Miss Marples favourite been murdered by Cyanide – 700 Tons of it is draining into the ground as we speak – Prayers Please for our whole planet !

Miss Marples favourite been murdered by Cyanide – 700 Tons of it is draining into the ground as we speak – Prayers Please for our whole planet !

FIRST THINGS FIRST ….. PRAYERS PLEASE to all those SOULs effected in the huge EXPLOSIONS & fires in CHINA … & who can be effected by the 700 TONS of SODIUM CYANIDE that is running into the ground and sewers in Tianjin … which is not far form Beijing .. if this gets into their ground water it will be a major earth disaster .. the danger and toxicity is astronomical … 0.02 to 0.03 grams of this stuff will KILL YOU .. it is used in several states in the US for EXECUTIONS


here is just one news rapport from the BBC there is a video there of the first explosions  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-33924501

WIKI has it down as a current disaster & there is a fair bit of info on there  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_Tianjin_explosions

as for sodium cyanide .. one o Miss MAPLES favourite deaths by .. I have to say I by far prefer her gentle ways …  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_cyanide

So this is in NO way funny … it effects our whole planet … the radiation etc from Fukushima is still all through the waters along the west coast of America yet NOTHING is being said about it … fish are dying .. the ecosystems are changing yet the US government is silent ???? ..  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fukushima_Daiichi_nuclear_disaster

& don’t even get me started on BIG PHARMA … YIKES murderers … between the meds and the chemicals that cause cancer etc that’s used in all processed food and in the production of our food ….

HELLO !!!!!

IT IS BEYOND TIME WE ALL SAY << NO >> – its time we all stand together world wide & say NO to BIG Business & our governments that through their corruption are poisoning our world !

& stand together in PRAYERS no matter what religion is your base & standing in LIGHT & LOVE fully and completely caring for ALL on this planet of ours …

Its enough damage done now to all the people and our world by the GREED of the few !

So PLEASE send LOVE LIGHT & Your PRAYERS in which ever way you choose for all the souls & our world to be a safe and beautiful place for ALL ❤


Lightning OAK … Mama Natures LIGHT bells toll in ORBS and Rainbow rays

Lightning OAK … Mama Natures LIGHT bells toll in ORBS and Rainbow rays

Lightning OAK … Mama Natures LIGHT bells toll in ORBS & Rainbow rays … the Energetic Forces of Nature  ..


Like the LIGHT Bell tolls of the beautiful blessings Source Light Brings  … it also reminds of our RESPONSIBILITY to care for SOURCES CREATION .. Our Bodies ..our Earth with the regenerative LIFE ..LOVE & SOURCE really IS


LIFE is about CREATING … Its about ALLOWING CREATION to flow in and through you  … CHOOSING

Thought by thought … Word by word & Action by action .. what you ALLOW IN & Around you…. becomes your LIFE.  … Choice by choice…  Our LIFE is CREATED all around us


Makes the importance of ALL our choices … little and large ..PARAMOUNT to all we see around US .


So make your mind the ra ra club of your HEART  … so to choose .. Thoughts, Words & Actions that create BEAUTY .. HEALTH .. WEALTH  … becomes easy ..

LOVING ourselves & ALL enough  … IS Allowing the Flow of & with Sources Blessings & ABUNDANCE… in all ways ..


Mama Earth … the Angles ..The Guardians .. & SOURCE ITSELF is ALWAYS showing us how … and always surrounding us with all the LOVE LIGHT & Energy needed for our Perfect Health .. our perfect Wealth in all ways

The question is only if we ALLOW the healing  … do we allow ourselves to open so wide .. to such depths .. forcing if we have to ..our way past old hurts .. old pain … suffering … old believes .. old doctrines .. to just BE with .. in & off the LIGHT ..

