10 non academic books .. that have stayed with me challenge … that moment of time

The top ten non-academic books that have stayed with me … now I was tagged by
someone on Fb & challenged to do this  …  I must say that his words on how he would have tagged some others but seriously doubted that they had read ten books outside of classroom assignments, made me laugh & kept giggling for quite some time .. so it was a bit like I had to do this … cause well ..I have to admit …I do sometimes wonder … having always had this calling from my heart and soul to question everything .. & if it doesn’t feel completely right, then to keep questioning .. & then some .. keep learning reading .. searching for answers … not to mention all the magic and adventures you can go/be on while tucked up in comfort in front of the fire on a winters night … that’s so beneficial to good health & the Inner Happy JOY JOY feeling too … so yip highly recommended


I’ve gotta say here that this wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be simply because well novels / fiction & the like have always been last on the list of books I’ve wanted to give time to … so it was a bit like scraping the barrel unless I wanted to go the classic route … that I very much enjoyed but none had major impact although some have been reread through the years … so I had to ponder a while … and then .. oo they wouldn’t stop popping into my head … endless lists  .. so many that I wondered why I had found it hard for a little while there  …

Also I have to say what he said  ..  I tagged you lot because I am curious & I would like to pass on the favour .. cause its been rather fun this looking into myself from this angle .. having a meander through the memories for books worth mentioning & I’m also interested in what’s been of significance to ALL of you Wonderful’s really everyone ..so please ALL feel free to join & share ….

So the top ten non-academic books that have stayed with me:

1. The Alchemist … Paulo Cohelo
2. The mental science (lectures) of Henry David Thoreau.. (not sure if these qualify .. even if they did give away “The Secret” almost a 100 years before the secret as such Hmm well just saying
2. The Celestine Prophecy .. James Redfield … if my first 2. doesn’t count LOL .. well there you go .. You get me thinking on a subject & you get tooooo much HA
3. Chocolate .. Joanne Harris … & love the movie too ..its almost as good.
4. Women who run with the wolves … Clarissa Pincola Estes … & other Fairy tales / myths .. Love the way they were used to teach the old ways … before the gentler Grim & co versions …Although I like them too LOL
5. Out on a Limb .. Shirley Maclaine
6. Harry Potter … (All 7 books) … ooo & the audio version read by Stephen Fry too ..well LOL ..& Yikes .. only read these after having had a friend/ neighbour run after me for over 3 years with how amazing they were … and only had looks from me ..oh no please no not them again … her desperation was getting intense and the last attempts made her look a wee bit ragged at the edges and so sad ..as she sooo wanted to discuss them … so I succumbed to the first book … OH My … hocked .. both line and sinker LOL … best holiday my mind had had in years
7. Phillip Pullman ..his Dark Materials .. (Northern lights, subtle knife & amber spyglass … again couldn’t put them down
8. Terry Pratchett’s Witchy works … : Equal Rites, Wyrd Sisters, Witches Abroad, Lords and Ladies, Maskerade, Carpe Jugulum …. (The rest of Discworld I’m not so sure about .. tried one but didn’t find it remotely as funny … so they have been pushed to the back of the line)
9. Twilight , yip all of them …. Hmmm same neighbour got me again.. stalked me into submission ..& keep reminding me how ardently against the Harry Potter books I’d been …so I Read about vampires & the like .. HA ..and couldn’t put them down either ..had to know the ending .. so all 4 books & like the other couldn’t put downs up there have reread them too … well mind and holiday as such
10. The secret Diary of Adrian Mole 13 & 3/4 … Sue Townsend …
& + 10 too . Bridget Jones Diary .. Helen Fielding .. last 2 … both reads were hilarious but movie etc was seriously disappointing … but then movies of a good/ funny book normally are so … that moment in time

So there you go that was me … wondering with curiosity if anyone of you wonderful readers will take up the challenge & share your too 🙂

Wishing you all Magical days                                                                              Maia

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