Someone decided lettuce was tastier than trees .. I was called out this morning cause one of the recycled 😉 * lettuce in the hanging basket had gone from big & OO I must harvest that tomorrow … to wilting & flop 

On a little closer inspection this little or big .. Depending on perspective 😉 .. May bug had decided to make our salad dinner into his breakfast ..

 Well there you go .. the hospitality was obviously irresistible 😉 LOL … 

Darn save his or his friends life a few days ago .. & could not get back onto his feet .. & what do you know they move in 🙂 & help themselves to the Yummies  LOL 

The remind me a bit of the Egyptian Scarab beatle .. which is supposedly most auspicious .. So thank you Mama Nature ❤ 




5 thoughts on “When your glad the fleeting moments .. are fleeting 

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