It is so beyond worth it … I have no real words to describe the Beauty .. Magi & Wonder of having SOURCE LOVE FLOW to you  .. through you & from you .. It is such a privileged …

A privileged that comes with the guardianship of the life on this planet … our beautiful EARTH  .. our Source of Physical Life .. of the Oxygen we breathe … the food we need to sustain us.. We have the responsibility of handing this magnificent life form our Planet over to the children … and their children’s children

Mama’s LIGHT BELLS are chiming to stop harm & allow LOVE to flow ❤


Golf Brolly meets Huge ancient Pine …

Golf Brolly meets Huge ancient Pine …

Golf Brolly meets Huge Ancient Pine   .. one of the oldest in England .. or so I’ve been told …

With the scale of things  … Big Brolly turned tiny

IMG_4032 x dk1

.. even men are dwarfed by the stature & majestic grandeur

IMG_4026 cp6 neg

of the scale of things in Natures Glory  … Let’s not let the negative exposure of human drama .. harm our Living Breathing Planet …

IMG_4029 x dk1

Let’s Love ..Cherish & Respect this Great Mother .. without her Lungs .. her trees  & forests ..  we mere humans would not breath ..

Our Lives we owe her .. and we should take care ..

we need her Grace & her tender care ❤


The GOOSE RAN DOWN MY BACK from the words I read …

The GOOSE RAN DOWN MY BACK from the words I read …

First thing I saw this morning was a lot of babble from folks that seemed rather ill informed … I should say it was FB … so .. yes yes I know .. that happens a lot  .. but I never get that thing some do ..the force of an opinion that has NO solid ground in any kind of fact .. but they can be darn destructive with it

Saw some comments  on this  You tube video ..  that brought this wee bit o chat on . I couldn’t help it … it just poured out of me 🙂 .. go figure … I so don’t have enough words for that right 😉 LOL

then I pop on here to write a post and the first thing I see is a Beautiful Poem by The World  of …  you can see JMD’s words  here 🙂 & yes I whole heartedly agree .. see through the fake … the crap .. the lies …. & .. Become the world of  … you decide … yip .. yip yip … its all in our CHOICES ❤

which is kinda what I said to those fuelling hatred .. of  Jew’s of blacks & so much more .. the racist hatred ..YUCK .. wars to rid they said …..

made the goose run down my back ..

Swanny I know ..but I can visualise 007 Swan running after the fear n scaremongers  ... you know all the  arses   .. clearing the energy and pecking their sorry but's  ;) :D HA
Swanny I know ..but I can visualise 007 Swan running after the fear n scaremongers … you know all the arses .. clearing the energy and pecking their sorry butt’s 😉 😀 HA … well dreaming is allowed 🙂


then the teeth gritted and before I knew it ..

I’d responded with this :

Through out the centuries or repeating bloodshed … back and forth … only ONE winner is ever in any war … the weapons manufactures .. which somehow through our governments ALWAYS sell weapons and armaments to BOTH sides of ALL conflicts … follow the threads of the big money the evidence is quite blatantly obvious ….

HOW do they do this … by feeding racism and giving BLAME … so the individuals anger and hatred ..which is only the vibration of FEAR ..is fueled ….

holocaust … yes atrocious … however its a small amount of lives compared to the crusades naming just ONE other created mess .. for POWER for the few …. but also way way less that the “ethnic cleansing” of the NATIVE Americans that were slaughtered in mass … women and children killed ..on purpose with glee … so so cruelly by simply giving them smallpox laden blankets … watching the sickness ..KILL … sweep through .. destroy a whole nation .. to TAKE the ownership of land ..and become the masters  .. is to name but one MAJOR OFFENCE … our history shows so clear ..if .. that is we read REAL Unadulterated HISTORY … from all sides of all conflicts not just the propaganda fed us by the power hungry..

From across the pond looking at the US now .. I’m horrified that most American people seem to be unaware that their governors .. in most states by now … hold the SUPREME POWER of Martial LAW .. basically meaning that any citizen .. however many generations in the US can be detained INDEFINITELY merely by ONE accusation brought against them of terrorism .. could be an innocent remark overheard and reported in fear ..and an entire family man women and children can be taken and held and all property ceased … in way to many states in the US this in LAW … a law that leaves the beautiful wondrous declaration of independence null and void … I would have thought that illegal … .I see .. hear … read ..inform myself … but I’m not the one loosing my liberty here .. although the sorry mess is here too.

some terror facts .. let me say EBOLA .. instead of war … although its the same pattern … The EBOLA VIRUS as well as the common FLU virus has a PATENT .. HELD .. OWNED …  BY THE US GOVERNMENT … every time a scare of us little folks is necessary … normally because to much is coming to light about actual TRUTH … about the corruption and greed of those that actually pull the stings of of the puppets in our governments … a new scare starts up .. Always in a very poor area … hmmm but that very poor area ..has DIAMONDS or OIL owned by ….. hey take a guess

& we ..all people pay for that

OH & that last BEHEADING video … that was spreading FEAR through out the mainstream news both here and in the US .. was so fricking FAKE ..it was more scary that so many believed it to me … because simply if someone is chopping a head off .. and let me be graphic .. I don’t know many of us that have never seen a horror move even Hollywood does it better  ..the shadow from the sun in a certain position at a certain time of day … obviously will be on the same side of all the people in the video … including the one who looses his head ..WOULD IT NOT ????

