Healing rays while making soap enveloped in scent

Been making soap… something I have not done in way to many years  … all organic with Rose  jasmine & Lemon  … the scent enveloping life ..oo everything  beautifully .. and then some

047xcause I put the scented rose  petals & the essential oils in a little early, it turned into intoxication central around here.

so of cause some … hmmm or well most you could say of the scent that was supposed to stay in the soap was instead giving the olfactory system a thorough workout 😉

052xBeing a girlie it wasn’t to bad .. just a little OH oh Hello .. & I couldn’t stop laughing at my own silliness .. cause its not that I didn’t know not to put the oils in to soon, but there you go.

Andreas on the other hand who came through two closed doors from outside freshness  … to one of the magical topsy turvy roller coaster moments of life .. one of those that take no prisoners … but instead tests  your nuts n bolts to the extreme .. this time the nose 😉 LOL

You know that old saying … smells a bit like a tarts boudoir … well I’m thinking the boudoir had nothing on this

& then then when I was trying to get close to my soap mix with more oils to replenish the steamed off supplies …

past Mr Tickles with his pleading shouts of NOOOOOO Please NO no more oils, Noooooooooooooooooo … Need to Breathe .. just BREATHING again .. So NO Please noooo  …

past mr Zen stillness guru …

n past his Martial arts self too … which I’m sure most unfairly I have to say was fully behind and aiding mr Tickles


Wooooohoooo 😉 what a ride life is & doing it with JOY certainly has its advantages.

Highly recommendable I’d say

Laughter meditation, I’m sure it prolongs life, health .. and deeply centres the well BEing in body mind and Soul ..

063I’ve been told I should be doing more of this kinda thing & flower essences too .. & more of the very select HIGH ENERGY jewellery again .. seems all who have / wear pieces I do / have done this kinda healing with ..do very well .. the feel great effect n all ❤

010xwell I say I,  it’s all around for us all its just connecting to it & is shared liberally with me by source & light BEings .. so there are many involved  .. but I’ve been dreaming that I should do more of it .. Apparently … for those that need a little extra to change things around for themselves

I’m not sure why I’m on the fence slightly .. so any thought from you all would be very welcome .. or even just if anyone would be interested in anything like this ??



5 thoughts on “Healing rays while making soap enveloped in scent

  1. Had trouble getting this post…if you click on..read more about this post..message comes up stating it can not be found? It came up after clicking on your name at the bottom of the page.
    Enjoyed reading it 😃

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    1. Thank you & Thank you for saying ❤ ..I've been trying to fix it .. its been on and off like that .. lost posts … only they are there ? 😦 sorry … I publish my my new posts and they get posted first with a date of last week or last month .. which means it can't be found at all except in the archives ..??? & when I fix it and it actually looks like I have posted that day … its like what you said … says can't be found … I'm not a techie as such .. so feeling a bit fluffy about it 🙂 LOL … just trying a new theme now and making sure I use the new dash board .. cause it only happens when I use the old one..
      & I've also just reset my time zones etc just in case that might help

      Thank you for taking the long way around to visit 🙂 ❤ & with a little Luck & some 007 skills hopefully rubbing off 😉 it'll be sorted in no time 🙂 😉 ❤ Have a Wonderful day JC ❤


  2. Your welcome. I understand about the tech part…I always struggle with that and end up doing so many things trying to figure things out. I eventually get it, but it does not come easy. There are still a lot of things I need to learn about maintaining my site..I feel like I only have the basics right now and I’m happy to get my posts published. Best of luck to you working with your site…everything will eventually pan out. 🙌

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    1. I hear you 🙂 I seem to be perpetually at that space where I think ..yeah I’ve got the basics … now let me just see what this is … hmmm and realise I yet again have no clue LOL … but yes everything always works out 🙂 … and sure get to learn a lot of stuff I never planned on learning .. which has to be good 😉 ..right 🙂 ..I can practically feel my brain stretching 😉 hi ha 😉


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