Awaken LOVE says – as we are far beneath, as well as from beneath our feet

Depending on the perspective one has when considering  beneath ….  the possibilities are endless.

Well maybe not as endless as LOVE of and in all that IS, but Nature as well as the Angels n Guardians sure are impressive, with their daily Magical signs of creation at play ..

Like Hearts found in rock paths across hills

005xbeneath my feet for sure, there is a wee tootsie sticking out there 😉 … although I must say walking bear footed in soft green grass or on a sandy beach with the waves washing over, grounding, cleansing and balancing ones path is most Magical indeed.

Then there is the Hearts we are beneath … seems LOVE tirelessly tries to show humanity its Sharing Magical way


so on our planet LIFE will still bloom in every blessed way for the children’s children and their children too

AWAKEN says LOVE ….. the EARTH is ALL YOU HAVE … She is plant filled with LIFE CREATION spinning at lightning speed through the universe … without her GOOD HEALTH we have no earth home.


to HEAL our WOUNDED and DAMAGED home

It just takes ONE to change a habit ….. then others follow and it is done … Our Beautiful world can LIVE on

Giving the children’s children’s children the chance of LIVING a LIFE too.



6 thoughts on “Awaken LOVE says – as we are far beneath, as well as from beneath our feet

  1. What beautiful thoughts you have, and I so agree Love is ALL there is.. and we should share it with each other and all fellow creatures respecting Mother Earth..

    I just spotted your orb photo’s and rainbow hues, to the right How wonderfully captured .. And isn’t it wonderful when we get orbs within our photo’s.. I love it when they make an appearance… 🙂

    Lovely to catch up with your blog Maia.. xxx Hugs Sue


    1. Thank you & Thank you 🙂 ❤ & yes me too always feel so blessed when light beings play out loud s such & show themselves in my pictures .. so others can sense /see them too ❤ Love Light & Abundant Blessings to you Sue

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