Papa Sun tickling Mama Earth with magical rays … and Swans sharing healing … Express yourself

Papa Sun tickling Mama Earth with magical rays

That kinda tickling is mostly always Mesmerizing 🙂 Creations in incoming ….  God Particles in dancing delight … makes man made fireworks and nights of neon light look rather bleak 


winter sun n orb blessings X

Life is filled with varying degrees of energy  … put simply .. some make us feel good ..the higher vibrations .. and some lower vibrations just make us feel rather shitty ..

EVERYONE feels and knows this .. I have never come across one person who does not recognise mediately a like or a dislike .. some are more subtle .. but most have had the full on feeling of coming into a room   and seeing someone who they instantly react to one way or the other  .. its all in the giving / sharing or energy .. honourably as I term it … or just taking … those that zap you .. drain you … just make you feel low ..

Most don’t expand on it that’s all … everything has a vibrational signature … science is even catching up on that now  … although science wouldn’t call them energy vampires … but frankly .. calling a spade a spade simplifies matters tremendously in my book

As this is expressing myself  … and Light  & Energy is a big part of my life  … its the simplest … yet the hardest to explain … this digital photography is quite awesome when it comes to picking some of it up though .. never experienced anything like that taking photography at school and college way back in the days of … darkrooms and dippin’ trays for the chemicals ..counting for right exposure and so on  … Loved it though … the feeling of being part of the process of bringing life to a photograph. Well that’s a long time ago .. these days its click to download and straight to tweaking …

swan n swannypenny in setting sun and purple light blessing
with a little colour play …  fun … not so natural but rather striking anyhow 🙂 

Now I should say here I have a little pet peeve for photoshop  … don’t have it … never tried it … I was simply put off by all the fake nonsense .. and pretending to be real photo’s ..roaming around out there … not to mention the ludicrous price even for just a fricking app …hmm … NOPE categorically not going there.

I guess coming from a pure background of the art .. mixed with a little skill in and behind each shot … still appeals to me  … even though I am rusty as ….

Now I obviously do have a programme … which I know the basics of .. ignore the rest  … and occasionally play with the old film effects,  extreme light, contrast etc & it’s kinda fun seeing how many different way  one single shot can look   …

I guess that sort of brings me to .. I am aware that a lot of light and colours is merely a reflection of the lens ..

this one is totally untouched .. not been  through or near any programme
this one is totally untouched .. not been through or near any programme  … 

but its those shots ..that light comes form several angles that I’m always most grateful for … cause they in a small way show what I’ve always seen the beautiful variations and vibrations of energy around plants and humans alike  … the energetic output and input so to speak of life .. its quite magnificent to behold  … but that’s another post I guess 🙂

here is just some that inspire me


Purple healing rays over Mrs Swannypenny
Purple healing rays over Mrs Swannypenny

Their grace wondrous … and there is always exuberant amounts of lights of all shades and colours when animals are around and especially when the wild ones chose to bless the space your in with their presence  …they all have their unique energy patterns … sometimes when the buzzards are particularly playful it looks like they fly in huge pinky golden bubbles of light … its quite breathtaking ..

its quite easy to see really .. I know you don’t believe you can … but really you can see this too … we all can … it just takes some practice and learning how 🙂 .. but that’s also for another post 🙂

Mrs Swannypenny in rainbow light

their strength … quite beyond amazing

007 swan n swannypenny X

something you never  forget when you have daily for a whole winter been greeted by a 007 Swan at full span of wings .. stretching tall .. wrapping you up in huge wings .. and your kinda nose to beak how big they are .. no huge is a better description … when they float around on a pond looking majestic we see they are big birds … but … when one comes up to you ..wings outstretched .. at full pelt …

you know that are huge … and can run darn fast too

I have a video of Andreas’s first “swan hug” 😉 … its quite something … he said after that all he could think was if I could stand still or walk like that while letting Mr 007 Swan wrap & flap his wings around and against me … he could 😉 …

It was gentle as ….cause he really was … quite incredible… he just came up and did a thorough aura sweep all around .. as well as the … get on with feeding him thing … cause mostly us humans just were not quick enough for him … and he took it upon himself to train us ..I’m sure