This there is way to much of this fake and lies .. in all of this … and people actually bye the crap … s*** …of the mainstream news … who are owned by the same very few that own the main OIL ..PHARMA … & WEAPONS & PRECIOUS STONES ..DIAMONDS n more & YES GOLD too of cause

now I have to say here I’ve got into my mid 40’s by now ..maybe I just don’t give a shit any more what people might think of me … but seriously .. this has all be obvious to me since my teens …

I spent a lot of my 20’s with sadness and tears for peoples chosen IGNORANCE … the hatred and anger that was fueled by SHIT & LIES ..SPIN … basic BLA …

As for the US and their warmongering …OH & GB too yes I know .. ITS ALWAYS ABOUT the MONEY of the few … which is basically stealing from us ALL … stealing LIVES !!!!! Hopes!!! & the beauty of SHARING HONOURABLY !!!!!!!

Just sayin

in joy create magic AIR spirit c

so as I was saying  … that came out between the Goose & the clenched teeth ..hmm I’d best be real careful when I open my mouth properly 😉 HA


so what is there to fight about ..only the man made waffle ..that preaches hatred anger and keeps the fear fueled ..and everyone separated

we all wish to be accepted for who and what we are … how can that happen if we do not also accept others for exactly who and what they are





Heart of a TREE

Heart of a TREE

Heart of a TREE

Sadness & JOY .. seen a few things this morning that made me think of the beyond amazing blessing NATURE is …. and how the encounter with our Trampoline Beech is really a lot more …

003 Heart of a Tree xc ct7

This huge old lady Beech came down in the stormy weather last week … as mentioned a couple of days ago  .. she must have made a grand thunderclap through the forest .. Last year she lost her other side to storms n lightning .. made her too heavy on the one side .. She lost her support .. her counterbalance ..

I’ve been chatting to her all year really .. lovely energy .. last years stem when they cut it up was loads & loads of HEARTS ..

.. She’s just ALL LOVE ..is Mama Beech 

mama Beech down x

Nature knows how to support & regrow itself .. How to flourish ..

Gotta wish for humanity .. that more wake up .. cause balance .. support & sharing .. PEACE & LOVE .. is the only way this planet of ours will keep us …

Our Glorious Amazing Mama Earth .. this brilliant BEing spinning through space .. Our spaceship .. sustains & blesses us in all ways … But she can not & will not take much more of the damage inflicted on her by human GREED …

SHE … Our Mother EARTH …  IS THE ONLY ONE POWERFUL ENOUGH .. to wield atomic power .. she is this power .. if she chooses to blow us all off … I can not say I can blame her .. the evil men do to her .. the animals & each other … the GMO’s & poisons .. toxic waste  .. & more ..  is far beyond my comprehension .. & these days so incredibly unnecessary …

All I know is .. WE CHOOSE LOVE … & everything will change on this planet … It and WE will be whole again  …. So much to learn from Mama Nature  …. even when mama’s beautiful majestic trees are down .. they PLAY ..

1052 Heart of a tree xc dk1


The energy of the forest is JOY .. every Tree feels the others

FEELS US … FEELS everything

This magnificent giant called us to play .. & bounce on her broken edge like a trampoline .. & so we did .. She DANCED & SWAYED & LIVED…. LOVED .. with us as we bounced & swayed .. Laughed & giggled .. for .. well have to be honest .. I have no idea ..& that goes for days in a row now 🙂  .. Stayed so long yesterday we ended up driving home in what looked like a blizzard on summer tyres 😉  LOL

& now she will be logs for some to heat homes .. but most of her will be HOME for forest critters .. shrooms & LIFE ..

so even when down  .. SHE this QUEEN .. LOVES

I always feel blessed beyond measure in & by nature …. everything just IS as it IS … Our Beautiful Mama never lies or messes … has NO drama … If she is pissed .or just wants to clean a wee bit .. change a few things around  .. she throws a storm .. or many  .. little or LARGE

