FIRST THINGS FIRST ….. PRAYERS PLEASE to all those SOULs effected in the huge EXPLOSIONS & fires in CHINA … & who can be effected by the 700 TONS of SODIUM CYANIDE that is running into the ground and sewers in Tianjin … which is not far form Beijing .. if this gets into their ground water it will be a major earth disaster .. the danger and toxicity is astronomical … 0.02 to 0.03 grams of this stuff will KILL YOU .. it is used in several states in the US for EXECUTIONS


here is just one news rapport from the BBC there is a video there of the first explosions

WIKI has it down as a current disaster & there is a fair bit of info on there

as for sodium cyanide .. one o Miss MAPLES favourite deaths by .. I have to say I by far prefer her gentle ways …

So this is in NO way funny … it effects our whole planet … the radiation etc from Fukushima is still all through the waters along the west coast of America yet NOTHING is being said about it … fish are dying .. the ecosystems are changing yet the US government is silent ???? ..

& don’t even get me started on BIG PHARMA … YIKES murderers … between the meds and the chemicals that cause cancer etc that’s used in all processed food and in the production of our food ….

HELLO !!!!!

IT IS BEYOND TIME WE ALL SAY << NO >> – its time we all stand together world wide & say NO to BIG Business & our governments that through their corruption are poisoning our world !

& stand together in PRAYERS no matter what religion is your base & standing in LIGHT & LOVE fully and completely caring for ALL on this planet of ours …

Its enough damage done now to all the people and our world by the GREED of the few !

So PLEASE send LOVE LIGHT & Your PRAYERS in which ever way you choose for all the souls & our world to be a safe and beautiful place for ALL ❤


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