Toadies as Symbols .. n nighttime visitors

Meet Mrs Toad .. she is a nightly visitor to the garden, we have two that come out to visit most nights .. always feels like such a Blessings…they rummage about and we hear them more than see them most nights …but  occasionally they sit still long enough in the spot light be photo models … & they always seem to enjoy some moments of shared Meditation ..

004xToads figure as the guardians of treasures … so Luck be with you tonight  ..

010xSymbolically they represent … Inner Strength .. Luck … Fertility .. Transformation ..  Self Examination  .. Purity & with their transformation from tadpole to toad they are a frequent symbol of Resurrection and Rebirth.

& they eat slugs n snails . .. how awesome is that . .. those little rally drivers on slime … that can locate and emerge from nowhere in seconds flat …  chow through your lettuces faster than a formula one driver can take a lap in any Grand Prix ..    so these little Darlings are Major Blessing for gardeners .. & what’s not to Love in that ❤

Wishing you All Magic in your days & the Awe of seeing the Moments like the Child still within  …

It makes LIFE very Precious Indeed


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