The seasons of a SOUL’s garden

Life … what’s off .. n on  …  in season or out

as the photo challenge goes .. my take is not sure Bay can be out of season 😉 .. and snow in summer .. well depends which hemisphere your on 😉 so season .. if its in ..out … up down .. Seasons like LIFE its just Choosing when 😉 what .. where .. how … 😉

So Yip .. ME I’d say that depends on whether the inner Goddess /God is in the driving seat of our lives .. if we are truly present so to speak Soul wise .. or if the meagre little ego … or mind self is way out of its depth trying to drive something it has no license for 😉

Well if that’s driving it needs to be given a termination date along with anything shitty that just weighing us down and keeping us feeling low .. .might sounds nuts .. but putting our inner goddess/god in the driving seat  ..makes everything flow … and from a higher perspective … a better overview so to speak ..its easier to negotiate the minefields people choose to surround themselves with and share around them in the world of human ego drama .. and when cloaked in spirituality it can be a messy thing indeed .. from so many different angles …

every season has beauty Now I like to see me as a garden .. well our SOUL … our inner space .. what we really and truly are .. ALL of IT …

& well as any gardener knows however perfect or imperfect a garden looks its always a work in progress  .. there is always room for something New … and some plants just decide that they are done … wilt n go .. or in the case of the bamboo look like its dead n gone but its actually flowering  … and its recovery time .. unknown .. cause none seem to give it time to re-emerge after its necessary recuperating sleep below ground  …

Now to realy get the most out of this precious human experience .. we have to set ourselves free .. to flow with what feels right and good to us …
FREE Divinity to flow through us . let Goddess/God steer our ship

Now that alone ….sets  you free to create your most perfect space  … Your YOU … Allowing yourself to just BE
if you feel like a shrinking violet … okie let the violets bloom … but set her up among the roses .. n find companioning plants to accentuate the striking violet .. the beauty  … letting the violets n chamomile maybe carpet the beds filled with roses on  trellises of glorious art that spills out of your heart
first violas of spring 2014  pic taken 30 march
first violas of spring 2014 pic taken 30 march
..most of us say at some point .. that we are only just … me …..
Well just  … it sort of closes the curtains to our strong powerful beautiful self as not to scare folks …& I can say that cause I recognised those patterns in me  … I tried to be as little and as quite as possible for a very long long time  … so as not to cause waves … not to upset .. .and not to … take your pick the list goes on …
its been a bit of a weeding process I can tell you  .. to allow the inner bountiful garden to really bloom .. but it is so very worth it … & I have through the years found it most useful  to see me  as a Garden 🙂 ….
.. Cause .. as JUST a garden …  Just now that wakes up the hey … hang on a minute just a garden ?? cause well gardens are never ..just  .. now are they  … I mean .. even when rough .. overgrown .. and neglected .. they are beautiful … there  is always immense beauty  .. whether it be hidden or out there in bold … a garden will always show its beauty

& if there is already much beauty .. then sculpting it … creating a new …is like WOW  .. Yes .. a little of this here and ..a little of that there

weeding out the old … saving the precious .. enhancing with new  …
enhancing can be with reclaimed n recycled turned into the most glorious shabby chic fun additions …or brand new … the biggest beauty is that we choose what goes where and how
& before you know it you have  WOWSESES its beyond GLORIOUS ….
so it is ….  YIp .. YES … AHA .. so YOU ARE  .. so I am … so we are !

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