Gotta hope the Greed for Power in men … bursts its bubble and implodes soon  … so we can ALL care for her like she cares for us  … and before she decides on the ultimate clean up  … ridding herself of the human fleas that destroy her

My wish is that ALL wake up to the MAGIC of all it is … LIFE … CREATION …  it begs our JOY

& wishes to aid EXPAND our HEARTS in LOVE

mama Beech down x purple

Always much LOVE ❤

Guardian blowing LOVE hearts :)

Guardian blowing LOVE hearts :)

A Guardian blowing HEARTS & LOVE LIGHT particles all through the sky ♥ made me smile 🙂 so had to share 😉 ♥ Love the days that look as if the sky ….the air all around is alight with sparkles .. seeing the energy is quite something … OOO I wish everyone could see them .. so all fear could be let go ..and LOVE from Source revived … shared .. expanded … in Understanding .. and  allowing of All to just BE …. choosing to  Respect & Honour each other  … 

there has been much talk of Paris .. I have to hope with the higher vibrations of energy available to all .. that the fear .. that is fueled by the mass media is not blown into more anger and hatred … I find it sad that so much anger seem directed at middle eastern countries again … when the perpetrators were themselves born in France I believe  … OO I wish the mainstream news would just report facts and truth and not all this sensationalism that breeds fear .. causes anger and hatred to grow

Sadly men have used .. God as a scapegoat for slaughter and violence .. for centuries .. there is more bloodshed through history .. caused by the war/fearmongering .. the anger and hatred of men hiding behind religions.. the extremists are present in all .. the few that do damage to the many /the whole.

I have to wish that the few don’t cause the many to choose hatred and not love .. out of fear … & I have to hope that we all …choose LOVE … all religions have that as their core … So we could / can all chose to respect each other and honour each others differences .. now that would be a beautiful world …


Breathe in the LOVE Wonderful’s .. its always all around you …. me .. us … see through the spin to the core … demand TRUTH in all ways … and and do your best to stay centred in what it is we wish to see in this world of ours … 

as Gandhi said …. BE THE CHANGE ❤


I’m saying there is so much energy in the air … choose to use it well … chose LOVE  .. it makes Creations Magical LOVE LIGHT flow in & through LIFE ♥ 

guardian lovehearts

Always much LOVE 

Wishing you Magical LOVE & JOY filled weekends Wonderful’s ♥ 

Maia ♥ 

LOOK Around …. SEE TRUTH Everywhere .. The ENERGY IS Rising :)

LOOK Around …. SEE TRUTH Everywhere .. The ENERGY IS Rising :)

Walking through the woods … there is always beautiful lights and energy around everything .. The last few months there has been some amazing changes in the regularity and power of these energies .. Deep healing & Transformation into Mama Earth & from her through to all of us … The Purple hues …& Rainbow lights have been particularly Powerful … so much is changing …. so much depends on us holding our vibrations ,…. staying in and enhancing LOVE & TRUTH

Violet Flame
Violet Flame

The more in tune with our Hearts we are … the better and easier it all will Flow as thee powerful energies ..Flow in and through us ..we either vibrate higher and flow with the Cosmic Pulses of Creations Life Force .. where ALL HEALING is possible in all ways … IT does take an Authenticity and level of total TRUTH …in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE …. Sharing … Fair Trade … Honour and Respect for ALL … that will put a lot in this world of drama to shame ….

The young ones … are seeing straight through the lies they are fed at school … the drama is crumbling … its new times … lies .. spin and nonsense can not be sustained …

WE as we VIBRATE HIGHER SEE STRAIGHT Through it all … the Beautiful young ones are born with open awareness …. we must stop the systematic poisoning of these beautiful souls by all the medicines that are pushes … They don’t need labels or medicines … They need TRUTH to be taught and they need not to be boarded to death .. by nonsensical shit that will never serve them or anyone … from a school system that is merely there to get them numbed enough to become sleepers too … to comply to play the drama game ….


