The Place of inner knowing

Put yourself in the place of inner knowing that good things are coming to you, Do not try to specify or limit the ways through which they come, By being much more general, and therefore much less resistant, you’re much more willing to allow them to happen. Andreas Antero Ahrens

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The best TREAT in Life …

The best TREAT in Life …

That moment when your getting closer to the car .. you tired .. wet .. sweaty ..seriously dishevel .. but still Laughing ..& you … well I .. wondered about the stranger than normal looks form the immaculately dressed n made up “hobby” walkers just starting out on their walk .. even the dogs were spotless 😉  ..Hmmm then a Selfie shows you what you look like after a 2 hour walk turned to 3 n a half + cause you took the unplanned scenic route through the thick of the woods


… battling through brambles n pondering what the heck possessed you to do a Laurel n Hardy impression while slip sliding away .. threading the tightrope so to speak doing your best not to land nose first in thick mud 🙂  ..

All this while either being super silent n breathing in the Blessings of the Beauty n the Blessings of being where most don’t thread at all … or roaring with laughter cause well why wouldn’t you ..its an awesome day 🙂 

OOOOOO Well  😉  LOL n YIKES I’m sure they speeded up considerably from the HOWLS of LAUGHTER that that emerged from me on inspection of said selfie 😉  What they though ..well that was their shit:D .. The look on their faces and my thought of hiding out as a Halloween Shocker 😉   Priceless … Bawhahaha 😉 🙂  & HA

So Yip All in ALL .. every day is a Magical day … this one was filled with the best medicines in the world LAUGHTER & Blesses Part of Mama NATURE.

Wishing you ALL Magical days & Just BE YOU ❤ Your Awesome .. Precious and Perfect just the way you are ..

& I can Heartedly recommend letting go all the masks .. air brushed or not 😉  .. label n drugged whether doctrined or self inflicted ..Mama Nature in all her forms has abundance of Healing to share ..

and setting yourselves FREE to BE your Beautiful Amazing selves ❤

Cause really what better TREAT in life is there than really being Freely YOU


let go …. Value … BE the Magic ..

let go …. Value … BE the Magic ..

OKIE It’s time to just stop & breath & LOVE YOU ❤  let it go .. people live & act to the to the level of the human drama they participate in …within drama all is different levels of fake .. it’s all about taking energy from others … & that includes the supposedly spiritual

Only from a whole loving to self space of being & Living the LOVE .. can we hope to truly make changes .. it’s being present … it’s BEing the PRESENT to ourselves & others .. It’s living by example … BEing all that we wish to see in our lives & on our precious earth 

5th nov ORBS with film effect in gratitude present

Real & True has to be in that space within where source LOVE & we meet .. our Hearts .. Our Hearts know the true value of our souls ..ignoring the minds nonsense & living as best we can from this beautiful space ..where Gratitude LOVE & creations Magic flows .. is BEing in our own TRUE POWER

Unconditional LOVE is the POWER

Now with two people in that space can we find REAL .. in partnerships too …

So just BREATHE & take your POWER back Wonderful’s .. don’t waste any more of your precious life force energy ..wondering WHY some do what they do .. LET IT GO .. we don’t have to understand why others do what they do .. that’s their shit to speak ..

We only have to understand our own choices & learn how to make much better ones for ourselves in the future

Give yourself the Love & Respect .. you have always given to others.. Then the new & beautiful that mirror that will come into your life ..

You become a Magnet for your dreams


TRUTH is your Beautiful

TRUTH is your Beautiful

Your Beautiful that’s the TRUTH of it  … simply & completely


 like a sunset perfection … each and every one of us is

uniquely perfectly perfect  … just the way we are

& when you think about it how Magical is that 🙂  … how wondrous …. how exciting to get to know so many nuances of all that is ..

why do so many .. feel  .. not enough … Ideals that make beautiful Brilliant & unique people belittle themselves  ? …. WHAT is that ???