However, I’m wrapping my head around this uploading video’s thing  … took me 3 and  a half fricking hours to get 1 minute and 9 seconds from my phone to you tube a couple of days ago  HA & HA & Bahhahahaha … now that certainly show I’m in my mid 40’s if nought else .. once I can find a better way .. I’ll share the amusing first eye to eye with Mr Swan which is somewhat longer than that …  between creating web sites and stuff I never thought I’d ..I’ll get there … hopefully soon 🙂  … Always Learning

Wishing you all magical days ❤



Heart of a TREE

Heart of a TREE

Heart of a TREE

Sadness & JOY .. seen a few things this morning that made me think of the beyond amazing blessing NATURE is …. and how the encounter with our Trampoline Beech is really a lot more …

003 Heart of a Tree xc ct7

This huge old lady Beech came down in the stormy weather last week … as mentioned a couple of days ago  .. she must have made a grand thunderclap through the forest .. Last year she lost her other side to storms n lightning .. made her too heavy on the one side .. She lost her support .. her counterbalance ..

I’ve been chatting to her all year really .. lovely energy .. last years stem when they cut it up was loads & loads of HEARTS ..

.. She’s just ALL LOVE Mama Beech 

mama Beech down x

Nature knows how to support & regrow itself .. How to flourish ..

Gotta wish for humanity .. that more wake up .. cause balance .. support & sharing .. PEACE & LOVE .. is the only way this planet of ours will keep us …

Our Glorious Amazing Mama Earth .. this brilliant BEing spinning through space .. Our spaceship .. sustains & blesses us in all ways … But she can not & will not take much more of the damage inflicted on her by human GREED …

SHE … Our Mother EARTH …  IS THE ONLY ONE POWERFUL ENOUGH .. to wield atomic power .. she is this power .. if she chooses to blow us all off … I can not say I can blame her .. the evil men do to her .. the animals & each other … the GMO’s & poisons .. toxic waste  .. & more ..  is far beyond my comprehension .. & these days so incredibly unnecessary …

All I know is .. WE CHOOSE LOVE … & everything will change on this planet … It and WE will be whole again  …. So much to learn from Mama Nature  …. even when mama’s beautiful majestic trees are down .. they PLAY ..

1052 Heart of a tree xc dk1


The energy of the forest is JOY .. every Tree feels the others

FEELS US … FEELS everything

This magnificent giant called us to play .. & bounce on her broken edge like a trampoline .. & so we did .. She DANCED & SWAYED & LIVED…. LOVED .. with us as we bounced & swayed .. Laughed & giggled .. for .. well have to be honest .. I have no idea ..& that goes for days in a row now 🙂  .. Stayed so long yesterday we ended up driving home in what looked like a blizzard on summer tyres 😉  LOL

& now she will be logs for some to heat homes .. but most of her will be HOME for forest critters .. shrooms & LIFE ..

so even when down  .. SHE this QUEEN .. LOVES

I always feel blessed beyond measure in & by nature …. everything just IS as it IS … Our Beautiful Mama never lies or messes … has NO drama … If she is pissed .or just wants to clean a wee bit .. change a few things around  .. she throws a storm .. or many  .. little or LARGE

Gotta hope the Greed for Power in men … bursts its bubble and implodes soon  … so we can ALL care for her like she cares for us  … and before she decides on the ultimate clean up  … ridding herself of the human fleas that destroy her

My wish is that ALL wake up to the MAGIC of all it is … LIFE … CREATION …  it begs our JOY

& wishes to aid EXPAND our HEARTS in LOVE

mama Beech down x purple

Always much LOVE ❤

Guardian blowing LOVE hearts :)

Guardian blowing LOVE hearts :)

A Guardian blowing HEARTS & LOVE LIGHT particles all through the sky ♥ made me smile 🙂 so had to share 😉 ♥ Love the days that look as if the sky ….the air all around is alight with sparkles .. seeing the energy is quite something … OOO I wish everyone could see them .. so all fear could be let go ..and LOVE from Source revived … shared .. expanded … in Understanding .. and  allowing of All to just BE …. choosing to  Respect & Honour each other  … 

there has been much talk of Paris .. I have to hope with the higher vibrations of energy available to all .. that the fear .. that is fueled by the mass media is not blown into more anger and hatred … I find it sad that so much anger seem directed at middle eastern countries again … when the perpetrators were themselves born in France I believe  … OO I wish the mainstream news would just report facts and truth and not all this sensationalism that breeds fear .. causes anger and hatred to grow

Sadly men have used .. God as a scapegoat for slaughter and violence .. for centuries .. there is more bloodshed through history .. caused by the war/fearmongering .. the anger and hatred of men hiding behind religions.. the extremists are present in all .. the few that do damage to the many /the whole.

