Tree down in the storms … trampoline in the Woods .. inner children out to play

Just came back from a walk in the woods  … which always leaves me feeling wonderfully Fresh Energized …  and completely Rejuvenated

The Re spring in my step today  ..or bounce … would be the tree trampolining  … a last blessing from a big old Magnificent Beech in the woods  … to day we shared her spring .. for our step … & let the inner children out to play

005x ct1

I will say bouncing up and down on the end of a huge fallen tree  .. making the whole thing bounce to the giggles  …. while beechy is singing creaking n cracking .. in a beechy sort of way  … her dance sway quite magnificent … fitting her grace and stature  …

010x dk1

does make for some interesting stares … or just obvious back tracking .. from all of those more “normal” walkers of the woods  ..who have  the biggest desire to join you .. but have their inner children so well caged ..that running away from the weirdos is  essential … we might rub off you know 😉

Yip ..infectious … so it is … a wee bit o FUN

maybe I should I should 😉 … do the whole FREE HUGS thing  &

011x dk1 hello huggers

help expand the BEing present in the moment thing 🙂 .. what a wakeup call 😉

The JOY  .. that Magical ingredient that makes the Heart overflow you know  …

Maia Blessings

OOOO  & the Health Benefits  .. of such a wake up .. beyond measure


Nature always has a positive effect on me .. well us … & letting the inner child out to play in a big way  … its where I’m both most serious and most playful ..sometimes all at once

fun and giggles in the woods .. brings the Faeries n Light beings out in greater numbers .. peeping through from hidden places  .. dancing in the air around us … blessings indeed …

beechy had many around her in her prime .. playing in her crown … she was a stunner  ..





Wishing you ALL Magic in your days Wonderful’s ❤ BE the JOY                                 Maia

Ooo & … Checking the in blogging 101 assignment for today … use the prompt 🙂 couldn’t have been more perfect  .. I saw it and though .. but that’s what I want to write about anyways 🙂  … and it was writing … no swimming around in the belly of the beast with widgets n thingymejing n wotnots  … BLISS 😉  .. although I am most Grateful for all of it … I’m learning a lot 🙂

” Re-springing Your Step …                                                                             Tell us about the last experience you had that left you feeling fresh, energized, and rejuvenated. What was it that had such a positive effect on you? ”

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