May I ask for extra prayers for the GOOD OUTCOME of the ‪#‎CLIMATE‬ ‪#‎CONFERENCE‬ in ‪#‎PARIS‬ .. this attack is to me obviously carried out by PAID Mercenaries ..from those who make the most money on WAR and the counties that support them and allow this nonsense ..

A Message to those in the world that want to spread fear and anguish by murdering innocent people. You will not succeed. Our hearts are filled with Love and Fearlessness, even as we ache for those that suffer by your hand. We are ruled by compassion and have the bravery to be unafraid in the face of your terror campaign. We Will breath you into Peace until you are no longer…. “Anon”

The attacks in PARIS is to Stop PEACE …


A Couple of days ago it was EMPHASISED that the ‪#‎AGREEMENTS‬ THERE WERE ‪#‎LEGALLY‬ ‪#‎BINDING‬  and now this attack .

Really seriously even without sensitivities and a deep connection to inner knowing this one is beyond OBVIOUS !

Let us put our THOUGHTS & ‪#‎PRAYERS‬ together for REAL DEEP ‪#‎PEACE‬ for ALL in ALL ways

Let us Pray for TRUTH

TRUTH in ALL WAYS IS LOVE … and it is the only way to LIVE properly… HONOURABLY and with INTEGRITY ..

IN total ‪#‎TRUTH‬

May the world be enveloped with Divine LIGHT LOVE and Protection. Especially so for Beirut, Syria, and other war torn places.. and all who have suffered and lost in any way from acts of terrorism everywhere including now Paris…, natural catastrophes as it just happened again in Japan, Chile….etc. protection for all innocent people and animals ..

May TRUTH be lit up and even more obvious to see for all .. so that those who earn billions on war .. so are warmongering  and fear-mongering ..  that they are seen for what they are and for what they really do .. That they  are STOPPED and taken for their crimes against humanity




4 thoughts on “prayers for the GOOD OUTCOME of the ‪#‎CLIMATE‬ ‪#‎CONFERENCE‬ in ‪#‎PARIS‬

  1. false flag event, feels that way, but what feels way stronger to me is that the money changers and arms dealers are running under a dark flag and this dark energy is co-creating this whole bloody mess, yes, that part, it feels dead on…

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