I have to wish that the few don’t cause the many to choose hatred and not love .. out of fear … & I have to hope that we all …choose LOVE … all religions have that as their core … So we could / can all chose to respect each other and honour each others differences .. now that would be a beautiful world …


Breathe in the LOVE Wonderful’s .. its always all around you …. me .. us … see through the spin to the core … demand TRUTH in all ways … and and do your best to stay centred in what it is we wish to see in this world of ours … 

as Gandhi said …. BE THE CHANGE ❤


I’m saying there is so much energy in the air … choose to use it well … chose LOVE  .. it makes Creations Magical LOVE LIGHT flow in & through LIFE ♥ 

guardian lovehearts

Always much LOVE 

Wishing you Magical LOVE & JOY filled weekends Wonderful’s ♥ 

Maia ♥ 

trust …

trust  …

Teach me how to trust my heart… my mind… my intuition… my inner knowing… the senses of my body… the blessings of my spirit… teach me to trust these things so that I may enter my sacred space & love beyond my fear… & thus walk in balance with the passing of each glorious sun… ❥∞


Lakota Prayer

for some time  .. this has again taken regular perusal .. the whole TRUST thing  … and wandered through my thoughts in varying degrees and depths to the pondering  ..

I have always  given so very freely my hearts knowing … never held back if I knew something that could help another .. or had something  … I would always share .. Its what my HEART knows LOVE is .

Like the perfect Heart Clouds that turn up in my day everyday .. & well hearts in all shapes n sizes really  … little daily glimpses that I’m on the right path … This last year has seen more leave my life .. no be removed by me from my life is a far more appropriate term … a removal of myself from some I thought were long time friends .. now removing myself from what was “family” was one thing … easy in a way cause it had been so obvious for so very long that for me ..their drama was most toxic.

but now the friends thing … now finally seeing the energy theft there … the piggybacking on my energy body … that was somewhat shocking  … horrifying and had me thinking I had finally lost the plot … cause surely it couldn’t be … the heavy horrid feeling that came over my back .. so heavy that I it took great effort to put one foot in front of the other … and the squeezing of my heart centre .. that made me so short of breath  … I had to force myself to take  long walks in the woods .. to come out and away from it because I knew it was not mine …

I had had this a lot in my life …. mostly I knew I was holding something that someone had dumped or refused to acknowledge …. so cleared it and cut cords and balanced … on and on and so on … Knowing through all this that my true nature … my true self … felt light as a feather  grounded and whole … not to forget high on LOVE LIGHT … and always pleased to share the blessings … in all ways from a thought of healing blessings to strangers I pass on the street or at the checkouts at supermarkets  .. through stroking an animal that comes on up to say hello because it knows and feels its pain or something will ease …. or just cause they feel the energy and come to acknowledge it  in a mutual blessing  .. either way the four legged and feathered friends are always mirroring and sharing back the LOVE Blessings .. which just makes them stronger and stronger ..and more and more amazing … humans I find are mostly fairly detached from this natural sharing ..and enhancing of energies so it can be a rather more draining experience ..

Of cause it does not have to be so …. but that takes being wake ..aware .. and present  … and as drama free as possible  … now all this is nothing new … its what I’ve know to be so most of my life … so this last year ..thats been filled with all those things I so easily forgave others … that I’d never dealt with the pin of in my own heart .. not to mention I never dealt with the pain of in my own body ….  with the major cord cuttings and burning all old bridges and all that no longer served my highest good  …. including 20 something years worth of journals and writings … several times in the last few years  … new AHA’s and oo my ooo my that too’s … Its been a bit like removing the veils .. one by one …. always thinking its the last one …


