Inviting the Magic to flow

On a walk through the woods, on a path with big old fallen trees that are still alive and growing just at a different angle now. I Looked up and ask for the Blessings to flow, for the Magic dance  of Source Energy and Light BEings present  to show you all what I feeland see to be true ..


Always feeling the presence of Mother Natures Blessings, of the Nature Spirits, the Angel, the Guardians and the Ancestors. With a breath of gratitude and appreciation for the Beauty and Magic of Source, The preciousness of our Planet, of God/Goddess and asking the presence to show itself.

011X HC

Sources unconditional love / creation energy/ “God Particles” is around us all the time, connecting with healing and balance to the oneness of all that is, is the most precious feeling there is.


The beautiful Magical grid of source light that connects us all, our planet, nature, everything, and all that is, is all around and all the time.

015X HC

Light beings love to show us the Blessings, the Unconditional Love that us humans are here to connect to and ground in Mother Earth, and balance within us and between us all.

As the awakening times are proceeding, all is changing.  The more people are awaking to the preciousness of all that is, to connecting to and feeling the oneness with all that is and love is spreading.

There is only fear or Love at the core of all and every choice we ever make ..we choose!

Isn’t that awesome .. WE CHOOSE .. so LOVE it IS

fear has nowhere to go but through a healing veil… for recycling .. to become light again and  flow as “God Particles again .. Creations Magic in Balance !








10 thoughts on “Inviting the Magic to flow

    1. He sure is Gaswar ♡∞ As souls we all mirror each other .. so right back at you ♡∞ Oh and we loved the orb photos you sent us too .. hope all is well .. Love and light to you ..


      1. Hello My awesome friends,I know you are both well, I( was wondering about the like buttons on the comments or story pages . Can you change it to LOVE instead of like?I love all you do and I feel the word like doesn’t equal how I feel about you two.
        Light and love always

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hello H .. Blessings & much love to you .. Sorry its been to long again, I really must come on here more often or I miss beautiful comments like this ❤ Thank you ❤ .. and also I have to get to writing again 🙂 .. I've been a little preoccupied editing my first book .. and discovering all my writing idiosyncrasies … like how crazy my dots ……. LOL can make me when having to edit them out of a whole manuscript 🙂


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