Walking with LOVE

walking with LOVE n peace  16 sept 2914 letting the heart shine flow way

Doing no harm


Stepping gently in & on Mama’s Green Blessings

Mama Earth her Goddess self      re-birthing


Expanding  Vibrations

as she does & our grounding is Strong

Lifting another as we raise ourselves through the clearing Vibrations

Opening for new Gifts and Blessings  as the changes  roar ..


Like mama’s changing seasonal ballgowns …

letting GO …  the old patterns of less than   …. devalued & never  enough …

the learnt behaviours that weighs a Heart  … way down low


Expanding the secrets of LOVE’s Magic ways

Letting the HEART Sing

& following its tune….


This makes the HEART Shine  …. Brighter by far

making the WAY … a Strong Solid Path  .. Lit up Bright for us to Enjoy the Blessings of

where INTUITIONS Magic in HEART SONG Grows Strong ….


Maia Blessings


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