 … it was more a feeling of boundaries being stampeded … well I tend to say yes and help when I can .. but Im getting very alert to the one way systems … 


after Andreas looked at me and said ..he never gave energy vampireism a chance any more .. when I just looked at him he said ..jealousy … real loud ..and don’t accept it


 I have two dosies …. 1 know for over 28 years  .. when mum got sick I petty much passed on all my client to her and one other … I was busy … within a year she had none … but what shocked my heart so very deeply ..and hurt more than I care to mention .. she sat here and said she had turned away client cause she was not doing that right now … 

I was struck silent you could say ….apart form why did you not give them my name /number ? she proceeded to tell me that she might take up things again and it was good to have people that phones … at which point all I could think feel was ?????   and more ????? .. then she said are you still doing your little healing thing ?????? … SO basically knowing that the family ripped me off for everything and knowing she had all my business … and even though she did not want to or were doing healing any more .. she would not return the favour so to speak  …. OOO some friend …. NOT

and just to top it off a few weeks after this … she rang and wanted me to do her a favour … finding out that that favour I could not do … the only reason she herd was that .. part of what she wanted was among the things that had been taken from me … she said she would drive me out there to get some of my things back … ????????????????????? when I said I want  my money if anything .. not damaged goods … she just repeated herself …. which made the conversation seem surreal in so many ways … 

& left me sitting … wondering how I had for so many years considered her closer than a sister … once I shifted myself from under the weight of that …. the heaviness lifted … interestingly every time I cut cords …. she attempts to contact still ..

I’m still reeling at the realisation of it all … and the shock really at how it could take me so long to acknowledge this … that every time I raised my vibration … it became a heavier and heavier physical discomfort of my body ..  

I forgave instantly of cause .. its what I do ..its who I am …. but this time my BOD did the whole letting me really feel totally steam rolled .. tired … ouchy … and just plain flat …. I took myself through all and every possibility .. more than once … before I finally let my thought go there …. and really see it … feel it … and then I could but wonder just why and how I had not noticed. 

Andreas has been most patient with my perplexed wondering’s  at how I cold not have noticed this .. knowing all that I know …. doing what I do … his holding space for healing as only a true heart mate could or would  has allowed deeper and more profound healing than I could have ever imagined ….. He just simply said … you have an extremely kind heart …

I have learnt yet again that I must never doubt my intuition … not even .. or especially not when there is something I’d rather not see …. when my assumption has been ..they are like me … speak truth and live it  … and would never dream of taking energy from anywhere but source … were it is freely given to all at all times … we just have to connect  ❤ but each and everyone of us have to do that separately … and then share to enhance it … grow the energy … heighten the vibrations more and more  … 

the one way system … of  drama … vampirism and energy theft has to end …. its a cruel ..mean ..and horrid game .. of dread and pain …. in a constant circling of ..  never enough and there being no such thing as truth  … its just to sad … all this living in fear … 

when from source … and mother earth there is only truth …  and there is more then enough energy for all of us here on earth at this time … to get a thousand times more than we need  … so there is no need for the drama … if all would all connect to source within ❤ the knowing that LOVE is all there is .. flows and bubbles in and through to surface in all and everything ❤  thats a blessing beyond most peoples conception  … IT has to be felt to be know ❤ 

I wish that blessings for all ❤

Always mcu LOVE ♡❥  Maia






Its all in how you view it … Life … the inner Wild Woman .. vs. drama

Its all in how you view it  … Life  … the inner Wild Woman .. vs. drama

I was  writing this post yesterday .. and of all the subjects … sitting there pondering and staring at the screen … mad drama … xmas .. and pictures of the horror of the clip of the black friday sales … people stamping each other with some ending up in hospital … YIKES  ..this whole Greedfest .. I never have got it …. but this year … Its been in my head a lot .. especially when I see or sense the unhappiness … sadness ..and major stress thats actually what most feel …… I have caught myself a lot this year .. just calling a spade a spade .. over the mad humbug of christmas ….

