Natures Golden Pink Light the afterglow of Sunset 1

The Golden Pink Light …. sometimes just moments .. sometimes more … around sunrise and sunset .. but lately there seems to be more and more of it ..a bit like a Golden Hour before the Blue hour ..

It makes for the most surreal colours  … Nature is extra bright …  glowing like golden sunshine from within every leaf and flower …

Even when the sky is thick with clouds ..  and it should be dark really .. its LIGHT


these were taken as the sun had set .. in those last moments of glow over the horizon … through clouds .. but till this Pinkish Golden Light  .. like an after glow from Nature herself ..enhancing the colours ..


It even makes the oak in centre of the field here ..  look whole … now I could have sworn I’d written about this wondrous Healing and Life where there was none for several years … it was hit by lightning about 13 years ago  and has no centre to its trunk .. or a lot of sides left nor a front really its just a deep blackened hole .. that 2 -3 grown ups could easily fit into…well considering how many they can shove into a phone box or mini thats probably greatly underestimated .. but there you go 😉  .. okie I will write one .. find the pics and take some new close ups .. its amazing .. and coming in the next few days I promise … yes I know … my daily posting  … has as yet not been happening …  but the writing has .. darn I have more drafts that I care to admit … so I might just manage to sneak up on you yet with daily doses 😉

Natures Golden Pink Light the afterglow of Sunset 2 .. has already got the pictures attached so .. I might just be flowing

Wishing you all Beautiful days


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