Choosing to let the LIGHT illuminate our Paths is a Powerful thing indeed ..& it is really the SIMPLEST thing in the World … no really honestly … it IS …. I was reminded yesterday that enlightenment is something so many seem to view as unknown to them .. or unobtainable … and whereas I agree there can be many levels to the understanding … as Real TRUTH & Real LOVE is let deeper into the Heart all expression can come from within our Ultimate Power … but its really not rocket science.


It is just simply choosing to LIVE with Honour and Integrity Honestly …

that leads to letting GO the drama .. the repeat circles of lessons .. cause we see the lessons .. and choose different than the learnt old patterns .. so we make the changes .. we wish to see .. once we do that for us .. in our life … the ripples spread around us … and our ripples of TRUTH n LOVE meet others ripples of TRUTH n LOVE .. & Allowed to flow as it is intended .. A World as we wish it to BE will BE all around US

010x& the simplicity of that is … We only have complete responsibility for our own words n actions … Our Thoughts is what changes everything for US … WE CHOOSE what we allow in and around US …

& once we Choose to LIVE it …. really LIVE it everything but everything will change for US & bit by bit as more are LIVING IT for the world …

& it Really is simple ..

TRUTH is prerequisite for REAL LOVE

LOVE & TRUTH are ONE … we are all from and within ONE Source that is & creates  LIFE ..

( Real Truth is always known it can be seen even with slightly different stories depending on individual memory of an event .. cause all memory depends on actual individual focus …so really al stories told in truth fill each other in and out .. and gives deeper and more complete understanding …

so it is also with all the major religions and their sacred texts …

I spent around 7 years early in my life studying each book the Bible .. many versions .. inc old testaments / Hebrew scriptures / Tanakh n the Kabbala the Koran .. the Gita etc .. ancient scrolls n more ..

which meant first of all I could never understand why so much anger and hatred n wars had been through history managed to supposedly have a basis in mine is better that yours .. drama .. cause there are more similarities … than anything … as you read each story of lessons and learning them … and take each book …its a bit like looking at the real history .. which is more like his n her & the worlds story … from all angles …

kinda like if 100 people were at a big Celebration n party .. then all go their separate ways … & then a few years later they are all interview about this particular celebration .. their stories and memories would vary depending on who they spoke to . where they sat stood walked and . if the flowers .. the wine … the cake … the conversation … the food .. sit down meal … or evening nibbles … where what excited them most … and gave the strongest memory … to see the full picture … they would all have to chat and share and fill each other in ❤ )

Which in a way is how I see it .. what we are all here to do … SHARE … acknowledge … and accept Lovingly all our Brothers n Sister across the world ..

& this is OUR CHOICE ..

PEACE is our CHOICE ..

So let us All .. as much as we can LIVE the LOVE  .. no one is expected to be perfect … we are all beautifully perfect in all our quirks n ways .. in all our perfect imperfections  .. & together we make for one amazing tapestry of interconnected LIFE ..

let Us Appreciate  & Celebrate each other in all our Diversity ….

& Choose Sharing & Caring .. in Creations Wondrous LOVE FLOW ❤

Lets make PEACE FLOW through LOVE in ACTION ❤

Photos .. Two I took a couple of days ago in the woods, while Butterflies danced all around telling of Beauty Sharing & Love.  The Turquoise Healing Light was all around, it was quite enchanting & the Butterflies had the same Turquoise and gold colour auras, just Wondrous & deeply Healing… will tell you about that in the next post 🙂 …

Wishing you ALL Magic in your days in all ways ❤



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