so many dimensions most just don’t see .. that are blessings like no other



I guess its the  being so ruddy different from everyone else  .. it meant xmas was always approached with a deep heavy sigh …. but always politely … way to politely … YIKES … in hindsight … ooo my my gentle politeness … was a bit like being a smorgaars bord  for the true vampires ..the Drama queens n kings   … a bit like here is my Life Force .. all nicely dished up …  Energy ..and all my unconditional LOVE  … please feel free to leave me exhausted .. drained …. even ILL ….Hmmmm & all for what I believed was keeping the PEACE  …. ooo darn it took me a long time to learn .. if you try and stop the mud slinging .. you end up being the target from both sides of the energy war .. Yuck …


OOO yip that bits even juicier … when as a sensitive you get in the middle ..of warring Drama queen  parties so to speak .. trying with kindness … understanding … and gentle loving blessings to get some LOVE into the equation …  or even funnier … explaining my way … agreeing to disagree when all was given a chance to be heard there was always more of interest and for blessed learning and expansion … enhancing the knowing and expanding the beauty of life … by seeing if from so many perspectives … OO my … something I LOVE & honour in me and those that can /do …. but double YIKES amidst sleepers it was mainly just a power zap … leaving me having to clean and clear my energy in the deepest ways after and spending some time getting back to strength  .. oo way to many years I did that ..

Well first words I saw today … was “The Wild Woman an endangered species” … it was just perfect .. for what I needed to see really .. there was a picture of a Wolf & woman sharing space  …. free to honour and love the part n each others soul that is tuned to the knowing of Nature … of Earth … of Source , the ALL that IS.145

It was a very appropriate picture and words for how and why I’ve been catching myself of late … the just calling a spade a spade … or as its been a xmas thing for me … all those xmas questions … comments and the like …  all a wondering if your ready for the event … and always they look tired … drained … sad … or just plain STRESSED ..and wishing the day had been and gone …

well gone are the days I’d just say the expected thing …. 😉 HA … the funniest looks I’ve had form the words …. ooo …… aa oh NO ..  I opted out …. we do our own thing now …. I never really get around to the next bit  .. of … we’re giving thanks and focusing the energy of the season as every day on compassion and love  and very pleased we’ve left the GREEDFEST behind 😉 …. cause the blank expressions … shocked from not knowing what to say … when the words are not in the normal script .. 😉 comes with to my feeling centres  … of does not compute / do not understand ….. whether they hear that last bit or not …. most of the time ..deep sleepers just keep on chatting as if … I really have just followed the “normal” script  … as the energy is changing so rapidly these days … the connection to source energy … depening . … the divide between the old and the new way is becoming more and more obvious in daily life ..

Then there is the feeling .. and I get this from oo so many    .. this year particularly  …  I can practically hear the thoughts of  .. OH god I wish … I could do that ..opt out …  and they get a kinda longing look on their faces … that pushes away the blank and numb thats used to camouflage the Stressed panic .. thats there because of all the demands that is placed on them or they place on themselves  …

that stuff you know when folks are running around preparing for the big day … and this is not just an xmas happening … there are many reasons  in the madness of the human drama that has folks running around the hamster wheel at full tilt as if they might actually get somewhere … anywhere .. and not just to exhausted so they cant enjoy what they are running for in  the first place … but thats from those partly awake beings that realise ..oo so much … but keep hoping they are wrong … cause dealing with the innerself … is the most mind blowing awe inspiring wow ride you can get … but getting on is a we bit like looking at the worst coaster there is and thinking …. AAAAAA no freaking way 😉 LOL

The place I guess they are all terrified to be within … the inner silence … stillness .. peace … the sacred space within from which reborn in our true VALUE & standing in our POWER  the wild woman and the Wolf … Goddess & Nature .. Earth Sun Moon Stars and all that is communicated as ONE … where our earth song is sung .. our true essence known

Once we connect so deeply to our HEARTS & Soul …the giving power away …. is NO LONGER … from this beautiful place of knowing our VALUE  … when truly centered within we become ONE with all .. with TRUTH … LOVE .. honour and integrity … OOOO SOOOO scary really … the knowing of self … 🙂

all in how you view it

but on the road of way to many ways to be giving our POWER away … .. KNOWING SELF is essential in finding out how not to … Its an Interesting … and can be as long and hard a journey .. or as short and magical a journey  .. as it takes us to find … see and honour our OWN VALUE .. our HEARTS ..connect to our SOUL  while living this earth life … Connecting to & BEing .. the POWER of all that we are … all that we have been .. and all that we will BE.


