door .. opens  … and a door closes… symbolically it could be a start of something New …. or an end.

Door to the Home of White Doves at Benthal Hall Shropshire

Doors Physical  … or Energetic turning points in our lives …  lead us into the Heart of Home

Within ourselves & within our homes

Door of the Tree House of Play at Lower Hall

Keeping things out .. or in … or letting the Breath of creation flow freely in .. through … out … & around.

Door … to David Austin Rose Garden

If we allow Source of All that is Free entry …  letting Creations Abundant LIFE Particles in and through ALL that we are … and through the space we call home …

We are each and every one of us a garden …. Our Hearts are the Doors … What we CHOOSE to plant with our FREE WILL .. Now that is the Question … Will you plant based on LOVE or of fear ? … for me I choose LOVE & Abundant Glory & I am wishing the same for you ! Let US ALL BE the CHANGES to a better World

Let’s raise the vibrations to a JOY unbound … A JOY that springs from the Peaceful Heart opening these doors brings !

So lets step through to JOY & Amazing Adventures for all our senses ….


To JOY .. in LOVE .. let us FLOW




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