Moments of Inspiration that lead to ….. Oooo … my … n gremlins in the computer

Oh mama mia  can Inspiration lead you astray ….  Now what’s a more awesome topic .. a challenge it is certainly not .. there is wonder and inspiration  in all from the darkest  to the lithest of days .. from All n everything in Mama Natures Magical Glory .. to industrial wastelands .. back alleys .. graffiti … I had at least a post a day in my mind first time I saw the words for this weeks photo challenge …

086x ct3This for instance … spent my birthday this year first being chased by this magnificent  Inspirational  bird with swag. Yip Nature is always a stunner,  and this particular peacock had most everyone running away, he was shaking his feathers and moving confidently forward .. insisting on space all around for his magnificent plumage .. Dancing it looked like to me,  but most found him intimidating including the staff at the garden we visited ..

I found him fascinating and once he had had me jumping behind a rose or two not to mention a gate n looking a fool for a bit…  it dawned on me that he was just matching my steps and was curious .. along with a wee bit territorial of cause  …. so we kinda danced he and I for well over half an hour..  it was by far the best & coolest birthday present ever …

hmmm  so you might ask …. why have I not written about some  more fun n magic of the inspiring kind this week …

Well as inspiration will ave it I got myself well n truly sidetracked … side swiped n bushwhacked 😉 LOL .. by something as simple as FONTS ???  HA

Ha & OH dearie me … had the brilliant idea to change my header picture didn’t I … and get all excited n INSPIRED by seeing that there is now a small variety of font options too … AWESOME right … well I get so wowed by this that I also change the fonts n more on our website  too

hmmmmmmmm .. which is firstly not quite as easy as changing them on my blog .. cause I like quirky & unusual fonts n playing with how words can look visually …  this however all normally to raised eyebrows and a look of are you serious from my partner in crime  😉   .. but we did manage to settle on Merry weather n changes eventually .

which resulted in me having to pretty much go through every word on every page of our website .. to get it back from looking like near sighted big mamma’s option of one word at the time on screen mixed with a 2 year old created this site look … simply because I once before had a mad need to change things around a wee bit ..

Well you know themes n things .. my inner child played . … and then too my adult self ended up with loads of work … I have to say though that this is thankfully only a trend where technic goes …   n it makes me swear there are gremlins in the computer 😉


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