It sure as heck ain’t the TRUTH

Limitations .. set by society … media .. Airbrushed distortions to glorify drama  .. the falseness  … the fake

The Spin that is so dizzy by its own spin on spin …  its ripped out of whatever foundation it once had … in REAL & TRUE

NO seriously F*** that .. Oh Whoopsee pardon the language .. NO .. Really FUCK that .. I mean it … Baaaa to apologising for the language

let me say that a bit louder …. FUCK THAT


We are MAGNIFICENT .. HUGE .. SOULS  Amazing BEings having a small journey in a physical Earth Body

Our Amazing HEARTS  …  Vibrate at a Frequency of 50 000 hertz  which is more than twice the electrical measurements made for all our other organs .. including the brain

So .. why does the manipulations of fear based drama ..ruled by the few who manipulate for POWER .. through Society .. Religions .. Governments … not to forget Mainstream MEDIA  … They SPIN YOU ROUND ROUND ROUND …  & go so far to keep us from this amazing energy … from our core … from ALL that we are … THE HOLY GRAIL

THE HOLY GRAIL = our KNOWING HEARTS  … in which SOURCE’S unending well always flows   … where we are always connected to ALL THAT IS … Pure POWER  … Pure ENERGY .. the LOVE of ALL THAT IS

LOVE THY SELF  .. we have to LOVE ourselves first  .. or we wount even know how to really LOVE anyone else ..

Well it was my discovery that we have to be our own ..shining white knight .. horse n all … its the only way when TRUTH is important to us .. cause we can only shine even more with a partner that is also his/her own knight … two WHOLE BEings so to speak ..sharing … free and clear of the normal human drama …



Wishing you ALL Magical days Wonderful’s


Walking with LOVE … in LIFE

Walking with LOVE … in LIFE

Walking with LOVE … in LIFE

My feet .. gotta LOVE them ... they take me everywhere :)
My feet .. gotta LOVE them … they take me everywhere 🙂

On a path of an open HEART from childhood really … Shamanic and HEALING from teens … Deeply Forgiving … always forgiving everything and everyone … Understanding & Accepting of ALL  .. through out my 40 sommat years …

This last year being in the same space as my Heart Soul mate …Andreas has yet again on this journey of life … opened profound and deep healing … to levels /depths I didn’t even know I had…   Each of us full and whole … complete flames … in our own right  …. our Flames entwined and expanding … leaving no rock unturned or unbalanced .(twin Flame(s)my own views / feelings on that though have definitely proven correct , so lots to share on that front ..soon as I get it written properly that is.. ;)) …

Its been a bit like …OH Goood G ( Golly 😉 & Gosh 🙂 if I had not forgiven everything and everyone with such ease through life .. no matter how bad it was .. I really would NOT BE HERE NOW …. No it would have all been way to much …. My Heart & Compassion has been stamped and trampled on to such a degree that if I was one of those Japanese old crocs .. broken and prepared lovingly with gold gluing together the broken pieces … there would only be gold showing … none of the broken pieces at all … cause repair upon repair has over lapped and overlapped …. so much that the LOVE LIGHT in my HEART that kept repairing itself .. is ALL thats left … & thats quite an amazing discovery … SO GRATEFUL

& so GRATEFUL for this last year …. SO GRATEFUL for my HEART Mate ( Heartmate I’ll get to describing it in a post or two soon its not soul mate or twin flame or really any of all that I’ve seen waffled about online although there is some beautiful … honourable and truthful sharing out there …… but its so much more … Now I might be fluffy to some but I don’t do fluff as such … I like simplicity …. just straight forward no nonsense kinda thing .. NOW NATURE … yip mama earth she knows .. no fluff there .. she just IS  .. Nature she’s sold and sure and LOVE … CREATION … ALL … so yip … oh … a another post … cause I’ll get myself way of track 🙂 )

Right where was I … YES …GRATEFUL for this time together … and for his amazing capacity to cope with floods … although they have been healing for us both … topics dont come up only one side so to speak 🙂 .. .but darn all that’s come out of me we have been close to needing the flipping ARK … tears of shock revelations … tears of sadness … tears for all the beauty that could have been ..if only others chose awake … and not drama … yikes … & tears of Gratitude … for feeling the LOVE & Compassion from someone else …

Feeling the LOVE & Compassion given freely … the way I’ve always given it … but had no idea Id never felt what it felt like ot be shown .. given … recieve … this amazing magic of Complete Compassion& unconditional LOVE … friend or foe I know how to give it … but RECEIVING it has at times been overwhelming to say the least …. .. MOST BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING … but overwhelming in so far that I’ve been seeing  just how few crumbs I was grateful for … & just how extreme  those rose coloured glasses I wore was …. not to mention how many layers they had …

This was also in a big way .. even more insight into …  the armour (body) I had built up …… how and why I could posible stay so big .. cause for years I was hardly eating at all … I could not .. first because I felt dreadful on the pill back then and almost doubled my bodyweight (about 24 or so years ago) …. and that all happened in less than 6 months … SHOCKING..