The beautiful thing about being there is the blessed ability to completely disconnection  from the lower vibrations .. of  sleepers … & xmas drama.


May you ALL be Blessed with the connection to your true selves .. the freedom to love and respect yourselves and ALL ..  as ALL of who and what you are .. Uniquely wonderfully you… Blessings of Goodwill Compassion LOvE LIGHT to you ALL ..

Namaste ❤ Maia

LOOK Around …. SEE TRUTH Everywhere .. The ENERGY IS Rising :)

LOOK Around …. SEE TRUTH Everywhere .. The ENERGY IS Rising :)

Walking through the woods … there is always beautiful lights and energy around everything .. The last few months there has been some amazing changes in the regularity and power of these energies .. Deep healing & Transformation into Mama Earth & from her through to all of us … The Purple hues …& Rainbow lights have been particularly Powerful … so much is changing …. so much depends on us holding our vibrations ,…. staying in and enhancing LOVE & TRUTH

Violet Flame
Violet Flame

The more in tune with our Hearts we are … the better and easier it all will Flow as thee powerful energies ..Flow in and through us ..we either vibrate higher and flow with the Cosmic Pulses of Creations Life Force .. where ALL HEALING is possible in all ways … IT does take an Authenticity and level of total TRUTH …in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE …. Sharing … Fair Trade … Honour and Respect for ALL … that will put a lot in this world of drama to shame ….

The young ones … are seeing straight through the lies they are fed at school … the drama is crumbling … its new times … lies .. spin and nonsense can not be sustained …

WE as we VIBRATE HIGHER SEE STRAIGHT Through it all … the Beautiful young ones are born with open awareness …. we must stop the systematic poisoning of these beautiful souls by all the medicines that are pushes … They don’t need labels or medicines … They need TRUTH to be taught and they need not to be boarded to death .. by nonsensical shit that will never serve them or anyone … from a school system that is merely there to get them numbed enough to become sleepers too … to comply to play the drama game ….


Rainbow light & Purple haze all through the forest ... in HEALING Ways !
Rainbow light & Purple haze all through the forest … in HEALING Ways !



from the SORRY MESS the greed of the last few generations have have caused …. There is NO LONGER a choice …. THERE has to BE a HEALING  … & MAMA EARTH …. well she is pretty much THERE now 🙂 … so all we have to do is hang on and CHOOSE WELL

Our  Choices will BE our tomorrows …  How Magical and Wondrous ..and just Perfect is that

Always much LOVE ❤ Maia

Angel Cloud across the sky …

Angel Cloud across the sky …

There is always a feeling of being Blessed ..  filled with LOVE LIGHT & Deep Peace  .. whenever I am surrounded by Nature .. add the Guardians painting Angels across the sky .. always with little Hearts of cause …  ♥ & these signs they keep coming ♥  …. leading me further and further away from the old draconian ways of other peoples repeat dramas …they are but mere shadows of long gone memories now … integrated as lessons learnt … 

and the FREEDOM of a Drama FREE zone gained :)… somthing I am most GRATEFUL for … in the times of the expanding HEART Energies …. The LOVE Vibrations being upgraded with more and more God Particles / Life Force / LOVE LIGHT every day … its a magical time we live in … The Freedom is in the PEACE & LOVE

Maia ❥∞

Angels n hearts
Angels n hearts

Heightening the vibrations ..ascension .. Animal Blessings

Heightening the vibrations ..ascension .. Animal Blessings

Now lets talk ascension for a sec .. or as I prefer heightening of the vibrations .. the word ascension is rather to adulterated for my liking … its so much simpler than all that waffle anyways .. ALL the ANIMALS can tell .. for real … Yip ..Honestly .. all of them ..can tell just how high or low your energy is .. as Mama earth is changing & heightening her vibrations ..her critters are all tuning in and up with her … its the human continuum that’s a wee bit on the slow side … we were discussing earlier how strange it is that all that rabbit on about ascension do not mention the animals ..they are little or large radars as to how us humans are getting along on our paths.

