When you have a loving heart, its a bit of a learning process, to get to the point of honouring your own lines. A lesson we only get once we extend UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to ourselves. When that time comes that we finally honour our own boundaries, everything changes … everything.


By Respecting & Honouring  Ourself we Honour & Respect others ..

Now I would suggest to say this nice n loud to yourself daily .. right now 🙂 & later repeatedly while looking in the mirror  …

By Respecting & Honouring  Myself , I Honour & Respect another

It’s the only way to change the old programming & patterns, to look deep into your own eyes & really seeing YOU.

Really seeing yourself as LOVE … as GOD / Source & the Angels see you.  Every Religion pretty much tailors this basic spiritual law in its own words.

Its the KEY to True Self Love & to allowing Unconditional LOVE to flow

When we all remember who we are in in this way, all uniquely separate yet all one in and off source, we realise that we can not do anything to ourselves without if affecting others, and we can do nothing to others that does not happen to ourselves as well.

& as we remember who we are, one by one from the inside out, everything changes. Our choices made consciously, and the world changes. Simply because we are the change, we live that change & there will be PEACE, because how can it not be with RESPECT & HONOUR ALL AROUND!

456x c film  coexist peace warning high risk of peace .    Now there is to keep it clear a very BIG difference…

014xNo a HUGE difference REALLY between, Good & Healthy Self Love & the Selfish love of me myself n I  .. its not just chalk n cheese  … I see it more as the difference between .. that worst of garden pests the weevil .. root eating little killer of beauty 😦  which would of cause be the selfishness & greed part ..

VS. ..the most breath taking of flowers, even the most Magnificent Ancient Oak Tree, that radiates strength and breathes LOVE as one with Mama Earth  BEing the Blessing of breathing out LOVE in OXYGEN so we can breathe, so we can live in the atmosphere of this little ball of LIFE that’s spinning through space in an unending and unimaginably vast sea of mesmerising beauty..

We are ALL made of the same Magical Beauty,  the same Elements are within our Bodies, our every Cell is created with this LOVE .. this LIGHT … this LIFE FORCE of Source.

Now how can we possible dishonour that ..once we  know ?

Simply dishonouring ourselves …is dishonouring another … it is dishonouring our planet … it is dishonouring God / Source  … (in which ever words are used to describe it in what ever religion )

image from NASA
image from NASA

Being less than in any way gives nothing to anyone, it merely feeds the mess of the drama

& to put it bluntly just lets  LOVE be trampled & hurt  ..

Leaving those who hold the LOVE and stand in TRUTH feeling tired,  exhausted, in pain & even ill …. and that’s not what we are here for.

So let “less than” GO …

It’s not just respecting yourself, but it is also respecting & honouring those you let go, it is letting them find their way in their own way & time  …. to making better choices.

Now  just cause we choose to live love .. to BE the CHANGE from within .. does not mean we have to accept disrespect .. In any way .. in fact it means that if we accept disrespect we are not the love in truth .. nor can we truly give love completely unconditionally .. & that’s quite a biggie to wrap our heads our hearts around.

In my experience standing fully in the POWER OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE makes the bullies among others who choose lesser vibrations.. silent and often unable to look in your eye, & this with just a whisper & even just a look of REAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. … its like there is a complete deflation of anger and hatred in the presence of Real TRUTH & Real LOVE in true unconditional form .. just streaming it through us from source of all that it.


IT MUST BE RESPECTED by all & for ALL ..

& when it is .. it comes and flourishes from the INSIDE OUT

it sees no colour ..

it sees no doctrine ..


it’s LIFE ..

its the LIFE FORCE that fuels everything & IS us all


You are beautiful .. You are Wonderful

You are made of LOVE in LIGHT..

So Allow that  JOY ❤ BE LOVE



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