So for years I blamed the pill .. and the heart ache around trying to get some help from the doctors to help myself  …   but way to shocking for doc’s too … because there was no medical explanation that they would except .. and they refused to see that it was the pill … or even to look into it really … I was just totally ignored and put down  …. &  not eating because pill made me feel sick and even as if I was on high seas all the time  …. Silly to keep taking it …OH YES .. but I kept taking it because it was important to me not to get pregnant with an alcoholic partner at the time  … Well that was  a BIGGIE in that relationship ( but thats yet again another topic … darn its one of those days again … all coming up to be written I guess … so I best get on with it 🙂  …. well after no more pill and going vegan ..raw super health freak …. well I already was in a way … but went to super  extreme you could say … to fix me ……. body and me at war so to speak … hmmm well ..

The ARMOUR though … was EMOTIONAL .. all FEELING based …..because I always felt sickish.. well at times really sick and even vomited … by being around some.people and their drama … so not eating before being near them was my coping mechanism … only way I could stand it ….  now I never wanted to be sick … I used to try everything not to be … so didnt even fit into any of the eating disorders … but I did a fair amount of in depth research before I was satisfied with that conclusion  …. getting a Diploma in Nutrition and a 3 year teacher training course in Yoga .. being Vegan …. eating mostly RAW … and nothing helped me loose weight  …. It was Crazy really .. and talking about it was a nightmare too … or should I say being lectured on it … my weight that is … cause all would  …. rant and rave on about how disgusting I was and how I obviously knew nothing … when it turned out I knew more than they did … it turned to anger and I was accused of lying …. over and over … so I stopped responding & just went quiet …

The weight ARMOUR … was my BODY’s way of PROTECTING ME … from all the huge hits my HEART kept taking  ……  when my heart believed in love compassion and sharing  … TRUSTing .. and always hoping … for honour and integrity … a keeping of words … a possibility they would be being nice & honourable … keeping promises this time … which never came …..

My Cinderella with out the prince or fairy godmother self  which I “sarkily” call that period of my life …… I have stepped out of .. and left it FAR behind ….but  Looking at my life … I wonder how I managed to stay ME .. stay LOVING … stay TRUE to my HEART …  … cause my supposed role models when young … all around me was  ….  greed anger and hatred ..jealousies .. bitterness ..sadness … all hidden in a thin veneers of  drama filled love … YUCK … & I knew it … it always felt wrong …. but it was… just that … family its supposed to be sharing and caring …  NO so not always the case … being tooooo sensitive I guess … feeling everything … knowing the underlying truth … seeing it …and also seeing and honouring everyones path .. where they were on it at any given time …. hmmm and accepting that …

I used to joke that I must be allergic to my family through late teens and 20’s … HA it turned out … I was … or well to the hurt … with all the forgiveness I never even noticed really .. that the pain of their words and actions that I laughed at or with …sat deep within my cells  … and my body knew … remembered and responded to all the shit … in the only way it knew how …. padding … protection … hide … make ARMOUR   … If ..  it /my life … had been a cartoon it would have been funny … OOO & also .. the scene in Harry potter when he blows up his aunt … she pops out like a balloon … well it was a bit like that … only not light … but heavy as … shocking to the system to gain so much weight so fast … like water pouring in ..liters and liters every day ..and solidifying … freezing up like stone …

Well the weight … the Armour …. I still have some left .. but its going with LOVE & just BEing .. no diet …apart from LOVING everything ❤  ….. this last year though much slower ..but thats been mainly because I’ve kept almost shocking myself over and over with realisation after realisation …. of just how much I held for way to many  and for way to long ….