sunflower 15th sept 14 letting the heart shine

Today for instance we were walking along in the woods and came across a lady with 3 dogs ..all of which ran straight up to us … even the timid one that never went near other people at all … she was quite shocked that the little black n white collie came up to us and even let us fuss her .. as a rescue several years before someone had cut half her tale off and god knows what other harm had been done to the beautiful little soul ,,, she had never before come close to humans she did not know .. never mind let them touch her .. so we were greatly honoured … we met the twice and she came right up to us both times ❤

Ascension as such really isn’t such a big hu ha .. it just IS … it is JUST Mama Earth raising her vibrations … there need not be any discomfort at all so long as we also raise ours .. its all choice .. we chose do it the easy way ..just flow and do what mama does 🙂 … or the hard way ..fighting a loosing battle … there is no war here ,… there is only LOVE … so

Letting our Hearts shine .. listening to our inner voices ..BEing present in the moments … choosing LOVE …choosing TRUTH .. changes everything …it makes the Magic of Creations Wonders real solidifies the knowing … It opens our eyes to seeing all the beauty that is beyond most peoples vision … the sparkles and colours the energy that shines around everyone and everything … the energy of who and what we are … that tells only TRUTH … there is no hiding this light …. whether it be darkened by egos thoughts words & deeds or lightened by soul & heart love … it just IS … this energy is seen and felt by ALL the ANIMALS .. yip that’s how they can tell .. really .. all of them ..can tell just how high or low your energy is ..

You want to know how mama earth is “ascending” HEIGHTENING her VIBRATIONS … watch and learn from the animals .. they have no agendas … they are never fake … they do not lie … As for us … well once we heighten our energies enough …we get these senses too … like the animals ..the knowing on many levels awakens in us .. so the fake and untrue sticks our a mile … it smells bad n all …. and LOVE & Truth is most delightful indeed ❤ .. even the though stuff gets easy with & in LOVE & TRUTH .

Always much LOVE ❤

Our Healing Room ..morning sun … Rainbow light and Orbs …

Our Healing Room ..morning sun … Rainbow light and Orbs …

Healing room ❤

Orbs & Light in Healing Space
Orbs & Light in Healing Space

Morning sunlight coming in with Rainbows ..Orbs & LOVE LIGHT all through the Healing / therapy room’s always amazing but with the last few full moons it’s been breathtaking … Creation particles / Love Light there is more than ever in the air all around me.

Connecting to source light  .. opening for all that is… allowing the flow and abundance … Knowing that Miracles are part of LIFE … Like Universal fireworks they can permeate the air with magic all around .. or they can go off in the distance.

Keeping our vibration high is the key to seeing the magic & also how to see CREATION Particles  /God particles / Love Light Sparkles fairly easily ..cause anyone can see them really … this beautiful energy .. we just have to know how.

Healing Light @our place :)
Healing Light @our place 🙂

I’m feeling blessed that so much of it shows up in my photos these days. It makes sharing the  LOVE LIGHT the PEACE  second nature .. and all we have to do is allow it … open for it and BE Present.

Helping others balance on this wondrous journey of life is a Beautiful thing indeed.

There really is no more beautiful feeling than someone coming in here in pain & feeling dreadful .. then after a session leaving .. pain FREE & full of energy. yip that is a beautiful Blessing indeed.

Always much LOVE Maia

Dancing down the road of creations blessings

Dancing down the road of creations blessings

Dropping baggage  ….. Let’s us travel this Earth journey lightly …. frees us so we can Dance Joyously down the Magical Road of Creations Blessings …

What are your thoughts creating for your tomorrows ?

Joyous dancing .. or cement shoes ?

Choose well … your Heart & Soul depends on it …

BE LOVE .. of LOVE & in LOVE


Expanding GRATITUDE :) .. and final Gratitude day 5

Expanding GRATITUDE :) .. and final Gratitude day 5

but first cause how does one only choose 3 things anyways 🙂 LOL  … the jewel like orb on the feather here was playing around me along most of the walk a few days ago .. in & out of others & rainbow light … Angel & Mama Nature’s Blessings … this little beauty was with us all the way around a 2+ hour walk in the woods ❤ …. I always feel so blessed 🙂 & so Grateful for everything …all the time really so this 5 days of sharing only 3 things a day .. I don’t think its ever possible to run out of NEW things to be GRATEFUL for ..add all the other stuff too the daily HEARTS in clouds & nature & even when I drop things .. like hand cream in the kitchen sink …. well I get hearts … spill my coffee and I get hearts LOL ..just hearts everywhere all the time in all ways …