Rainbow light & Purple haze all through the forest ... in HEALING Ways !
Rainbow light & Purple haze all through the forest … in HEALING Ways !



from the SORRY MESS the greed of the last few generations have have caused …. There is NO LONGER a choice …. THERE has to BE a HEALING  … & MAMA EARTH …. well she is pretty much THERE now 🙂 … so all we have to do is hang on and CHOOSE WELL

Our  Choices will BE our tomorrows …  How Magical and Wondrous ..and just Perfect is that

Always much LOVE ❤ Maia

Expanding GRATITUDE :) .. and final Gratitude day 5

Expanding GRATITUDE :) .. and final Gratitude day 5

but first cause how does one only choose 3 things anyways 🙂 LOL  … the jewel like orb on the feather here was playing around me along most of the walk a few days ago .. in & out of others & rainbow light … Angel & Mama Nature’s Blessings … this little beauty was with us all the way around a 2+ hour walk in the woods ❤ …. I always feel so blessed 🙂 & so Grateful for everything …all the time really so this 5 days of sharing only 3 things a day .. I don’t think its ever possible to run out of NEW things to be GRATEFUL for ..add all the other stuff too the daily HEARTS in clouds & nature & even when I drop things .. like hand cream in the kitchen sink …. well I get hearts … spill my coffee and I get hearts LOL ..just hearts everywhere all the time in all ways …

Signs of Nature & LOVE LIGHT ..CREATIONS Magic just everywhere all the time 🙂 … you just gotta allow the eyes to see what the heart knows is there ..that’s it … that all there really is to it honest 🙂  … well the inner peace from a still mind helps 😉 but choosing to still calm and BE is a  beautiful first step … it lets all that our hearts knows flow to our eyes ears & feelings .. helps expand the LIGHT within ❤ ..So GRATITUDE ..wishing the same for you ALL Wonderful’s … it makes the heart grow so beautifully 🙂 overflow with JOY ❤ … Hope you’ve all felt the wonder of writing down some of what makes the LOVE flow in Gratitude’s flow for you .. keep shining ❤

Beautiful Blessings of Heart shaped jewel ORB on Buzzard feather a few  days ago :)
Beautiful Blessings of Heart shaped jewel ORB on Buzzard feather a few days ago 🙂

so .. last day 🙂 ….. here goes … I am Grateful for … :

1. the gift and ability that let’s me feel the lightness & JOY in & of a Buzzards flight by holding his blessing of a feather in my hand  … a sensitivity .. now a blessing indeed .. that I used to call a curse .. because around people .. especially before I learnt to shield and protect myself ..it really did let me feel far to much .. the POWER of FORGIVENESS would do many so much good.. cause the feelings of anger hatred resentments jealousies are YUCKY draining and beyond horrid on the outside .just feeling the presence of these stuck and hardening emotions … so what they do to folks on the inside is a scary thought indeed to me  .. … AHA but more important … the deep connection to mama earth that this sensitivity allows for …is WOW & so far beyond Wondrous … so always BLESSED …  Always In GRATITUDE to SOURCE & ALL that IS …THANK YOU .. I LOVE YOU ❤
2. for Knowing the beautiful POWER of complete FORGIVENESS ..& the expansion of LOVE it brings that settles as solid & unrockable …stable INNER PEACE … to BE & share with ALL  …. The FREEDOM our HEARTS experience with true and complete forgiveness … and the space it leaves for only TRUE & REAL LOVELIGHT to be present within .. & that well that just EXPLODES outwards .. overflows … you just gotta hope its contagious.

3. For Clean Air to breathe … CLEAN ENERGY  … FREE Energy … cause its coming … The AWAKENING ..its growing … we the people ..more and more of us are awakening .. and seeing that the only fear … is being spread by the fish dangling on hooks so to speak that our governments and big business are … on hocks reeled by those who pay them to rob humanity … the 13 as I have always felt and know them … the root of GREED ..FEAR based .. through their own fear of loosing POWER they and those before them … have kept the people in lack and fear through centuries …denying us the wisdom NS KNOWING THAT ALL COMES FROM WITHIN ….. ALL IS US … WE ARE LIKE CREATOR AND WE ALL HOLD THIS SAME RESPONSIBILITIES … OUR POWER IS THE POWER ….Once we stand firm in our own complete personal responsibility … in LOVE … in CREATIONS universal laws of LIFE …. WE FLOW & PROSPER …. THROUGH HEART … A SHARING &  EXPANDING LOVING world … & RICH IN ALL WAYS WE BECOME … … Our birthright is to know all we are … to BE complete within this human body … to allow our SOUL to fully live though the physical we must release the illusion of fear ..and step into the LOVE of all that IS

The AWAKENING is at over 54% now & RISING … & these awakened are participating consciously in Mama Earth’s Ascension … raising our vibrations ..as Mama Raises her’s 🙂 … These days  …. two worlds are inhabiting this planet … through all our human choices … either to stay in the illusion of fear ..& keep giving their power away ………. Or …. of LOVE .. letting GO all fear … KNOWING that LOVE is ALL and the connection to SOURCE LIGHT that opens within ..shows us TRULY just how POWERFUL WE ALL ARE !!!!!!!!