+ the whole being thrown other peoples messes to clean up too … the real big life altering messes they so happily made and guess who was left holding the flipping bag … Oh my  …  … really life can take you some places …  Well somehow always  flowing with what was  … doing what was necessary …. required and putting broken people back together again … including my own mum …. but I must say mum being thrown out of her home by my sister & co just as I was wrapping my head around all this … body blowing into ballooooooon in a mega way thing … nearly 20 years ago … didn’t make it easy .. Mum’s bitterness and anger at what had been done to her … was hard work indeed … but somehow  with a lot of learning along the way …. with LOVE & FORGIVENESS … wrapped in Compassion … sharing my healing gifts … helping others help themselves … helping them feel good ..well and happy …. has made every aspect however though .. of a long journey .. into valuable lessons …

well in the 3 Years  after my mother passed into light … I released oooo so much … & I went from this …   :

Me …Maia … and even a bit bigger than this too … up until mum passed 7th February 2010 …. then up and down … well EMOTIONS and sadness .. so much MY ARMOUR had to release …. including being told by my brother 2 weeks after that he had hated me from the day I was born … forgiving .. and relaxing cause he seem to have seen light somehow … but all illusion cause he wanted to take what was left I guess …… some don’t use the freedom of choice to well ..but thats their lesson and their karma … its now 4 years later … other picture is more appropriate … but with some releasing and sadness coming to the surface of all the old hurt …. I can still swell out and look several stone heavier in minutes … YIKES … but so Grateful I know and can bless and release now so … always stay centred in me and LOVE … I finally have compassion for me too

to this :

to this .... ME ... Maia in July 2013  ... with just choosing LOVE ... & JOY .. being FREE to just BE ME for the first time in my life ... & NOT accepting any more drama of any kind ...
to this …. ME … Maia in July 2013 … with just choosing LOVE … & JOY .. being FREE to just BE ME for the first time in my life … & NOT accepting any more drama of any kind …

while eating stuff I had not even dreamed of touching more than on a rare occasion for most of my life ….  opted for eating EVERYTHING …. Yip I’ve been loosing weight eating chocolate crisps and pizza 🙂 LOL .. well not only obviously 🙂 … but whenever I wanted …

The KEY … JOY … LOVE  …. so … having gotten this key .. early on in life … and tried everything … and then some …. but I didn’t quite have the inner VALUE of me in order …. so … my body only heard my thoughts and words about myself and all the words and shit from others …. so mega ARMOUR it was

Standing up to some of the most intimidating bullying imaginable … well threats from brother about knowing people who would pop my knees … destroy them … and me … was lets just say interesting ….. it restarted after a break of almost 2 years …after mum left our realm I hoped that it was all over .. but no .. but I talked about this a couple of posts ago … so no need to repeat myself …

The bullying  had some breaks in between through the years .. when my brother 22 years older than me  … was being nice instead of mean to me …  there was obviously something he wanted from me  … Well my Final stand … to Finally standing up to him and all of them … (the boggarts ) … stepping away …. was the best thing I have ever done for me in my life … It was the final and extreme / complete release of all old and not beneficial in my life ….

It left it pretty bear though … people wise  … I must say … cause well when your down or running on empty etc. … you know that saying  … then you will really know who your real friends are … ITS TRUE … or even better ..learn to say NO … and .. watch he slink away …. or juicier … ask for help where you have given so much … and in my case  …. it felt a  bit like …OOOOO we’re playing hide and go seek …. Yep … I so dont think so ….

Really I start to VALUE myself like I’ve always VALUED ALL … and … vamos … I tell ya …  not even a magician could have hidden a rabbit in a hat that well 😉 YIKES …  but awesome really … cause darn there was /is room for so much MAGIC in my LIFE NOW ….

& Magic in LOVE too …. but yes … having done soul work … Void travels from over 20 years .. so much inner work …. I have been again surprised at just how much …  there was still inside of me  …. & that there was some FORGIVING still to do … of MYSELF for ALLOWING all I allowed  … and just accepted bad behaviour ..cause it was just how they were so to speak … it became so normal that it didn’t even stick out … it just was ….

So never forget …… ALWAYS :

LOVE Yourself…

TRUST Yourself…

VALUE Yourself …

ACCEPT Yourself..

