People all over the world are standing up and showing support for all those souls leaving war torn homes … in welcoming and saying out loud to governments …. WE SHARE & CARE … Its beautiful … In ICELAND 10000 people shamed their government’s 50 refugees only statement by saying refugees are welcoming in our homes we have room .. some for whole families .. some like a single parent mum said they could take a child …they had toys n clothes n an extra room & this beautiful young mum said she would pay airfare for a child to come too…RESPECT !!!!!

In FINLAND minister president Juha Sipilae has offered his own house cause he works in Helsinki and his house is 300 kilometres away and he feels that that region has in his eyes not enough space to help refugees … HOW COOL IS THAT 

in Munich refugees were applauded in yesterday … here is a link to the BBC a few videos etc on there

& also in Germany a few days ago PEOPLE bypassed the government & USELESS BureauCRAZY n their forms on forms .. and organised food .. water .. toilets .. and more … for the hundreds that were waiting in cues to register

& ITS HITTING MAINSTREAM  🙂 YEAH … Guess this one is TO BIG for even them to IGNORE 😉

I’m waiting for the US & UK to come up with more than .. this disgusting excuse for a human ( Katie Hopkins)  .. which is apparently celebrity here in the UK .. I am happy to say I only heard of her yesterday YUCK … but this article in the Mirror n the petition (that went viral 😉 HA n good on them )  to send her to Syria in exchange for 50000 refugees.. Funny worth a read …& a step in the right direction to shaming the UK government a wee bit too …

All I can say is I am So glad I don’t have a TV any more cause if this is what on .. women like this putting others down .. body shaming .. (came across this article while looking yesterday .. so UGLY HEARTS SHAM … BLAST .. N PREACH HATRED through the PRINTED PRESS & TV … putting out BEAUTIFUL YOUNGSTERS IN DANGER OF SUICIDE ECT .. BECAUSE THEY NEVER FEEL GOOD ENOUGH .. for such ..ARSES ??????  … HELLOOOOOOOOO !!!!!! ….. this particular arse even saying outright they do not care .. DO NOT CARE ABOUT DEAD CHILDREN  or anything… I cant make myself write her horrid words … sorry  … but darn if this is now celebrity in the UK .. we’re sunk .. done n dusted … truly F*****

SO HAVE to say Thank Goodness for beautiful People & all the amazing souls that are out there now showing our governments ..WE CARE & we SHARE .. unlike this sad sorry ……. blip …..

I have been doing a lot of deep healing with me .. just me again lately … cause this kinda attitudes I have seen and heard from so many … n I was allowing their oh so freely shared opinions to make me feel sad … and ponder along the lines how can people still choose fear … anger hatred … when there is so much LOVE

Seems the higher my energy goes ..the more I have to shake of other peoples negativity .. and protect myself in even more Light & Live LOVE even LOUDER 🙂

Something that beautifully seems to be happening all over the world … n I for one really needed to see so many people from all over stand up n put their governments to shame … n the ugly hearts to shame too .. something that can only help even more to choose to awaken to total conscious living.


As for bureauCRAZY .. more ACTION from real people & less useless paper shuffling with forms n filing in so many ways that the original meaning is not even recognisable at the end … Yip more Caring and humanity n less hiding behind paper n inhumane actions n ALL would BE WELL !

So all in ALL I’d say our World OUR BROTHERS & SISTERS ARE AWAKENING … and our GOVERNMENTS best throw out their fear based shit policies that only feed corruption n the greed of the few and step on UP.Put SIMPLY … sell the weapons that cause all the PAIN & SUFFERING …. You’d best prepare to pay for the DAMAGES … IN FAIR & SHARING CARING WAYS !

LOVE IS RISING  …. THERE IS ONLY LOVE .. its what we DO with the amazing life force that runs through us that really matters … what beautiful Magical POWER … FREE WILL has ❤

NOW CHOOSE well for yourselves and our Precious Planet



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