Gentle Giant … not sure he knew what to do with two people stopping of for a chat about how beautiful n calm his energy was … gives a mutual respect meeting another soul eye to eye …

032xAnimals unlike most humans know you .. they see your energy.. they know it to be the truth of who you are and what you are…

All humans too have this ability, its hidden and forgotten under the drama in most, but its there …

As the energy in rising this is one aspect all should be aware of .. more and more others will see you …

really SEE you ..and feel you … and you will more and more really see and feel others … Its a beautiful thing when you really know someone is being honest … a major blessing .. it is also a major blessing to be able to see when you are being lied to .. wouldn’t you say ? …

Think of all the mess that would clear up and out of the way …

Think of how easy it can be to make the right decisions .. and take the most beneficial choices when this is part of your every day

Sources Creation Magic .. The Beauty of all that is .. all springs from the basics of HONOUR & INTEGRITY .. Real TRUTH .. that’s a choice .. a magnificent … wondrous … LIFE affirming choice

Always much LOVE


4 thoughts on “Boundaries and LIFE affirming choices

  1. I was thinking about you and you found me. Hello Dear Maia! Animals are the best judge of character. Take a new friend to meet an animal and the sentient being will tell you many things about them. I attract insects, birds, spiders, snakes, toads, praying mantii and animals of all kinds. Anxiety made me fear them at first, but I am coming to terms with my place among them.

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    1. Em ❤ Yes they sure are .. they always know … they see our energy … our real selves .. and they trust what's real and true and remove themselves or get uppity if the energy is not right 🙂 .. & yes me too … they find me … I'm guessing they will help you leave the anxiety etc behind for good eventually … cause well think about it if mama earth beautiful wondrous critters like and approve of you … how can we not do the same and give the same respect to ourselves 🙂 ❤

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