FORGIVE Yourself …

BLESS Yourself …

EMPOWER Yourself…

EXPRESS Yourself..

& don’t forget to share the Magic ..There is only LOVE & WE ARE ALL ONE ..



Japanese mended vase

LOVE is everywhere … yet so many only feel the darkness … a couple of things but also Robin Williams passing to light-body a few days a go ….

LOVE is everywhere … yet so many only feel the darkness … a couple of things but also Robin Williams passing to light-body a few days a go ….

LOVE is everywhere … if we allow it … breathe it in and breath it out … inside each and every one of us PEACE will live .. that will change our world !

May the winds blow all your worries away .. & may LOVE BLOW in instead

The sky has been filled with hearts today as pretty much every day .. playfully floating by in the strong clearing winds … LOVE everywhere  … Today’s picture is a beautiful heart cloud from a couple of days ago .. I seem to get pictures of heart clouds almost daily .. even in stormy weather with dark skies ..storms rain thunder and lightning I see these signs of LOVE ..

LOVE is all around

.. reminding me to breathe & BE .. there has been so much happening lately .. I do inform myself ..but I do not watch the news /tv .. or read mainstream media ..mags or papers  any more .. have not for years … for load of reasons …

The first which though is :  I LOVE TRUTH  & 2. I DESERVE TRUTH  … I BELIEVE WE ALL DO ….  mainstream waffle is all spin & lies .. for as long as I can remember there has been this sensationalism .. blow it out ..way out like a balloon and most people will lap it up .. like gossip … well I never have had time for gossip either … no matter how it comes its the same …. mostly its like looking at a haystack and wondering about the needle … somewhere in all the yapping … the sensational reporting .. is a root of a truth so hidden in twisted nonsense .. spun so thoroughly that discerning the ounce of truth in the 10 ton stack  of fear based drivel  …. is just YUCK … being a bit of a lie detector .. energy wise … in todays society .. HA well it is a bit like the whole needle in a haystack thing … .. only the needle vibrates …  … or the lack of a decent sized needle has you looking around and wonder just why and how people are swallowing all the drivel they are being fed …. I’ve often wished I had one f those eyebrows that could go way up .. sais soooo much 🙂

Blessings and respect to all those who call a space a space .. who blog and write the truth ..  post pictures/ videos from their neighbourhoods / countries … and give the on the ground truth so to speak … its everywhere .. it amazing …Its so easy to inform yourself these days … also historically .. its time to see the larger pictures … and learn from the mess of the past … not just make a worse mess than the one before over and over again …. YIKES .. to me ..its a bit like I want to shout HELLO … anybody home in the little grey cells  … & oooooo look the eye’s really do not have roller blinds .. you just have to choose to open them.

For the sensitive souls energetically its a mess … as sensitives/ empaths we often feel the problems of the whole world .. it can be overwhelming at times .. discerning what is ourselves and what is others can be a most painful experience … & even for those of us who have figured out what is truly just ourselves & what is from outside / others .. world drama etc it can feel so heavy you can hardly move …. and it can on occasion take a fair bit to get back in alignment with soul self, when you’ve let yourself feel to much.

Well I haven’t written for a while ..cause I had plans of making this blog for only the fluffy beautiful uplifting kinda moments …  and the last one wasn’t .. I let my sarky and my heart truths loose … at times that can be both like ooo WHOOPSEE & YIKES all together …. well this blog was supposed to be for all the healing & blessings that mama nature can give us in so many ways … and after my last post ..I really have had some serious thinking on this subject .. not really helped by the angel cards always showing .. “come out of the closet” (HA) & TRUST 😉 oh yep … so … a wee  tennis game in my own head and heart … about Truth and Love in a fluffy way only  … or just being me fully and completely … and going with Truth & Love in all ways … well as I see it anyways …

it was this last week that made it clear …. from everywhere all I seemed to notice ..was messy drama .. on repeat ….   fake … nonsense and spin …. over this last full moon I found myself a few times wondering if the plot had been lost completely …. and I even wondered if there was only gremlins posting on FB … messy breakups . loud and filled with accusations .. sad if the same person had not done the same less than 2 years before .. putting loads of photos up of his new girlfriend … they get younger  …. hmmmm …  and accusing the fiance  of being psycho … hmmm .. on repeat … same shit … but even more .. HELLOOOOOO like really was the amount of people who added their energy to this nonsense  ….I can so do without this shit over a good morning coffee … so Fb is now almost of my radar to …. well this kinda stuff is in my book simply psychic attacks and energy stealing at its worst .. in and of drama  … the fight for energy between people  …

