some terror facts .. let me say EBOLA .. instead of war … although its the same pattern … The EBOLA VIRUS as well as the common FLU virus has a PATENT .. HELD .. OWNED …  BY THE US GOVERNMENT … every time a scare of us little folks is necessary … normally because to much is coming to light about actual TRUTH … about the corruption and greed of those that actually pull the stings of of the puppets in our governments … a new scare starts up .. Always in a very poor area … hmmm but that very poor area ..has DIAMONDS or OIL owned by ….. hey take a guess

& we ..all people pay for that

OH & that last BEHEADING video … that was spreading FEAR through out the mainstream news both here and in the US .. was so fricking FAKE was more scary that so many believed it to me … because simply if someone is chopping a head off .. and let me be graphic .. I don’t know many of us that have never seen a horror move even Hollywood does it better  ..the shadow from the sun in a certain position at a certain time of day … obviously will be on the same side of all the people in the video … including the one who looses his head ..WOULD IT NOT ????

This there is way to much of this fake and lies .. in all of this … and people actually bye the crap … s*** …of the mainstream news … who are owned by the same very few that own the main OIL ..PHARMA … & WEAPONS & PRECIOUS STONES ..DIAMONDS n more & YES GOLD too of cause

now I have to say here I’ve got into my mid 40’s by now ..maybe I just don’t give a shit any more what people might think of me … but seriously .. this has all be obvious to me since my teens …

I spent a lot of my 20’s with sadness and tears for peoples chosen IGNORANCE … the hatred and anger that was fueled by SHIT & LIES ..SPIN … basic BLA …

As for the US and their warmongering …OH & GB too yes I know .. ITS ALWAYS ABOUT the MONEY of the few … which is basically stealing from us ALL … stealing LIVES !!!!! Hopes!!! & the beauty of SHARING HONOURABLY !!!!!!!

Just sayin

in joy create magic AIR spirit c

so as I was saying  … that came out between the Goose & the clenched teeth ..hmm I’d best be real careful when I open my mouth properly 😉 HA


so what is there to fight about ..only the man made waffle ..that preaches hatred anger and keeps the fear fueled ..and everyone separated

we all wish to be accepted for who and what we are … how can that happen if we do not also accept others for exactly who and what they are