Healing Health Touch

What we do with Healing Health Touch is supporting your body mind and spirits self healing capabilities.


We see you in a holistic way as a multidimensional ( thoughts, feelings, emotions) spiritual being that is inhabiting a physical body. Imbalances like Dis-EASE are just a messenger to show the contrast to the EASE that is our birth right in body, mind, spirit.

Balancing Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual BODY.  Receiving, Alignment physically, mentally, emotionally & energetically. We in our hands on treatments, we help you to rebuild wellness in rebalancing to original Blue Print energies, Gently and Effectively supporting your body to remember good health and well being on all levels.

Both as Hands on and Distant connection work, Healing Health Touch,  Energy Healing & Coaching you, to allowing your own deep & complete inner JOY and healing. It is about tuning and fine tuning the body, mind, spirit to allow full Healing from within.

Giving the Help and Support YOU Deserve, to step into your own Power.

We know our bodies have the ability to heal anything, but to do that, we must support our bodies and treat them with respect, as well as give ourselves what it is that we need to heal, and not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too.

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