Getting Energy from drama … why not just directly from SOURCE

Energy .. FEELING & Seeing it is a daily thing for me .. well more than that its not something I can switch on n off .. it just is an ever presence .. even on FB its touchable sometimes .. and from some … now I have a well practised shield to hold of the negative .. or to invasive energies .. something that was pointed out to me in disgust by a chap on FB once  .. one of those that practise consciously meeting up for the bliss thing with others energies on an astral level … now I have no issues with those that choose to partake in the energetic sex thing so to speak .. if hopping around on the astral is your thing .. so be it … but … DO NOT bring it to me …

456x c film  wisdom of heart show waySeeing & feeling all that I do I am fully aware that those that do end up with as much energy debris as those who hop from bed to bed in the physical … however ooo so loving spiritual bliss it supposedly is …

Simply put I am NOT an energetic vacuum cleaner … or dumping ground … nor a free energy supply for those that choose to pretend to be love n light .. using others energy ,,, through the energy of being adored … as in their little harems so to speak .. to me anyone who professes to be all love n light .. yet get most of their energy form others are simply just energy vampires … and that is the root of being in ALL Drama ..

No different form getting energy form other though anger jealousies or resentment ..on end of the spectrum .. is the fake love … the fake I love you’s  whether on the just physical plane or in the astral .. nabbing it from others while thinking your connecting to source … or connecting only partially to source is still taking energy from others …

Some people get very ill from this mess cause they really do give and believe it to be sharing honourably… others fly on high .. cause they only take … however it is it is still being stuck in a drama …. might have a spiritual tag .. but it . is all just part of what we are all here on this planet at this time to get past …

So as to truly connect to SOURCE of all that is and the Energy of TRUTH & of REAL LOVE can help us change .. and aid in the heightening vibrations of everyone…. this fake spiritual is just sucking people back into the drama … and it is just another block in the path to source .. to home .. to true connection .. to real honour .. and compassion … to sharing … to LIVING LOVE .. that comes from within … and only through total TRUTH …. the amazing healing that is found in  the integrity of that can be profound .. in ourselves … and in our world … but only if we all step on out there and make it so ❤

well I’ve had a bit of a blast on my personal FB page .. some major clearing of space so to speak  …  part of the insights into me I had over this last Beautiful Solstice ..

to my to nice … & to understanding  .. n to accepting .. has caused some real ouches in my own body … I’ve felt some others as tons of bricks landing on me … and its wiped my energy .. to exhaustion … felt some as heavy cement boots … n much more …I’ve cleared some long time friends as such .. and most is not all of the supposedly spiritual teachers …  but only because the habit of some of attaching to light …

any light … . that’s the drama … attaching in love so to speak … can be as painful as hatred and anger coming your way … especially when you feel compassion … and when it is only for them to take energy

True connection .. and true sharing is never heavy … always light and beautiful .. and I am most GRATEFUL for the possibility to connect with so many beautiful souls across the world .. both here and on FB really

However I have learnt the hard way .. not to be to gentle with pushing away … or holding back unwanted energies so to speak … that gets exhausting … now I have no problems sending them right back whence they came on a lightning bolt if needs be .. and I am very well aware that that will be felt … but they never do it again 🙂 …

I ..  like .. we all are .. am entitled to having boundaries honoured ..

HONOURING & ACCEPTING each other is how we build a better world with LOVE & TRUTH as the POWER that makes anything possible

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