Signs of Nature & LOVE LIGHT ..CREATIONS Magic just everywhere all the time 🙂 … you just gotta allow the eyes to see what the heart knows is there ..that’s it … that all there really is to it honest 🙂  … well the inner peace from a still mind helps 😉 but choosing to still calm and BE is a  beautiful first step … it lets all that our hearts knows flow to our eyes ears & feelings .. helps expand the LIGHT within ❤ ..So GRATITUDE ..wishing the same for you ALL Wonderful’s … it makes the heart grow so beautifully 🙂 overflow with JOY ❤ … Hope you’ve all felt the wonder of writing down some of what makes the LOVE flow in Gratitude’s flow for you .. keep shining ❤

Beautiful Blessings of Heart shaped jewel ORB on Buzzard feather a few  days ago :)
Beautiful Blessings of Heart shaped jewel ORB on Buzzard feather a few days ago 🙂

so .. last day 🙂 ….. here goes … I am Grateful for … :

1. the gift and ability that let’s me feel the lightness & JOY in & of a Buzzards flight by holding his blessing of a feather in my hand  … a sensitivity .. now a blessing indeed .. that I used to call a curse .. because around people .. especially before I learnt to shield and protect myself really did let me feel far to much .. the POWER of FORGIVENESS would do many so much good.. cause the feelings of anger hatred resentments jealousies are YUCKY draining and beyond horrid on the outside .just feeling the presence of these stuck and hardening emotions … so what they do to folks on the inside is a scary thought indeed to me  .. … AHA but more important … the deep connection to mama earth that this sensitivity allows for …is WOW & so far beyond Wondrous … so always BLESSED …  Always In GRATITUDE to SOURCE & ALL that IS …THANK YOU .. I LOVE YOU ❤
2. for Knowing the beautiful POWER of complete FORGIVENESS ..& the expansion of LOVE it brings that settles as solid & unrockable …stable INNER PEACE … to BE & share with ALL  …. The FREEDOM our HEARTS experience with true and complete forgiveness … and the space it leaves for only TRUE & REAL LOVELIGHT to be present within .. & that well that just EXPLODES outwards .. overflows … you just gotta hope its contagious.

3. For Clean Air to breathe … CLEAN ENERGY  … FREE Energy … cause its coming … The AWAKENING ..its growing … we the people ..more and more of us are awakening .. and seeing that the only fear … is being spread by the fish dangling on hooks so to speak that our governments and big business are … on hocks reeled by those who pay them to rob humanity … the 13 as I have always felt and know them … the root of GREED ..FEAR based .. through their own fear of loosing POWER they and those before them … have kept the people in lack and fear through centuries …denying us the wisdom NS KNOWING THAT ALL COMES FROM WITHIN ….. ALL IS US … WE ARE LIKE CREATOR AND WE ALL HOLD THIS SAME RESPONSIBILITIES … OUR POWER IS THE POWER ….Once we stand firm in our own complete personal responsibility … in LOVE … in CREATIONS universal laws of LIFE …. WE FLOW & PROSPER …. THROUGH HEART … A SHARING &  EXPANDING LOVING world … & RICH IN ALL WAYS WE BECOME … … Our birthright is to know all we are … to BE complete within this human body … to allow our SOUL to fully live though the physical we must release the illusion of fear ..and step into the LOVE of all that IS

The AWAKENING is at over 54% now & RISING … & these awakened are participating consciously in Mama Earth’s Ascension … raising our vibrations Mama Raises her’s 🙂 … These days  …. two worlds are inhabiting this planet … through all our human choices … either to stay in the illusion of fear ..& keep giving their power away ………. Or …. of LOVE .. letting GO all fear … KNOWING that LOVE is ALL and the connection to SOURCE LIGHT that opens within ..shows us TRULY just how POWERFUL WE ALL ARE !!!!!!!!

Always much LOVE ❤

Hand cream drop in the kitchen sink ... HEARTS ... little LOVE signs just everywhere
Hand cream drop in the kitchen sink … HEARTS … little LOVE signs just everywhere