Always much LOVE ❤

Hand cream drop in the kitchen sink ... HEARTS ... little LOVE signs just everywhere
Hand cream drop in the kitchen sink … HEARTS … little LOVE signs just everywhere

SOUL Awakening …. anxiety and well all dis- EASE really .. what is it on this earth journey …. Ignoring our Souls shouts … our HEARTS … our TRUE PATHS …

SOUL Awakening …. anxiety and well all dis- EASE really .. what is it on this earth journey  …. Ignoring our Souls shouts … our HEARTS … our TRUE PATHS …

Anxiety … what is it on this earth  journey ….. or being in or with any dis -EASE in our lives …
a call of the SOUL … to let yourself in … to let go fears they are manufactured … and part of the whole messy drama of manipulation …. taught to us so early by societies, families, school’s and so on … the fears to keep us less than ….

There is enough stuff out there for the self help and coping with anxiety these days … but coping with just feels all wrong to me …. that would be the dis …… setting in and hindering the EASE ... We are NOT supposed to allow this … WE are eternal SOUL’s and we know better  … this Beautiful Body that we inhabit  .. on this amazing planet ..”starship” EARTH … our DNA hold all the answers … all the HEALING when connected to SOURCE … we accept and pour enough LIGHT in and we SHINE.

We are one little microcosm each and every one of us …. of CREATIONS magic of ALL that IS … are we really so whacked on the noggin by sad sorry learnt behaviour .. that we are so far up our own arses that we believe that SOURCE … CREATOR of ALL that is …. has sorted us out lower end or mediocre DNA .. SOURCE CODES 🙂 .. on and  within this magical journey of LIFE …. OH YEAH ..sure … my sarcasm can see that … yip … let hide behind behind doctrines … and well anything that has and is thrown at us … so we don’t have to SEE .. KNOW .. and FLOW WITH EASE …. cause yip thats just what all the masters .. Buddha.. Krishna… Christ… Mohammed.. Allah..GOD ..  taught .. ..SO NOT … that is however what most doctrines teach … well they teach the love .. but fill it with so much fear .. that a bod can turn itself inside out and do no right … this is mere man made DRAMA .. and POWER STRUGGLES of those that cant connect properly to source … or just will not do the work on self to clear space for and in the HEART .. for the TRUE SOUL ..all that we …all really are … in and off CREATORS image … & with SOURCE /CREATORS knowing of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE  in out HEARTS just waiting to BLOOM


Blocks to this blooming … YIKES … there are many and all around …. Now I shouldn’t  mention pharma industry n drugs … but I can’t help it 😉 .. its on the list of has become “pet’s 😉 to my sarcasm” .. and the HUGE HELLOOOOOOOOOO  … and “KNOCK knock on wood of the old noggins I sooooo want to do on this one …. HMMMM …. WELL … when you done some research .. well over and over … and see the trail … the cover ups … see all that they try to keep hidden .. one drug that doesn’t work to fix another … more drug addicts on pharma prescriptions from docs than on illegal drugs in the world … thats somewhat scary don’t you think? …. well …. and know that all the money … just goes to a handful at the top of the pyramid of force and power … well how many BILLIONS have gone into cancer research and they are still treating with the same thing in the same doses as when they first tried it … only now unlike it being the last option than and most were actually sorted and cured with natural things like colloidal silver and the like … they pump folks full of poison .. YIKES … and well most of the more cancer now then than … just ask ONE question …. CHEMICALS in food … vs what NATURE intended of the old ways …. same umbrella companies supply it the pesticides etc … as the drugs the docs prescribe … now I don’t know about you … for me that has so many RED flags … its INSANE ..and leaves so many ???????????????????????????????

