Monument dedicated : To the Struggle Against World Terrorism … erected and given in 2006 by the Russian People & President Putin to The AMERICAN PEOPLE received in ceremony by former president B Clinton



Says a lot HEY !!!! the US government has moved it and are trying to bury it maybe moving it again ???? & ours over here UK media wise is no better … TO ME THIS REPRESENTS COMPLETELY HOW OUR GOVERNMENT AND OUR MAINSTREAM MEDIA WORK .. reporting only what serves their masters / big business .. and mostly only that which instils FEAR … yet all beautiful valuable wonderful sharing caring and ONENESS is hidden …

Makes me feel like shouting HELLOOOOOOO … WACKY WAKE .. loud as …

we have to research everything for ourselves and BE INFORMED .. that is to our own best interest .. standing in our own POWER ..

no longer giving it away in hope that someone else will take good decisions to benefit ALL …

CORRUPTION is as CORRUPTION was … its time it stops


I have to say here that to me … the ONLY REASON TO HIDE THIS IS THAT THE REAL TERRORISTS ARE : THE CORRUPT SYSTEMs our governments that work for the MONEY  the BIG 4 …greases them with !!!!!!!

1.  the war machine .. weapons manufactures ( newest Jet $32 million dollars for ONE & costs $ 44 thousand dollars for ONE flight hour WHOOPEE doooo they think we are all STUPID ) ..

2. big oil ..

3. big pharmacy .. &

4. big AGG



There is only LOVE  & we are now at nearly 60% AWAKENING …. CHANGES ARE FAST & the seas can get choppy … LOVE IS STRONGER THAN EVERYTHING ❤

BE the LOVE  ❤


so here are some links to the info on the monument for PEACE REALLY .. against the struggle of WORLD TERRORISM …


7 thoughts on “Did you know that there is a Monument dedicated : To the Struggle Against World Terrorism .. a gift from Russia’s people to the People of the USA erected in 2006 ?

    1. Its a beautiful thing really .. the art & the meaning … I have never come across another person no matter from where or what ever religion that does not want just Peace and Happiness for those they Love and in the world .. its what made me started me digging around for answers .. to why when everyone seems to want peace … our governments are always shouting of a foul form one direction or another … & always they use the same patterns .. and once you look into those shouts .. you can always trace it back to money .. oil .. diamonds or the like .. just seems all wrong … and always has to me … just not that many seem to want to know .. Oh well enough or I’ll write another blog post LOL Abundant Blessings to you & Yours


      1. You are so right. When I was 14y/o I read George Orwells ‘1984’. It’s funny, on the very first pages he describe how this mechanism of wars and threads works. Unfortunatly he is right with his patterns. But there is still the free will of the people, which can change a lot!
        All the best for you!

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      2. me too 🙂 n Animal farm … & yip BureauCRAZY is modelling itself perfectly … those n many others helped me ask even more questions that I already did. & Yes Thankfully FREE WILL ❤ we can see it in many ways in the world right now … Iceland 10000 people shouted up we can take people into our homes … we have space .. to the horror of their government capping the intake of refugees at only 50 ..which is awesome .. & ooo there's been a lot in the news … I guess I should blog it just n stop waffling 😉 LOL .. but its made my hart swell cause its obvious that there are more awakened beautiful people out there than I had hoped ❤

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