We are at a time in which  everything is changing …. this kind of manipulation … well it backfires …. Karma doesnt wait any more … but … what goes out comes back in heavier doses …. this kinda shit … the darkness it brings and creates … I see / feel this mesing … it more often than not become illness in and around those who create it and participate in it  … cancer feeds on this kind of shit … depression becomes worse .. like being under heavy weights … yip the heaviness of it … is damaging to many … if all these people who yapp with and join in this kinda shitty gossip .. realised .. saw what happened to their auras …. they would freak out …

So really its time to wake up .. and take responsibility for all our thought … words and actions … because each and every one has energy … goes out … if it does damage …  the value of all of that comes right on back  too … Yip it sucks … so as I see it .. best stop doing it  …. its all choice … just choose well .. chose the good and beautiful that you actually want more of … and give that to others too … it changes life from grey and sad to magic  …. ITS JUST CHOICE …

On those that feel to much .. and maybe have no awareness of sensitivities .. depression  sits as a block until the key is found and integrated to release it …. often the human dramas and doctrines … the fear in all that blocks the access to truly healing the inner self … and being all that we can be … stepping out of the fear illusion and into LOVE .. is why we are here on this planet .. to wake up …. shine our lights.

now I have to say ROBIN WILLIAMS … I was a rather horrified too see the morning he passed to light on FB … that already some of the “psychic” were claiming to have spoken to him … frankly he his soul .. his family… deserves more than all the shitty nonsense … the the beautiful memories he’s left us .. all the magic and beauty he shared opening us for JOY ..but also opening us to QUESTIONING EVERYTHING … really seeing … what was /is going on …. HE WAS/IS AWESOME …. He gave us all so much laughter .. also truths .. hard hitting ones .. principled … HEY ..LOOK at this .. wake up kinds of movies as well as ..seriously hard hitting standup …. solid truths in seriously funny ways … & he has my RESPECT .. I’m guessing it is what cause the hollywood club/ film industry … including disney to make many difficulties and set backs in his carrier …. the drama ridden society that is so frightened of truth … the underlying politics … the dark drama … that always do everything to block light …. All I can hope is that more like him stand up for TRUTH …

Really stand up .. in TRUTH …. say what’s what .. call a spade a spade …. but also that more of us stand up behind and around these brave souls … stand firm … in LOVE & LIGHT … in & with TRUTH … so that all those that work relentlessly to stop truths and make everything spin … nonsense and sensationalism …with the in our faces paparazzi puke ..YUCK …Well unless they get that we don’t want that s*** the half truths and lies, it continues …. we want REAL & TRUTH … we want honour…. at least I bloody well hope so … that its we and not just a few like me that is saturated and beyond one with all the lies and corruption ……  Unless we all stand up behind and around these brave souls … that stand at the forefront and tell the truths humour as Robin did … we will loose more. … cause standing up … being forthright … and finding that no one has your back … looking around at the backs of all those that said they stood with you … even urged you on in TRUTH … well that sucks …. I’ve been there …. I think many of us has … standing alone .. in so many ways … 

As for the disrespect of the money grabbing in the “psychic” community … all I can say is KARMA … BITES .. any of us with sensitivity and seeing /feeling /healing more than others .. do as yet … have the RESPONSIBILITY … to work in LOVE …. the half truths and lies .. the “me myself and I” & “what can I gain” …. that’s JUST WRONG …I found myself unfriending … blesing and leasing … but was again I was horrified at just how many were wowed and taken with this  ….. again this is energy manipulation … and will leave a fair few people drained … this stuff happens all the time in greater or lesser degrees .. its drama … just plain and simple … waking up and not participating .. can change everything .. for beauty and magic …  … energy is just energy … positive or negative a flow just is … it is our human freedom of choice that determines our lives and how they flow…