Hmmm …right SO the top of the money pyramid is the little tinsy wincy handful… that own and produce all weapons ..drugs and oil .. its a bit like OH MY G G .. … REALLY SERIOUSLY …. & AAAAAAA … to the horror of the thought that money … well GREED determines .. our health and wellbeing if we allow it to … stay blinkered and uninformed … & seriously ..YIKES …  S*** … F*** .. & Bloody well Pooooooooooooooo … & really we don’t have to look far either … but you have to see for yourself and do your own research .. it has much more of a WOW & TRANSFORMATIONAL effect when you get it then ….. so no point me going on about it … go Look … you’ll see !

My hats off to in a big way  … & DEEP GRATITUDE to … and really BLESS all those amazing scientists and doctors out there who stand up and tell the TRUTH … and stand by beautiful honourable principles of LOVE & TRUTH even though the pharma industry can spend millions on smear campaigns … their TRUTH is far more POWERFUL …than all the hidden GREED agendas … when seen and heard … SO … REALLY … HOPE is all around us for Beautiful AWAKENINGS of ALL who choses …

I have to add … it is sad though that greed gets such a huge say still in our world … and even sader … mass media .. will report the smear … YUCK … but REAL TRUTH … that seems to not fit with whom ever’s money they hold in their grubby little paws 😦 … so news … isnt news these days we have to go look for ourselves … find the real stories … and in that respect … bless the net .. n google etc too 🙂 ❤

Oh right .. back to topic 🙂

The thing is  … my HEART …keeps saying its much simpler than that … so I’m just going to say what the intuition and heat is bouncing to say 🙂 .. what comes to me the loudest from my heart … is … our ancestry .. our genes .. DNA …. the inner knowing.

Its like our bodies … are rebelling  ….           and our SOUL is shouting fro us to hear … to find ourselves … and BE all that we are here to be …

Here is a question for you ……. and your SOUL knows all TRUTH .. so 🙂 ….. what if its not truly anxiety as its labeled by docs and society … supposed “normal life” … or any other dis- EASE …. but a call for your vision quest so to speak … your shadow side … the all that you are  … that you PLEASE go about your finding and connecting to your true soul ….all that you are .. and what you have truly come here to do …. be ❤

The less we listen … the more the dis ….. part gets … but when we listen .. and choose to see hear feel … BE the EASE part gains higher and higher ground!

In the dark … there really is nothing to fear .. LIGHT ILLUMINATES IT …. so CHOOSE LIGHT & really see your “shadow “self … the half of you that you deny … YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT … a Creation of Source in Source Light …. this is what we find in the Void …. the place that when we first look seems dark and filled with shadows … our own and other peoples … but when we venture in its LIGHT and all our fear when seen in LOVE LIGHT just helps us see all .. and be all and flow with LOVE as there is no fear .. it was an ILLUSION all along ❤

it first happened to me over 20 years ago … well truly consciously that is .. used to go to void all the time as a child 🙂 ❤ .. so it wasn’t new as such … but darn …as an adult !!!! …..The first times it activates the FIGHT or FLIGHT thing within us so strongly … its like all horror movies and well darkness and all our fears is having a party all at once .. so yip like what docs describe as an anxiety attach … till we just walk through the open door  … just go through it  … out the other side …and find that the dark isn’t dark at all but its the entrance within us all to the GREAT MYSTERY  …. to SOURCE itself … and it connects us more to all that is ❤ …. to SOURCE .. to LIGHT … to LOVE !

Well this is WHY WE Andreas & I do what we do … cause we know .. having done it the hard way so to speak … and studies so many ways .. to start with just to figure out that we weren’t nuts so to speak ….  cause the pressure of fear always felt so fake … all the drama and manipulations …. when LOVE & just TRUTH is so simple … uncomplicated … TRUTH can always be recognised … the separate stories .. always connect somehow and all is seen … truth just fills in and expands on the differences … well thats how I see and recognise it anyways  …. having and still do our own journey in void … guiding others through to find their true selves … collect up all the soul pieces at times and       again be whole … is such a beautiful amazing blessing to share … finding purpose … letting HEART soar … ALL Beautiful Blessings to see …

AH YES …..  its a Beautiful JOURNEY we are ALL ON 🙂

finding our LOVE LIGHT  ….  SHINING Uniquely .. & feeling as ONE

Always much LOVE