Creator is my MUSE … Whispering to me … to us .. The wisdom of Rainbows …

Creator … Whispering to me  … to us  The wisdom.

084 rainbow n heart x
Heart Clouds n Rainbows daily signs of Creations wonder

Letting me us feel the mighty presence of all the is .The reality of LOVE .. of the LIFE FORCE that is ONE with Source

Creators Rainbows ….  in Damselflies

doubt and fear only lives when we are disconnected from REAL TRUTH  … disconnected form the understanding that SOURCE is REAL … CREATION is REAL … and its presence is known in every cell ..every atom  in us and in the planet all around us ..

Great Spirit through every soul … can shine and play  ..and LOVE …

062x reverse 2
In Balance … in Creators Womb … all is ONE … white is black and black is white .. & in a Glorious concoction of Rainbow light we become .. Let us remember who we are !

so Great Spirit / SOURCE of ALL that IS … is my MUSE … in every way .. in every day …at all times

Through Spirits of  .. Air … Earth  … Water … Fire …we are shown this LOVE in CREATIONS Wonder..

050xThrough CREATION … LIFE ..through everything this LOVE IS shown to US

Through rainbow colours .. Red .. Orange … Yellow… Green ….Blue … Indigo n Violet… too

019xThis Magnificent Abundance of Creation … is for us to manage to enjoy .. to care for … to SHARE in LOVE & PEACE

This can only be found and LIVED in Total TRUTH … with complete HONESTY and

with DEEP RESPECT for Ourselves … for Each Other and for this Magnificent Planet we inhabit

009xthe human mess .. is 100% and completely man made .. through the destructive power of fear in drama  ..

this fear is the only lack

It is TIME to relinquish the destructive human element of fear … & CHOOSE LOVE … from within

This is HOW we will find PEACE

Choose well


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