Elegant simplicity

Natures blasts of colour …  self seeded glory on the side of road ..


The Bright Beautiful … vividness   … of Summer Poppies always makes me smile

Their elegant simplicity even more striking in their shout of I AM … all that I AM …. just in TRUTH … ME


Deep wisdom into human nature is gained through the ability to recognize TRUTH & untruths.

HEART TRUTH … just IS .. like a flower … It’s always recognisable .. However many people are involved .. their stories just fill each other in .. like a beautiful patchwork quilt .. all harmonises  .. whether they come in shouts or whispers .. or and anything in between

Mind’s .. truth … connected to drama / ego .. & the belief is : nobody tells the truth all the time … Here stories do not match .. It’s messy … it’s the whole growing chicken story one turns to a barn full  … and there is no deciphering what if anything the original truth was ..or was the opposite off… for the …  I didn’t say or do that brigade 😉 … I’m pretty sure we’ve all come across those that change the story so often they don’t even recognise it any more themselves   … there are many versions n in betweens here too .. but they always give that feeling of something not being quite right

The bottom line .. WE CHOOSE 

Heart in the driving seat with mind as the copilot as such .. or


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